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I'm not as great of a writer like everybody else but I try the best I can when writing my stories so if you read my stories and have any tips on how I can better my writing I'll greatly appreciate it


Yugioh fanfic · 4:30am January 29th

Lately I been thinking of making a yugioh fanfic of my because I been a huge fan of yugioh since I was little from the first yugioh series up to yugioh rush duel and this is the idea I had come up with.

Steven Blaze is a average duelist who like dreaming big and one of this dreams is to become the worlds strongest duelist like this older brother Henry Blaze who was the worlds number one ranked undefeatable duelist but one day his brother mysteriously vanished without a trace.

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Sorry for being gone for so long · 8:27pm January 16th

Hey guys sorry for not making any new chapters for my stories for awhile been busy irl so haven't had the time to continue them bit rest assured I haven't forgotten them and will get back to them soon

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Story transfer · 12:49am Mar 24th, 2022

I'm transferring my life as a sonic oc over to my Co author Cocoa Swirl so she'll have full control on what happens in the story and what characters will be added

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Removing my life as a sonic oc · 4:34am Feb 8th, 2022

Going to be removing my life as a sonic oc to edit some parts of the first three chapters so it won't be cringy for some of you

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I'm not a good writer · 3:35am Feb 7th, 2022

For those of you who read my stories and puts dislikes on them I just want to say I know I'm not as good of a writer like everybody else who write good stories here but I try and I know my spelling and grammar may be bad but I still check my stories before posting them and if I miss a few spelling and grammar errors than please point them out and if you have any forms of tips that can help out with writing my stories better I'd greatly appreciate it

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Writers block · 4:08am Jun 22nd, 2021

Well I have writers block again 😅, but I'll eventually get over my writers block and come up with something for my stories like I did before

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Don’t ask about the folder I put your story in · 11:41pm Feb 27th, 2021

Okay everyone if you see that I put your story in a folder that says most like story and a number just know that I put your stories in those folders because I like your stories and that I number my folders

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The next chapters · 2:26am Oct 16th, 2020

Hello everyone just here to let you guys know for those of you that are are reading my stories an unexpected fatherhood and across another dimension I’m here to let you know that chapter two for an unexpected fatherhood will be coming soon and chapter two for across another dimension will take awhile to make just letting you guys know

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Hello · 2:57am Jul 13th, 2020

Hello I’m new here to FimFiction I enjoyed reading every story that’s been made here I enjoyed them so much I decided to make my own story I may not be as good as everyone else here but I’ll try my best to make it good also the name of my story is called oc universe it’s a story about people’s oc however I’m trying to get more oc for the story right now I have my own oc and a friend of mine oc but other than that the story will be okay I hope you guys will enjoy the story when it comes out

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