• Published 23rd Sep 2012
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Fallout: Equestria - A Guardian's Tale - Pallydan

Aria, a noblepony and a member of Luna's Royal Guard, is thrown through time to a bleak future.

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What just happened? That was kinda... I mean... Stupid ponies. :facehoof:

I don't.. What? That ending was such bullshit, I could fucking smell it.

Mmmmm.... :trixieshiftleft:
Fuck. :trixieshiftright: You should rewrite that ending of chapter. It's just stupid. Before kill character for drama you should build sympathy to it especially if that character was villain two minutes ago. And she was killed while in embrace of Aria? Seriously? :rainbowlaugh: From minigun?:rainbowlaugh: Look there are 432537547 ways to kill her later for great DRAMA than making this really cheap and stupid plottwist. makes no good for story really. :ajsmug:
In other parts GREAT CHAPTA :twilightsheepish:

5640960 A: I'm not rewriting it for reasons that will be obvious in the next chapter. B: She wasn't hugging her anymore, they broke the hug. C: It wasn't a minigun, it was a pistol.

5641250 I'm going to have to agree with 5640960 here. Making a character that was the daughter of Princess Cadence and Shiny, that somehow survived the apocalypse + 200 years, that was a natural-born alicorn conceived by an ascended pegasus and a regular unicorn (that possibly has alicorn DNA in there somewhere), that was then killed ALL IN ONE CHAPTER seems a bit... fake to me.

Also a question for your headcanon - Are all alicorns immune to aging?

5766737 No, there are reasons. I'm really seeing what G.M. Berrow was talking about when it came to the absurdity of chapter release stories now...

5766757 You didn't answer my question about your headcanon, which is kind of important. It would answer how she lived this long.

5766761 I said, no, there are reasons. There are reasons why she and other alicorns become immortal or not.

5766770 Sorry my bad. I'm really enjoying you story so far, and your dedication is admirable. I'm looking forward to seeing who her Guardian Angel is, and I speculate that it is actually herself, because timey-wimey.

I'm also going to speculate that there will be something to heal her "perma"-rads, though the amount gained won't be reset and will continue to increase by 100 every time. We do still have two more arcs to go, at least, if we're only a third of the way through. I do hope that we'll get to see her other two travels with the doctor, if those are included, and maybe correspond to the other two arcs.

I also ship Kaiari x Check. Looks like Check has a thing for zebras. And did we ever get to the nature/effect of Kaiari's "curse", as it pertains to how it can be cured/migaited? (rhetorical question here)

5766832 It's Killing Joke that Kaiari survived. If she discovers the Poison Joke cure like Xenith did, she might be able to restore herself with that modified for KJ.

I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your cover art is MIA on fimfiction. It's still on other sites, though.

6076085 Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it.


Ohhhh... I knew it was too good to be true for princess skyla to be alive for long the moment it was realised. Darn. Good work anyways, though I'm a bit conflicted whether the sudden death was a good thing or not for effect; it would have been a bit intriguing for her to at least be alive for the next chapter XD

I am going to keep things simple... I´m loving it, please continue :raritystarry:

For a moment I thought it was just sadness over losing her brother, but a slight flush rushed across her cheeks and she tried to hide it behind her striped mane and I knew it couldn’t be sorrow. Zebra were weird.

No Aria the Zebras are not weird... she is in love which means its just Kaiari thats weird.

So Kaiari is in love with Check... well the more you know :moustache:.

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