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Thank you, but you can say anything about it than just that, Anything i will be glad to hear it :twilightblush:

I would love a chapter where Sunset drags Fluttershy under her bed and fuck her there.

Kinda the inspiration, but instead of a carnage... there's just a overheat artificial creature taking control of bodies by force sex

Having a sex symbiote on you could feel amazing!

That was the whole idea behind this story, as internet has depicted symbiotes as creatures that can actually turn you into high-drive sexual beings i thought it could be a good idea to make it a story here

I can see a chapter where Fluttershy is in the bathtub taking a bath and gets dragged in the pipes by Sunset and is fucked by her and dragged in the drain further into the sewers and Pinkie is dragged under her bed and is fucked by Sunset and Rarity wearing a costume that can hold two people and Sunset gets inside it and fucks Rarity in it.

Fluttershy has already her chapter, it's chapter 2. Also i want to keep it dark but not that insanely dark, just things that could be considered as slightly dark such as forced sex. Hope you understand

Can the Pinkie chapter have her be dragged under bed and be fucked in the pussy and her anus from Sunset?

I'll see what i can do to fit that into a chapter with Pinkie

Nice and can Sunset do this to Rainbow Dash https://th.bing.com/th/id/OIP.ygl2LSLpFnT8RI6INXM7fAHaFj?w=200&h=180&c=7&r=0&o=5&dpr=1.6&pid=1.7 but blood doesn't shoot out but cum and we hear Rainbow Dash scream in pleasure and moaning and Sunset drags Rainbow Dash back in the hole because she is not done with her yet?

Sorry, Rainbow's chapter is the next one and it's development is already chosen. And honestly that's a bit too much, so i may not include that at all; you have to understand that not everything can be put inside a story just because.

Also advice: instead of filling comments with suggestions i recomend you to send messages, it's better and doesn't fill the comment section with only sugestions

Sorry okay instead of Rainbow Dash it happens to Principal Luna to you know to go with the dream theme of Luna has?

Oh hey I made a new group you should check it out and maybe it can give you some new ideas for stories in the future and this group I created is for the fetish that you would see.

Glad to see another satisfied reader

So hot and Pinkie should be dragged under her bed and fucked under there and her bed shaking and we hear Pinkie screaming in pleasure and moaning.

You know it would make sense for sunset to be a game programmer can’t believe I never seen that before. 👍

I remembered tht from some of the EG shorts, where she's seen as a very gamer; so it kinda is a like a callback. And no one else did it? I expected someone doing something similar

What is wrong with you? Literally posting the same thing on multiple stories. Nobody's interested in what you're saying so stop posting it repeatedly.

Not gonna give credit to the artist who drew that cover art?

Not all people credit it, but i just did edited it and credited it.

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