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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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It's all about Luna

Author's Note:

I don't know when I will post again my computer started to act weird just as I was getting done editing, it started to scroll down uncontrollably. I got it stabilized for now. If anyone has any solutions for that let me know. Other than that read and enjoy and as always review because I need vindication from strangers on the internet.

The week went by fast for Sunset but for Luna it was moving at a snail’s pace she was looking forward to her birthday and her date. Sunset was not looking forward to Saturday night. She also knew that she hurt and embarrassed Luna over it too.

Tuesday after school Luna was finishing up her paperwork Sunset realized what she had to do.

“Luna can I tell you something?” Sunset asked looking up from her essay.

“Sure you can tell me anything.” Luna said putting her pen down and giving Sunset her full attention.

Sunset got up and walked around the desk to where Luna was sitting and gave her a big hug from the side. Luna stood up and completely wrapped Sunset in the hug.
“What is this for?” Luna asked.
“I feel terrible about yesterday. I am just very scared right now, that Apple
Cinnamon is gonna come between us.” Sunset said sadly.

“Oh my little worry bug, he’s not going to become between us. Because you are the most important thing in my life. I don’t want you to ever forget that. I am going to tell him that straight out.” Luna told her.

“Tell you what, how about I have Chrys come stay with you that night. How about that?” Luna asked.
“I am 15, almost 16. I don’t think I need a babysitter.” Sunset said. Then Sunset
remembered she wanted to talk to Chrys about something, preferably without Luna around.

“You know what call Chrys, maybe she can take me to her place to do some more video games.” Sunset thought.

“You’re still grounded, but I can invite her over to keep you company if you want.” Luna said again.

“OK, see if Chrys will come over.” Sunset said and then went back around the desk to work on her essay.

Wednesday morning Sunset asked the Rainbooms for a little favor for Luna on Friday morning. They agreed and Sunset had put plans in order to give Luna a great birthday.

Pinkie Pie wanted to throw a huge bash but Sunset told her to hold off on that for her, they were having a small little get together at the apartment.

“But small parties aren’t much fun, you need to throw a big one!!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Pinkie hold off and throw a big one for me after Christmas, after all I doubt many people are going to show up.” Sunset admitted glumly.

“Well I know five girls in this room that are gonna show up, I guarantee it.” Pinkie said putting her arm around Sunset.

Sunset smiled weakly. “Thanks I think eight people will be at my Sweet 16 party.”

“SWEET SIXTEEN!!” Rarity exclaimed. “Darling you have to let me design you a dress, something with sequins and then to find you matching shoes too. Then there is the makeup...Oh so much to plan.’ Rarity went on.

“Rare it’s ok, you don’t need to make a big deal. about it.” Sunset said sadly.

“Sunset is this your first birthday party?” Rarity asked.

“Well first in this world, in Equestria my parents didn’t do much. The princess gave me a lil cake the first year after that she was too busy. So, it’s just another day.”

The five girls stood in shock to how indifferent Sunset was about her birthday. For them it was always a big day. Sure it was celebrated differently for each one but still a big day. Here was their friend seeming not to care.

“Sunset you don’t care?” Asked Pinkie her hair deflating.

“Pinkie it’s ok...just don’t worry about it. I’m okay, I got a cool guardian/mom and five great friends who really care about me.” Sunset said feeling good inside saying that.

“Sunset do you consider Trixie a friend?” Asked Rainbow Dash. It was then and there something strange downed on Sunset. She decided to ask the girls about it.

“Guys I haven’t seen Trixie the last two days, have any of you?” Sunset asked.

“You know come to think of it, she hasn’t been in gym class the last two days either.” Said Rainbow Dash.

“I haven't seen her in trigonometry class either.” Fluttershy added.

“Mebbe she’s just sick y’all. No need to read into anymore then that right now.” Applejack interjected.

“Speaking of classes, I guess we should hit our lockers and get our stuff for classes.” Sunset mentioned. With that the girls parted ways except for Applejack and Sunset who both headed to chemistry class.

* * *

Finally Friday rolled around which to Sunset and Luna ment two things. Luna’s birthday party tonight and date tomorrow night. Of course there was still a day of work to tend to first.

Sunset was up early and crept down to the kitchen and made some toast, and coffee and making sure Luna was still asleep quickly scrambled some eggs. Then putting the eggs on the toast and with the coffee, she put them on the tray and brought them in to Luna.

Luna was shocked as it was usually a struggle to get Sunset up at sunrise or anytime real early, but here was Sunset bringing Luna and egg sandwich and coffee. It wasn’t much but for Luna, who hadn't had breakfast in bed in years it was awesome.

The breakfast was spent with some chatting and laughing then both getting up and getting ready for the day. Luna wished the morning would never end as it was these moments with Sunset that she loved and all seemed right in the world.

Sunset put the plate and cup in the dishwasher as she looked at the kitchen, and in several hours, Luna would be here with a cake in front of her. Celestia, Chrys, Crankee Doodle, and Candance are all gonna be there with Sunset. Sunset hoped Chrys had her present to Luna ready. It had been hard to contain her excitement.

On the way to school Sunset put the second part of her plan into action.

“Luna when we get to school there is a birthday surprise for you in the music room and we should see it right away.” Sunset told Luna.

“Ok Sunset but, let me take my jacket off and put my purse down in my office first.” Luna said wondering what other surprises Sunset had planned. After hanging up her jacket and putting her purse down, Sunset led her to the music room.

As soon as they opened the doors, the Rainbooms began to play an up-tempo version of Happy Birthday for Luna. Luna blushed happily; it was embarrassing but in a good way. After the rendition Rainbow Dash handed her a card.

“Here this is from us Rainbooms to you.” Rainbow Dash said.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” All the Rainbooms cheered.

“Thank you, girls, I can tell you’re going to do well at the CHS Musical Showcase next week.” Luna said.

“Sunset did you want to stay in my office or hang with your friends?” Luna asked.

“I’m gonna hang with the girls, if that’s ok?” Sunset replied.

“Ok see you later.” Luna said.

“Sunset I think she liked your little surprise, I’m glad you asked us to help ya.” Applejack said.

“Darling she was thrilled.” Rarity added.

“You should have let me throw her a birthday party!!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Guys tonight is a little get together at the apartment.” Sunset reiterated.

“What about your party Sunset?” Pinkie asked.

“Eight people are coming. I told you that.” Sunset deadpanned.

“Nine if you invite Trixie.” Fluttershy added.

“Hey, come to think of it, have any of you seen her this week?” Sunset asked.

“You know she wasn’t in gym class this week.” Rainbow said remembering she hadn’t seen her.

“She hasn't been in trigonometry class all week either.” Fluttershy said.

“I’ll ask Luna later if she’s seen her.” Sunset said. After that the girls split up to go to their classes, although each one privately wondered where Trixie was.

Friday seemed to be going so slow or so it seemed to Luna. She wanted to get home. The door opened around lunch time and Luna looked up expecting to see her little girl. It was Crankee Doodle.

“Mr. Doodle, what can I do for you?” Luna said looking up.

“Miss Luna, I regret I can’t make the party this evening as my wife Matilda is making steaks, she needs my help. But I did want to give you this card.” He said handing Luna her card.

Luna opened it and a gift certificate fell out. Luna looked at it. It was a gift certificate for a free makeover at the spa in town.

“Crankee, thanks for the gift certificate, I can use this tomorrow. Thank you very much.” Luna said.

“Are you going to take your girl with you?” Crankee asked.

“I might have Sunset come with me, maybe Celestia, she might want to come, we’ll see. Thank You.” Luna said.

With that Crankee left the office, the rest of the day went well for Luna, until the last period of the day.

Sunset was walking with Rainbow Dash to the last class of the day. When two students thought it would be funny to trip Sunset. As they walked by the one tripped Sunset, and she went down hard and her books scattered everywhere. Both guys got a good laugh until they saw Rainbow come after them. They took off running. Rainbow chased after them a little bit.

“YEAH YOU BETTER RUN YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” Rainbow yelled after them. Being outside the office when she yelled that, Celestia came out of the office and surveyed the scene. Sunset slowly picking herself up off the ground and Rainbow looked like she could spit nails panting in the hallway. A few other students were watching the scene.

“Get to class NOW!! ALL of you!!” She yelled. The students started to move to their classes. Roused by the commotion Luna had come out of her office By this time Sunset was picking herself off the ground.

Luna’s heart skipped a beat seeing Sunset like that and she rushed over to her. Rainbow and Luna helped Sunset up. Luna immediately wrapped Sunset in a hug and took her in the office. Rainbow started picking up Sunset’s books and went to knock on Luna’s door. Celestia just stopped her from knocking and just opened the door.

Rainbow went in and set down her books on the desk. Luna was holding a sniffling Sunset. Rainbow also set down her report and went to leave.

“Thank you Rainbow.” Sunset said sniffling. Rainbow went over and even though she “didn’t do sappy” did give Sunset a hug. Celestia then stopped Rainbow.

“Tell me who it was and what happened.” Celestia said.

“I don’t remember who the one guy was, but the one who tripped her was Scores.” Rainbow said.

Celestia looked over to Luna, who’s face went red with rage.

“Now Luna…”Celestia began.

“His ass is grass, and I’m the lawnmower.” Luna said letting go of Sunset.

“Rainbow you can head back to class, I’ll see you don’t get in trouble for being late.” Celestia told her.

Rainbow left and went off to her last class of the day, which luckily was study hall, which she could spend in the library.

“Luna I can’t let you handle this.” Celestia said.

“I will handle it Monday morning. In the meantime I am going to get ready to go.” Luna said.

“We will discuss this later.” Celestia told her and left.

Then there was a knock at the door. Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Applejack all came to hand in their reports. They all noticed Sunset was upset. Fluttershy was the first to speak up.

“Sunset, what happened?” Fluttershy asked timidly.

“It was Scores and his buddy, not Hoops, I didn’t get a real good look at him.” Sunset admitted meekly.

All four of the girls gasped and then before any of them could swear revenge Luna settled them down.

“Girls I have this well in hand, Scores is going to hear from me Monday trust me, this isn’t going unpunished.” Luna told them.

“Sorry, this had to happen on your birthday Vice Principal Luna.” Applejack said.

“I’ll be ok, thanks for the reports, Sunset and I are going to head home now.” Luna said.

When Sunset stood up all the girls gave her a big group hug. She smiled really huge.

“Thanks guys, it’s great to have friends like you in my life.” Sunset told them.
After the girls left, Luna with her arm around Sunset also departed. School had
been trying. As they were leaving, they ran into Apple Cinnamon.

“Hi, Luna.” He said, then noticed Sunset was upset. “You O.K. kid?”

“Fine.’ Sunset mumbled looking down.

“She had problems this afternoon, can’t really elaborate more than that. But we are going to celebrate my birthday and have a spa day tomorrow, so I can be knocked out pretty for you.” Luna said.
“You’re already a knockout.” Apple Cinnamon replied.
Luna blushed furiously and smiled really big. She was not used to having
compliments or, guys even interested in her. This was also new and foreign, and Luna liked the way it felt.

* * *

After Luna and Sunset arrived home, both of the girls got changed. Luna went out to sit on the couch to unwind. Sunset came out after getting changed and looked at Luna with puppy dog eyes. Luna knew what she needed. Luna opened her arms and Sunset got up on her lap and Luna wrapped her arms around Sunset.

This was Sunset's refuge, and protection. It was here in Luna’s arms and Luna’s lap that Sunset felt at peace. The scent of lavender always put Sunset at ease. Sunset didn’t know how long she had sat in Luna’s lap. But soon Luna was lightly shaking her to wake up.

“Come on sweetie, let's set the table, the girls will be here soon.” Luna said, trying to move Sunset. Sunset just tried to dig in deeper to her Luna pillow.

“Sunset I can’t spend all night being your personal pillow honey c’mon get up!” Luna said, starting to stand up.

Sunset got up and let Luna get up and both walked to the kitchen. Sunset was setting out paper plates for the guests. Luna got out plastic silverware. It was going to be a party and on Luna’s birthday she didn’t feel like doing dishes afterwards. Although she knew Sunset and the girls would have offered to do them for her.

Luna quickly straightened up the apartment, and just as she got done, and sat down on the couch the doorbell rang. Sunset ran to get the door, upon opening it. Celestia and Chrys were both there. Celestia was carrying the cake. Chrys had a manila envelope in her one hand

“Gals come in.” Sunset said, waving her arm.

“Where would you like this?” Celestia asked, indicating the cake she was carrying.

“Just put it in the kitchen with Chrys’s and your gifts.” Sunset told them. As Chrys walked in she quickly flipped the envelope to Sunset who scampered down to her room and put the envelope on her bed, before Luna saw it.

A minute later the doorbell rang again this time Luna got it this time, it was Cadence this time and she had her gift too.

“Cadence I’m so glad you made it.” Luna said, exchanging a quick hug with her. “Just put your gift in the kitchen with everyone else’s. We are about to start.” Luna told her.

When Cadence and Luna walked into the kitchen Chrys and Sunset put two candles on the cake one was a number 3 and the one was the number 1. So, on the cake the candles read: 31.

“Did you have to put my age on there guys?” Luna sighed.

“I was gonna have them put on the cake “Older than dirt” when I picked it up at the bakery.” Celestia joked.

“You’re three years older, so what does that make you then?” Lune retorted back.

“HA Ha Celestia you just got burned.” Chrys teased.

“Here let’s light the candles on the cake and sing Happy Birthday already.” Sunset said.

Soon the candles were lit and Luna sat down in front of the cake. All four girls then sang Happy Birthday to a blushing Luna. After that Luna made a wish and blew the candles out.

After that Chrys and Candance gave Luna her gifts, as Sunset wanted to give her gift last. Celestia then handed Luna a little box and Luna opened it and pulled out the sterling silver charm, perfect for a necklace. It read “Special Sister”.

Luna was almost in tears.

“Tia this is so sweet, thank you very much.” Luna said, wiping a tear out of her eye. Luna got up and hugged Celestia tightly. While she was hugging Celestia, Sunset walked down to her room and picked up the envelope and came back in the kitchen and placed the envelope in front of Luna.

“Happy Birthday.” Sunset said with a huge grin.

Luna opened the envelope and pulled out the packet, then looked at the front page and her eyes got as wide as saucers. This is what she had actually wished for when she blew the candles out.

“Are you serious?” Luna asked.

“Yeah, are you?” Sunset replied.

Luna actually cried and Sunset went over and put her arm around Luna. Both Celestia and Cadence were confused as to why Luna was crying until Celestia picked up the papers and read the title: APPLICATION FOR ADOPTION.

After the party Sunset was on the couch talking to Chrys, shortly after Cadence had left.

“Boy Chrys, I can’t thank you enough for getting me that application, she’s in the kitchen reading it over with Celestia still.” Sunset said.

“I think she’s still in shock.” Chrys said.

“You want to hang out tomorrow night here, while Luna is on her date?” Sunset asked.

“LUNA HAS A DATE??!!” Chrys exclaimed standing up and walking into the kitchen.


“I’m staying out of this one.” Celestia got up and left.

“Because I knew you would this way. Face it Chrysalis we are never getting together, I don’t like girls ok. I don’t want to fight on my birthday ok please.” Luna said, her voice breaking.

Sunset stood up to walk into the kitchen when Celestia stopped her. “Discretion is the better part of valor.” Celestia said with her hand on Sunset’s shoulder.

“I don’t want Chrys storming out of here, I don’t want them to end their friendship.” Sunset said pushing past Celestia.

“STOP IT NOW!!!” Sunset screamed coming into the kitchen. “I don’t want you to fight, I don’t want to see this friendship end. I need Aunt Chrys in my life, like I need you mom. I don’t want you breaking up over a date or sexual preferences or whatever. Ok so just stop please!!” Sunset pleaded with tears in her eyes.

“You NEED me in your life?” Chrys asked shocked.

“Yes, you accept me as a pony from another world. I cross through the realm, I magically change to a human, as well as a she-demon. I have a grand total of eight people who are not scared of me. I don’t...I can’t lose any of them!!” Sunset cried.

Sunset ran to her room crying and slammed the door shut. Chrys and Luna buth sat there for a second and then Luna got up to go down to Sunset’s room. Luna knew it was time to be a mother.

“Well, I better get going.” Celestia said, picking up her purse and feeling uneasy.

“You’re not going to condemn me too?” Said Chrys.

“No, I’m not. I will say two things. One move on romantically speaking. Two there is a fifteen-year-old ketchup and mustard haired girl, down the hall crying, who loves you like family don’t abandon her.” Celestia said. She wanted to say goodnight to Luna but knew Luna had more pressing matters.

Chrys sat in the kitchen torn. Part of her wanted to get up and leave, part of her wanted to go down and help comfort Sunset. She did realize she had been pining for someone who didn’t love her romantically and never would.

She got up and decided it was best to leave and never come back. As she grabbed her stuff Luna walked down the hall and out into the living room. She leaned up against the archway with her arms folded and watched Chrys. Chrys turned around and came face to face with Luna.

“Leaving so soon?” Luna asked.

“Yeah, I am.” She replied defeated.

“I was going to have you be Sunset’s Godmother, Aunt Chrysalis. This way if anything should ever happen to me, you would be there for Sunset. Instead, you are going to abandon her.” Luna replied.

“It’s not her, I have pined for a girl I never had a shot with and couldn’t see it. I see no reason to hang around anymore.” Chrys said dejectedly.

“NO REASON??!! In the bedroom down the hall is a good reason. Right here is a good reason.” Said Luna motioning towards herself.

“You need me. Ha! For what?”

“I’m about to become a mother, this is a whole new level, I will need help.” Luna told her.

“Why don’t you ask your date tomorrow?” Chrys retorted.

“Will you guys stop fighting please?!” Pleaded Sunset.

“Have at it Chrys.” Said Luna walking away.

“Of course you’re gonna leave, like everypony else did in Equestria. Now it starts here in this world. Hey why shouldn’t it, nothing good ever stays long. This is why I question again, if you care about anyone other than yourself. Chrys make your decision. If you walk out on me. Then you are dead to me, until time makes you so.” Sunset said and left the room.

Sunset’s words had cut deep like a knife. They were truthful and Chrys knew that. Sunset and Luna were all she had outside of her job. It was only a few steps to walk out the door. But did she want to lose the only family she had, not blood but close enough.

Luna walked out into the living room to make sure everything was locked up for the night. When she saw Chrys standing in the living room, she stopped as she could see Chrys wanted to leave and yet didn’t.

“Chrys, you, ok?” Luna asked.

Chrys launched herself into Luna and just held her. Luna was kind of surprised by this, but just held Chrys. Luna then smiled realizing Chrys was gonna stay around.

“If I don’t have you and Sunset, I have no family.” Chrys wailed.

“It’s ok listen Chrys, I am not going to be romantically involved with you. Maybe we can see if Apple Cinnamon has a guy or girl you can hook up with. Hmmm what do you say?” Luna asked hopefully.

“That would be nice. Luna can I stay here tonight, on the couch. I don’t want to go to my empty house tonight” Chrys asked meekly.

“I’ll get you some pillows and blankets.” Luna replied.

* * *

Luna’s alarm went off at 7 a.m. she got up and dressed, she was excited to hit the spa. She thought Sunset would want to go, she ran across the hall into Sunset’s room and yanked the covers off a sleeping Sunset.

Sunset sat up in bed and looked at Luna through half drooping lids. Trying to clear the cobwebs out of her head.

“Luna it’s just after 7 what the hell…”Sunset said, still half asleep.

“The spa opens at 8, you want to go with me, facial, massage, mani, pedi, mud pack, get your hair done you want to come??” Luna said excitedly, almost bouncing up and down.

“Someone’s excited for their date tonight. You know what though this could be our first good mother daughter bonding activity. Give me a second to get dressed." Sunset replied. Sunset quickly got out of her Pajamas and put on her underwear and then a pair of jeans and a white shirt. Then Sunset put her leather jacket on.

Luna and Sunset quietly crept out of the apartment, as to not wake Chrys who was still sleeping on the couch.

Luna and Sunset got to the spa right after it opened. Thanks to the buy one get another one half price special Luna got her session for free and only had to pay half price for Sunset.

Sunset looked around the spa. It was beautiful. Actually reminded her of Canterlot castle. The lady at the counter asked if she could help them.

Luna handed them a gift certificate and after finding out what all was included she and Sunset enjoyed the day.

Both getting their hair washed and blow dried and having all the split ends cut. After that they got facials as well as a foot wash, pedicures, manicures, and a deep tissue massage. Luna was in heaven.

At one point during her massage Luna actually purred some. Sunset looked over at her from the other table where she was getting massaged. Listening to Luna purr.
“Do you want me to leave you two alone?” She asked.
“It’s ok ma’am many women purr and I can tell your mom here has a lot of
Tension.” The Masseuse replied.

“Relax Sunset, this has been a long time coming.” Luna replied back.

After their massages Luna and Sunset got dressed again. Luna went to pay. The two masseuses were cleaning the room up and the one masseuse remarked to the other.

“The older one is Luna; she is vice principal of Canterlot High School. I didn’t know she had kids. But her daughter over here had some weird scars on her back.”

“You suspect abuse?” The first masseuse asked.

“I don’t know you might want to call DCF if you think that girl is being abused. I think the name Luna used was Sunset. ”The second Masseuse

Luna felt relaxed and Sunset actually quite content.

“Sunset, I am going to need you to help me pick out a wardrobe for my date, what do you think?”

“Black leather is hot. A tube top, mini skirt, thong, fishnet stocking and boots that come to the middle of your calves, all black.” Sunset said confidently.

“I’m going on a date, not standing on the street corner try again, and that was not funny.” Luna said.

“You want to wow this guy or not?” Sunset replied.

“I also want to present myself looking appropriately. I am the Vice Principal of CHS and off people see me out, I don’t want them thinking I am a tramp out of school.” Luna replied.

“OK Seriously a nice pair of jeans, kinda tight and like a nice sweater considering it’s gonna be cold tonight. A nice girly color like pink. Then your sneakers, maybe a necklace or bracelet.

You have to remember Luna when I dated Flash, it wasn’t for love, it was for popularity. If he wasn’t so scared of me I would apologize.” Sunset said forlorn.

“How do you know he’s scared of you?” Luna asked.

“Well everyone else is. Except Twilight’s friends.” Sunset replied glumly.

“You know they are your friends too, I really think they are.” Luna said smiling.

“I was worried, in the beginning, I was a charity case, but they really do care about me.” Sunset replied feeling good.

Arriving back at the apartment Luna and Sunset headed back upstairs to the apartment and Luna immediately went into her room and started looking through her underwear and clothes trying to find something casual to wear.

She was stressing out, when Sunset walked in.

“Sunset we should have gone clothes shopping, I got nothing to wear!!” Luna cried.

“Luna I mean mom, you need to relax, wear this.” Sunset said, handing her a dress.

“No, I want to go casual Sunset.” Luna said.

“Mom, Apple Cinnamon is not gonna care.” Sunset said.

“Still I want to look good. For him.” Luna said.

“Mom do you want me to call Rarity over to help?” Sunset asked.

“No she’s probably still grounded.” Luna replied looking at a t-shirt.

Sunset made sure Luna wasn’t looking, she grabbed her phone off the dresser, stepped out of the room and texted Chrys about the fashion emergency. Chrys replied she’d be right over.

Sunset stepped back into the and Luna had finally settled on what underwear she was going to wear. Now she was fretting over shirts, pants, maybe a dress.

“Here Call Apple Cinnamon find out what you’re doing, and you’ll know how to dress then.” Sunset suggested.

“He’s taking me out for dinner, he suggested a movie, but I said we should do something else. Maybe bowling, shooting pool, who knows.” Luna replied.

“Then call and make plans so we can get an outfit picked.” Sunset said.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Sunset opened it. Chrys had arrived. Sunset motioned towards Luna's bedroom. Chrys just nodded and headed into the bedroom. After a remark was made about how sexy Luna looked in her black underwear the choosing began. Sunset sat out in the living room while Chrys helped Luna with her outfit finally choosing something decided upon.

Luna came out rocking a pair of tight jeans and a vintage rock band t-shirt with sneakers and the Special Sister charm from Celestia on a silver chain.

“Now you’re rocking that look mom.” Sunset said, it still felt weird calling her mom, but unlike in the past when she forced herself to say it, it didn’t feel so wrong now.

The three of them spent the next few hours talking. Luna was telling Chrys about what Scores did, Chrys got mad at that. Then Luna told them the other news

“There is going to be a Canterlot Musical Showcase, everybody is going to make posters for it at school. It should be a fun activity, get everyone together in the gym and have them make their posters.

Also there are three new girls arriving at school I found out. They’ll need someone to show them around.” Luna told them.

“Mom let me do it, I’ll show them around.” Sunset said.

“You really want to?” Luna asked.

“Yeah I ‘ll do it. It would be good if they to know the new me, before they hear all the stuff about the old me.” Sunset said.

“Let her go for it, it can’t be seen as favoritism no one at school knows you’re going to adopt her.” Chrys said.

“OK Sunset the job is yours.” Luna said.

Then the doorbell rang. Luna stood up, took a deep breath and answered the door. There stood Apple Cinnamon with a single rose.

“Oh thank you, I think a single flower is better than several. Come in a sec I’ll put this in water.” Luna said.

“OK”. Apple cinnamon said as he walked in. He had jeans and a collared shirt with a suit coat on.

Luna quickly put the flower in the vase. And went to grab her coat but Apple Cinnamon already had it and was holding it for her. Luna walked and Apple Cinnamon helped her into her coat.

“Such a gentleman.” Luna remarked.

“Ok, you two don’t wait up.” She remarked,
“Have a good time.” Chrys said.
“Have her home by curfew.” Sunset joked.
Sunset watched from the window as Apple Cinnamon opened the door of his
pickup truck and Helped Luna up into the truck. After that Sunset walked back into the living room and sat down. She had wanted to talk to Chrys about moving on in her life romantically. After last night’s knockdown, drag out fight she thought the subject had been discussed already.

Then she noticed Chrys smiling.

“What?” Sunset asked,

“I know you're grounded, but you want to come to my place?” Chrys asked.

“Luna would kick my butt. I got a better idea, how about a quick ride on your motorcycle.” Sunset said.


“Yep. I feel the need…”Sunset began.

“...the need for speed.” Chrys and Sunset both said.

“Let’s go quickly then.”Chrys said as she and Sunset headed down to ride the bike.

* * *

“Ok Luna, I’ll be honest here, I’m a little rusty on what to do on a date, I don’t have a lot of experience.” Apple Cinnamon said.

“It’s been 12-13 years for me. “ Luna said.

“Why so long?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

Luna told him about her last boyfriend, only wanting one thing, getting pregnant and having a miscarriage.

“How did you handle it?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

“I went to college, paid my way through with student loans and odd jobs.” Luna said not wanting to bring up the fact that she had to strip for money.

After arriving at the restaurant, Apple Cinnamon opened the door of the truck and helped Luna down. Also opened the door of the restaurant, and pulled Luna’s chair out for her, after taking her coat. Luna was not used to being treated like a queen.

At dinner Luna talked about herself at first then asked Apple Cinnamon about himself.

“Not much to tell, after high school my cousin Braeburn got me into his business, we build kitchen equipment. Not like your stove and refrigerator in your apartment, no commercial stuff. When Granny Smith told us she had convinced Celestia and the school board to hire us well, we were glad to get a big account.” Apple Cinnamon told her.

“Go on.” Luna said.

“That’s it. We did the job, got visitor passes, met an extremely attractive vice principal.” Apple Cinnamon said.

Luna pinched the bridge of her nose not hard, smiled and blushed. This was such new territory for her.

“What’s wrong?” Apple Cinnamon asked Luna.

“I’m not used to any of this, the compliments, being treated like a queen. It’s also new and foreign to me.” Luna replied.

“I’m sorry I was trying to be a gentleman.” Apple Cinnamon replied feeling kinda down.

“NO, no no! I like it. It’s just guys usually don’t like me, or feel comfortable even asking me out. I always thought that something was wrong with me. I was going to end up some old cat lady.” Luna said dejectedly.

Apple Cinnamon put his hand on Luna’s and looked into her eyes. “How a guy can not see what a beautiful, intelligent, and caring woman you are is beyond me.”

“Every time you say stuff like that, I want to look behind me to see who you are talking to.” Luna said.

Shortly after that the meal came and both of them ate, and shared a bowl of ice cream for dessert. After Apple Cinnamon paid the bill they went out and he asked Luna.

“If you’re not up for a movie, what did you want to do? You said about going bowling, or shooting pool. Did you want to do one of those things?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

“Well, both would be a good thing for you.” Luna said.

“Why?” Asked Apple Cinnamon.

“Well I will have to bend over a lot doing both of those.” Luna said with a coy smile.

“Luna!” Apple Cinnamon said shocked.

“What? I have a naughty side too.” Luna said, trying not to laugh.

“Know any place that isn’t a bar, that we can shoot pool?” Apple Cinnamon.

“Actually I do. I’ll direct you.” Luna said.

Once they got to the place Luna directed them too. Luna and Apple Cinnamon shot a few rounds of pool. Apple Cinnamon checking out Luna the entire time. After three rounds they called it quits on playing pool.

As they were leaving the pool hall Apple Cinnamon put his arm around Luna’s waist and slipped his hand into the back pocket of her jeans. Luna put her arm around Apple Cinnamon and laid her head on his shoulder. The night was perfect.

* * *

Chrys and Sunset stopped at a little ice cream place to grab a quick ice cream cone and then get Sunset back to her apartment.

“If Luna finds out about this I’m dead meat.” Sunset said looking around. There were two other customers at the counter.

“Relax I’ll take the heat.” Chrys said.

“Chrys, you want to know something weird? I haven’t seen Trixie all week at school.” Sunset said.

“Hmmmmm” Chrys said leaning forward folding her hands.

“Do you know something?” Sunset asked.

“Trixie is…”Chrys began.

Suddenly the door opened and in walked Gilda. Ironically she had a guitar case with her.

The guy at the counter said “Sit wherever you want ma’am.”

Gilda sat at a table across the shop stared at Sunset and Chrys, and opened the guitar case. Sunset could see Chrys’s, hand reach behind her back to where Chrys had a pistol with her.

“Get ready to duck Sunset.” Chrys said quietly to Sunset. Sunset nodded.

Gilda actually did pull out a guitar. Chrys relaxed her grip on the pistol in the back of her belt.

Gilda started strumming the guitar and was staring straight at Sunset. Then she sang:

I can hear what you’re thinking

All your doubts and fears,

And if you look in my eyes in time you’ll find

The reason that I’m here

And in time all things shall pass away

In time, you may come back someday

To live once more, or die once more

But in time, your time will be no more.

Gilda packed up her guitar and walked over to Sunset and Chrys. Chrys again, moved her hand to her pistol. Gilda looked at both Sunset and Chrys.

“You like that song Sunset? I wrote it for you. I’m gonna sing it at your funeral She-Demon.” Gilda said and then turned and calmly walked out of the shop. The shopkeeper and two other customers were in complete shock.

“We’ll have to tell Luna about this.” Chrys said.

“I’m so dead.” Sunset said fearing what her mom was going to say.

“That’s what we are going to have to prevent. Let’s get you home.” Chrys said fearing what Gilda had just said.

* * *

Luna and Apple Cinnamon had been sitting and laying in the back of Apple Cinnamon’s pick up truck down by this small lake. There were a few other people out and around there but for the most part it was pretty private. They had been making out and talking and then making out again. They were in the middle of a passionate french kiss when her phone went off. Luna reached over and hit silence.

“You may want to answer that, it could be important.” Apple Cinnamon said.

Luna recognized Chrys had called her and returned the phone call. A few minutes later Chrys had filled Luna in on the events of the evening. First Luna was mad at Chrys for taking Sunset out while grounded and on the motorcycle. Then she was horrified what happened at the ice cream shop.

“O.K. I’ll be home soon.” Luna said, hanging up her phone. Luna started crying and this deeply upset Apple Cinnamon.

“What’s wrong hun?” Apple Cinnamon asked, putting his arm around her.

“We need to head home, I’ll explain on the way.” Lunas said, hopping off the tailgate. Apple Cinnamon quickly followed suit and got in the truck and started it up. Apple Cinnamon drove fast, but to Luna it seemed like they were moving at a snail’s pace. She had to get home to her girl.

Earlier that night, in the abandoned warehouse…

Gilda sat at her desk as two Diamond Dogs brought in a person tied to a chair with a sack over their head. They set the chair down in front of Gilda and took off the hood and there sat Trixie.

“Gilda what the hell, how did you....?” Trixie start

“Trixie, you played right into my hands. You fell for it hook line and sinker.

I told you about plans. People who have plans are schemers. You had plans and you were a schemer and look where that has landed you. I just did what I do best. I took your little plan and turned it on itself.

I knew you would run right to Luna’s FBI friend. I had someone watch you, and you didn’t disappoint me. You did another thing that I hoped you would do. You went to her home, the apartment she lives in. You have given me Sunset’s address. Thank you Trixie. By betraying me, you did more than you did as my ally. HA HA HA HA HA.” Gilda explained. Her laugh chilled Trixie to the bone.