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Spanish, Brony since 2013 and with a creative story writer (mostly). Favorite pony: Twilight Sparkle; Favorite EG: Sunset Shimmer; Favorite G5 Pony: Izzy Moonbow

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Can't wait for the scene were Adagio drags Trixie under her bed and fuck her there making her bed shake around.

We're only 1 chapter in... for the ideas you get, you should write stories by yourself a bit and comment things related to the story; it's my sugestion

Sorry just excited for this sequel.

I hope that the lust Symbiote wins this time. 🤞

All you have to do... is wait 4 more days to find out :raritywink:

Exactly, this year we finishing a story with a kinda spooky creature on the spookiest day of the year. But well, for some is not a spooky creature at all

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