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One day, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity are teleported into the Pokemon world for unknown reasons, with the rest of their friends following after. While looking for a way home, the group end up going on a Pokemon journey as well as try and find out a way to save the Pokemon world from a variety of threats.

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Pretty curious on whats going to happen next?

Wonder what Spike's starter Pokemon would be?

This is getting interesting.

This really got interesting there.

Spike's starter being a Dratini and him being able to understand her(maybe other dragon-types too?) sure sets up a interesting thing there. Along with him seeing the Dratini has some similarities with him.
Wonder what other Pokemon he will get?

This is pretty amazing.

That moment with Spike calming Twilight down was pretty sweet.

If Spike is not going to be in the League, would he still be training the Pokemon he gets?

Curious on how will things turn out now.

I have a few thoughts.

But I only have one at the moment.
Since Twilight is afraid of snakes, is she also afraid of ladybugs like in one of the shorts in the show?

I have been having a debate lately. I want to write my next crossover fan fiction, bit I don't know which one to pick. There are either:

Kingdom Hearts x My Little Pony x Pokémon (takes place in Zeusdemigod131's "A New World, A New Way" universe and after Kingdom Hearts 3)


Hot Wheels Acceleracers x Zelda: Twilight Princess (takes place after Zant attacks Link and Midna after the Water Temple and after the Water Realm)

Which one would you pick?

Do any of the the female human characters throw any punches in this story?

Okay, so possibly an aged up to the pokemon series based on the later chapter. Summary describe the basics of the situation, though Oak believing them or not wouldn't be the first time he heard as well experience a space-time situations as well turning to different species.

So an aged up characters, which make sense to have the regions be consistent to Unova that allow pokemon trainers to go on journeys on age 16 to 17, while making some of the girls pokemon assistance to some of the professors. So May have to be Birch's assistant(expecting either recommendation to her by dad or effort), Bianca and Cheren with Juniper(especially given how the game stated their age), and etc.

Okay technically Arceus wouldn't be able to do squat due to being limited by the lacking of the stone, but if this is the god pokemon after the event(time travel effect and such), then he has the ability to do something like this. I can debate how one thing works with the other, but two grunts came in, so that already says that AU is already confirm.

So to sum up not all of the movies would be push to this story, so good to know as well. Now I can only comment for the pokemon god: "You have time to give a group of foreigners a pair of scissors that can travel through space and alter time of two different dimensions, but you don't have the ability to stop these threats? What the flying fuck, you might as well overwork your children for no reason. I feel sorry for Dialgia and Palkia on trying to manage this mess. If you rant about being a god, then do your fucking job in a more efficient way than sending some strangers into the mess." That is basically my comment.

You respond to comments by moving your mouse over to the right-hand corner of the comment you want to reply to and clicking on the >> that appears. Does anyone know why most of the comments here have dislikes?

Wonder what other Pokemon will show up to be caught?

This was my favorite episode back then, when Metapod evolves in Butterfree, i thought it was really powerful because he can sleep an entire Beedrill swarm.

Wonder how the gym battle will go?

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