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For those who wants to get to know me i may be 21 years old and feel like a teenage boy who may feel small but i got a BIG imagination inside me



Scootaloo is a orphan who later gets adopted by Cinderella. Let's see how it will go for her. And some magic will happen.

Shouts to ChazMLPFIM for helping me with this.

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I wrote a similar story a few years back. Funnily enough, the cover art is based on a scene from the story I wrote!

Small note: several times you've used "step-daughters" when I believe you meant "step-sisters".

"Step-daughters" would only be accurate if we were speaking in terms of her late father (or if they're the Prince's kids from a previous relationship).

Honestly, this seems like a really wholesome story, and the idea of pairing these two together is really sweet.

I’m glad you think it’s sweet. Cause honestly Scootaloo deserves to have a new family after she lost her old one.

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