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Vinyl Scratch; everypony knows her as DJ Pon-3. What they don't know is that she's not like all the other disc jockeys who spin the records and drop the beats. Vinyl wants to be her own mare, free of stereotypes. What will it take for her to Break Free?

Super awesome cover done by FoxInShadow on Deviant Art (Look at his stuff...it's super awesomazing o.o)


You must...you must!

Chapters (2)
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wow no comments yet lol well il just say great start will followstatic.fimfiction.net/images/emoticons/derpytongue2.png

Just because you used FoxInShadow art, and I love Vinyl and Fluttershy. :pinkiehappy: I will read this

You really love your Fluttershy romance! ;)


But of course. To me, she is like the Rainbow Dash of romances (you know, because EVERYPONY puts Rainbow in a romance with somepony else. To me, it should be Fluttershy)

1231594 To me, it should be Twilight ;)

But Fluttershy x somepony is third best ship for me, after TwiDash and Twinkie!

Oh this is new take on Vinyl. I like it. :pinkiehappy:

1231594 you should continue this story or sequel it don't leave it as a cliffhanger


Sorry, but I don't plan on continuing it. That would take away from the emotional value of it in my opinion. It was never intended to be continued, but rather left as is. I mean...I don't want to make myself seem like I'm some kind of super amazing author, nor am I comparing myself to any, but to me, this story is like My Little Dashie or Rainbow Factory or even Cupcakes; the original authors didn't create sequels (at least not to my knowledge) simply because it would've taken away from the overall effect of the story if that makes any sense. Again, I'm really sorry but I do appreciate all you ponies reading it and liking it. I mean, eventually I can write another Vinyl X Fluttershy story but I'm focused on finishing the story I've got going on currently so...it'll be awhile

1232935 sweet another original plot

I really liked this stories its well written and the story was good BUT the ending is like "so what happens next"? i think this story deserves a continuation but i know there wont be one (i read your comment) but all in all this was an amazing story good job!


Thanks, and I'm glad you liked it. Though honestly, if this story becomes popular enough and people keep asking for another chapter I just might (very small might) write another chapter so...we'll see :moustache:


Heh, I appreciate the enthusiasm but like I said before, I'm gonna need a lot of people to want another chapter and so far I think there's only been...2 (yourself included) ponies asking for another chapter so....sorry :fluttercry:

everyone who reads this story demand a chapter 2


Heh, that's one way to do it XD

I liked that. I wish it wasn't a cliffhanger like that. :fluttercry: Vinyl is my favorite. Other than that, it was awesome. :pinkiehappy: Another chapter, maybe?

Well here you have it, I would really like a sequel to this! I liked the story very much. Please show us how Fluttershy states her case infront of Celestia!

You ponies really want another chapter, don't ya? Tell ya what, you get one more person to want another chapter, I'll write it. Deal?


I WANT ANOTHER CHAPTER BY MY GODDESS! you cannot just leave it there, that's not fair!

gotta laugh at upper crust, i bet he ddint see that coming. serves him right, being taken down a few nothes.

more plz, enjoying this story.

Yeah! Buck you Upper Crust! :flutterrage:
This was great. Gotta admit, I was surprised when I saw this. I thought that it was a one shot.:twilightsmile:
I like the ending, too. It's probably the first one I've read that's a happy-happy ending, like 'happily ever after'. :twilightsmile:

yay vinyl and fluttershy! go to tartarus Upper Crust! you go Celestia! telling off that pointy nosed stallion!

What no sex then why put that tag?

Great fic. :heart:

So cute! I wish there were more fics with this shipping.
I noticed a few words missing, but nothing major to detract from the meaning of the story. I was a bit wary to read this because of the sad tag, but that was a very happy ending! I don't think this story should be tagged sad.
Title of this chapter made me thing of "I Want To Break Free" by Queen

i have to agree with you about fans of the show thinking and trying to put vinyl as a stereotype DJ i just hate that :flutterrage:

love it :yay: but i would beat upper crust into a coma :pinkiecrazy:

Upper Crust is acting like Blueblood. That, my friends, is why you can't trust the élite except in very rare circumstances.

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