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Is alright. Just some grammar issues.

I've seen worse, though Dusk swearing strikes me as wrong I can understand why you wanted to make a bit more of a change. I'll keep an eye on it for now. Good luck with the rest.

1797087 Im gonna make sure to keep that to a minimum fro dusk, he was just getting angry at spike. I do see rainbow blitz having a dirty mouth though

1796042 you made me laugh sir, have a mustache :moustache:

This is getting a much better reception than I anticipated. I always thought I was a terrible writer. Huh, at least it seems I can make a story half-readable. Anyway, this probably won't be updated very fast as I suffer from a condition known as extreme writer's block.

Side note: REGIDAR READ THIS! OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO EXPLODE IN TO CONFETTI AN FLY OUT THE WINDOW! :rainbowkiss: *ahem* uhhh... carry on

Huh, haven't checked in much to the gender swap versions of them. Curious to see more of this play out. You know, in hindsight, its funny, Twilight tried to warn the princess of impending danger, and her response letter basically comes right down to

"Go make some friends"

Sounds pretty blunt for the princess.

So, we're finally starting to poke the romance tag with a ten-foot pole. Well done me! Sorry for the slow pace and short chapters, that's just how I write. As always, any and all constructive criticism is welcome, and probably needed.

I don't see any problems personally. I am not an author however and therefore do not know what is good or not.

Slow pace is just fine, allows you to build up some story. Just as long as you can chug these out often enough to make up for the short chapters, it's fine.

Short chapters usually equal frequent updates, so I like short chapters. So Dusk will be discovering that he likes stallions. I wonder how Spike will take that (other than rolling on the floor laughing his scales off.) I wonder if any of the stallions he meets will also be into stallions (it would be much of a clopfic if they weren't) or who?
I'll wait to see how else this will differ from the canon.

1812065 my update schedule is very erratic as in, there isn't one. I write whenever I have the time and then I nitpick until I think it's ok.

1812215 I suppose that gives you more content more often doesn't it? And for the differences in canon. You've already seen me touch on it with spike. Their relationship consists of constant teasing and a kind of mutual hatred/love that comes with being brothers. People will probably also be more frank with him because they think he has to be tough

What's an interrabang?

Also, good chapter.

1815962 an interrabang is the single most genius piece of punctuation ever made. It's a mix between a question mark and an exclamation mark. whoever created it must be made a national hero. And whoever got rid of it must rot in hell. sorry, i get emotional. This stuff is serious business

1816796 Ah, very well then. I foresee Dusk Shine becoming Ponyville's little slut, but then again, he's been locked in his studies all his life :coolphoto:

1818817 HOW DID YOU KNO- I mean- no such thing will happen! :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

There we go! So edging ever so slightly closer to the romance tag. I think I got my portrayal of Rainbow Blitz as flirty across. I don't know why but it felt right. What do you guys think?

I can see it. Though if Dusk thought Blitz was bad, Elusive should really throw him for a loop. He should really get control of that fainting problem.:rainbowlaugh:

1825632 I was loading a Let's Play Ponymon while reading this, and I see your avatar as Team Rocket Pinkie.

1825450 Called it, resident slut!

XD love it. i can't wait to see more.

1826743 wait, wait, wait... You not only like my story but love it? :pinkiesmile: excuse me while i go and have a heart attack. GACK WHEEZE COUGH DEATH NOISES

Well I love this story too. : >

Love the story so far and just oh my can be used to describe blitz though I give it to you that it fits. And now my shameless begging please please update soon:heart:

1845287 sorry friend but there is lots of stuff going on what with christmas, birthdays and coming-out induced panic attacks. I will definitely update it soon after the new year though. And after that you will have plenty of use for George Takei's favorite catchphrase. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more*

1825632 I sort of have an idea that Elusive is going to be Ponyville's resident cupid. Trying to spring new romances for everypony and whatnot

1825991 So wait, would this mean Rainbow Blitz has candy taint? :rainbowhuh:

I stalked your account down... Not creepy at all....

1858698 I'm flattered that someone would want to stalk me. But I do feel obliged to ask you what the reason for the stalking was

1858754 and now that I know you are someone I know I will proceed to panic. IT WASN'T ME I SWEAR! I WAS FRAMED!

1858683 Nothing. Some people make jokes about Rainbow Dash having "candy vag" so I was thinking about the male counterpart. :derpytongue2:

So guys, I may or may not be working on chapter 4 right now. I also may or may not have a severe case of writers block, so don't get excited for it any time soon. The fact I'm gonna be making it extra long isn't helping either, I mean, VENUSAUR

I'm sorry! Stuff happened and I couldn't make it a super long chapter! I promise I'll get some newer chapters up much quicker in the future though!

Hmmmm, while I know the story revolves around Dusk Shine, I do wonder who Spike pines for since Rarity doesn't exist, if he pines for any of the ponies at all.

1889445 got some mixed feelings huh? Don't worry, go to the m/m shipping group. Oh my...

Absolutely brilliant! I will join the beggars club if I have to, if it keeps the chapters going.

I skimmed through this story of yours and its really fun to read. Even though its homosexual shipping/flirting or whatever, which I've usually steered clear of. It's just... never been a thing I've been interested in reading. But this is funny, and cute too :rainbowlaugh:

On to probably the shyest stallion Dusk will ever meet.:yay:

1890761 It's going to get a lot worse than flirting :rainbowwild:

1890044 stop praisiiing meeee! It makes me feel obligated to give you more things! I still can't quite grasp the concept I'm any good. :twilightoops:

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