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I just don't know what went wrong!

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Last week I started writing in a diary again.

Looking back when I last wrote - mid last year - and seeing the thoughts from earlier in the year... you really do forget the nuances sometimes.

Good one-shot :twilightsmile:

The unicorn blushed, and gently re-routed herself back to the subject. “It’s proven that memories are often unreliable and modified, deleted or outright constructed by our brains. Which is why,” Twilight raised an eyebrow at Rainbow, “it’s very likely that the crazy and dangerous stunts that you retell orally end up spiralling further and further from what actually happened.”

:facehoof: Is Twilight a unicorn or alicorn? Later on, she has wings. Here she doesn't. Which is it. Friendship Journal says Twilicorn.

This is a cute story!
I agree with both of their opinions about keeping a diary. I kinda want to write in mine now...

“Twilight,” Rainbow droned, “you’re Twilighting again.”

:rainbowlaugh: :twilightangry2:

That ending was very bittersweet and seems like it opens a floodgate for many story possibilities. Really love your characterizations here and of course the use of the all-important fuzzy adjective. :twilightsmile:

It's my understanding Twilight is remembering the distant past, given how its stated she started writing faster and faster as brief mentions of landscapes and stories spill onto her journal pages. I'm guessing this is the far-future, possibly meaning now all that remains of Rainbow are those entries...

Edit: From SnowOriole's response I realized I misunderstood your question. Oopsie. :pinkiehappy:

I JUST realised that I got all my chronology mixed up with regards to the Friendship Journal, I'm not sure why but I'd assumed that they'd been writing in it since Season 1, and that's the assumption I wrote this story with :facehoof::facehoof: and yep, bronyheat expresses what I was getting at in his reply. I've modified it to fit chronology, thank you so much for pointing that out.

She is Schroedinger's Alicorn.

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