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For those who wants to get to know me i may be 21 years old and feel like a teenage boy who may feel small but i got a BIG imagination inside me


This story is a sequel to Scootaloo: A Princess's Daughter

When Belle finds a girl in the alley all alone she adopts her. But a big adventure awaits the both of them.

Give my friend ChazMLPFIM for helping out with the story.

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"Ugh. I can't with him. He acts all superior to everyone but does he return any respect? No he doesn't. And it's clear that he doesn't know the first thing about love." Button said.

Can't stand

It's cute. Belle adopted Sweetie Belle as her daughter.

I always thought Gaston is nothing but a monster. But killing Sweetie Belle's parents all because he wants a wife!? He's has gone too far.

Oh he has. Believe me. Let us hope they can stop him. Before this gets any worse.

I hope so once Sweetie Belle and Belle found out.

Gaston met his demise at last. I like Button Mash confessed his feeling to Sweetie Belle as he loved her.

Sweetie's dress was wearing a matching ball gown except the color is cream and gold. She sat on the bed as she admired her ball gown. They she went down and joined the others at the table. Button blushed when he saw her dress.

Then not they. Sweetie Belle looks very beautiful.

Beautiful Wedding and Beautiful Waltz

You're welcome. And their friends are happy for them

This is really sweet, tbh. Love how much softer Beats grows thanks to Sweetie Belle being there, as it shows him still being human under all that fur and fangs.

That was a pretty dark and unexpected twist on Gaston, but I can definitely see that happening with someone like him. Poor Sweetie Belle.

A very wholesome ending indeed. Wonder what other MLP humans will be paired with the other Disney Princesses.

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