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you should add "non-con" tag

You should stop writing this trash.

You know, this ecnounter was by chance, but somehow, I figured you'd be here. Trolls and shamers do act very predictable. Since this is honestly what they do for a living; going after poorly received stories to bash them, knowing full well what they're reading. I really can't say that I'm surprised to see you here.

I second the non-con tag

Twilight wondered how this all happen as she hides underneath a table with the cover keeping her hidden from what’s happening around her. It had been just a normal day with an event at Canterlot High and Crystal Prep Academy where all the female students attending for an all girl event. While everyone was out in front of the school, she was using her device on the statue which was giving out strange readings. Twilight had been working on a device that could absorb the strange energy and used it on the statue, which caused a flash of light.

You switch tenses an awful lot in this chapter. It should be either past or present, not both. For example;

Twilight wondered how this all happened as she hid underneath a table with the cover keeping her hidden from what was happening around her. It had been just a normal day with an event at Canterlot High and Crystal Prep Academy where all the female students attending for an all girl event. While everyone was out in front of the school, she was using her device on the statue which was giving out strange readings. Twilight had been working on a device that could absorb the strange energy and used it on the statue, which caused a flash of light.

Alternatively, if you prefer present tense, try this;

Twilight wonders how this all happens as she hides underneath a table with the cover keeping her hidden from what’s happening around her. It has been just a normal day with an event at Canterlot High and Crystal Prep Academy where all the female students attending for an all girl event. While everyone is out in front of the school, she is using her device on the statue which is giving out strange readings. Twilight has been working on a device that can absorb the strange energy and uses it on the statue, which causes a flash of light.

nice and i keep it on my most fave list normal and crossover 6 most favored stories that i would liked updated more you can take a look later:twilightsmile:

Edit: This is BEFORE I read chapter 1. Only read the summary as of now.

Why is it that the females get "luckily" in this types of scenarios?! Why aren't the Human Males of CHS get invited to Equestria ( Which is NOT a Futa Pony World for once! )?!

Then again, it might be a blessing in disguise? Since, I doubt that you want to have sex with a giant pony ( Despite them being Sex Bimbos, and Furry Goddess beings!!! ) with a massive dong ( Because that's a Big No-No from a guy like me or you. ), and they might want to ass rape you or something!!! :twilightoops:

Actually, we should now all pity Twilight, her friends, and the rest of the girls. :pinkiesick:

Edit: This is after I read Chapter 1. This is my real reaction to this.

“Magic,” Sunset said as she floated Twilight in the air. “And the reason why we’re raping you and the others is that you all just smell too good to us. You humans have a powerful pheromone coming from you that makes us ponies lose all control and go into a mating frenzy. Now to break you in.”

Well, that doesn't FRICKIN excuse you for being raping freaks against us ( Humanity ), we have f******* rights too!!! And I hope that some day, you heavily regret for what your are doing, and pay the heavily consequences.

“Anymore and we’ll just kill her with our cocks. But that be one way to have fun in killing her,” Sunset said causing Twilight to shiver hearing that.

.................Welp! I lost all faith with this Sunset, and this now disgusting Xenos Planet!

*Meanwhile, near this exact solar system of Futa Equis*

Entry Log of Lord High Admiral Anon ( Imperial Navy ) of the Multiversal Imperial of Man!

* ( My version of a very alternate Imperium of Man that won, and now went Multiversal. Where, What If the Horus Heresy never happened or was prevented much earlier. The Emperor and his 18 or all 20 Primarchs are still alive and well, all loyal and aren't corrupted/traitor. Plus, the Emperor became a better "father", due to learning his valuable lesson from the near-catastrophe of the near dubbed "Horus Heresy". Thus making his sons and their Space Marines Legions/Chapters, more loyal and respectful to him. Humanity won against Chaos, for now. And defeated/killed/slaughtered the other hostile Xenos, and went Multiversal in other Fictional Universes. )

This is #79 of a Futa MLP Equestria World in the Multiverse that was ordered to be Exterminatus!

Reason: Raping Innocent Human Woman, suggesting to kill them once their "usefulness" has ended.

Possible corruption to chaos itself. Specifically, Slaanesh!!! Due to their "biology" as busty/bimbo whores, and has both "private parts". And their free sex/rape life style.

Also this:

“She just appeared a year ago and after we broke her in, she told us all about your world. But we couldn’t figure out a way to open a gateway to it. But thanks to human Twilight we now have a way and Sunset isn’t the only human sex toy anymore,” Sunset said as she watches her human counterpart runs to her human mother who is still stuck on the lap of her mother.

The audacity to plan a invasion of a alternate earth/terra????!!!! This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!! And Humanity's Divine Punishment will be swift with these Xenos scum!

And the fact that it is too late to rescue the human hostages. Because, they are too mentally broken, and are now "sluts" to the disgusting futa equine xenos that are possibly in line with Slaanesh. It's better to end their poor lives quickly, and also end the xenos pathetic lives as well.

Their is only one thing left to do:


Futa Equestria #79:

Anyway, Warhammer 40K role-playing aside. This is HOW I feel with this another Futa MLP World that you have regretfully created ( In my view that is ). :ajbemused: :flutterrage:

The other Futa MLP Stories ( Specifically your "Sunset's Herd" or Sunset in Futa MLP World in my eyes. ) are "okay" to me, I actually "like" some of them. But, this one is the absolute worst!!!!! Due to raping the innocent human girls from the Equestria Girls Human World!!!!!

Why, just why?! And DON'T give me that stupid "Human Pheromones, and the Futa Ponies can't resist it" BS!!!!! Raping is very, very wrong still ( Unless the "victims" really deserve to get sexually assaulted. Maybe Human Twilight/Twi probably deserve it for causing this f*** up mess. )! Especially to innocent human girls/women, and they didn't do anything wrong against the futa ponies in the first place!!!

And even have Futa Pony Sunset herself mentioned or foreshadowing a possible f******** invasion of Equestria Girl's Earth!!!!!!!!! Hell No to that!

Author's Note:

1 - It’s a whole different world and not to cannon to the show.

* This is AFTER the fact we finished reading the rape fest of a "chapter". As well as remembering the other Futa Equestria Stories that you have made in the past. *

My Reaction:


No Offense!

Would couples be spitroasting their human-counterparts, or banging them individually? Like, with Lyra and Bon Bon, would they be spitroasting one and then the other, or would they both be taking the other both in a one-on-one?

Surprised that you didn't respond back to anyone yet?!

Quote from Bully Magure: "You're trash, cunning_linguist."

So when can we expect part two of operation buttfuck?

This was pretty damn good. really looking forward to the next chapter:heart:

Question, is this a sequel or does it have something to do with sunset herd?

Will this continued?

this is a interesting start and concept this can go pretty far if done right and looking forward to it continuing I'm sure the main 6 will get there human counter parts and then can expand from there and hope the next chapter comes soon


Don't you find it a bit disturbing that the ponies are literally Raping, and Slaving their human selves?! I hope for humanity's and the earth's sake that the ponies themselves gets what's coming to them!

Dude you really do NOT want to know what kind of stuff I find funny this is pg-13 stuff in comparison so no not really disturbing at all


Dude! I seen Warhammer 40K, some SCP, Saw series, Hellraiser on YouTube, other horror movie icons, and even Dead Space!

And I highly doubt that this story would be so much worse than the Caribou in Fall of Equestria Universe.

And not worse then some hentai


Eh. 😕

Still, I'm not rooting for the Ponies. Considering on what there doing to their poor human counterparts.

the fall of equestria in my opinion is worse due to at least the futas of this world are not erasing the minds of the humans and replacing them with what ever there twisted minds come up with and doing all kind of body modification to fit their perfect definition of a mindless/mind broken fuck toy like some fucked up build a bitch work shop i mean seriously they even brought plants that mind break mares seriously look at derpibooru fall of equestria pics then compare that to this and you will agree that at least they haven't gone as far as the caribou

tho as for all the caribou shit can go into the realm of why boner land. Please make more chapter for this i can see that this can go on for a while with a concept like this and get a little creative with the activities they do with the girls from the human world i can see them intergrading the human girl into there world in creative kinky ways

best operation name ever

nice work:twilightsmile:

This is still f***** up let's not lie to ourselves they are enslaving and another race for their own pleasure just like what the Caribou did and it's kind of messed up in its own way because they're are doing it's to alternate versions of themselves

I mean seriously this version of Celestia is watching an alternate version of her own daughter getting raped and she's enjoying it as I said before f***** up in its own way

I really hope this version of Equestria gets genocided.

Are we going to see any of them pregnant?

oh damn, this got interesting, but will wallflower really succeed? I hope not and I hope the next chapter doesn't take too long.

I hope Wallflower will succeed, it would be a nice thing to see and with her being a big hero for once in a story like this.



You know I think she WILL be the one to figure out HOW to get herself and the rest of the girls from Human Equestria back there, of course once back they would have to close up the portals and maybe even destroy the one in the statue to make sure no ponies can get through.

True because it would be bad if they can get through again.

I love this story, hope to see Rainbow Dash next.

Honestly, I too, hope this will have a bad end too. Or at least a alternative chapter.

I guess it will end badly because I don't think Wallflower's luck will last forever, especially since now her body is changing and it won't go unnoticed, and I also don't think Celestia will allow it.

(Oh, it doesn't bother me, that this fic has a bad ending, I love the writing of this author especially in the sex scenes)


Unless the portal is One Way so the Ponies are stuck in Human Equestria and somehow LOSE all their Magic too.

Oh, this is getting really good.:pinkiehappy:

If I'm not mistaken, Rainbow Dash already had her fatal encounter in chapter 1, but I also want to see her again.

Oh please let her succeed and save all of her friends please

Please please please my guy they are way too many stories on where things are badly in this situations so for once please let the good guys win

"I already told you," Twilight said grabbing a bowl of peas. "It was taken from me on the first day. The last time, I saw it was in the lab of my counterpart."

"I was with her," Sugarcoat said. "All of our stuff is in the Twilight pony's lab. The ponies are trying to reverse engineer it. Pony Twilight had a bunch of us in her lab explaining how our electronics work to her and two the counterparts of the Flim Flam brothers or sisters in this world." (1)

"She's having me work with her to figure out how to open a portal back home," Twilight said.

If the futa freaks even frickin try to go to our world again.

I really want ALL of our military to slaughter these disgusting raping monsters!!!!!!!!

Damn poor rainbow but I honestly hope that they hook up with wallflower in order to plan properly


Why do I even bother!? :facehoof:

I actually DON'T want those futa freaks to win.

Because, this is like a disgusting "birth" of both Fall of Equestria ( But the roles are reversed, with the ponies being the rapists and fully OOC! ) and a potential Conversion Bureau.

P.S. What about the non-pony creatures? Are they at least normal and actually DISLIKE the ponies for their too much horny behavior? Is the Caribou themselves actually the "good guys" in this twisted role-reversed world??? Or are they all horrid female futa freaks like the ponies????? Where are the Males/Stallions here!!!???

Because I will warn you, IF they are the latter. There entire futa planet deserves to be blasted by the BFG 10,000, or the Death Star, and Starkiller Base!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Damn poor Twilight I honestly hope that they forgive her soon because you don't understand it was an accident

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