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This story is a sequel to Set Sail for Freedom

The students’ map is now calling for Capper, Ember, and Thorax to head to Abyssinia‘s capital; Panthera. Capper himself isn't feeling too fond of returning to his homeland given how he left a bad impression on some of his only friends. Ember and Thorax are there for their companion even though Abyssiania isn't so fond of magical creatures like them.

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Wherever the map calls, it is your mission to resolve the issue. What makes it more interesting is that it expands to other unheard exotic locations like Zebrat, Caninia, Ornithia, and a town full of minotaurs. Now, the expansion continues, and more distinct lands are yet to be unearthed. It’s about to occur right now.

It would be very interesting to see them again and even the kids to the friendships school

“He says that his name is Dapperpaws, and he’s… some sort of cat creature.”

Gasp capper 😃

They both arrived at the conference room, and Spike opened the door. In shock, he noticed both Thorax’s and Dragon Lord Ember’s wings and spines respectively glowing, just like Capper’s whiskers. Ember, being clueless as she was like Thorax and Capper, panickily and rigorously stroked her spine thinking it is some sort of disease. Normally, the Dragon Lord is the one who made the call for the dragons by making their bodies glow, but this is different.

So once again none of the main 6 didn't go well I'm going to treat this as a alternate universe story

“S… Sorta,” Capper responded. “I left Panthera on bad terms, especially with my buddies.”

Oh yeah that's right I remember reading that comic it's supposed to be before the events of the movie 2017

There came a long pause from Dapperpaws, nothing but breaths and his visible dismal face. Capper sighed. “Brutal.” He slouched on the bed staring at the ceiling as his ears dropped. Spike sensed that this circumstance was getting uneasy.

Both kittens skimmed the storybook thoroughly reading the words together slightly one by one. For kitties like them, there are terms that they couldn’t pronounce properly or never heard of. For the words ‘knob’ and ‘knowledge’ , for example, Capper couldn’t silence the letter K, nor the letter E in ‘cane’ and ‘nose’ . He is even confused with different pronunciations of the four-letter suffix ‘-ough’ in the words ‘cough’ , ‘bough’ , ‘rough’ , ‘through’ , ‘tough’ , ‘thorough’ , ‘dough’ , and ‘enough’ . Terms like ‘environment’ and ‘symphony’ were very new to his vocabulary and he didn’t know the definition. Capper’s partner however did try his best to correct him and give an explanation of the definition in the simplest way possible.

Yeah I remember going through something like this and it was super annoying but everybody needs to know the differences between those words

The boys groaned as they walked downstairs to resume their schoolwork. Shadow thought she would be getting out of it with her injury, only to see one of the caretakers carry some books up to her bed. She groaned as she knew she was going to be bored for hours.


Yeah story of my life

Once they were out, they left the orphanage right away without any trouble. Now it’s their chance to finally explore the city of Panthera for the first time.

“I haven’t seen it from this angle, but I’m sure it is,” Capper commented. “We’re here.” When he took a gaze at the city, he quickly caught a glimpse of something else. Two hot air balloons floating above the metropolis connected by a red, long and enormous banner with painted white text in all caps that read something none were pleased about: NO MAGIC ALLOWED! “Ah nuts, that can’t be good.”

And here comes the problem

“There has to be a few reasons,” Thorax noted. “A few creatures like us do tend to go mad with power.”

Case in point cozy glow Tirek storm king and in the future of G5 Opaline

Ember rolled her eyes at this while Capper was surprised by what he witnessed. He then laughed and remembered something. “Ooooooh, CHANGE ling ,” he giggled, “That’s a good one.”

Yes I also get it too as well it took me a while to realize that

Well this was a pretty interesting start of a story and it's awesome to see Capper again and once again I'm probably had to treat this as an alternate universe story but anyway Twilight is having a meeting with the other leaders but there was another unexpected guess and it turns out it was Capper and right now he really wants to lay low with Twilight Castle for some reason before he was about to get some answers apparently the tree of Harmony is calling out for Capper and surprisingly thorax and ember so they had to call off the meeting early and heading for the crystal treehouse and they need to know where the location is and it turns out the location is Panthera the home of the cat people which that turns out to be Capper home and they're on the way to their destination and capper gave thorax and ember some background story about his younger years and it turns out he was an orphan and he was having some tough time but luckily he became friends with Chummer and he's been helping Capper to learn how to read and it looks like they made another friend named Shadow and she's a very athletic Kitty one day Capper and Chummer decided to go to downtown to check out the place and they did they will look like they were having fun until they ran into a little trouble and causing damage and they're afraid to get caught and they were not alone Shadow was with them but they need to get home before they get in trouble and they did finally got home without anybody noticing it and it looks like they're going to keep that as a secret so after that story they all decided to sleep because they still got a long ways to go and it looks like they finally arrived the next day but unfortunately they have trouble apparently this town ban magic probably creatures as well which that's going to be difficult for ember so they tried the best to disguise her like they say this is not going to be easy well I guess we'll find out next time

“Shadow, get down from there!” cried a caregiver.

Also I actually really like her she's pretty cool

Quite the interesting pairing here with Thorax, Ember, and Capper. Can't wait to see what happens!

With name like Panthera, i could have sworn you'd add some big names like Lion o or Cheetara

Maybe those could be names of other big cities

I'm making a reference lol and i mentioned names of certain characters.

I know but I’d like to expand on these other kingdoms

Capper pondered and considered it as he checked both of his pockets for money. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any of it. None except for a moth flying out of his right pocket, and circling Ember’s head two times and left. “We’ll… work that out later,” he said as they noticed that they were now entering the city of Panthera.

Lol classic of pocket empty

“In case you forget, 10:00 PM.” With that, the policeman left, leaving Capper confused.

Dang that's pretty early then again I remember during those pandemic of this whole curfew

“Oh no,” she said to herself, realizing those flowers are from the dragon sneeze tree. Again, they were almost straight across from where Ember was sitting, so she was going to get a good whiff of the pollen. Ember did her best to cover her nose, but it was not going to be easy.

I mean who came up with those name anyway it's not really that clever :facehoof:

The two stood there in awe before the female cat got tears of joy in her eye. She cheered as she swooped up Capper in a hug. “Oh, Cap, I haven’t seen you in years!” she wept. “I… I wouldn’t think I would see you again.”

Oh wow shadow I was hoping we'll see her there

Capper was quickly cut off when Shadow covered his mouth. “Cap, I might be happy to see you again, but you cannot be saying that word around here anymore. It’s the orders of the new king.”

Kind of reminds me of this whole Magic is a bad thing or a jinx in the future of My Little Pony a new generation

“Excuse me?” Capper suspected. He hadn’t heard that name in a long time. The officer took a moment to turn around, and noticed Capper behind him with Shadow and Andy. Immediately, he recognized him. A large amount of awkwardness could be felt in the air. “Ch… Chummer?”

Oh boy now this is when things get really awkward

Wow things did not going according to plan and it really escalated really quickly so the three creatures needs to know what was going on especially with this whole curfew and apparently this no magic in this country so they went to a train which unfortunately days and not pay for it and the conductor got suspicious with them and unfortunately one of the passengers had a flower which turns out to be a dragon sneeze tree pollen and ember kind of blew their cover because of that and all the three creatures had to split up and unfortunately ember got caught and thorax has to figure out how to save her and find Capper in this whole chaos but he was found by an officer who caught a little kitten named Molly and took her back to the adoption home alongside with thorax and probably he'll probably have to stay there for a while until he figured it out meanwhile after getting separated from the others Capper found himself meeting up with his old friend Shadow which apparently she is married to Andy flufferton which that's a pretty interesting turn of event and I did not see that coming and once again alternate universe but anyway Shadow was pretty happy to see him again and told him about how she's been doing lately and even capper told her his story and everything and it wasn't a very happy story for him and even took him to the house and clean up and everything and there are other way to the station but they bump into one of the king of the city which they're talking about the Dragon intruding and capper needs to figure out how to get her out of this situation and find thorax as well well I guess we'll find out next time

Oh boy, here comes the drama...

I like how we're getting a better introduction to each of the friends from the original comic though!

Thanks. I feel that Max had the worst out of it since he’s literally just referenced as “The Muscles,” in the comics.

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