• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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A midnight snack

That night Luna had decided to sleep on the couch, so Sunset could have her soft bed. Luna said they were gonna clear out the spare room and make it Sunset’s room she didn't tell Sunset yet. But Sunset felt bad that she cost them money.

After Luna crashed on the couch, Sunset packed her duffle bag full of clothes and was gonna leave. She snuck down the hall quietly, trying not to wake Luna up. Just as she was about to reach the door the light turned on and Luna stood in the archway into the living room.

“If you wait a couple of minutes, I’ll make you some sandwiches Sunset.” Luna said arms folded leaning against the archway. Sunset knew she had been caught. She put her bags down.

“Where are you going?” Asked Luna.

“I don't know.” Replied Sunset.

“How are you getting there?” Pressed Luna.

“I’ll take the bus.” Sunset said.

“I see, and when the bus gets to you don’t know where, what will you do then?”
Luna asked, trying to get Sunset to tell her what she was doing and why.

“I’ll get a job.” Sunset said, feeling proud of her answer.

“As what? Secretary of State?” Luna scoffed.

“I gotta go.” Sunset said, turning towards the door.

“So you're just gonna wimp out and run away, Why?”

“I’m not wimping out!!” Sunset replied back, her hands turning into fists.

“What do you call this?” Said Luna walking into the hallway standing between Sunset and the door.

“Why should I stay here, I got all this crappy stuff to deal with, no one likes me
and I just cost you and Chrys a fortune in medical bills because of me.” Sunset told Luna.

“Listen little miss, life is full of crappy stuff to deal with, it’s everywhere so you better get use to it. The President has crappy stuff to deal with.” Luna said firmly.

“Second I love you Sunset, Chrys likes you, Celestia if you give her half a chance, you would see she likes you. Also there are five girls out there who like you too, If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have had you come to the animal shelter, eat lunch with you, repair your jacket, and most of all SAVE YOUR LIFE.” Luna said still being firm but gentle with Sunset.

“Life sucks.” Sunset said turning away.

“Yes things are rough right now Sunset, but you have a choice.” Luna said gently lifting Sunset’s head so their gazes met.

“You can tough it out or let it beat you, but you’re here now with me and this doesn’t have to suck. If you stay and work at it, and let people help you, things are gonna look up.”

“As for medical bills we are gonna call the billing dept. and get the cost reduced and I want to go after Gilda and Trixie for what they did to you. Chrys says we probably can’t press charges. Not that anyone would believe you turned into a raging she demon, but a lot of kids might be called on to testify. If they all tell the same story it could be weird.
Then we have the FBI breathing down our necks you might even get taken away and end up in south Nevada or some underground lab. That’s why we are getting a birth certificate and social security card for you so it looks like you're a regular human.”

“Now let's get a midnight snack. I got something very exciting to tell you.” Luna said motioning towards the kitchen.

“What would you like? Milk and cookies?” Luna asked

Sunset gave her a puzzled look.

“Did she just offer me milk and cookies?” Sunset thought.

Luna looked away and started crying. Sunset rushed over to Luna and put an arm around her as she leaned against the counter. She hugged Sunset back.

“I’m sorry Sunset…”she began sobbing.”...but I’m not like those TV mothers that always say the right thing.” Luna said.

Sunset smiled and decided to make Luna feel better.

“You know what I could go for Luna? Some milk and cookies." Sunset said smiling ear to ear.

“Ok then.” Luna said, drying her tears. Luna poured two glasses of milk and took out a plate putting a few Oreos on it.

“Why were you crying, Luna?” Sunset asked.

“I’m trying to be a good guardian and trying to act like a mom. I’m not always sure of what to say.” Luna told her. "I realized how embarrassing, and how pathetic that sounded offering milk and cookies.” Luna said.

“It was not pathetic, after all you’re trying.” Sunset said, taking a bite of her Oreo.

“You lived in a castle, had everything, I don’t have much to offer. A little apartment, a bowl of cereal in the morning, a movie collection.” Luna said.

“I never had acceptance, I had parents that used me-oh look, our daughter is Celestia’s prized student, when they were sober. I had a Princess who for the first year took an interest in me because of my intelligence. But then she became distant too.”

“What I really want is someone who is there for me, not just ghost me after a while. Someone to listen to me and be there for me. Even if it is over milk and cookies.” Sunset said, taking Luna’s hand and caressing it slightly with her thumb.

“Now Luna what is the exciting news?” Sunset said.

“Chrys and I are gonna clean out the spare room, and make it your room.” We are gonna order a bed and frame, a TV, and a dresser.

Then we are taking you shopping, so you have more than 5 outfits and get you
new clothes, shoes, even down to your underwear. Even gonna get you an upgraded cell phone. If you run away what are you gonna have? Damn it I’m doing the best I can Sunset. I have come to think of you as my daughter, my little girl.”

“I know you are used to independence, so I will tell you what. If you want to leave I won’t stop you. You may leave if you wish.” Luna told her.

Luna waited for Sunset to leave and rush out the door. Sunset instead just sat there looking down.

“I’m guessing you are gonna stay then huh?” Luna said.

“As long as I’m not a burden to you. Apparently that’s all I have ever been to anyone else.” Sunset said dejectedly.

Luna got up and walked over to Sunset and took her hands and lifted her up. She looked Sunset in the eyes, took her hand and stroked Sunset’s hair.

“Your parents didn’t see what a special girl you were, The Princess didn't see it either. But I do Sunset!!” Luna said with her hand on Sunset’s cheek rubbing her thumb gently on her cheek.

Luna walked into the living room and Sunset started to follow her when Luna stopped her.

“Where do you think you're going?” said Luna arms crossed.

“Just wanted to see what you were doing.” Sunset said.

“I want you to see what my pillow in bed is doing. I want you asleep in five minutes young lady.” Luna said nicely but firmly at the same time.

Luna watched as Sunset picked up her duffle bag and headed back to her bedroom. The light went out about two minutes later as she figured Sunset probably changed into her Pajamas before going to bed. Luna returned to the couch for a restless night of sleep.

Equestria, Canterlot Throne room,

“Twilight neither of those theories make much sense to me. Sunset’s school records won’t help you much. I hope you have evidence to back these up.” Celestia said.

“Well Sunset said to me “do you know what happens when you bring an element of harmony into an alternate world?” I didn’t know. But we saw what happened, she turned into a gargoyle type of monster, a demon if you will, thanks to my crown.” Twilight said.

“Ok but your other theory we need to discuss.” Princess Celestia said.

“Princess those are my theories. One Sunset Shimmer’s true form was the demon creature and she is not from Equestria or the other world. Two she is the 7th element of Harmony. I would have to find a way back to that world.” Twilight said.

“You will have to wait another 30 moons, but maybe we can find a way for you to get back.” Celestia said.

"It will have to wait though, as we are gonna hold the Summer Sun Celebration here in Canterlot this year. As a princess we will need your help with it, because it is going to be here before you know it.” Celestia informed Twilight.