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I am Matthais Unidostres, I'm a Christian and I love FanFiction!


Sugar Moonlight has been holding on to this mysterious black and silver collar for a long time. After hearing about Alphabittle's collection of . . .stuff, she decides to check with him to see if he knows anything about them. Then, when the large unicorn reveals a similar set of regalia in gold; ancient magic is activated which sends the pair on a bone chilling trip. Surely the chance to achieve their hearts' most innermost wish is worth it, right?

For the Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest

-Does a favor for
-Sugar Moonlight
-Yaks, Celestia, and Luna


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Wow this was a very interesting story of unlikely pair Alphabittle and sugar moonlight so basically they have the Amulet of Princess Luna and Celestia and whatever the wish desire will make come true but only works if they're friendship is faithful to each other which it did because it looks like her plan was going to yakyakistan to find one of the most amazing outfits even though it almost caused their lives Alphabittle trying to warm sugar but the storm was too much and both of them were unconscious but they were safe by a young yak when they woke up they were taken to Meet the Prince and he saw how familiar those two reminded of there great ancestors yona and sandbar so he entrusted sugar Moonlight of yona outfit which that is a pretty great honor this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

I honestly got Alphabittle and Sunny's father mixed up until Sunny and her friends were mentioned.

good story, though I noticed the last line is missing a full stop.

Prince Emerson looked on amazement, his eyes wide with wonder, and he said, "Ponies used to have harmony. When harmony died, magic died. If magic is back, then harmony must be back too. Yaks and ponies were friends once, perhaps it time for yaks and ponies to be friends again."

well that was easy

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