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This story is a sequel to First Orders Received

As Lucian gets back to the Hive after finishing his mission, he goes for a check up and a debrief whilst the officers and Queen Chrysalis herself discuss his progress and how the mission went. Upon reading Lucian's report, a decision is made and Lucian has to face the consequences of his actions during the mission. These consequences will make Lucian decide what kind of changeling and what kind of soldier he will choose to be.

This story is a Canon story in the FaM Universe

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Poor Lucian. I felt real bad for him here.

I hope he does get that rank back. I wonder if those ponies will be true to their word.

"You heard of those treasure ponies that encountered a changeling a couple of days back? Think that had anything to do with the Londineighum issue? A royal guard asked.

"Not willing to point hooves, but it does seem a bit suspicious." Another one was heard saying.

Uh oh.

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