• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Food Fight

Author's Note:

I apologize for Chrysalis's language at the end here, but it does the trick. As always review, I need vidication form the internet.

Applejack and Rainbow were up in a flash and Rainbow landed a kick to Hoops's groin. He doubled over in pain and Rainbow landed a chop to the back of his neck dropping Hoops to his knees.

Scores went to help his friend when Applejack stepped in his way.

“Move out of the way, girl!!” Scores yelled.

“Like hell, I will.” Applejack replied.

“You should have brought back up then.” Scores replied.

“I did.” She replied.

Before Scores could say anything else he heard behind him. “Eeyupp.” Scores turned around to see Applejack’s brother Big Macintosh standing there with him pounding his fist into his other hand.

Scores sloppily threw a punch at Big Macintosh, to which he missed. Big Macintosh grabbed his arm, put it behind his back, and pushed him against a wall. Easily ending the fight.

By this time a humiliated Sunset had stood up. So no one would see her cry, she ran out of the cafeteria amid several people laughing at her. She even heard someone say “Look She Demon isn’t so bad anymore.”

Do to all the commotion Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna had heard down the hall. The both of them came walking down the hall and into the cafeteria. Everything came to an abrupt halt. Big Macintosh let Scores go and Hoops stood up slowly.

Luna walked over to Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh and looked sternly at them.

“What is going on?” She asked.

“Hoops and Scores here thought it would be funny to dump their trash, some of it partly ate food onto Sunset Shimmer.” Rainbow said.

Luna felt her heart skip a beat. Then looked around and realized her girl was not there, this was not good, not good at all.

“Where is Sunset now?” Luna asked.

“Um, she ran out the door, when everyone started laughing at her.” said Fluttershy pointing towards the main doors of the cafeteria.

“Okay Hoops, Scores, Rainbow Dash, and Big Macintosh in my office. NOW!!” Celestia said knowing full well that Luna wanted to find Sunset in the worst way.

Celestia led the four out of the cafeteria with Luna bringing up the rear. After the four of them entered Celestia’s office Luna was off like a shot.

Luna checked the locker room and the showers yet Sunset wasn’t there. Luna was looking frantically around CHS for her girl.

Luna was up on the second floor and her mind was going a mile a minute looking for Sunset.

“I have got to find Sunset, I got to find her, I can’t lose her, I can’t lose her, I can’t…” Luna was thinking when she heard sniffling coming from the ladies bathroom.

Luna cautiously entered the bathroom. She followed the crying to the first stall, sitting there on the floor was Sunset, with food in her hair and clothes, knees pulled up to her chest, arms wrapped around her legs and head on knees sobbing.

Luna sat down next to Sunset. Sunset looked up at Luna with tears in her eyes. Luna opened her arms, and Sunset crawled up in Luna’s lap, and Luna just held Sunset.

Sunset had a hard time admitting it, but sitting on Luna’s lap wrapped up in her arms was her favorite place to be. She could stay here forever. She smelled the scent of Lavender and recognized it as Luna’s scent.

Luna held Sunset. That was all she could do was just let her sob it out, she was gonna take her to the gym locker room so she could shower before taking her home. They were definitely going back to the apartment after this event.

Luna kept stroking Sunsets back just holding her, it had only taken a few days but Luna was already attached to Sunset. It had taken 4 days 5 nights and some adjustments but Luna was feeling like a mother to this lost little girl she couldn’t believe it.

Sunset was now just sniffling slightly as she was calming down in Luna’s arms. Luna continued to rock Sunset as she knew Sunset was calmed down and didn’t seem to pull away. Finally she started to get up.

“I guess I should get back to work, huh?” Sunset said, catching her breath.

“WHAT??!! No I’m gonna take you home, after we get you to the locker room showers.” Luna said.

“NO, YOU CAN’T I GOT A JOB TO DO!!” Sunset said.

“Sunset your covered in food and garbage, I’m not letting you do this. I’m the adult here, and what I say goes.” Luna said sternly, sounding more like the vice-principal.

“Oh yes, real smart send Sunset to the showers, so she can get attacked again.” Sunset scoffed.

“I will post guards to keep an eye on you, and escort you down there personally. Maybe one of the girls got some gym clothes to lend you until we get home.” Luna said.

“Smelly gym clothes are just what I want to wear.” Sunset said sarcastically.

“Well I don’t have anyway to get you clean clothes until we get back to the apartment now come let’s get down to the locker room.” Luna said.

“I was absent yesterday and only worked half a day today, how is that gonna look to the crew, and to Snips and Snails!” Sunset shot back at Luna.


“Fine.” mumbled Sunset, knowing arguing with Luna was not gonna end any better.

“Thank you, now come on.” Luna said walking with Sunset down to the locker room.

Luna walked right next to Sunset all the way down to the locker room, she stopped at her office and had Sunset sit there while she called for a few students to watch over Sunset while she took her shower.

Luna and Sunset then headed over to the gym, and into the locker room, there stood her guards waiting. There were five girls waiting there to stand guard.

Applejack had some spare gym clothes waiting for Sunset. Rainbow had some shampoo, and body wash for Sunset. Rarity was holding towels and Pinkie Pie handed her a bag to put her dirty clothes in. Fluttershy was just there to give Sunset some moral support. Sunset smiled and even let a tear fall.

“I trust you girls can keep an eye on Sunset, for a few minutes?” Asked Luna.

“We will guard her with our meager lives.” Said Pinkie Pie saluting.

“Don’t worry Vice Principal Luna we got this.” Rainbow Dash said confidently.

“Rainbow what happened in Principal Celestia’s office, I thought you’d still be up there?” Asked Sunset, taking off her boots.

“Well I'll tell you about that after your shower.” Rainbow Dash told her.

* * *

After Sunset showered and got dressed in a white t-shirt and grey shorts, she was putting her boots back on. Then she looked up at Rainbow Dash as she was drying her hair.

“Well what did Principal Celestia say?” Asked Sunset again.

“Well the four of us were sitting in Celestia’s office and she came in and asked me what happened. I told her about what Hoops said about you being a trash can and about him Scores dumping their garbage and partially eaten food on you.

Then we told them about the fight, which landed me in more hot water but I cut a deal with Principal Celestia, actually she cut a deal with me. For all my fighting I have two weeks of detention or spend the next three days in ISS (In School Suspension) so I took the ISS.

So she asked about what Big Mac was doing and he didn’t say much." Rainbow continued on.

"That's my big brother." Interjected Applejack.

"I told her that he was defending his sister, not that she needed it. So Big Mac was let off with a warning this ONE time.

Hoops and Scores admitted to doing the prank, they still think it’s funny, but they are suspended for a week. I don’t know what that will do, but at least we don’t have to deal with them for a week." Rainbow Said.

Luna walked in as Rainbow was finishing her story. She was shocked and very upset.

“So Hoops and Scores still think it’s funny what they did to my little girl huh? I will not let people harm my girl and get away with it. I love Sunset too much to let that happen.” Luna thought.

“Hey Sunset are you ready to go? Why don’t we head back up to my office. I just got to do something before we go. You girls thank you for answering my call, you can all head back to class, I will inform your teachers why you are late and make sure you're not in trouble.” Luna told them.

The girls all said bye to Sunset and walked out single file. Luna walked with her arm around sunset as she grabbed her bag of clothes that Luna would take down to the laundry room when they got home.

They arrived in Luna’s office and Luna texted Chrys as to what happened. Chrys read the text and was outraged at Hoops and Scores did and that they thought it was funny, even after they got suspended.

Chrys texted back to Luna: Let me handle this, you got pics of the two little punks. Anyone who hurts either of you is gonna answer to me this time.

Luna knowing she was gonna regret this sent her pics of the two students. Chrys got them and headed out on her Kawasaki Ninja over to the school. She was lucky that being in the FBI she could get away with this.

Luna told Sunset to get her bag as they were leaving before the final bell rang. Luna walked out to the car with Sunset. After opening the car door and letting her girl in. Luna walked around to get in the car as Chrys pulled up on her motorcycle.

“No Student parking in the faculty lot.” Luna said joking.

“Special Agent Chrysalis FBI, I understand there are two little punks who need to be scared straight.” Chrys said.

“Yeah the final bell is about to ring, I’ll point them out to you.” Luna said.

After seeing several students coming out, Luna pointed two students to Chrys coming out the side entrance.

“Allow me.” Chrys said walking towards them.

“Luna, are you nuts she can’t do this.” Sunset protested.

“Relax let’s sit in the car so we can say we know nothing about this.” Luna said having Sunset get in the car. Luna quickly followed suit

In the meantime Chyrsalis caught up with Hoops and Scores as they walked away from the school, she quickly got in front of them and turned around blocking their path.

“What the hell lady?” said Scores.

“Hey if I want to hear you talk, I will shove my arm up your ass, and work your mouth like a puppet, hear me?” Chrys said to Scores. “Now get out of here!” Chrys yelled then turned attention to Hoops.

“Lady I don’t know who you think you are…” Hoops began.

“I’m an FBI agent.” Chrys said flashing her badge.

“Now you're eighteen and an adult, I could have you arrested for what you did.” Chrys told Hoops. She knew she probably couldn’t, but needed to instill fear in this punk.

“Listen…”Hoops began.

“NO YOU LISTEN, I could see to it you spend the next ten years in prison getting ass fucked, and if the case is thrown out because my arrest was too violent, I will personally hire men to ass fuck you for the next ten years. So if you ass fucking fan you go ahead and mouth off to me again.” Chrys told Hoops getting right up in his face.

Hoops swallowed hard. Not saying anything at all.

“Now leave Sunset Shimmer alone!” Do I make myself clear?” Chrys asked.

“Yes M-M-Ma’am.” Hoops stammered.

“Good, now disappear before I get angry.” Chrys said in a low threatening tone.

Hoops couldn’t move fast enough to get away from Chrys, almost tripping while running away.

“How did he make the basketball team with coordination like that, and as a senior too?” Chrys thought.

As she walked back to her motorcycle, a small smile was on her lips. Mission accomplished.