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Chrysalis is spent. Starved of emotion and on the run from ponies seeking retribution, she flees into the depths of the Whitetail Woods. Her hive is scattered and all hope seemingly lost.

But fate often delivers a path forward when least expected.

Coming upon a new home, Chrysalis now faces a difficult choice no member of Changeling royalty has faced before; endure a lonely and sad demise, or sacrifice everything she was to create a new future.

Part of the Universe of the White Mare

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 11 )

Hmm a very interesting start to a story. O defently want to read more.

Also saw a couple.of errors, one spelling error and one absence of a word but they were minors.

An excellent start. I'll be keeping an eye on tjis. As I look.forward to.more

How does this not have more likes and views?

Anothergood cchapter. Saw a single word miss used and one spelling errors.

Its Accept not Except.

Theubwere minor though and didn't take a way from the story at all.

I look forward to reading more and seeing if mu theory about High Charity's mate is true. O won't say it here just yet as I want s chance to gain more info.

Keep up the good work.

hmm it is one of the better stories that i have read this year so plx continue

Not bad. A lot of spelling errors and strange wording that is making it uncomfortable to read. However I like the story so far.

This story is going great so far. Still a lot of spelling errors, but better than the last chapter. Please make more!

Interesting start, raises many questions.

Aww, but that stick wedged firmly in her plot was very enjoyable.

Nice chapter, things are looking up for our tubby wubby bug horse waifu.

That went less than optimally.

D: I hope Chryssie recovers her magic eventually. :fluttercry:

Nice chapter, Though Synthea clearly needs some combat lessons.

'moment her saw her awake' - moment he saw her awake

D'awwww~ Go Chryssie go!

Nice to see people being more accepting of her.

Still hoping her magic will eventually recover.

Hugs for the hug bug!

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