• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Love is in bloom

Author's Note:

I was going to do one big chapter, but decided to break it up. Not much to this one but it perfectly sets up the next one.

Applejack and Sunset were the last two to arrive in Luna’s office. Six chairs had been placed in front of Luna’s desk. Luna sat on the other side of her desk glaring at the six teens.

Applejack and Sunset sat down and Luna stood up and began pacing back and forth. Then finally stopped and glared at them.

“Well, well, well, are you girls sitting comfortably? Good. Now ladies a strange thing happened on Saturday morning, I got calls from four sets of parents, and one grandmother.” Luna began.

“Apparently there had been a slumber party on Friday Night. Apparently six Canterlot High School students were there. Apparently there was also alcohol there. Let's look at the list shall we?” Luna said, picking up a paper.

“Jello shooters made with vodka, Italian Swiss Colony wine, beer, and cider form the Apple farm, strong stuff from what I have been told. I don’t drink that stuff, but I do know the law says you can’t buy alcohol until you're 21. I believe you girls are 15 and 16 so I know it couldn’t have been you girls.” Luna said.

“I also know it couldn’t be you girls because of what great students you are. Let's take a look around the room, shall we.” She continued

“Applejack is a member of Future Farmers of America, a member of a prominent family and one of the most honest girls around so I know she didn’t lie, take cider and get drunk.” Luna said. Applejack just looked at her boots and shuffled them nervously.

“Pinkie Pie is president of the baking club, also a rap club she’s trying to form, and is one of the best cooks around and has had three older sisters go or have gone here (Maud is still here). But she wouldn’t know how to make Jello shooters with vodka, so I know it wasn’t her.” Luna continued. Pinkie just looked down at the ground.

“Rarity, a member of our science club and first of the girls that has started working at a clothing store at the mall, making her have responsibilities. I know she didn’t take wine from her parents and get drunk.” Luna went on. Rarity nervously fiddled with her necklace.

“Fluttershy is a member of the knitting club and volunteers at the Canterlot Animal Shelter every Saturday morning when most teens are still sleeping. The biggest animal lover I ever met. I know she sure didn’t get drunk.” Luna said leaning back in her chair. Fluttershy looked to the side avoiding Luna’s glare.

“Rainbow Dash, captain of the CHS soccer team, a member of the volleyball team. A Gifted athlete and knows that drinking would hurt her playing abilities, so I know she didn’t grab 4 bottles of beer and get drunk.” Luna continued. Rainbow dash just nervously tapped her fingers on her leg.

“Then there is Sunset ShImmer, reformed bully and a model student in class. A nice young woman, who wants to join the fencing club too. I know someone like her wouldn’t be out getting drunk so who would it be?” Luna asked, staring at the six girls.

“Fine it was my idea I roped them in on it. It was all me, just leave them alone!!” Sunset protested standing up.

“Miss Shimmer sit down now!” Luna almost shouted. The other five girls were surprised at how Luna yelled at her own charge. She was in Vice Principal mode right now.

“Now I would like the guilty party or parties to confess.” Luna said leaning forward in her chair with her arms resting on the desk.

“It was a non-school function after school hours, not even on school grounds. So what is the point of this meeting, we can’t get detention or be suspended.” Rainbow Dash said bringing up a point.

Luna glared at Rainbow Dash “If you do Illegal activities, like drinking alcohol or being at a party where underage drinking is condoned or take illegal drugs you very well could; Forfeit your leadership roles on sports teams or clubs. Be suspended from playing your sport for an extensive period of time. Possibly be suspended from school or have to serve detention. Have all of that entered into your permanent high school record, with the provision if you don’t do it again and reform, then the records will be expunged. It is part of growing up.

You are either ready to do that, or merely ready to spend a lot of time in juvenile offender facilities or later in prison. I’m trying to prevent that.” Luna explained.

Rainbow right then and there realized she could be stripped as being captain of the soccer team, or lose her right to play at all on the soccer or volleyball teams.

It slowly sunk in for all the girls the severity of their actions from Friday night. It was supposed to be a few hours of drinking, it turned out to be a mess. Hangovers, pissed off parents and now possible school trouble.

“By your silence I see you girls realize what can happen. Now there are nine people in this school who know about Friday night. Seven are sitting in this room right now. One is in the cafeteria with her grand nephews installing new equipment in the cafeteria. The other is still sitting in class.” Luna told them.

“Now I’m willing to keep this to us, not even tell my sister. If the true culprits come forward. Who’s idea was it to get drunk and who brought what? Now don’t let Sunset take the fall for you, considering I know she didn't plan it.” Luna said.

“It was my idea, Rainbow Dash and I.” Pinkie spoke up.

“We thought we could be like some senior guys we heard about, who went on a camping trip and had some beer that night. We thought we could do it too.” Rainbow Dash explained.

“Miss Dash, I know about that, the thing is they were out in the woods, and they only got drunk on Friday Night and didn’t come home until Sunday around noon. They had all day Saturday to sleep it off.” Luna told her.

“How did you know that, are you psychic? I thought Twilight was psychic, but our vice principal is too!!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“I have my sources too Miss Pie. I guarantee you I’m not psychic, now I will make you a deal and Pinkie this extends to your sister Maud too. I want on my desk by Friday a 500 word essay on “WHY DRINKING ESPECIALLY UNDERAGE IS BAD. It must be hand written and legible, any questions?” Luna informed them.

None of the girls made a sound, just sat there and mulled over the essay. One was already forming in Sunset’s mind, others were no doubt trying to come up with one as well.

“At the end of the essay, I want a word count of how many words you have written, I would work on it throughout the week if I were you don’t leave it for Thursday night. You have until the end of the day Friday. If you have no questions you are all dismissed.” Luna told them.

The girls got up and left and each one wondered what they were going to write to get to 500 words.

* * *

The rest of the day was uneventful and went without much incident for Luna until the end of the day.

After the final bell Sunset went into Luna’s office as usual. It was a safe haven and it was how Sunset had been serving detention that Luna had given her for the whole marking period. At the start of winter break she will have served her detention.

Suddenly there became a knock at the door. Luna looked up and said “Enter”. She figured it was one of Sunset’s friends wanting to say hi and hang for a little bit. Luna usually allowed them to visit with Sunset before or after school.

Surprisingly it was Apple Cinnamon who opened the door and walked in. Luna and Sunset were both surprised.

“Hi Luna can I talk to you for a second?” He asked.

“Sure what’s up?” Luna replied.
Just then Apple Cinnamon looked over and noticed Sunset sitting off to the side
of Luna’s desk.

“Oh hello, is this a bad time?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

“No just me and my girl, she’s waiting for me to finish my paperwork so we can head home.” Luna replied.

“I didn’t know you had kids.” Apple Cinnamon said, a little surprised.

“I’m her guardian.” Luna replied.

“I was homeless, Luna took me in.” Sunset told him, not liking where this conversation was going.

“Anyway Apple Cinnamon, what did you want?” Luna inquired.

“Oh I don’t know how to do this.” Apple Cinnamon said.

“What is it?” Luna pushed.

“I was gonna say I’m in town all week would you like...to go on a date with me?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

“Wow um…”Luna stammered completely shocked.

“No she wouldn’t!!” Sunset objected quickly, rising to her feet.

“SUNSET SHIMMER!!” Luna yelled at her. Sunset quickly sat back down.

“I know we can’t go out on a school night but...what about Friday night?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

“Sorry but Friday night is my birthday party.” Luna said apologetically.

“Ok well what about Saturday night?” Apple Cinnamon asked hopefully.

Luna put her head in her hands and shook her head, completely taken off guard by this whole situation.

“Luna you can’t be serious!” Sunset cried.

“Sunset wait out in the hallway please.” Luna said.

Sunset stood up and walked out of the office and as she walked by Apple Cinnamon she said just loud enough for him to hear. “Home wrecker.” After that she half-slammed the door.

“You’ll have to excuse Sunset, she suffers from a condition that at times makes her completely annoying.” Luna said after Sunset left the room.

“I get the feeling she doesn’t like me.” Apple Cinnamon said observing how coldly Sunset acted towards him.

“Your damn right!” Sunset said outside the door.

“Sunset move away from the door.” Luna said. Sunset took her ear away from the door and sat in one of the seats outside Luna’s office. She didn’t like this guy putting the moves on Luna.

“You know what Apple Cinnamon, I’ll go out with you on Saturday night. But no funny business. Got it?” Luna told him.

“Ok, it’s a date I’ll pick you up at 7:30 for dinner and a movie, how about that?” Asked Apple Cinnamon nervously.

“Why are you so nervous? Just relax, we will have a good time.” Luna said
though she was not sure she believed what she was saying.

“O.K. what is your number, where do you live?” Apple Cinnamon.

Luna smiled and took out a piece of paper and wrote her name and phone number down along with the apartment complex and apartment number.

“Cool see you Saturday night and let me be the first to also say Happy Birthday Luna.” Apple Cinnamon.

“Thank you, see you this week while you put new equipment in and on Saturday night.” Luna told him, smiling.

After he left Sunset walked back in the office, closed the door and stood there with her arms crossed, glaring at Luna.

Sunset wore an expression that could have soured milk. She did not like this guy or the whole idea.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you. You were also an extremely rude young lady. I thought I’d taught you manners, and you picked up a few from your friends. You are so damn lucky I don’t take Chrys’s advice.”

“What’s that?” Sunset asked icily.

“She said I need to take you over my knee and beat some manners into you. You are lucky that I’m trying to be less and less like my mother and father. They were super strict and big of physical punishment.” Luna told her.

“Yet it was Chrys who said that?” Sunset replied being smart.

“Chrys grew up in a house, where one rude word to her parents and the roof would hit her. It’s what she learned.” Luna replied back sharply, not in the mood for Sunset’s smart mouth.

“Now grab your stuff we are heading home and we are gonna have a talk about manners young lady.” Luna said sharply, grabbing her purse and taking her keys out.

The drive home was quiet Sunset sulking, Luna embarrassed about how Sunset reacted. Luna’s mind was on Saturday night and her first date in 12 years, she couldn’t wait to tell Celestia. First things first, she had to deal with Sunset. Walking into the apartment Luna put her stuff away in her bedroom and then went over to Sunset’s room.

Luna opened the door and Sunset was setting up to finish her school work, Luna sat down on the bed and she took a deep breath. This was not going to be easy but she had to address this or Sunset was going to think she could talk like this when she wanted.

“Sunset.” Luna said.

Sunset swiveled and turned and faced Luna.

“I’m guessing you are either jealous, or scared about Apple Cinnamon. Maybe it’s both, but the way you acted there in the office is UNACCEPTABLE!!” Luna said yelling the last word.

“Oh Miss I don’t need a man to live a fulfilled life. Miss I don’t have to go on dates to be happy. What happened to that person?” Sunset asked angrily.

“She’s still here, but wants to try it once.” Luna explained.

“Fine then I demand you take a chaperone-me!” Sunset exclaimed back.

“Sunset is jealous, Sunset is jealous,” Luna teased.

Sunset jumped up from her desk enraged. “I am not jealous!!” She screamed.

Then Luna noticed something and seemed concerned. “Sunset what is wrong with your eyes?” Luna asked.

“They are fine, why what do you mean?” Sunset asked.

“Oh they are turning green, ok never mind just a symptom of jealousy. Nothing to worry about.” Luna teased as she stood up and walked out.

“NOT FUNNY!!” Sunset yelled.

“Sunset finish your essay. It's due Friday, at the end of the school day. Also stay in your room the rest of the day, for how you acted this afternoon.” Luna told her.

Sunset sat in her room and finished her school work. Also got 132 words of her 500 word essay done, when there came a knock at the door. Sunset thought Luna was going to let her out of her room. It was Luna but with a TV tray and some food on it.

“Here you go! A grilled cheese sandwich, an apple, some green beans and as a treat hot chocolate with marshmallows.” Luna said, handing her the tray.

“Now you want me to tell me what’s really going on?” Luna Asked.

“Well now you have a boyfriend, kind of like Rarity and I know where it goes from here. You get married, I get a little brother or sister, and we don’t want to deal with a traumatized Sunset, let’s send her to boarding school across the country. Then he’ll try to lay the law down to me and say something like ‘I’m your father, you better listen to me.’ I know where it goes from here.” Sunset sadly admitted.

“Sunset he’s not like that. More importantly, you’re number one in my life, you come first always, and I would never send you away, you’re the main focus in my life, I could never let you go off to a boarding school. Once you're in college and stuff that’s different. One thing is when you start college I want you to stay here for the first year, if you’re doing good and can handle it then you can leave.” Luna said.

“I‘m never leaving, I’m going to live with you forever.” Sunset said jokingly.

“Don’t you threaten me like that.” Luna joked back.

Both girls shared a good laugh, shortly after Luna left shortly after. Sunset ate her dinner and worked a little bit more, on the essay getting up to about 201 words and then was out of ideas.

Luna came in after Sunset got changed for bed and tucked her in and then asked one question.

“Sunset you said Rarity has a boyfriend. I didn’t know that. May I ask who she’s dating?” Luna asked.

“Some guy in ROTC I think his name is Thunderlane why?” Asked Sunset back.

“I was just curious.” Luna asked.

The next day the girls compared notes and ideas at lunch and for Sunset it helped out a lot at least with the essay. As for Luna’s party and date that was another story.