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Writing days are probably over...


I, Sassaflash, am just walking around town doing normal Sassaflash things, when I come across a flyer advertising this thing called the "Human's Trial Friendship Trip." Player 4, our local human living in Ponyville, and the first human to come to Equestria in thousands of years, wants to do a "friendship experiment" where he goes on a roadtrip/vacation with ponies he's never met before.

Finding myself liking the idea, I sign my name on the flyer, but I'm just one of many. It's not like P4 is going to pick me, right?

Nah... will he?

This story is a self-insert and is a side story to the series Player 4 Goes to Equestria, but, it is written from Sassaflash's perspective. She narrates the story, in her first-person view. I hope you like this perspective that I've never seen anywhere before!

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I quite like where this is going so far and the dynamics between all the characters, yourself included. Quite an interesting idea for a multi-chapter story too. I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Thanks! You having interest to see where it goes next... maybe will help me get motivation to work on this story again? Sigh That might just be wishful thinking, in addition to a way to describe how much writer's block sucks... I feel like I've abandoned all the people who read my work.

While I hope something kicks you in gear and gives you that inspiration, I don’t think you’ve abandoned me or anyone else. Writers block can be a bitch, and nobody can blame you for that.

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