• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Messages and arguments (reuploaded)

Author's Note:

I went and did a lot of corrections on this chapter so It looks better.

Sunset opened her phone to see three text messages and two missed calls. All of them from the girls. She couldn’t believe it, someone cared about her. She hit the button for her first voicemail it was from Applejack:

“Hey Sugarcube it’s me Applejack, jes checkin to see how ya doin’ this mornin’ give me a call back. This rain has got me trapped inside. Later.”
Sunset the decided to listen to the other message. It was from Rarity:

“Morning Darling, I wanted to call and check up on you, and see how you are doing. I got work this morning, but maybe we can meet for lunch. Call me back dear.”
Then read the three text messages:
Fluttershy: Morning Sunset, I’m at the animal shelter this morning give me a call maybe we can do lunch.

Pinkie Pie: Morning Sunny, I hope you don’t mind that I call you that. I’m working this morning at Sugarcube Corner but why don’t you stop by this rain has made business slow.

Rainbow Dash: Hey Sunset give me a ring or text back. I’m so bored this rain cancelled soccer practice maybe we can meet for lunch. Check you later. RD.

Sunset closed her phone, closed her eyes bowed her head and took a deep breath. This was a lot to take in. People actually gave a damn about her.

“I did nothing but break up their friendship. I drove them apart. Hell I slammed Fluttershy against her locker, and called her pathetic and had her on the ground cowering in fear. Why would she want to be friends with me?” Sunset Thought.

“Well?” Prompted Luna, who was busy getting ready.

“People want me to be friends with them. Why?? Because Twilight told them too?” Sunset scoffed.

“Maybe because even more than that they really want to give you a chance.” Luna told her.

“Now if you get dressed, I will drop you off at one of these places if you would like me too.” Luna said putting her arms around Sunset from behind.

Sunset loved it when Luna hugged or her.

“This must be what it’s like to have a mother.” Sunset thought while Luna was hugging her.

“Luna drop me off at the Canterlot Animal Shelter.” Sunset replied as she rushed to get dressed.
Luna felt overjoyed that Sunset was gonna see the other girls but then remembered Sunset hadn’t eaten. She mentally kicked herself. She quickly ran in and toasted a few pieces of bread.

Sunset got dressed into a purple skirt, and an orange t-shirt with her cutie mark on it black boots that came to her ankles and her leather jacket in hand. Luna quickly handed her two pieces of toast.

“Sorry it’s not more, Sunset” Luna said.

“It’s ok you got a busy morning ahead and so do I.” Said Sunset confidently.

“Well eat on the way.” Luna said.

Sunset rushed down the outside stairway and over to Luna’s car. Luna followed her trying to get her to use the umbrella. Sunset quickly ate the toast as she was starving hungry.

Luna quickly unlocked the car and Sunset jumped in and Luna put down the umbrella and got in the car. She looked disapprovingly at Sunset.

“What?” Said Sunset.

“You want to catch a cold young lady?” Scolded Luna.

“I’m not made of sugar I won’t melt.” Sunset groaned, blowing a strand of hair out of her face.

“I was trying to get you under the Umbrella with me you're lucky you didn’t get totally soaked.” Luna scolded her.

“What are you, my mother?” Asked Sunset, rather annoyed.

“If I was your mother you would not be able to sit right now. So drop the bratty attitude. This is your final warning.” Luna said, gripping the steering wheel.

“You know what Luna, I’ll walk to the damn shelter.” Sunset groaned opening the car door.

“No you will not young lady!” Said Luna said sternly vice gripping Sunset’s arm.

“Let me go! If I want to walk I will walk, I’m not your daughter so stop trying to control me.”

“Sunset, listen to me very closely I want to help you. I’m trying to be here for you but then you go and fly off the handle. I know you’ve been traumatized, I know you have a bunch of feelings you don’t understand.” Luna explained to her.

“But in the eyes of the law your a child, and you need a legal guardian or your gonna end up lost in the shuffle of foster care. Under that tough exterior is a scared little girl that I desperately want to help. Now will you please get in the car and stop this?” Luna pleaded with her eyes and her voice.

“Fine.” said Sunshine half slamming the door. She buckled her seat belt, and crossed her arms. Sunset’s face wore a look that would have soured milk.

“Sunset are you ok?” Luna asked knowing full well it was a stupid question.

“Fine.” was all Sunset said still sitting there with that same look on her face. If Luna tried to engage Sunset in conversation all Sunset would say was “Fine.”

Pulling up to the animal shelter, Sunset grabbed her jacket and phone. Luna tried to talk to Sunset one more time as she was gathering her stuff.

“Sunset call me when you're ready, or if it’s not raining walk over to the school it’s a few blocks away.” Luna tried desperately getting Sunset to say something.

“Fine.” Scoffed Sunset.

“That’s seven fines since we left home. How about a different word?” Luna said, getting annoyed.

“Asshole, there’s a word!” Said Sunset loudly slamming the door and going into the animal shelter.
Luna sat there and pinched the bridge of her nose for a second after Sunset left.

“I think I liked fine better.” Said Luna as she started to get a headache and drove off over to the school.

Equestria, Train to Canterlot:

Twilight had been going over her book on the Elements of Harmony, but once again it wasn’t giving her the answer she was looking for. She finished her reading and closed the book. She was not any closer to finding the answer that she was looking for.

Twilight headed over to bed to get some sleep before they reached Canterlot. Spike woke up briefly while Twilight was getting ready for bed.

“Twilight is it AM or PM?” Spike asked, very tired.

“AM Spike, very AM.” Twilight said. Spike was fast asleep before Twilight even climbed into bed. She hoped that somewhere in Canterlot was the answer she was seeking.