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Hi. I'm Nate. I like ponies, so I wrote a story. Now I'm writing more stories. I guess that's it.


Disclaimer: Story contains casual drug use.

Fluttershy awakens to a bright beautiful day. But something seems out of place...

Another short I wrote for Bean's Writing Group. Thanks to Ninjadeadbeard for the critique, and to Short-tale for the artwork!

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Comment posted by Irispony deleted Apr 20th, 2022

Never thought i'd read a fic about Fluttershy and Rainbow smoking green, but here I am lmao

Well, there are a few stories where Flutters is a raging drunk to deal with life and the animals she takes care of. To say NOTHING about Angel

Well, that was something

"So, like, do you ever think ponies will go beyond the sky?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Whoa, dude. Like, far out. Literally, man.

"Whoa…" Fluttershy said.


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