• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Second chances

Author's Note:

Thanks to Shimmergsun, as she fixed up a lot of errors in this chapter. I also added a few words and made very minor changes, but I think it was an improvement.

Sunset looked up at Celestia with fear in her eyes and a frown on her face. She quickly dropped her eyes. This pony had already tossed her out once, now as a human, she was going to do it again. Ready to discuss her possible expulsion, Sunset got up and walked behind Celestia, her arms wrapped around her waist like it was protection, her head bowed like she was walking to her execution.

They entered Celestia’s office, Vice Principal Luna was already there sitting on the side of the desk, her chair facing Sunset tapping her fingers. Celestia pointed at the chair in front of the desk. Sunset obediently sat down and Celestia shuffled her paperwork and looked right at Sunset who immediately dropped her eyes.

”This is a huge mess Sunset. We have had to phone a construction crew to fix the wall and the crater. Luna had to fend off a few calls from concerned parents. Of course we can’t tell any of them the truth.”

Then Luna spoke up, “Then there is you, if word of this got out you could be taken away, not by the authorities, by the government, to some unknown base in southern Nevada.”

Celestia went to the file cabinet and pulled out Sunset’s Folder and dropped it on the desk.

“Sunset do you see this file? The one with your name on it?” Celestia asked.
Sunset was still looking at the floor and would not raise her eyes. She could see this was gonna be Equestria and magic school all over again. Sunset was not gonna look up at Celestia, she couldn't. It was too much of a reminder of what happened in Equestria.

“Defiant to the end aren’t you Sunset? Fine, let’s go over it together. Parent's names, both blank, can't believe I missed that. Oh, look at these Sunset, discipline reports several of them. Oh and look at these doctored photos of Twilight destroying the decorations for the dance.”

Sunset didn’t even raise her head she knew this was the end of the line. Principal Celestia closed the file and looked up at Sunset who still sat there as if in a trance just staring at the floor.

“Sunset Shimmer I’m left with no other option-You are expelled from Canterlot High School.” Principal Celestia announced. Sunset said nothing at first. Celestia expected her to beg for mercy but Sunset just sat there.

“First Princess Celestia now Principal Celestia, no matter what dimension I am in, that woman has some power over me. Every time I screw it up, I become too power-hungry. I am better off dead.” Sunset thought.
Vice Principal Luna stood up and walked over to Sunset putting her hands on Sunset’s shoulders. Sunset flinched at the sudden touch.

“Sister I ask that you reevaluate that decision. Letting this girl go would be a great mistake.” She said.

“What, keeping her here isn’t?” Asked Celestia.

“Tia she said it herself; she didn’t know there was another way. She doesn’t know anything about friendship. I’m willing to bet you never had anyone to teach you huh?” Asked Luna.

“Nope, not really, but let me get my stuff out of my locker and I will leave.” Sunset got up to clear her locker out when Luna stopped her.

“Tia let me teach her, also Twilight’s friends could help as well but Sunset has to want to change.” Luna said with authority.

“This is crazy, I destroyed the front of the school, tried to kill six students, mind-controlled the whole school, and they want me to stay?” Sunset thought.

“So does this mean you want me to stay?” Sunset asked looking at Luna.

“That is my sister’s decision.” Luna said. Luna looked over at Celestia, almost saying with her eyes let’s try this.

“Tia I really think she has changed, I think we can trust her,” Luna said, her hands still on Sunset’s shoulders.

“Your staying here is conditional on your silence about everything that went on tonight because if you talk to anyone about tonight outside of this office I will toss you out. So you can stay, but you are on probation. Understand.” Celestia informed her.

“Yes, Principal Celestia,” Sunset said looking down at the ground.

“You’re dismissed.” Said, Celestia.

“I better get going.” said Sunset looking at her watch. With that Sunset started to run out of the office.

“Sunset where are you going?" Asked Luna.

“Nowhere important,” Sunset replied.

“I can’t tell her I am heading over to the homeless shelter to see if there is a bed available.” Sunset thought.

“Well it must be important the way you tore out of the office. Now tell me where are you going plus where are you staying?” Luna said arms crossed and staring down at Sunset.

Sunset mumbled in response.

“SUNSET!” Luna said, getting a little louder.

“I stay at the homeless shelter ok. That’s where I was running off too so I could get a bed if there is one there. Plus they also serve breakfast there most mornings. This way I can grab a meal and then they kick you out, so they can clean and sanitize the place.”

“If the shelter is full where do you go then?” Asked Luna feeling a little bit alarmed.

“If the shelter is full, I have another place to go.” Said Sunset looking down.

“Where?” Asked Luna.

“What is this? Twenty questions?’ Asked Sunset, she was exhausted and just wanted to leave.

“Sunset where do you stay? Stop trying to change the subject.” Luna pressed forward, folding her arms.

“At Sweet Apple Acres ok?! Applejack’s younger sister and two friends have a clubhouse it’s a little uncomfortable, but it’s functional.”

Luna was shocked. Sunset was homeless. Here was a fifteen-year-old girl fending for herself on the streets of Canterlot. Five thousand different questions flooded Luna’s mind.

“Sunset I got a small place. Well it's big enough for me. Why don’t you come to stay there? You can shower, get your clothes washed, get you a good meal, and a safe place to sleep.” Luna offered hopefully.

“I can’t believe this after all I’ve done especially tonight, she wants me to sleepover at her place.” Sunset thought.
Sunset turned away from Luna still looking down and started crying again.


“I now feel nothing but pain, all the pain I've caused everyone else in this school. WHY DO YOU WANT TO KEEP ME HERE? WHY??!!”

Luna went over and hugged Sunset as she started crying again. Luna just held her as she could think of nothing else to do to calm the girl.

“Sunset, I am willing to help you. Twilight’s friends would have been yours too if you let them. I know this is all new to you so I will do my best to help but you Sunset must want to change. Not screaming at the top of your lungs that is gonna do nothing but strain your vocal cords.”

“If you want to get what you need from your locker we will go Celestia is probably ready to lock up for the night." Luna said calmly.

Sunset opened her locker gathering her school supplies, books, laptop, and the little bit of clothes she had, and she was ready to go. The janitors were starting their shift and happy they didn’t have to clean up the front.

Sunset and Luna left the school a few minutes later. Sunset knew this was going to be a long road to recovery.