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TittySparkles is pretty based, writes great porn that I can rub one off to on a weekly basis, and she has no problem telling societies leftie rejects to fuck off. - Anonymous

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Thank you again for this.

The big 1-0-0! I've been wondering for a while what it would be. Good choice.

Ah yes, tentacles

Sorry it took so long, but i'm happy you enjoyed it.

Dare I?

Oh, who am I kidding? I've already written the number down. :trollestia:

This was an excellent way to unwind for the night.

I, uh... I've done a couple of searches with this, and not gotten anything... :rainbowderp:

"You're about to get more vines," Spitfire muttered from her table.

Stormy: "They'll give me an relaxing, but innocent massage, right?"
Spitfire: *smirks*
Stormy: "Right?"
Spitfire: *smirks harder*

She wondered what its plan was, until the expanding sequence started to become less and less notable, whilst the vine itself began to feel more snug and perfect fitting. Thanks to it constantly moving inside of her, she realized just how strong and flexible the vine itself was. It squirmed and twisted in ways she never thought would be imaginable, and every motion that drew her to a higher level of pleasure and anticipation.

Rumor says stallions are both loving and hating those vine for this.

"It only gets better, Mom," Spitfire replied with a grin, before she looked over her shoulder at the vines. "Stop for a second and put me on top of her."

She didn't even need to tell the vines to turn Stormy on the back before. This shows the vines are quite used to this.

"Hmm, the one you've been using feels nice," Spitfire said, with a knowing smirk.
For a moment, Stormy wasn’t sure what happened, until she quickly realized that the vine inside her had just been inside her daughter, soaked in her juices, and now it was delivering them inside her, and vice versa.
“Oh gosh, this one feels really nice, Mom!” Spitfire moaned even louder as she kissed with lustrous vigor.

Yay! :heart:

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

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