• Published 15th Oct 2020
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An unexpected father hood - Scorch234

This is a story that recently came to me it’s about a single human male that now lives in Ponyville who gets a unexpected guess in the form of a small unicorn filly foal

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Chapter 1 - an unexpected guest

It was a stormy, rainy night in the town of Ponyville, as ponies that were out and about were trying to make it to the warm and comfort of their home to stay dry from the rain, especially a certain human by the name of Max.

Max was once your everyday run of the mill single guy who had a good life and a good job, until he one day found himself being transported to Equestria by a certain lavender unicorn mare named Twilight Sparkle. Twilight had recently found a spell that can teleport anyone from one place but in a far off distance, so she tried testing it out to see if it works by teleporting herself from her library to Canterlot, but instead of her teleporting herself, she had accidentally teleported a strange creature into her home and that creature of course was none other than the human Max.

Max first day In Equestria wasn’t as good as anyone would hope; when max first came into town everypony was afraid of him because they had never seen anything like him before, even a few of Twilights friends were a bit scared of him, not to mention he was nearly attacked by Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash when they first saw him. When Twilight's friends tried to hurt him, she was able to stop them and explain to her friends why Max was there and what had happened, after explaining everything to everyone Twilight and her friends decide to help him fit in and feel welcome, of course it was also hard for him to make friends in Ponyville, but with the help of Twilight and her friends, they were able to change that.

As Max made his way home he could tell that the storm was getting a bit more dangerous, so he ran as fast as he could to his home. When Max made it home he went over to his couch and sat down to relax and and dry off a bit. “Man what’s up with those pegasi and always making weather schedules with huge storms!? It’s pouring down hard like crazy out there!”

As Max was relaxing, he starts hearing someone knocking on his door, confused. “Now who could be coming over and knocking on my door in this weather?” Max says, as whoever was at the door kept knocking. “Okay okay I’m coming just hold on!” As Max got up the knocking stopped, and he made his way towards the door and opened it. “Okay who is i.....?” When Max opened the door he saw that no pony was there. Looking around in confusion, he spotted a basket covered in blankets, left in front of his door with a note left on it. Curious, Max knelt down to pick up the basket with the note still inside and brought it inside.

After closing the door and locking it, Max made his way to his couch and sat down, placing the basket on the table and reading the note.

To whom this may concern,

I have decided to leave my foal with you for I have not the means to provide for her. It pains me to abandon my foal like this, but I pray that whoever is reading this will take care of my foal, my sweet Sunrise Rose.

After reading the note a few more times to see if he was reading it right, Max looked over at the basket and moved the blanket cover, and sure enough there in the basket lays a sleeping unicorn foal. “Th.......This can’t be real, right? This has to be a dream...” Max brought his hand to his other arm and pinched it.

“Ow...okay this isn’t a dream, it’s for real, but this can’t really be happening me...! Me? A father...!? No no no no no, this can’t be happening! I don’t know a thing about raising a child, let alone a foal!” As Max was freaking out, the young unicorn foal slowly starts to wake up, before she starts crying, catching Max attention.

“Oh no, not now! Why now!?” Max picked up the foal trying to calm her down by rocking her. “There there, it’s okay, please calm down, no more crying please...!” As Max tried calming down the foal to get her to stop crying, he started to smell something that was starting to stink, and looking at the foal, he noticed that the diaper started to look a bit heavy. Realizing why the foal was crying, he looked in the basket to see if there were any spare diapers left behind, and sure enough, there was.

“Oh thank god, there’s some spare diapers in here.” Taking one of the diapers, he took the young foal to the restroom upstairs to change her.

After changing the foal she started calming down a bit, but was still crying. “Why are you still crying? I just changed you!” As the foal kept crying, a thought came to Max. “Oh I know! You're probably hungry, right?” Looking into the basket, he not only spotted the spare diapers he saw earlier but also a baby bottle, so, putting the foal back into the basket, he went into the kitchen and pulled out the carton of milk from his fridge and poured some milk into the bottle before putting the bottle of milk in the microwave to warm it up.

When the milk was warmed up, Max put the top on the bottle and headed back to the still crying foal, offering the bottle to the foal. She slowly stops crying as she drank the milk from the bottle.

Sighing, Max sat on the couch holding the foal as she drank from the bottle. “I still can’t believe that this is happening to me, me becoming a father of all things...” Sighing to himself, Max looked out the window, seeing that it was still raining. “I just hope I can handle it...” He says, looking back down at the little Sunrise Rose.

Chapter end

Author's Note:

Hey guys I hope you all liked this story this story recently came to me while trying to think what to write for the second chapter of one of my stories I made anyways again I hope you guys enjoyed this story and you guys would stick around for chapter two