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Barnstormer is a 14 year old colt who lived a normal life out in the country, but an act of extreme courage catapulted him
to the coveted role of Alicorn.

He now needs to learn to control his newfound power, find his place in the world, and try not to lose himself in the process.

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Indigo Park reference?

Clearly not the Prince. ‘Poor dear must have wandered into the wrong shop.’ She mused

Well of course not, he'd need a coronation for that... he is an alicorn though :moustache:

I don’t know what that is so I’m gonna say no.

Mix-up #4 · 1 week ago · · ·

Nice to see you writing another story again, the story seems pretty interesting so far, looking forward to see how Rarity will reconcile her image of the alicorn stallion to little bumkin colt. I noticed you are a bit out of practice on the ponyisim, but I guess you'll get it back with some practice. You might want to look up the site rules about using AI.

Elmoz #5 · 1 week ago · · ·

Trusting anyone named Patches is a rookie mistake, colt.

We're barn stormin!

I like it so far :)

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