• Published 15th Oct 2020
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An unexpected father hood - Scorch234

This is a story that recently came to me it’s about a single human male that now lives in Ponyville who gets a unexpected guess in the form of a small unicorn filly foal

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Chapter 3 - raising a child wasn’t easy

Max Diary #1

For the first night Sunrise Rose slept very perfectly with no sign of crying through the night. Though I am still worried about this whole parenting business. When I decided to take care of Sunrise I thought that I would be easy; however, I was wrong apparently what Twilight and pinky told me about unicorn foals having a lot magic were not wrong and I learned that the hard way due to being hit on the back of the head with flying frying pan. When trying to avoid many hard flying objects that Sunrise was levitating around while making sure none hit her Twilight had came by to see if I might need any help with Sunrise but when she saw me avoiding the many hard flying objects floating around the house while holding onto Sunrise it didn’t take her long to figure that I might need help. After Twilight helped me with the many possessed objects flying around in my home I thanked her and told her about what happened.

I told her how I had placed Sunrise in her playpen that pinky brought over for her while I make lunch, but when I was grabbing the ingredients I felt myself getting hit in the back of the head by a frying pan only for me to than hear Sunrise laughing and seeing that she was out of her playpen with her horn glowing as I than noticed more pots and pans flying around the house. After telling Twilight everything that happened before her arrival she agreed to help me with Sunrise which I’m really grateful for. When the day was over Sunrise was fast asleep in her crib due to all the fun she had today while me and twilight cleaned around the house and before she left she gave me a book saying that it’ll help me with raising Sunrise to which I thanked before she left.

Even though today may have been a bit chaotic and a bit crazy I’ll make sure that I’ll do all that I can to make sure Sun rise has a happy life growing up no matter how hard things get and that will be a promise.

Signed- Max

Max Diary #2

It has been a year and so much has happened. Sunrises birthday is coming soon because since I don’t know her actual birthday is I decided to have her birthday on the same day I found her and now I’m trying to find her a gift but I’m not sure what to get her! Ugh. I'll find out in due time. That is I hope I can. I’m probably going to need Pinkie's help with this. She the only one I can count on right now for help since the others are busy getting their gifts ready for Sunrise.

Thanks to pinkies help I was able to find the perfect gift for Sunrise Rose. Despite me raising Sunrise I apparently haven’t been noticing her reaction to certain objects more specifically stuffed dolls that looks like flowers or like a gardener, but pinky who seemed to have been watching me and Sunrise from a far had tooked notice so if it wasn’t for her I may not have been able to get Sunrise Rose a present for her birthday I should thank her when I get the chance.

Signed- Max.

Max Diary #3

For awhile Sunrise has been crying haven’t gotten enough sleep because of it so when I took Sunrise to get checked the doctors told the reason she’s been crying. She’s starting to grown Teeth. After hearing that news I was glad for that especially since it wasn’t anything bad. That means I can feed her new types of food that she’ll be able eat. After Sunrise check up I went to get some more better food for her to eat. Oh! By the way this morning, Spike came over to hangout since Twilight and the others are going to some backing competition or something so me and him hanged out while watching over sunrise.

Signed -Max

Max Diary #4

Sunrise finally said her first word! I was actually happy about this! So I decided to throw a little celebration with the help of pinkie of course, i was bringing Sunrise with me to the flower shop while I bought some flower seeds to plant since gardening was a hobby of mine back on earth, so while I was looking through the many flower seeds Sunrise was looking at a pink rose and said “pinky” of course I thought she saw pinkie pie coming into the flower shop when she said that but soon saw the pink rose she called pinky. After I saw her looking at the pink rose at the shop I decided to get a couple seeds of it and I can tell she liked them because she kept looking at the image of the rose on the packs saying pinky all the way home.

Signed- Max

Max Dairy #5

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything so I’m going to say what has happened these past months well for starters Sunrise is now a grown filly it felt like only yesterday that I found her on my doorsteps as a foal and not only that but she also has her own room thanks to Apple Jack helping me renovating the house to make her room of course she is scared of being alone at night. She says she doesn't want to leave like sleeping alone. So I let her sleep with me till she decides to finally wants to sleep alone. It's been 10 years since I came to equestria with no friends, no way back home and being alone in the house, but now. I don't feel alone anymore. I have child to look after and care for. It was a hard road sure and raising a child really wasn’t easy but in the end it turned alright.

Since tomorrow Sunrise starts school I hope that her first day turns out well.

Signed- Max

Author's Note:

Hey guys sorry it took me this long to write the next chapter I had some writers block so I wasn’t able to post the next chapter but besides all that I hoped you guys enjoyed this chapter