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After sneaking out of their homes unnoticed, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decided to attend a late-night party that Pinkie Pie is throwing. While waiting for Apple Bloom to arrive, Scootaloo decides to ask Sweetie Belle to do something, something the white unicorn filly has never done nor was ever really good at: dance

[Edit: A live reading of this story can be found here. Special thanks to The Living Library for the reading!]

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Dance The Night Away - Van Halen

Ooh. This looks interesting. I remember seeing this on my DeviantART watch, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

Is this part of the "New Discoveries" Storyline?
Also so adorable.

LOL! Actually, any song could fit the story! It was just that the one in the story [link provided] is where their dance was based off of!

LOL! I hope you like it, when you get around to reading it, that is :twilightsmile:

It could be! :scootangel:

I read it, I just didn't want to leave another comment again.

I thought it was cute. :pinkiehappy:

I really like this story! :pinkiehappy:
And the song is amazing, too! :twilightsmile:

I've noticed only three typos. :pinkiesmile:

One the left side of the dance floor was a table that was lined up with different assortments of food and drinks for the visitors.


She moved back and forth, feeling the beat of the music beginning to coarse through her body.


As the did, Sweetie Belle was sure that the two of them were going to bump into a table or into another pony at the party.


Glad you liked the story [and the song! One of Cash Cash and Jun Senoue's best remixes EVA!! :raritystarry:]
Only three out of the whole story? To me, that's an improvement! LOL! Thanks :raritywink:

I can believe that it's one of the best! :raritystarry:

And you're welcome! :twilightsmile:

Congrats on winning the contest! :twilightsmile:


...how did you know about that?:derpyderp2:

What can I say? I keep an eye on the happenings over there. :eeyup:

Thanks for the watch!

...makes sense, i suppose :derpytongue2:
anyways, you're welcome! :twilightsmile:

:applejackconfused: How else would I know?

Okay; that's a relief.

Random song lyrics:

Somebody once told me
a guy named Mack A Roni
was living inside my house in my basement...

You used the word 'clop' a lot in this

1441244 nice story I will definitely read more of them and please make like another chapter or a sequal or something

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