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Very interesting story, the guy really sounds miserable being in the service of a callus snob, who doesn't think much of him, but that was pretty typical of the day, and his. I wonder what was a kirin was even doing on earth in the first place and in this area of the world and why he was turned him into a pony then shoved into that caldron, unless it was a delirious hallucinations that he had. I am not sure if he will be a pegasus like last time or a unicorn it seems it could go either way. Looking forward to see how it turns out, I really did like the last one.

Great work so far! Excited to see where the story will go, hopefully with a prussian shoving his boot up the canterlot nobility's ass! (And/or Celestia's if she tries mind reading, God I hate when characters are so chill about that.)

Not sure how i like this in comparison to the original. And why the 7 years war over Napolean?

It's still only the first chapter, so there'll be plenty of room to see if it's an improvement over the last version. Still, I hope you enjoy what I've written so far! Also, for your second question, I chose The Seven Years War over Napoleonic because most of the stuff I have planned will fit in better.

Awesome chapter, I think it's a lot better then the previous incarnation of the story. It's sad that he still didn't get a new leg, or rather three. I do like the end of the chapter with the flowers, it was a nice touch. keep it up. How does his uniform looked like by the way?

I’m glad you enjoyed it! His uniform is something I’ll leave up for readers to interpret. But if you want a direction, I did mention he was in the British Dragoons in the first chapter.

1/2 bit an hour, and a room is 4 bits a night. That means a room in that inn is a full day's pay (assuming a modern 8 hour workday), without food. That's gotta be a real nice inn.

Nice to see an update on it, much more immersive then before

Interesting chapter, glad to see he was so willing to let go of his previous life, without much of a second thought on it, if it seems to mean he didn't had any obligations to anyone he didn't like anymore or a miserable life he was going through with being a crippled still in the army in a combat zone. Now I wonder what will be his prospects for him here on out.

What's a CutieMark?

No other statement conveys 'I know nothing about ponies' quite as well as that.

Now let's see if he has to reveal his origin, or if he can talk his way out of it.

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