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Favorite things to write and read about: cuddling, other forms of comfort, Human in Equestria stories, any combination of those. Also an aspiring musician and YouTuber. He/him.


Lyra, Bon Bon, and myself are having fun at a park, working on a short film, when we get incessantly buzzed around by a wasp that just won't go away. Not seeing any other way out of it, we try to shoo away the insect, and despite taking "precautions", as we tried to call them, the insect prevails and uses its well-known tactic on one of us. Ah, instincts.

(Story told from my perspective)

I wrote this story because the depiction of me in it contains realistic problems with me. Seeing one of my loved ones get stung is something that I could easily get nightmares about; even the thought of it bothers me. And I do harbor animosity towards these insects for using that power. I know, self-defense and all, but it's upsetting, isn't it? Yes. We don't want to see people get hurt, especially not when they're close to us, and it's only natural we'd be mad at the perpetrator.

I also wanted to write this because it's something that can easily happen to you in real life despite clear guidelines on how to avoid it. We've all heard "don't swat at wasps, that provokes them.", and that's true. But let's be honest, most of us probably have swatted at stinging insects, because that's we do automatically. It's instinct. Or, as happens in this story, the insect just keeps hanging around you and you don't feel like you can wait anymore. So it's here for that too.

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I have no idea what the story description says.

The short description or the long description? If the long description, the part above the line or below the line?

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