• Published 21st Aug 2020
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Basement Fluttershy - theponycaptorproject

Fluttershy wakes up to find herself in a horrifying situation.

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Another good chapter, keep up the good work

I know this is quite literally torture porn, but I would think that Twilight would've found a way to find Shy with the element jewelry by now. Even if it's at the point in the story where they give the elements to the tree, she would still be able to come up with something.

Comment posted by Edge load 101 deleted June 15th

That's my head Canon no matter what happens in the story Twilight and her friends find Fluttershy save her and torture the guy and kill him at the end or better yet give him the Discord

Is Fluttershy ever going to get saved? I love the story but I would love to see Fluttershy reunite with her friends

All the people in the comments that want Fluttershy to be rescued and I'm over here thinking how long it's going to take these two to breed her and make her a broodmare.

kinda scary the diffrence between the upvotes and downvotes sick fucks

Appreciated and I'll do my best.

One thing is for sure, if she ever did find out about this, there would be one yellow pegasus in therapy and two black, smoldering smears on the floor.

Going to say no to that. This story is one I work on when I have a block with another story and so I don't really have plans for this to end really. Its more just a collection of moments of poor Fluttershy's new live with these two. I mean, I have several chapters planned so it isn't just random either, but yeah, this is basically going to go on forever, or at least the rest of Flutter's life.

I have plans. It will be a while, but it is inevitable.

Same. I'm waiting for stolkholm syndrome to kick in, so she becomes their loyal servant wife, while defending them from her friends. :yay:

will she be breed?

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