• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Back to life, back to reality

Author's Note:

Please understand I don't condone what Rainbow Dash does in this chapter. Please review I need vindication from the internet.

That night as Sunset slept after Luna and her had a talk and a midnight snack, she had no idea of Twilight’s theories. It worried Twilight that Sunset might be from another dimension and that demon was her true form. It made her feel better if Sunset was the 7th element of harmony-but what would that element be.

The alarm went off at 5 am and Luna quickly turned it off and got up from the couch. She quickly got a shower and got dressed and closed her bedroom door where Sunset was sleeping (Luna hoped). Luna decided to look in on her real quick. Sunset was peacefully resting. Luna couldn’t help but smile. Sunset was staying home just for today, Luna would have to tell the construction foreman that she was on light duty.

Luna quickly got to her car, and texted Chyrs to come over and keep an eye on Sunset. After that she headed to school, it was a quiet day considering all that happened 72 hours earlier. Snips and Snails were given their punishment-a week's suspension to be served helping the construction crew as gophers. Sunset would join them tomorrow.

Other than 5 girls who came to Luna’s office asking for Sunset after she didn’t meet them at the horse statue in the front of the school it was an easy day. Luna told them she would be there tomorrow.

Chrys showed up around nine and Sunset finally woke up around 11 and trudged into the kitchen had cereal and juice.

After a little bit her and Chrys talked and watched some TV, Chrys even said she wanted to take Sunset for a day this weekend. Introduce her to video games and give her a ride on her Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

After Luna got home, Chrys went out and picked up pizza for them all. Which resulted in something Luna and Chrys had not seen, Sunset laugh.

All Chrys told Luna was she was gonna go get them dinner. When she came back, Luna was on her phone and Chrys walked in the kitchen

“I got dinner.” Was all she said.

“What did you get?” Luna asked looking up at the box and realizing right away it was pizza.

“A bucket of chicken. I hope you like it extra flat and crispy.” Chrys replied sarcastically.

Sunset burst out laughing only for about a minute. But Luna and Chrys were happy to see Sunset laugh. Chrys left after dinner, Sunset was doing her assignments in the kitchen, while Luna played on her phone.

It was a nice quiet easy day, Luna knew there would not be many more of these.

* * *

Tuesday rolled around too soon for Sunset. Monday night she had lay awake all night long. When she did doze off it ended with nightmares. At times the demon spoke to her in her nigihtmares. She knew this day would be hell.

Today her trial would truly begin. Students were gonna play: judge, jury, and executioner. Hell a few students already had tried to play executioner. She knew she would at least run into Trixie at school. The Diamond Dogs were gonna be there too. Gilda attended another school, but her friends in CHS kept her up to date on things going on there.

Sunset sat in Luna’s kitchen with a cup of coffee, and Luna sat there drinking coffee, eating a bagel, Sunset was too nervous and wound up to eat.

“Sunset, are you sure you are up to this?” Luna asked.

“I h-have to go back, I d-don’t want to, but if I don’t face them they will think of me as a coward.” Sunset told her almost shaking.

“Are you sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard, if you need more time off, Celestia will allow it…” Luna was rambling on.

Sunset walked over to Luna. “It’s ok besides I got to be a gopher for the construction crew for the week while they rebuild the wall.”

“You’re on light duty, don't over do it.” Luna told her.

Sunset chugged down the last two swallows of her coffee. Then rinsed the cup out and put it in the dishwasher, Luna followed suit, grabbing her purse and keys off the hook. Sunset grabbed her jacket and backpack, and walked to the door waiting for Luna.

“Are you ready?” Luna said, opening up the door.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Sunset replied.

Luna and Sunset walked down to the car after Luna locked the apartment door.
It didn’t take long to reach the school, Luna lived nearby. Sunset wondered why it didn’t take long to reach the apartment Friday night after the dance.

As they pulled into the faculty lot Luna noticed Celestia’s car was already there. Her sister always came in early to do paperwork. Luna would usually do that too.

Pulling into the parking lot Sunset’s nerves went through the roof, there were no students yet and she would only have to go help the crew after classes began, but still it was scary. She followed quickly behind Luna and walked into the school.

“Sunset would you like to sit in my office until classes begin, before heading out?” Luna asked. She could tell Sunset was nervous.

“Y-yeah that w-would be great.” Sunset replied looking around.

Luna and Sunset entered her office. After putting her keys in her pocket, and hanging her jacket and purse by the door, Luna told Sunset to have a seat and Luna went down the hall to see Celestia.

“Enter.” Celestia said when she heard the knocking.

Luna entered the room, and Celestia looked up and smiled.

“Hi Luna How are you doing this morning.” Celestia asked.

“I have Sunset with me this morning, and she is scared out of her wits.” Luna said slumping down in a chair in Celestia’s office.

“Well she knows to help the construction crew, and she is on light duty, right?” Celestia asked.

“Yes she is, I’m gonna keep her in my office until first period, then she can head out and join Snips and Snails.

* * *

All the girls got to school early on Tuesday, and after getting what they needed form their lockers (except Rainbow Dash, who had gym first period), they headed over to Luna’s office.

As they got there Luna was coming back from Celestia’s office and saw five girls standing outside her office.

“I’m guessing you guys are here at sunrise to see Sunset. Am I right?” asked Luna.

“Yeah we all got here early ta see her, she here?” Asked Applejack.

“Sure come on in.” Luna said as she opened the door.

Sunset jumped when Luna said that as she opened the door, then saw the five girls come in.

“Sunset Shimmer!!” Pinkie exclaimed and hugged Sunset tightly.

“OWWWWWWWWWWW!!” Exclaimed Sunset holding her sides.

Everyone except Rainbow Dash looked on in confusion. Rainbow quickly headed over to Sunset’s side.

“Are your ribs still a little bit sore?” Asked Rainbow with her hand on Sunset’s shoulder.

“A little bit.” Answered Sunset in some pain.

I’m so, so sorry Sunset, I didn't know you were hurt and all or I would be more gentle...WAIT A SECOND why are your ribs sore?” Asked Pinkie mid ramble, when the exchange between Rainbow and Sunset sunk in.

Sunset looked over at Luna and Luna nodded.

Sunset gave them a brief rundown about being beaten unconscious in the alley. Also about Rainbow saving her life. About being in the hospital at the end of her story her friends were mad.

“Why didn’t you tell us, you got beaten up?” Asked Applejack.

“Or that you were in the hospital?” Asked Fluttershy.

“Rainbow darling, why didn’t…”Rarity started asking when she and everyone else noticed Rainbow was not in the office anymore.

“Where’s Rainbow?” Asked Sunset.

“Duh! She’s gone down to the locker room to change, she has gym class first.” Pinkie said.

The other four stayed and talked to Sunset for a bit as it was early in the morning.

* * *

Rainbow walked into the gymnasium and met up with two other members of her soccer team Spitfire and Lightning Dust. After a high five to both she asked if anyone else was here.

“Yeah that braggart Trixie just walked in.” Spitfire motioned towards the locker room.

“Can you two do me favor?” Asked Rainbow Dash

“Sure what do you need?” Asked Lightning Dust.

“Watch the locker room door for me. Give me two knocks if someone is coming. I need to have a word in private with Trixie.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Dash be careful, don’t beat her up.” Spitfire said.

“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it. Just watch the door.” Rainbow said as she headed into the locker room.

In the locker room three-fourths of two walls were lockers, the other fourth was a shower usually used by the sports teams after a game. There were four benches in the locker room with no back big enough that four people could sit on them.

Trixie always arrived early as she didn’t like to change in front of people, or as few as possible. Rainbow Dash went in quietly, and quickly crept up behind Trixie. As soon as Trixie turned around Rainbow Dash was right there. She grabbed Trixie by the throat and pushed her up against the locker.

“Rainbow I can’t…” Was all Trixie could get out.

“If you touch Sunset again, in fact if you go anywhere near her. I will find you, rip off both of your arms and both of your legs, and I will knock that disgusting looking face right off your head. Do you understand?” Rainbow threatened.

“Please.” Trixie wheezed.

“Yes? So, you will be this armless, legless, faceless thing won’t you? Rolling down the street like a turd in the wind, do you feel me?” Rainbow said getting right in her face.

“Yes.” Trixie managed to get out.

Rainbow released Trixie and Trixie fell to the ground on her hands coughing and holding her throat.

“You’re lucky we are in school. By the way you might want to get that message to your friend Gilda too.” Rainbow said standing over her.

Then there was a knock at the door from one of her guards so Rainbow walked away from Trixie and headed over to the door gave two knocks and Spitfire and Lightning Dust came in and they headed to their lockers and got changed into their gym clothes. Rainbow gave a look to Trixie like don’t you talk, Trixie quickly turned away to get changed as students started to arrive. As gym class began Rainbow noticed Trixie was nowhere to be found.

As the first period began all over CHS Sunset was free to go out and help the construction until lunch. With her hard hat on Sunset began bringing tools to different workers and clearing the remaining debris with Snips and Snails.

Luna was with Celestia going over ideas of how to pay for all of the damage. When the office door swung open and Trixie came in.

“Well hello Trixie, what can we do for you?” Celestia asked.