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I'm not as great of a writer like everybody else but I try the best I can when writing my stories so if you read my stories and have any tips on how I can better my writing I'll greatly appreciate it


Max was your everyday run of the mill single guy who had a good life until he one day found himself being transported to equestria. Now living In Equestria and being the only human there with no way back home, Max life ended up not being as bad as he thought still single mind you, but he at least managed to make some friends with the help of the main 6 Max life going pretty well until he received a very unexpected guest in the form of a young unicorn filly foal left on his doorstep one rainy night

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a good idea, but it needs punctuation... noticed a couple spelling errors too. looking forward to how ch2 goes

Thanks I’ll see if my editor can fix it and as for chapter two I’ll see if I can make it better

What’s the name of the group you posted my story in I’d like to see it and see if I could join it

Thanks for telling me I swore I had only the Max and twilight and the gang bolded

And don't worry there will be more chapters just going to take awhile just have writers block

I haven't continue this because I been having writers block for this story sorry 😞

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