• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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...And so it begins

Author's Note:

This is my first attempt at a story. I want to thank Shimmeringsun for helping me with this chapter, also inspiring me to try writing.

It was not a dark and stormy night. In fact there was nothing in the elements to foreshadow the events that lay ahead at the beginning of the night. By the end of the night it looked like an explosion had gone off in front of Canterlot High.

After all the dust had settled, and most of the students left Twilight was leaving for Equestria. After a group hug with her new friends she left through the portal that is where the story begins…

Sunset Shimmer watched from a distance as Twilight said goodbye to her friends then left. Vice Principal Luna walked up to her and handed her a trowel. Snips was bringing a wheelbarrow full of bricks and Snails was carrying buckets of mortar.

Sunset sadly took her jacket off to get to work her whole body ached, her head was pounding like a freight train. All of a sudden she could feel all the pain she caused all the students of Canterlot High.
“Twilight should have left me in that crater. I am no better than the garbage that is laying all over the ground. I should’ve died tonight.” Sunset thought.

* * *

The main 5 watched this and to say they felt bad for Sunset was an understatement.
“Ah reckon’ we should go see if she needs help ya’ll.” Applejack spoke up.
“We did promise Twilight darlings.” Rarity added.
“I don’t know.” Rainbow Dash said still leery of the She-Demon.
“Well I do know what we promised Twilight.” Fluttershy added.
“We could throw her a new friend party!!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.
The other four just looked at Pinkie Pie for a few seconds.
“What parties always make people feel better.” Said Pinkie, a little more calm.
“The last thing Sunset wants to do right now is go to a party.” Rainbow replied.
The five walked over to where Sunset was laying mortar on the bottom layer of bricks.
Applejack spoke up first. “You know sugarcube, if you put a lil more on the sides…” was all she got out, before Sunset screamed out in terror.
“No just get b-back, I-I’m sorry Applejack please don’t hurt me!!” Sunset cried as her voice broke.
“Darling, we just came to see if you needed help with anything.” Rarity said.
Sunset backed up “Please d-don’t t-try to be my f-friends, because Twilight told you t-to.” Sunset said, backing up another step.
“Whoa we just want to help.” Said Fluttershy softly.
The girls couldn’t believe what they were seeing, this wasn’t the Sunset they knew. This was a humbled and broken Sunset scared of the girls who had just zapped her with the elements.
“They really want to be friends with me, after I tried to kill them. I don’t deserve that and yet here they are asking if I am ok, and if I need help.” Sunset’s mind was going a mile a minute.
“Listen Sunset, we would have been your friend from the beginning if you would have been nicer. We are offering you help now, offering you friendship.” Rainbow Dash said, extending her hand.
“Just get back all of you don’t come near me I AM A MONSTER!! ALRIGHT A FREAKING MONSTER!!” Sunset screamed.
Sunset fell to her knees grabbing her head and screamed again “I AM A MONSTER!!”
Sunset started sobbing into her hands, she was coming to terms with everything she had done, even Snips and Snails were in shock seeing Sunset have an emotional breakdown.
Fluttershy walked over and put her arm around Sunset. She almost immediately pushed Fluttershy away and backed up again.
“I slammed you against a locker. I called you pathetic, said no wonder all your friends are stray animals, and had you on the floor cowering how can you possibly be nice to me?” Sunset sobbed.
“Sunset we all deserve kindness in life, and everyone goes to a lil crazy it’s ok.”
“Sunset…” Fluttershy began before being interrupted by Principal Celestia.
“What is all the screaming about out here?” She asked.
Looking over the scene seeing Twilight's friends standing around Sunset Shimmer, who was sobbing with Fluttershy standing next to her. Snips and Snails just standing off to the side.
“Snips, Snails you can head home, you are both suspended for a week. You will be here Monday morning to help the construction crew with whatever they tell you too. See my sister first thing Monday morning.” Celestia informed them.
“You girls need to head home as well.” Celestia told the girls.
“Principal Celestia, I would like to stay with Sunset for a minute if I may?” Fluttershy asked timidly.
“Just one then I will handle it from here.” Celestia said walking back inside.
“Sunset, why don’t I give you my number and you can call me anytime you need me.” Fluttershy offered.
“You really want to talk to me?” Sunset looked up at the girls. All five girls nodded the heads.
Sunset instead gave the girls her phone number but didn’t expect to ever hear from them. She knew in her heart that she didn’t deserve their friendship. Shortly after that Principal Celestia came out and after making sure all five girls had rides home, offered her hand to Sunset.
“Come inside Sunset we got things to discuss.” Celestia said.