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An alt account for posting violent, gory, fetish-filled clop. Apparently, green isn't my color.

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Better. Than I imagined

Thanks. That's a weird spot for a period.

Fat thumbs and a trash ZTE Z-Blade Mac smart phone with very low sensitivity touch screen.

No worries, still just happy you enjoyed the read. Cracking up at the fact you got downvoted by someone too. How dare you like things.

I don't go by up vote and down votes I go for views, if I can get you to read the story I'm good.

Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

dang this story is good but has a lot of downvotes


Bruh this is just crazy.

First, they rape torture and kill strawberry sunrise,
Second. Twilight comes in and..encourages them?!


To be fair, Twilight did scold them for making a bit of a ruckus.

All praise be upon them. Apples are the path to a healthy body and a healthy soul.

Amen, all praise the apples.

Sorry, just automatic dislike. Apple family is too crazy.

Darn right they're crazy.

Crazy 'bout dem apples!

Normally your fics leave me feeling numb and empty after reading, but not this one. Ig maybe because it's a background character and not one of the Mane 6 or a child. Still a very solid fic though, got giddy and excited when I saw who wrote it. You have a fucked up mind and I love reading what comes out of it, despite how they normally make me feel after. Keep up the good work, excited to see what you make next

I'm very sorry to hear that I failed to deliver the miserable, empty feeling that you expect from my works. I hope I can correct this mistake the next time I write something, and make you feel at least a little dead inside. I'd hate to think that anyone out there is reading my stuff and not finishing feeling worse off than when they started.

Only crime I see here, is the amount of dislikes!
Strawberry Deserved it!

good taste of when what heathen cunt tastes like off of ya."

She'd have to remember to thank her friend later for managing the double duty of teaching her a lesson on friendship and tricking this appleless heathen into outing herself right to Applejack's face.

Big Mac had punched one of his forehooves down as soon

I've recorded reading this to make into an audiobook on my Youtube Channel :)

That's alright, I get off to those red thumbs anyway.

Fixed, thanks.

Wait, what? Ha, now that I definitely have to hear.

I'll let you know, recording a couple of fics today, then doing the editing on Saturday.

the only crazy people are those who dont like apples

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