• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Author's Note:

Thanks again to Shimmeringsun if it wasn't for her, I would never get these chapters to come out as they do. If you get the chance check out her story, Aftermath of the Formal-it inspired me to write this one. I also agree with the fact the Sunset would be more comfortable with Luna then Celestia.

Luna and Sunset left through what was left of the front of Canterlot High School. Luna had her arm around Sunset. As they crossed the parking lot Sunset stopped and walked over to the crater in the front of the school looking down at it.

“Twilight should have left me down there, it’s where I belong.” Thought Sunset. A tear fell down her cheek and she stubbornly wiped it away so Luna couldn't see.

Luna sensed something was up and walked over to and put her arm around Sunset. “Come on Sunset it’s getting late.” Luna said gently.

“Twilight should have left me there. I have been nothing but a brat, worse than a brat-a bitch. Everyone would have been better off if I died in that crater tonight. In fact I wish I did die tonight.” Sunset siad dejectedly.

Luna was shocked and a little mad at Sunset. She spun Sunset around to look at her, and placed her hands on Sunset’s shoulders

“Sunset Shimmer you did kinda, the bad you died that creature died this is a new beginning for you and for me a new chapter. I’m gonna help you.” Luna said hopefully.

“But WHY would anyone in the right mind want to help me? I’m bullcrap. I wish I was dead. That should be my grave right there!!” Sunset said pointing at the crater

“Sunset that is enough why do you wish you were dead? You know they are good people that want to help they would be devastated to see you go. The last thing I want to do is attend a funeral for one my students.” Luna asked feeling somewhat scared by the way Sunset was talking.

“Why??!! Well for one after my week's suspension, school is gonna be a living hell for me. Not one student will want me around. They are gonna put me on trial they all will play judge, jury, and executioner with me.” Sunset answered.

“You think I don’t see it? I know you’re lying. Your only taking me in for the night so I don’t turn into Sunset Satan again!” You secretly want me to be buried six feet under. Nobody wants me around, take the hint.” Sunset scoffed
with her arms folded.

“Sunset I can think of five students who will want you around. I also want you around too.” Luna said cupping Sunset’s face gently with her left hand.

“Now why don’t we head home, huh?” Luna pleaded putting her arm around Sunset.

Luna led Sunset across the parking lot to the faculty lot. After unlocking the car and opening the door for Sunset to get in then she walked around and got into the driver’s seat. Getting into the driver’s seat she noticed how quiet and dejected Sunset looked sitting there. Her head hanging low, her face had a look of worry on it.

“Sunset I know that staying with me is not gonna be your idea of fun, having a sleepover at your Vice Principal’s apartment but…” Luna began

“Do you know what you’re doing? The danger you’re putting yourself in? Hey Sunset, you’ve been a major bitch for about three years. Turned into a raging she-demon and destroyed the front of the school. Also let’s not forget mind controlled the student body and tried to kill six students. But why don’t you come stay in my apartment. Maybe you can destroy that building too.” Sunset said sarcastically.

“Okay Sunset relax.” Luna said, looking for her keys.

“Relax?! Luna I can’t stay with you.” Sunset said and opened the door and got out of the car.
Luna got out and raced over to where Sunset had already got out of the car. She stood in front of her to prevent her from leaving.

“Sunset I’m not in the mood to play games tonight I’d like to get home before Monday morning.” Luna said.

“Well then leave what’s stopping you?” Sunset said annoyed.

“A red and yellow haired fifteen year old girl that won’t come with me.” Luna said getting annoyed too.

Sunset dropped her head, and took a side-step from Luna and stood with her back to her. She started crying again.

“Luna I don’t want to hurt you, Twilight’s friends anyone. Tonight when I became that thing! It was like I could see everything I was doing but had no control over it! I am so afraid. I don’t want you to get h-hurt, I d-don’t w-want to be th-that thing again.” Sunset sobbed as she fell to her knees.

Luna understood it clearly as she got down on her knees and turned Sunset to look at her. Sunset was terrified, probably traumatized by what had happened tonight. While Sunset was stubborn on the outside. She was at heart a scared little girl. What Sunset needed was someone to be there for her.

“Sunset I believe you are not gonna hurt me come here.” Luna helped Sunset to stand. When she got her up she wrapped Sunset in a huge hug and rubbed her back.

“Let it all out honey, let it all out. I'll be here for you." Luna said soothingly as Sunset sobbed her eyes out. Luna felt this was the release the Sunset needed.

“After all I have been, all I have done. Someone actually gives a damn about me?” Sunset thought.

Sunset finally started to calm down. Luna continued to rub her back and took Sunset’s face in her hand and looked into those blue eyes.

“Now can we please go home?” Luna said softly to Sunset.

“I’d like that, if you're ok with me being there.” Sunset said, regaining her composure.

Luna opened the door to her car and extended her arm almost as if to say does this answer your question.

Sunset sat down and buckled herself in.

Luna was happy to see that she knew that there was going to be more tears to be shed, but at least tonight she had made a breakthrough.

Sunset still had a lot of guilt inside of her. She would have to deal with it but tonight the yelling, the crying it was letting out anger, sadness, and fear she had built up over time. Tonight the Elements of Harmony had woken her up. She was not sure how to deal with this new world she had been thrust into by them.

Sunset was so lost in thought she didn’t even realize they had arrived at Luna’s apartment and that Luna was talking to her.

“Sunset!” Luna said waving her hand in Sunset’s face.

“I’m here, just feel empty.” Sunset replied.

“What do you mean by that?” Luna asked.

“I just don’t feel anything right now. Just kinda numb.” Sunset said sadly.

Just then a low rumble of thunder resounded in the distance. Luna looked over towards the sound fiddling with her keys."

“Come on Sunset let’s get inside where it's warm.”. We'll talk more there." Luna said.

Sunset grabbed her bags and followed Luna up the steps and into her apartment.