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Spanish, Brony since 2013 and with a creative story writer (mostly). Favorite pony: Twilight Sparkle; Favorite EG: Sunset Shimmer; Favorite G5 Pony: Izzy Moonbow

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All the Elements are tied to the Element of Magic, and it connects back in return, so now that Twilight is unlocking those options, feelings and abilities are going to flow between them, including Spike due to Harmony Magic?:trixieshiftright:

They are tied up because of the magic of friendship yes... but that does not mean that they will feel the same things all the time. They can have their powers overloading when they use the gems too much; it's an interesting premise but not for this story, i have to note that

Are you taking suggestions for 'experiments'?

I have no issues for taking suggestions for the experiments, but for that i preffer it's on a private message so i can discuss if it can go in or not

Spike is such a good dog for smart talking. :duck:

To be fair, if your owner tries to make some strange experiments on you and you're a dog that gained the ability to talk... then you would have some things to say; wouldn't you?

Oh dear, thres so many variations she couldve tried before reaching this level. Especially given suggestions that are extremely likely to follow, down to sites that keep getting banned and deleted.:pinkiesick:

Twilight needs a collection of items that not only give her progression in single regions, but can be utelised in combination so she can achieve far more combinations with given ressources.

Research efficincy? :twilightsmile:

Cadence signed up, subscribed, viewed and saved to personal album for repeat viewing at a later date? :trollestia:

She will be joining one of the experiments for sure later; obviously she has way some tricks to show to Twilight

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