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The Main 6 are separated in Neo Domino City and Satellite when they try to return to the human world of Duel Monsters. Now, they'll have to help the Signers save their world from a variety of dangerous threats.

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Nice to see this story and the other one on Fimfiction now.
Though its disappointing Spike gets left out in this version of the story like the one on Fanfiction.net..
Why didn't the girls left him go with them on the trip they planned to go to see Jaden(before the portal ends up sending the girls to 5Ds era)?
Spike's going to miss out on so much. Especially with how the previous fic stated a long time in that world is just a few seconds in Equestria.

Glad this fic is continuing again.

Wonder why Rainbow used Double Summon even though she only Normal summoned once on that turn?

I didn't know that Spike is here now. I guess I really should check on the first chapter's changes then.
Wonder if he would get a duel in before the 3 manages to get out of Satellite there?

After reading this chapter after the changes, I liked that now Spike is included.(Wonder if he happen to be able to Turbo duel as well in addition to Ground Duels?)

Only error I see is Rarity can't use Rose Bell Of Revelation's second effect on the same turn she used the first once since its a Extra Hard Once Per Turn clause. As in if one of the effects is used, the other effect of the card can't be used on the same turn the first one has been used.

Anyway, the changes are pretty nice additions to the chapter there.

Yeah, both duels were amazing, Spike did better tjan Reira, 20 guards in only one duel and an OTK, wooww

Wow, Spike really kicked butt with wiping out all those Sector Security guards like that.
Really loved that.

Glad to see this fic is continuing too.

"Okay, Jack Asshole, I want you to tell me right now why you have a copy of MY Red Dragon Archfiend!"

"Do you really think I'll believe such an enormous lie! Trash like you having another Red Dragon Archfiend."

"Fine, I'll PROVE IT TO YOU! I use the Speed Spell - Monster Reborn! By removing my ten Speed Counters I resurrect Junk Synchron, and now I'll Tune him with Junk Warrior! Red Dragon Archfiend descend from the heavens before this imposter!!"

Well, almost Spike don´t go to the Facility

“He’s with me. Leave him alone,” Jack simply said, not wanting to see a kid incarcerated.

I think thats kidnaping Jack.

Wonder if Spike was feeling anything too due to he himself is a dragon and also having the Dimension Dragons too?

Curious on how things are going to go now?

Interesting that Applejack is with Crow.

And interesting on how Spike can see the auras of Signers and such. Wonder how much of that will be explored?

You should indicate, in your story information, that it is a sequel to the GX story.

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