• Published 5th Aug 2020
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Best friends have consequences - Leafy

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Day 2, part 2: The tough choice!

"So Sunset, what will it be? Spending time with Starlight? Or our band practice?" Rainbow asked.

"Come on Dash! Don't push her! She can make her own choice! Let her be." Spike said, trying to make some sense to Rainbow.

"I-I'll..... Go with Starlight. Sorry everyone." Sunset said.

Everyone's jaw dropped. Spending time with Starlight?! Has she gone mad?

"Alright, she's gone mad everyone." Spike said.

"Come on Sunset! You didn't even give our question a thought! Do you really wanna be with Starlight for the rest of the day, and not with your original friends?" Rainbow asked.

"Hey! For the record, I've been her friend before she came to this world, and besides, she spends time with the other Twilight, so what's the big deal if she spends time with me?" Starlight said.

"Okay everyone, that's enough. I'm going with Starlight, and that's final." Sunset was sure of her decision, and was sticking to it no matter what.

Fluttershy finally spoke up. "For the record, I don't think it's fair if you spend time with Starlight more than you do with us. It's just not right. We are your friends, so why not be with us?"

She dose have a point, but I wanna make sure Starlight's time here is enjoyable! Sunset said to herself.

"I think it's time we go, right Sunset?" Starlight asked Sunset.

"Yeah.... let's go." Sunset replied.

I'm sorry everyone. I really am.

Author's Note:

So, what do you guy's think? Let me know in the comments! Also, sorry if it took a month just to make this chapter, I had other plans.....

Hope you guys enjoyed, and keep on sticking around!

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Rainbow is being an envious jerk.

And that was the whole point.

I like it alot so far, also the main six in this story do kinda seem like douche's.

I'm glad you like it!

Comment posted by LuzSetEvan deleted Jul 11th, 2021

tried to make it as long as I could.... :P

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