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Four thousand years ago before Luna and Celestia were even born and before Equestria was founded, there lived three tribes: The Earth Ponies, The Pegasi, and the Unicorns. They all lived in peace over the rule of the first king: King Raziel. King Raziel and his queen had two sons: Merciful; the eldest, and Joyful; the youngest. One day the Royal Sorcerer, Magi, prophesied that there would be a sign that explained who would take the throne. A thousand years later, the sign came and showed that Joyful was to rule, but Merciful was not happy, and he turned into a gruesome entity; fueled by greed and anger, and he named himself Envious. As Joyful disappeared, Envious tried to take control of the kingdom, but Magi and five other ponies, wielding Magi's greatest creation in magic: The Elements of Harmony, and they defeated Envious. Sealing him into a Water Sapphire, they hid him away into a distant land.

Three thousand years later, a stallion finds himself in Canterlot Castle after Celestia had brought him in during a thunderstorm. He has amnesia and as a result of that, he lost his cutie mark. After aiding some servants, the stallion was given the title: Helpful the Selfless, from Celestia, and he was made her most trusted servant. He was then sent to Ponyville and met the Mane Six one by one, and they all became the best of friends very shortly. They all had great adventures together, including Sunny the Dragon; a wanderer now let into his mansion. She swore to clean his entire house top to bottom to pay back for her stay, including finding a gift or Fluttershy; Helpful's crush. But soon everything went into chaos around them as they had unknowingly unleashed Envious from his Water Sapphire, and now they have to find Prince Joyful and the Elements of Harmony in order to save Equestria from Everlasting Darkness.

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Comments ( 17 )

hmmm i like that you stuck to the trusting mind set from the show

love the granny smith scene

Fluttershy’s breathing begins to retard. retard as in slow?

Brilliant story, though, a bit more proof-reading would really help keep the flow.
It annoyed me a little how you kept using "coarse" in "of course".
I'm also a little sad to see it end? :rainbowhuh:

1709184 whats the name of the sequel

1709537 The Void Project. Note: Not finished.

1709566 Not quite, but if you look through my profile you'll be bound to find it..if not :pinkiesmile: just wait.

Frankly The whole Story has made me think about one song from disney's Hercules this one exactly goes perfectly along with your story :D

To Skywind. Omg. I love it and I will never watch Hercules the same way again. *applauds* :rainbowkiss:

Dude, you've written a fan novel, not just a regular old fanfic. The average novel is about 66,000 words long, and apparently (according to the Internet), a novel that is around 112,000 words is longer than 82% of other novels. So that makes this somewhere around 83-86% longer than most novels. I don't know when I'll finish it, but I certainly will. :pinkiehappy:

4503891 pinkie pie takes her medicine i saw that reference i saw it :derpytongue2: :pinkiecrazy:

4503891 I wrote a freakin' fan novel. :rainbowderp:

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