• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Sunday to Monday

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“Adoption??!!” Chrys exclaimed.

“Will you be quiet, you’ll wake Luna up.” Sunset replied, shushing Chrys.

“Sunset you realize, once you start down this path there is no going back.” Chrys said.

“Chrys, Luna has shown me she does care about me, I should have done this a while back.” Sunset said, looking sad and down.

“Why are you so sad Sunset?” Chrys asked.

“I have been nothing but horrible to everyone, hell even made Luna slap me at one point. Then the girls and I decided let’s be like those senior guys we heard about and drink this weekend.” Sunset said, feeling terrible.

“Well the hangover is the worst part of drinking Sunset. You learned that lesson.” Chrys said.

At this point Luna’s bedroom door swung open and Luna came out in her bathrobe. Sunset’s face showed fear and Chrys gave her a “relax Sunset” motion with her right hand. Luna didn’t look too thrilled.

“Sunset, what the hell are you doing out of your room young lady?” Luna scolded, then realized Chrys was in the room.

“Well you didn’t exactly answer the door.” Chrys said.

“What are you doing here?” Luna asked, turning her attention to Chrys.

“Discussing your birthday gift. Boy someone is in a bitchy mood this morning.” Chrys remarked.

“She hasn’t had her coffee yet, Chrys.” Sunset said.

“Need coffee now.” Luna said putting the coffee in the automatic coffee maker and hitting brew, after making sure the pot was there.

“So what is this mega important gift, that you two are constantly talking about?” Luna asked, still half-asleep.

“Do you like surprises?” Asked Sunset.

“Yes of course.” Luna replied.

“That’s why I’m not gonna tell you.” Teased Sunset. Chrys even laughed at that remark.

“Brat.” Luna said looking at Sunset. Then she looked over at Chrys. “Don't’ you encourage her either.” She said looking at Chrys.

Sunset was not hurt by Luna calling her a brat. She knew it was her pre-coffee grumpiness. Luna needed her two cups of coffee in the morning and Sunset knew that.

“So who is up for breakfast?” Chrys asked.

“Sunset is grounded.” Luna deadpanned.

“You want me to Doordash something?” Chrys said, pulling her phone out.

“Yeah, but Sunset, go take a shower get dressed, then go to your room. I’ll bring you, your breakfast when it arrives.” Luna told the teen.

“Well wait let me get Sunset’s order first.” Chrys said.

“Where are you ordering from?” Sunset asked.

“I’m thinking something fast. Maybe McDonald’s.” Chrys replied.

“Just hotcakes then and orange juice.” Sunset said and went off to shower.

“Chrys, also get her an Egg McMuffin, but just the egg and cheese no meat.” Luna added after Sunset went in the shower. Chrys put her order in and Luna’s too. Then paid and tipped and they sat there in the kitchen.

“So what is Sunset getting me?” Asked Luna now more awake.

“I’m not telling, but you will like it. I have to leave after breakfast. I have to admit I admire you being more strict with Sunset.” Chrys said.

While Chrys and Luna ate breakfast in the kitchen, Sunset sat in her room eating. Then during breakfast Luna’s phone went off in the bedroom, Luna made a mad dash to pick it up. Picking up the phone she saw it was Celestia.

“What does Tia want now?” Luna asked,

“Hello Tia.” Luna answered.

“Morning Luna, so how are you handling the fall out of the Friday night sleepover?” Celestia asked.

“Sunset is grounded for two weeks.” Luna replied.

“Luna, your birthday is Friday, I was gonna get you cake and come over to the apartment.” Celestia replied.
“Chrys, is gonna be there, so is my old friend Cadence. They even want to invite
Cranky Doodle too.” Luna replied.

“Well that’s good, now by grounded, do you mean…”Celestia began.

“It means I’m taking her TV today and she sits in her room.” Luna replied.

“But your party is Friday.” Celestia said.

“I’ll spring her for the party.” Luna said.

“Oh I almost forgot, Granny Smith had called me this morning. Her two nephews Braeburn and Apple Cinnamon are going to come to the school tomorrow to see where she works and deliver some equipment to the kitchen. I don’t know why, but I said it would be ok.” Celestia informed her.

“Fine, just have them see me when they arrive with a piece of photo ID and I will issue them a visitor badge.” Luna replied.

Luna then went and got a shower and got dressed and had another cup of coffee. Then without a word out of Sunset took the TV out of her room. Then Luna went down the laundry room in the apartment complex. And then cleaned up the kitchen and lounged for a while on her couch.

Sunset did her homework and then sat in her room and just doodled on a few pieces of paper. Sunset was bored without Luna, she missed her. Luna was also bored without her little girl, she missed her as well. Both of them were only feet apart but lonely.

Luna felt like she did before Sunset came to the apartment. Alone and always wishing there was someone there. Not a boyfriend per say, but if her baby had lived and she had not miscarried she would have a son/daughter who would have been about 12 a little bit younger than Sunset.

Luna used to feel fate had cursed her, or maybe some other force had cursed her. It was hard not to go back to cutting again, or wanting to go get high. Her job and sister was all she had. On the other hand Celestia had her life to live too. She felt alone again.

Sunset sat in her room on her bed with her knees up against her chest and felt like she was back in Canterlot castle. This was what it was like when Princess Celestia became too busy for Sunset. Princess Celestia told her at this time to make friends, and stay away from the library.

Sunset started to brood, Celestia said she would be happy if she made friends. Sunset was happy when she did magic. She tried what Princess Celestia told her, she never made friends. Sunset had friends, but right now she wanted her mom, who was out in the living room.

Luna couldn’t take it so she went and knocked on Sunset’s door. Sunset got up and opened the door and saw Luna standing there; she looked very depressed. Her eyes were red like she had been crying. Luna did shed a few tears but wasn’t going to admit it to Sunset, although Sunset could guess that she had been crying.

Sunset stood there in confusion. Why did Luna knock on her door? Was she taking something else away? Did she need to talk? Was she gonna lecture more? Sunset stood there and felt scared and waited for Luna to do whatever but the suspense was killing her.

“Sunset I can’t do this, I don’t like being alone. I miss my little girl, this is like punishment for me too.” Luna told her.

“Luna I felt like I was back in the castle, You know when the princess did not have time for me. It was making me have dark thoughts.” Sunset walking away from the door.

“What kind of dark thoughts sweetie?” Luna asked her heart racing, hoping Sunset wasn’t talking about suicide.

“It brought back to that time, in the castle when no one wanted to be my friend, not even the princess.” Sunset said and she started sobbing.

Luna rushed over and wrapped Sunset in a huge hug. She rubbed Sunset’s back and let her sob and let her get it all out of her system. She could tell in her heart of hearts that Sunset was not crying crocodile tears. She can only imagine what it was like with no one around her entire life.

“Well you're not in the castle anymore, and you have friends, and people like me and Chrys who care about you. I wish you’d let me adopt you.” Luna said.

Sunset had to try hard not to smile at that remark, luckily Luna didn’t see her try not to smile. Sunset was so glad she could grant Luna’s wish soon. In the meantime she wanted to be held by Luna.

“Sunset you might want to get changed and go to bed, we have to get up early tomorrow and I have to dig out some visitor badges when we get to school.” Luna said.

“Who’s coming to visit?” Asked Sunset.

“Granny Smith’s two nephews Braeburn and Apple Cinnamon are coming for a visit.” Luna informed her.

“Why?” Asked Sunset.

“We are having kitchen equipment delivered, and the Apple family has a partial ownership of the company that made the equipment, so Braeburn and Apple Cinnamon came to see their cousins and great aunt. As far as I understand it anyway.”Luna told her.

“Does that mean, they are gonna actually cook the food in the cafeteria now?” Sunset asked giggling.

Luna was used to comments from the students about how bad the food was. She had heard it for about eight or nine years and just brushed it off. Sunset wasn't the first to make some comment about school lunches.

The only comment Luna ever took seriously was when Sunset had requested more vegetarian options on the menu, which a few more were added. Now she knew why Sunset pushed for those options to be added, Fluttershy seemed pretty happy about it too.

“Enough about the food, Granny Smith tries hard you know, give her a break, plus it’s not like we can cook gourmet food with the money the school has.” Luna said
privately cursing the school budget.

“Now I think we had better get some sleep. Tomorrow is a long day plus it’s Monday.” Luna said breaking the hug her and Sunset had been wrapped up in.

“It is murder, being locked up in my room, especially being kept away from you.” Sunset said.

“I missed you a lot tonight as well. You're still grounded, but you only have to stay in the apartment. But no phone or TV in your room. Understand?” Luna told her.

“That’s much better, can you do me a favor after I get changed?” Sunset asked.

“Anything sweetie.” Luna replied.

“Can you tuck me into bed?” Sunset asked.

“Sure thing.” Luna replied.

After Sunset was changed into her Pajamas she came back into the bedroom, and hopped in bed. Luna pulled the covers up to Sunset’s neck and kissed her forehead and told her “Night night sweetie.”

Getting Sunset to go to bed was easy, getting her up in the morning was another story. This Monday was no different. The usual battle was waged.

“Sunset, time to get up!!” Luna said coming into her room and turning the lights on. Sunset just pulled the covers over her head. Luna was in no mood to play around this morning as she had a lot to do with Apple Family visiting.

Sunset was laying on her side and Luna went into the bathroom where the paper cup dispenser was, took a cup and filled it with water and walked back into the room. Sunset was still sleeping or at least pretending to be.

Luna pulled the covers down again and dumped the water on Sunset’s face. She quickly sat up and was sputtering and wiping the water off herself. Then she gave Luna a nasty look.

“What the hell Luna?” Sunset asked shooting daggers at her.

“I have two meetings this morning, one with granny Smith’s grand nephews, the other with you and your friends. Now up at ‘em.” Luna said.
Sunset got up begrudgingly and after a quick shower and quick bowl of cereal
she was ready to go. The drive to school was quiet as Sunset was worried over the meeting and what Luna would say.

Upon arriving at school Luna told Sunset “Let's head to my office, I got to get those visitor badges.”

Sunset and Luna came up to the school and by the horse statue was a group of five girls. Sunset looked at Luna with her best puppy dog eyes. Luna sighed knowing this was a battle she wasn’t gonna win, she let Sunset go over to see the girls.

“Luna is gonna have a meeting with us this morning.” Sunset said walking up to meet the girls. All the girls just hung their heads.

“Great as if I wasn’t reamed out enough by my own parents.” Rainbow Dash said.

“How did you guys make out?” Sunset inquired.

“My mom and dad said they have the right to search my room now, since I broke their trust.” Fluttershy said.

“My ears are still ringing from my mom and dad yelling at me.” Rainbow said.

“Granny Smith has got me doin’ chores from now until the cows come home. Says if I was a lil younger she’d cut a switch.” Applejack said.

“Being told you're a disappointment by your parents in front of your younger sister is simply the worst possible thing.” Said Rarity in dramatic fashion.

“Rarity I was told that I was gonna be watched like a hawk now, and my parents are humans not hawks but still kinda creepy.” Pinkie said with her hair deflated.

“Well why don’t we head in, Luna is gonna call for us during first period.” Sunset said.

At that comment the six girls headed inside to grab their books from their lockers and head to class.

* * *

“This meeting with Sunset and her friends is going to be a nightmare, I’m not looking forward to this. But I need to know all the details about Friday Night.” Luna thought as she sipped her morning coffee.

Just then came a knock at the door. Luna reached behind her on the filing cabinet and grabbed the visitor badges.

“Enter.” Luna said.

The door opened and Granny Smith entered with her two grand nephews Braeburn and Apple Cinnamon. Luna quickly stood up.

“Vice Principal Luna I want you to meet my grand nephews, who are bringing in the equipment today. First this is Braeburn.

“Vice Principal Luna. Pleasure to meet you.” Braeburn said, showing
his Driver’s License. Luna handed him his badge and shook hands with him.

“Nice to meet you Braeburn.” Luna said.

“This is Apple Cinnamon.” Granny said.

“Wow you’re pretty...I mean nice to meet you.” Apple Cinnamon said fumbling for his wallet to show his ID.

Luna blushed slightly. “Well that is very nice of you to say. It’s nice to meet you too.” She replied. After checking his ID she handed him a visitor badge. As the two Apple Family members left Luna sat back down, shook her head and leaned back in her chair.

“Great now one of the Apples has a crush on me.” Luna thought. After thinking about it for a second and smiling for several seconds.

“First things, first.” Luna said. She walked over to Celestia’s office. Raven Inkwell the secretary looked up to see Luna standing there.

“You can go in, your sister’s not busy.” Raven said motioning towards Celestia’s Office.

“Actually I need your help. I need you to find the following six girls and have them sent to my office at the beginning of first period.” Luna said.

“Ok I will take care of it.” Raven Inkwell said.

With that Luna went back to her office to wait for the girls to arrive.