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"When the buckled girder lets down the grinding span, the blame of loss, or murder, is laid upon the man." - Julia Ecklar & Leslie Fish


In the dead of night, a forest fire wreaks havoc on the Green Mountains. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, having been at the right place at the right time, are valiantly fighting it. The fire, however, refuses to be quelled.

Before the two are able to fetch help from nearby towns, they hear the crying call of something that is in trouble. Something big. Something fast. A sound that could only be one thing.

The Haunting Wail of a Steam Train.

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"Are you striped?! The only train that could possibly be in there is the Friendship Express! And that train is back in Canterlot!"

In today's episode of 'Equestria's rail network is chronically underfunded'...

(Sees title) Okay I cannot resist the obligatory musical reference.

Beautifully written. Did a very good job on this one

Heh, I knew someone would link that song. But I prefer this version.

ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh un isekai? eso.... mas o menos me lo esperaba, aunque con toda la tension que habia ni me fije en eso lol

Well isn't this an interesting story and read. I will confess that I don't think those two people turned ponies would be so calm considering they were turned into ponies and are now in a totally foreign world.

I do have suggestions for a slightly altered version if you ever wanted to add in more detail/tweak some things that I feel would add more depth to this crew.

That being said, I'm bot hating on the writing. I did in fact enjoy the whole story and concept. I could honestly get behind it and feel the story being engaging and interesting. Of course, I'm biased. I love steam trains and having them run with ponies is even better. Lol.

Would be interesting if you made a series of short stories involving these 2 characters and how they get on in the land/world of equestria and their run their steam engine. Chances are it would make for a great little series and who knows, maybe even a full blown story that you can shift between human past and pony present stories. Lol.

I would enjoy such a story.

Yeah, in hindsight, perhaps I should have written them a bit differently.

I'm always open to suggestions, so let's hear it! I love learning new ways to improve my writing.

Man, I'd either put "Loco Motion" or "Critical Mass," both by Todd Stalter, to this story. The music would fit perfectly!

A fantastic read! Thank you, 14/10!

Nice story ^^

Can you a sequel of this story ?

Possibly. I've had a couple of ideas for these two characters.

Thanks for reading!

Oh ok and you're welcome ^^

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