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This story is a sequel to The Love of a Queen

The Queen is dead.

Mother is dead.

For the first time since they can remember, the changelings are without a leader. Most of their army has fallen, and they are far from the hive that they call home. Weary, wounded, and in mourning, they make their long journey back to the hive. To bolster their spirits, and to find closure in losing their family, three changelings, Silverfang, Mist Rider, and Mirage, speak of memories about their mother.

While Canterlot might see Chrysalis as nothing more than an evil Queen, the changelings tell a very different story.

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Nuuuuuuu!!!! Chrysalis, dead?! My life is ruined!!!

~ Michael A.

At least you'll have plenty of scenes with her and her children in this story :-)

Its not so painful like previous story and only because its so short i think.

Damnit my song tracker took adequate music for this


This is only the first chapter ;-)

9 out of 10-minus 1 for the tooth thing that squicks me out.

In your version of the Changelings, do they kill the ponies after they feed on them. Or just release them after sucking their love?


The way I view it is they suck the love out of the ponies, but the changelings don't kill them. That's something I may have to explore in one of the short stories.

5351831 Both of your stories have 0 dislikes.... Teach me Senpai? Seriously though continue this.


I've been meaning to get a new chapter up. I'm about a quarter of the way through the next one, but my muses keep flaking out on me. I'm actually shocked and delighted neither one has received 0 dislikes. I don't know what I did different :pinkiegasp:

5708722 Beats me... In any case should you wonna talk to pm or skype or need any help i am here. Skype is dionysiosbbbb

Short,sweet and beautiful with a hint lf sad.I really liked this story too!:pinkiesad2: I think your character(i suck at remembering names, but the girl changeling who is their leader now?) I think she is the character it took me shortest time to start liking, in any story ever!:twilightsmile: And i was also impressed by all the names you came up with for the changelings, they just felt so "changeling-ish"? If that's a word:rainbowlaugh: The point is, they felt really right!:twilightsmile:


Thank you! More chapters are in the works.

:fluttercry:Is this ever gonna be continued?


I'm hoping one of these days. I have started writing the next chapter, I've just been dealing with some writers block. I apologize for the wait!

*Pokes story*
"It's dead, Jim."

well im not staying here im gonna find something else because there is too many corpses (the dead stories on fim fiction)

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