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Many people yearn for adventure, wanting to become the hero of a story that would go down in history. You were one of them, wanting fame and fortune along with a tale worthy of a book. But after a taste, you realize just why there aren't more adventure stories that end well.

Trapped in Equestria with no where else to go, you agree to become the partner of the famous and aptly named Daring Do.

You starring as Anonymous

(More tags will be added with later chapters)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 9 )

More Anon shenanigans.

Now this here is a fine display of quality... showmanship? Perhaps storytelling is a better term... or how 'bout artistry. Yeah, storytelling seems a bit dull to describe this work of art. A good show, and I simply can not wait for more.


In retrospect, not his brightest idea

She gives you a deadpan look. ”Trust me, He’ll be back… now, let’s get across the river.”

So he is like Kenny then?

Nice story, hope for fast update.:pinkiehappy:

oh, wow. That ACTUALLY made me fall off my chair in hysterics! :rainbowlaugh:

love this story a pity it hasn't got a new chapter yet but the untardy writer is the worst writer so take your time

kind regards and happy writing dragonoutcast


Whens the next chapter?

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