• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Luna's Past

Author's Note:

Luna's backstory revealed here.

“Chrys can you drive any slower?” Luna asked.

“Will you calm down, I’m going as fast as I can on these city streets.” Chrys replied.

“We have to get to Sunset!!” Luna exclaimed.

“And we will, just relax Luna. Take a breath. Inhale.” Chrys snapped back.

For Luna the car moved slower than a snail. She felt like it was taking forever to get to Sweet Apple Acres and to her girl.

* * *
Sweet Apple Acres

Applejack stood on the porch with Sunset. Sunset was looking out towards the street when she saw Luna and Chrys pull up in the driveway.

“Applejack you said you wouldn’t call Luna!!” Sunset yelled.

“I didn’t call her. I never said I wouldn’t text her.” Applejack replied confidently, arms crossed leaning up against the wall.

“You little…” Sunset replied.

“I didn’t lie, my phone is actin’ a might bit crazy. I gotta get a new one after school tomorrow, so I used yours to text Vice Principal Luna. After all, sugarcube I don’t have her cell number.” Applejack explained.

“You said you were checking the time.” Sunset pointed out.

“I did look at the time on your phone when you handed it to me.” Applejack told her.

“Applejack you got me on a loophole.” Sunset said, smiling. She realized Applejack had outsmarted her this time. Granny Smith walked out onto the porch. “Now sorry youngin’ but I got to be given this to your parent.” Granny Smith told Sunset. Sunset hung her head knowing that she was doomed once Luna got that blade.

Luna got out of the car and ran to Sunset. Sunset came down the porch and met Luna a few steps away from it. Luna wrapped Sunset in the biggest hug she had ever given, Just holding her for a long time. Applejack just headed inside and shooed Apple Bloom from the door.

“Nothing to see here Apple Bloom.” Applejack said, corralling Apple Bloom into the house.

“Vice Principal Luna, your girl cut her arms with this.” Granny Smith said handing Luna the blade. With that Granny Smith then turned and headed towards the house.

Sunset just looked at the ground. She knew that Luna was gonna rip her a new one when they got home. Sunset felt very disappointed in herself. She knew Luna was mad and sad at the same time.

Applejack had told her that Luna really cared about her and Sunset knew she needed Luna. She couldn’t go back to living in homeless shelters and Apple Bloom’s clubhouse. She just was afraid of what was gonna happen now but it was another trial she had to face.

Might as well get this over with. Luna is gonna really let me have it. I hope she doesn’t kick me out. ” Sunset thought.

Luna stopped Sunset in front of the car and got down to be face to face with her.

“Don’t ever do that again ok? We can always work it out, just talk to me calmly.” Luna told her.

“I’m so sorry.” Sunset said for the second time in a week. “Are you mad, are you gonna kick me out now? Luna I just don’t get it, I’m angry, then I’m sad, and all you have been nice to me and take me in, an alien in your world. Luna I don’t deserve any of this.” Sunset was sobbing by this point knowing she screwed up again.

“Shh shh Sunset, let’s go home.” Luna soothed as she held Sunset tightly.

Luna put her arm around Sunset and led her to the car. Luna opened the backseat of the car and Sunset got in and buckled her seat belt. She noticed the way Chrysalis was glaring at her. She put her head down. Luna got in the car right away and they pulled out of Sweet Apple Acres.

“You know girl, I don’t appreciate having to drive all over town all afternoon and early evening looking for you.” Chrys started.

“Chrys let’s just go home.” Said Luna putting her seat belt on. Chrys put the car in reverse and pulled down the driveway and headed back towards the apartment.

The ride back to the apartment was quiet. Sunset sat in the back hanging her head in shame. Luna was just grateful to have her little girl back. Chrys was really upset with Sunset for pulling this stunt.

They got back to the apartment and Luna unlocked the door letting them all in. Sunset had work in the morning. But knew Luna and Chrys were gonna yell at her good. Sunset sat on the couch and readied herself for the assault.


“I may have used bad judgement…”Sunset began.

“OH YOU ACTUALLY USED JUDGEMENT?” Chrys scoffed at her.

Luna stepped between the two of them. Put her arms out to separate Chrys and Sunset.

“Sunset honey, go get a shower and get your Pajamas on. You need to get ready for bed.” Luna said, trying to defuse the situation

Sunset immediately scampered off trying to avoid Chrys, she got her pajamas and went into the bathroom and put her ear to the door.

“Luna you are too soft on Sunset, you need to come down on her like a ton of bricks.” Chrys told her.

“I know.” Luna said.

“You know but you don’t do anything Luna. This girl walks all over you. Tonight after her shower, you lay down the law to that little brat.” Chrys told her.

Luna looked down at the floor and walked over and looked out over the apartment complex.

“You’re gonna fold like a tent...again.” Chrys said with disgust.

“Chrys I can’t do this, I can’t raise a teenager. Maybe it’s good I never had a kid.” Luna said sadly.

“We are not gonna go over this again, are we?” Chrys asked.

“Well look at it Chrys, I can’t even handle Sunset, I’m a failure as a guardian. I was gonna adopt Sunset but I can’t be a mother. Chrys would you take Sunset, I am a terrible guardian.”

“Whoa I thought I was gonna be like Aunt Chrys, not her mom. I am not a mother.” Chrys said.

“Well....sometimes you can be a real mother.” Luna said laughing.

“Not funny.” Chrys deadpanned.

“I thought it was.” Luna said amused.

“Luna, none of her friends can take her in, Celestia couldn’t handle her. You handle discipline at school everyday, this girl is one of those students. You can deal with them day in and day out. She’s no different.

You are all she has. If you get rid of her she will end up homeless, again. Do you know what she will do for money, probably stealing, or even worse prostitution. You want to see Sunset behind bars, or standing on a street corner?” Chrys asked seriously.

“NO!!” Luna almost shouted.

“Then you better put your foot down and up her ass if she needs it. You need to do what’s best for her, not what’s easiest for you.” Chrys said.

At that point they heard the shower turn off. Chrys decided it was time for her to go.

“Luna be strong and be brave, I’m gonna go.” Chrys said.

Luna grabbed Chrys arm “No stay here I need you for this.” Luna pleaded.

Sunset came out to the bathroom in her pajamas, and headed for her bedroom, was gonna watch TV or play on her phone or something. Luna heard her and with a nod form Chrys called her out to the living room.

“Sunset, come out here NOW!!” Luna said switching to her Vice Principal persona.

Sunset came out to the living room. And Looked at both Luna who stood there with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face and Chrys who stood diagonally behind Luna with a similar look on her face.

“Yes?” She asked, kind of scared.

“Sit down young lady we are gonna talk. Actually I’m gonna talk and you're gonna listen. Get it?” Luna asked in an authoritative voice.

“Ok sure.” Said Sunset sitting down.

“First off, tonight’s stunt was not needed, you didn’t need to air our dirty laundry with Applejack.” Luna scolded her.

“Second Sunset you made Luna have an emotional breakdown tonight. She loves you like a daughter.” Chrys interjected.

“Sunset I do love you like a daughter, I’m doing my best, but you need an attitude adjustment, because we are not gonna play this game again.” Luna said.

“You are grounded for your next three lifetimes.” Luna said.

Chrys walked up and put her hand on Luna’s shoulder and looked at her and mouthed the words “next three lifetimes?”

“Your right Chrys. Sunset you are grounded for a week. Means you stay in the apartment, and you will be expected to do some chores here. Make the beds, wash the dishes, scour the pots, clean the bathroom, fold the laundry, take out the garbage.” Luna informed her.

“I know you wanted to go with me on Saturday, and also wanted to start your city wide tour helping your friends for a day, but I agree with Luna. You need to be punished for this stunt tonight,” Chrys added.

Sunset hung her head in shame she knew she deserved this. In the pit of her stomach she knew she had really screwed up. Then came the question that she dreaded.

“How Long Sunset?” Luna asked, holding the razor blade.

Sunset just looked at Luna, fear and sadness in her eyes. She felt sick to her stomach. She couldn’t talk about this.

“Sunset, Luna asked you a question. HOW LONG. You better answer little miss.” Chrys said, getting louder.

“...I did it once or twice since Twilight got here, I did it after the formal a time or two, just didn’t tell you two.” Sunset answered almost as quietly as Fluttershy. Sunset couldn’t look up, she knew she had disappointed Luna.

“Sunset why didn’t you come to me?” Luna asked.

“Because I didn’t want to disappoint you, Like I have. I AM JUST A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT AND A WASTE OF SPACE!!” Sunset replied, tears running down her face.

“Sunset stop that!!” Luna cried. She could feel her heartbreak every time Sunset talked like that. It ate her up inside. Sunset was doing the same stuff Luna did as a teen. Luna had to tell her about her past and tell her little girl all about it.

“Sunset sit down, Chrys grab a seat. Sunset I need to tell you something. So relax.” Luna told her.

Luna took a deep breath and began her story.

“Sunset growing up Celestia and I didn’t have the greatest parents. I don’t mean they were abusive, but if we had pulled this stunt even at your age we wouldn’t be sitting too well.

Celestia coped with it by getting involved in a few high school clubs. She was a cheerleader, a member of SADD, and even student council, eventually becoming president of her graduating class.

I on the other hand was not so lucky, I was shy, an introvert I think they call it. I was a nerd, computers, comic books, Sci-Fi, stuff like that. I finally got a few friends and while Celestia was cheering at the football game we were sitting in the basement, (sometimes had the football game on the radio in the background) sometimes we played D&D, some times watched TV, more than once smoked weed and got high. I even snorted coke one night.

Everyone expected me to be Celestia 2.0. I wasn’t. I was Luna and I was kind of an outcast among many students. I acted like I didn’t care but in reality, I did. I used to cut my arms and legs, because I was so mad, but didn’t want to hurt anyone, so I hurt myself.

My parents weren’t the kind of parents I could talk too about it. So I tried to talk to Celestia about my depression. She listened the first time, after that she didn’t want to deal with me. Or couldn’t deal with it, I don’t know.

Then one day at a basement session with my friends one of them brought along a girlfriend of hers named Chrysalis.” Luna stopped and saw Chrys beam at her name. She looked over and Sunset was dialed in, taking all this in.

“Chrys and I immediately hit it off. We talked on the phone and texted, she listened to me. Then right as high school was ending for me and Celestia was in college. I met this guy and Chrys didn’t like him.” Luna recalled.

“Why didn’t you like him Chrys?” Sunset asked, interrupting Luna. This really piqued her interest.

“It’s like this kiddo, I was jealous. I wanted Luna but it wasn’t gonna happen. Luna was straight and I’m bi.” Chrys revealed to Sunset.

“Wow!” Sunset exclaimed after that bomb was dropped. ”Luna what happened with that guy?’

“He wanted one thing, after he got in my pants, he left me alone and pregnant. Mom and dad were pissed at me. Chrys, was the only support I really had. Then the unthinkable happened, Sunset I miscarried.” Luna said almost in tears sitting down next to Chrys.

Chrys wrapped her arm around Luna and let her relax. She knew this was hard for her to tell. After taking some deep breaths she felt Sunset rubbing her arm. Sunset looked very sad like the dam was gonna burst and Sunset was gonna let go.

“Don’t cry honey I’m ok now. But I went into a deep depression after that and Celestia couldn’t help too much being at college, she did call and check up on me or tried too, and came home some weekends to try to help me. Chrys here was leaving soon for basic training in the army. It depressed me. After my miscarriage I started cutting again Sunset.

Finally I decided to clean my life up and wasn’t gonna let anything stop me. I enrolled in college, and after 4 years doing odd jobs to support myself. I graduated in the top percentile, not valedictorian but…”Luna trailed off.

“Luna tell her the last little bit about one of the odd jobs you did and about college.” Chrys prodded her.

“Sunset, one of the jobs I did in college to support myself was stripping. I danced on stage, sometimes in a cage stripping down to g-string 4-5 nights a week, then going back to my dorm, to finish writing my term paper and studying for a midterm.

I became a teacher to work with kids, but I never let anyone get close to me, I lost a guy, a child, my best friend. Sunset I have been depressed for quite a while because I have been lonely. I figured I was unlovable, not suited to have kids, my best friend was in Iraq, or Afghanistan or Lord knows where.

Then you came into my life, Sunset I love you like a daughter. You gave me a purpose in life. I didn’t know in a little under a week's time, you would go through all this.

So I got angry and sad all at the same time, I was angry at people leaving me, I was sad because I was alone, but angry about it too. I had a decent job, a nice apartment, but I also have more than DVD’s to keep me company. I got you Sunset.

I have tried to be a mother to you, but I have failed. You're not happy with me or your life. I have tried to be there for you, and look what happened. I ended up hitting you. I am a mother alright. But believe me I know how it is to be angry one minute and sad the next.

Sunset then and there realized she hadn’t stopped being (as she called it) a “bitchbrat”. She was screaming, yelling, and fighting with people who wanted to help her. It sliced through her like a hot knife through butter. She saw what Luna had been trying to do since the first night. Trying to be a mother, one thing Sunset really wanted, that she never got from her birth mother, or Princess Celestia.

Sunset got up and walked over to Luna and rubbed her back as Luna had started crying. Luna turned around to face Sunset. She could see worry on the face on Sunset

“Sunset if you want to leave you can, I’m not gonna try to stop you anymore.” Luna said between sniffs. She figured Sunset would be happy that way, of course Luna knew this would be devastating, as she had really come to care for Sunset.

Sunset launched herself into Luna hugging her tightly. Crying after everything she heard Luna go through. Luna just held her little worry bug. Sunset knew she had a long way to go but tonight she was happy. As Luna continued to hold Sunset tightly, Sunset said something Luna had longed to hear.

“I love you...mom.”