Sunset's Trial

by Zerocool7785

First published

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

Sunset is trying to come to terms with what she has done. She ends up dealing with guilt, depression, and trying to understand friendship. Can Vice Principal Luna, and the Mane 5 help Sunset with her feelings, bullying and life in general.

...And so it begins

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It was not a dark and stormy night. In fact there was nothing in the elements to foreshadow the events that lay ahead at the beginning of the night. By the end of the night it looked like an explosion had gone off in front of Canterlot High.

After all the dust had settled, and most of the students left Twilight was leaving for Equestria. After a group hug with her new friends she left through the portal that is where the story begins…

Sunset Shimmer watched from a distance as Twilight said goodbye to her friends then left. Vice Principal Luna walked up to her and handed her a trowel. Snips was bringing a wheelbarrow full of bricks and Snails was carrying buckets of mortar.

Sunset sadly took her jacket off to get to work her whole body ached, her head was pounding like a freight train. All of a sudden she could feel all the pain she caused all the students of Canterlot High.
“Twilight should have left me in that crater. I am no better than the garbage that is laying all over the ground. I should’ve died tonight.” Sunset thought.

* * *

The main 5 watched this and to say they felt bad for Sunset was an understatement.
“Ah reckon’ we should go see if she needs help ya’ll.” Applejack spoke up.
“We did promise Twilight darlings.” Rarity added.
“I don’t know.” Rainbow Dash said still leery of the She-Demon.
“Well I do know what we promised Twilight.” Fluttershy added.
“We could throw her a new friend party!!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.
The other four just looked at Pinkie Pie for a few seconds.
“What parties always make people feel better.” Said Pinkie, a little more calm.
“The last thing Sunset wants to do right now is go to a party.” Rainbow replied.
The five walked over to where Sunset was laying mortar on the bottom layer of bricks.
Applejack spoke up first. “You know sugarcube, if you put a lil more on the sides…” was all she got out, before Sunset screamed out in terror.
“No just get b-back, I-I’m sorry Applejack please don’t hurt me!!” Sunset cried as her voice broke.
“Darling, we just came to see if you needed help with anything.” Rarity said.
Sunset backed up “Please d-don’t t-try to be my f-friends, because Twilight told you t-to.” Sunset said, backing up another step.
“Whoa we just want to help.” Said Fluttershy softly.
The girls couldn’t believe what they were seeing, this wasn’t the Sunset they knew. This was a humbled and broken Sunset scared of the girls who had just zapped her with the elements.
“They really want to be friends with me, after I tried to kill them. I don’t deserve that and yet here they are asking if I am ok, and if I need help.” Sunset’s mind was going a mile a minute.
“Listen Sunset, we would have been your friend from the beginning if you would have been nicer. We are offering you help now, offering you friendship.” Rainbow Dash said, extending her hand.
“Just get back all of you don’t come near me I AM A MONSTER!! ALRIGHT A FREAKING MONSTER!!” Sunset screamed.
Sunset fell to her knees grabbing her head and screamed again “I AM A MONSTER!!”
Sunset started sobbing into her hands, she was coming to terms with everything she had done, even Snips and Snails were in shock seeing Sunset have an emotional breakdown.
Fluttershy walked over and put her arm around Sunset. She almost immediately pushed Fluttershy away and backed up again.
“I slammed you against a locker. I called you pathetic, said no wonder all your friends are stray animals, and had you on the floor cowering how can you possibly be nice to me?” Sunset sobbed.
“Sunset we all deserve kindness in life, and everyone goes to a lil crazy it’s ok.”
“Sunset…” Fluttershy began before being interrupted by Principal Celestia.
“What is all the screaming about out here?” She asked.
Looking over the scene seeing Twilight's friends standing around Sunset Shimmer, who was sobbing with Fluttershy standing next to her. Snips and Snails just standing off to the side.
“Snips, Snails you can head home, you are both suspended for a week. You will be here Monday morning to help the construction crew with whatever they tell you too. See my sister first thing Monday morning.” Celestia informed them.
“You girls need to head home as well.” Celestia told the girls.
“Principal Celestia, I would like to stay with Sunset for a minute if I may?” Fluttershy asked timidly.
“Just one then I will handle it from here.” Celestia said walking back inside.
“Sunset, why don’t I give you my number and you can call me anytime you need me.” Fluttershy offered.
“You really want to talk to me?” Sunset looked up at the girls. All five girls nodded the heads.
Sunset instead gave the girls her phone number but didn’t expect to ever hear from them. She knew in her heart that she didn’t deserve their friendship. Shortly after that Principal Celestia came out and after making sure all five girls had rides home, offered her hand to Sunset.
“Come inside Sunset we got things to discuss.” Celestia said.

Second chances

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Sunset looked up at Celestia with fear in her eyes and a frown on her face. She quickly dropped her eyes. This pony had already tossed her out once, now as a human, she was going to do it again. Ready to discuss her possible expulsion, Sunset got up and walked behind Celestia, her arms wrapped around her waist like it was protection, her head bowed like she was walking to her execution.

They entered Celestia’s office, Vice Principal Luna was already there sitting on the side of the desk, her chair facing Sunset tapping her fingers. Celestia pointed at the chair in front of the desk. Sunset obediently sat down and Celestia shuffled her paperwork and looked right at Sunset who immediately dropped her eyes.

”This is a huge mess Sunset. We have had to phone a construction crew to fix the wall and the crater. Luna had to fend off a few calls from concerned parents. Of course we can’t tell any of them the truth.”

Then Luna spoke up, “Then there is you, if word of this got out you could be taken away, not by the authorities, by the government, to some unknown base in southern Nevada.”

Celestia went to the file cabinet and pulled out Sunset’s Folder and dropped it on the desk.

“Sunset do you see this file? The one with your name on it?” Celestia asked.
Sunset was still looking at the floor and would not raise her eyes. She could see this was gonna be Equestria and magic school all over again. Sunset was not gonna look up at Celestia, she couldn't. It was too much of a reminder of what happened in Equestria.

“Defiant to the end aren’t you Sunset? Fine, let’s go over it together. Parent's names, both blank, can't believe I missed that. Oh, look at these Sunset, discipline reports several of them. Oh and look at these doctored photos of Twilight destroying the decorations for the dance.”

Sunset didn’t even raise her head she knew this was the end of the line. Principal Celestia closed the file and looked up at Sunset who still sat there as if in a trance just staring at the floor.

“Sunset Shimmer I’m left with no other option-You are expelled from Canterlot High School.” Principal Celestia announced. Sunset said nothing at first. Celestia expected her to beg for mercy but Sunset just sat there.

“First Princess Celestia now Principal Celestia, no matter what dimension I am in, that woman has some power over me. Every time I screw it up, I become too power-hungry. I am better off dead.” Sunset thought.
Vice Principal Luna stood up and walked over to Sunset putting her hands on Sunset’s shoulders. Sunset flinched at the sudden touch.

“Sister I ask that you reevaluate that decision. Letting this girl go would be a great mistake.” She said.

“What, keeping her here isn’t?” Asked Celestia.

“Tia she said it herself; she didn’t know there was another way. She doesn’t know anything about friendship. I’m willing to bet you never had anyone to teach you huh?” Asked Luna.

“Nope, not really, but let me get my stuff out of my locker and I will leave.” Sunset got up to clear her locker out when Luna stopped her.

“Tia let me teach her, also Twilight’s friends could help as well but Sunset has to want to change.” Luna said with authority.

“This is crazy, I destroyed the front of the school, tried to kill six students, mind-controlled the whole school, and they want me to stay?” Sunset thought.

“So does this mean you want me to stay?” Sunset asked looking at Luna.

“That is my sister’s decision.” Luna said. Luna looked over at Celestia, almost saying with her eyes let’s try this.

“Tia I really think she has changed, I think we can trust her,” Luna said, her hands still on Sunset’s shoulders.

“Your staying here is conditional on your silence about everything that went on tonight because if you talk to anyone about tonight outside of this office I will toss you out. So you can stay, but you are on probation. Understand.” Celestia informed her.

“Yes, Principal Celestia,” Sunset said looking down at the ground.

“You’re dismissed.” Said, Celestia.

“I better get going.” said Sunset looking at her watch. With that Sunset started to run out of the office.

“Sunset where are you going?" Asked Luna.

“Nowhere important,” Sunset replied.

“I can’t tell her I am heading over to the homeless shelter to see if there is a bed available.” Sunset thought.

“Well it must be important the way you tore out of the office. Now tell me where are you going plus where are you staying?” Luna said arms crossed and staring down at Sunset.

Sunset mumbled in response.

“SUNSET!” Luna said, getting a little louder.

“I stay at the homeless shelter ok. That’s where I was running off too so I could get a bed if there is one there. Plus they also serve breakfast there most mornings. This way I can grab a meal and then they kick you out, so they can clean and sanitize the place.”

“If the shelter is full where do you go then?” Asked Luna feeling a little bit alarmed.

“If the shelter is full, I have another place to go.” Said Sunset looking down.

“Where?” Asked Luna.

“What is this? Twenty questions?’ Asked Sunset, she was exhausted and just wanted to leave.

“Sunset where do you stay? Stop trying to change the subject.” Luna pressed forward, folding her arms.

“At Sweet Apple Acres ok?! Applejack’s younger sister and two friends have a clubhouse it’s a little uncomfortable, but it’s functional.”

Luna was shocked. Sunset was homeless. Here was a fifteen-year-old girl fending for herself on the streets of Canterlot. Five thousand different questions flooded Luna’s mind.

“Sunset I got a small place. Well it's big enough for me. Why don’t you come to stay there? You can shower, get your clothes washed, get you a good meal, and a safe place to sleep.” Luna offered hopefully.

“I can’t believe this after all I’ve done especially tonight, she wants me to sleepover at her place.” Sunset thought.
Sunset turned away from Luna still looking down and started crying again.


“I now feel nothing but pain, all the pain I've caused everyone else in this school. WHY DO YOU WANT TO KEEP ME HERE? WHY??!!”

Luna went over and hugged Sunset as she started crying again. Luna just held her as she could think of nothing else to do to calm the girl.

“Sunset, I am willing to help you. Twilight’s friends would have been yours too if you let them. I know this is all new to you so I will do my best to help but you Sunset must want to change. Not screaming at the top of your lungs that is gonna do nothing but strain your vocal cords.”

“If you want to get what you need from your locker we will go Celestia is probably ready to lock up for the night." Luna said calmly.

Sunset opened her locker gathering her school supplies, books, laptop, and the little bit of clothes she had, and she was ready to go. The janitors were starting their shift and happy they didn’t have to clean up the front.

Sunset and Luna left the school a few minutes later. Sunset knew this was going to be a long road to recovery.


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Luna and Sunset left through what was left of the front of Canterlot High School. Luna had her arm around Sunset. As they crossed the parking lot Sunset stopped and walked over to the crater in the front of the school looking down at it.

“Twilight should have left me down there, it’s where I belong.” Thought Sunset. A tear fell down her cheek and she stubbornly wiped it away so Luna couldn't see.

Luna sensed something was up and walked over to and put her arm around Sunset. “Come on Sunset it’s getting late.” Luna said gently.

“Twilight should have left me there. I have been nothing but a brat, worse than a brat-a bitch. Everyone would have been better off if I died in that crater tonight. In fact I wish I did die tonight.” Sunset siad dejectedly.

Luna was shocked and a little mad at Sunset. She spun Sunset around to look at her, and placed her hands on Sunset’s shoulders

“Sunset Shimmer you did kinda, the bad you died that creature died this is a new beginning for you and for me a new chapter. I’m gonna help you.” Luna said hopefully.

“But WHY would anyone in the right mind want to help me? I’m bullcrap. I wish I was dead. That should be my grave right there!!” Sunset said pointing at the crater

“Sunset that is enough why do you wish you were dead? You know they are good people that want to help they would be devastated to see you go. The last thing I want to do is attend a funeral for one my students.” Luna asked feeling somewhat scared by the way Sunset was talking.

“Why??!! Well for one after my week's suspension, school is gonna be a living hell for me. Not one student will want me around. They are gonna put me on trial they all will play judge, jury, and executioner with me.” Sunset answered.

“You think I don’t see it? I know you’re lying. Your only taking me in for the night so I don’t turn into Sunset Satan again!” You secretly want me to be buried six feet under. Nobody wants me around, take the hint.” Sunset scoffed
with her arms folded.

“Sunset I can think of five students who will want you around. I also want you around too.” Luna said cupping Sunset’s face gently with her left hand.

“Now why don’t we head home, huh?” Luna pleaded putting her arm around Sunset.

Luna led Sunset across the parking lot to the faculty lot. After unlocking the car and opening the door for Sunset to get in then she walked around and got into the driver’s seat. Getting into the driver’s seat she noticed how quiet and dejected Sunset looked sitting there. Her head hanging low, her face had a look of worry on it.

“Sunset I know that staying with me is not gonna be your idea of fun, having a sleepover at your Vice Principal’s apartment but…” Luna began

“Do you know what you’re doing? The danger you’re putting yourself in? Hey Sunset, you’ve been a major bitch for about three years. Turned into a raging she-demon and destroyed the front of the school. Also let’s not forget mind controlled the student body and tried to kill six students. But why don’t you come stay in my apartment. Maybe you can destroy that building too.” Sunset said sarcastically.

“Okay Sunset relax.” Luna said, looking for her keys.

“Relax?! Luna I can’t stay with you.” Sunset said and opened the door and got out of the car.
Luna got out and raced over to where Sunset had already got out of the car. She stood in front of her to prevent her from leaving.

“Sunset I’m not in the mood to play games tonight I’d like to get home before Monday morning.” Luna said.

“Well then leave what’s stopping you?” Sunset said annoyed.

“A red and yellow haired fifteen year old girl that won’t come with me.” Luna said getting annoyed too.

Sunset dropped her head, and took a side-step from Luna and stood with her back to her. She started crying again.

“Luna I don’t want to hurt you, Twilight’s friends anyone. Tonight when I became that thing! It was like I could see everything I was doing but had no control over it! I am so afraid. I don’t want you to get h-hurt, I d-don’t w-want to be th-that thing again.” Sunset sobbed as she fell to her knees.

Luna understood it clearly as she got down on her knees and turned Sunset to look at her. Sunset was terrified, probably traumatized by what had happened tonight. While Sunset was stubborn on the outside. She was at heart a scared little girl. What Sunset needed was someone to be there for her.

“Sunset I believe you are not gonna hurt me come here.” Luna helped Sunset to stand. When she got her up she wrapped Sunset in a huge hug and rubbed her back.

“Let it all out honey, let it all out. I'll be here for you." Luna said soothingly as Sunset sobbed her eyes out. Luna felt this was the release the Sunset needed.

“After all I have been, all I have done. Someone actually gives a damn about me?” Sunset thought.

Sunset finally started to calm down. Luna continued to rub her back and took Sunset’s face in her hand and looked into those blue eyes.

“Now can we please go home?” Luna said softly to Sunset.

“I’d like that, if you're ok with me being there.” Sunset said, regaining her composure.

Luna opened the door to her car and extended her arm almost as if to say does this answer your question.

Sunset sat down and buckled herself in.

Luna was happy to see that she knew that there was going to be more tears to be shed, but at least tonight she had made a breakthrough.

Sunset still had a lot of guilt inside of her. She would have to deal with it but tonight the yelling, the crying it was letting out anger, sadness, and fear she had built up over time. Tonight the Elements of Harmony had woken her up. She was not sure how to deal with this new world she had been thrust into by them.

Sunset was so lost in thought she didn’t even realize they had arrived at Luna’s apartment and that Luna was talking to her.

“Sunset!” Luna said waving her hand in Sunset’s face.

“I’m here, just feel empty.” Sunset replied.

“What do you mean by that?” Luna asked.

“I just don’t feel anything right now. Just kinda numb.” Sunset said sadly.

Just then a low rumble of thunder resounded in the distance. Luna looked over towards the sound fiddling with her keys."

“Come on Sunset let’s get inside where it's warm.”. We'll talk more there." Luna said.

Sunset grabbed her bags and followed Luna up the steps and into her apartment.

Arrival at Luna's

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Equestria, Crystal Empire Library,

Princess Twilight Sparkle continued pouring over books on the Elements
of Harmony. She was trying to find an answer as to what happened tonight outside of Canterlot High School.

“Why is it the crown reacted that way with Sunset Shimmer, sure it’s my
element of harmony but that’s just it-Harmony.” Thought Twilight.

“Still doing research?” asked Spike walking up to Twilight.

“Yeah, Spike it doesn’t make sense. These elements are to promote peace and most of all HARMONY. Sure we used them to defeat Nightmare Moon, and imprison Discord. But the elements shouldn’t react so violently with anyone else.”

“Twilight, maybe that crown because it contained good magic, it reacted
with Sunset’s evil heart, and that is what happened.” Spike offered.

“Still the crown’s magic should only react to me, not anyone else.” Twilight said.

“Maybe not anyone in that world, but what about someone else from Equestria?” Spike asked.

“Maybe Spike, I mean that’s a plausible theory, but I don't know. Just something
isn’t sitting right with me since we got back.” I’m gonna keep doing some
research, why don’t you head out to get a bite to eat, I’m gonna keep working here,” Twilight said.
* * *

Human world…

Luna unlocked the door to her apartment as a second low rumble of thunder resounded in the distance. She knew this was probably going to be a whopper of a storm, so she and Sunset should get undercover.

Upon entering the apartment, Sunset looked around and could see Luna had put her personal touches on it. It was painted dark blue, and was a little small.

Coming in Sunset, realized she was in a hallway, she looked to her right, down the hallway, there were three rooms at the end of the hallway. Sunset guessed they were a bedroom, one she could tell was the bathroom and one she guessed was a spare room, or an office. Looking to her left she saw a lil bit of hallway that led into two other rooms. Sunset walked two steps and came face to face with a kitchen, and a wall and archway that led into the living room.

Luna walked into the kitchen and put her purse down on the kitchen counter. Then hung up her keys on a little wooden plaque on the wall that said KEYS, it had four sets of hooks, two were in use. Then she went to see what Sunset was doing.

Sunset was looking around the living room. It had a purple sofa against the wall facing the hallway, a matching love seat that was against another wall. The sofa and loveseat met at the corner where a lil end table with a lamp was placed. On the far wall was a big flat screen TV in the middle of the wall. Sunset noticed a closet on the far end near the TV. Walking over she was going to open it.

“In there is a huge DVD collection, I also have Hulu and Dish so we can always find something to watch.” Luna said startling Sunset.

Sunset opened up the sliding door and Luna wasn’t lying; she had tons of movies, even some TV series.

“I didn’t get to watch much TV at the shelter. All that was on in the morning while they served breakfast was the news. Several of us like me would watch the news in the morning this way I could eat and run to school.” Sunset told Luna while looking over the movie titles on the boxes.

“I don’t know a lot of these.” Sunset said.

“Well honey I love to talk about my movie collection, but I don’t want to bore you plus it’s kinda late.” Luna replied.

“You won’t bore me.” Sunset told her.

“Well that is for another day. Why don’t you grab a shower and do you have any PJ’s in your bag?” Luna asked.

“I have a pair.” Sunset replied back

“Are they clean? Do you need to have them washed?” Luna asked, insisting.

“Look I DON’T need a nursemaid. I have been on my own for most of my life. I can get to a laundromat when I need to. I was doing ok before this.” Sunset replied feeling annoyed by the constant questioning.

“Oh really?” Asked Luna crossing her arms, knowing Sunset will assert her independence.

“Yeah really!” Replied Sunset, standing there with her hands balled up into fists getting angry at Luna.

“Clearly you have been doing ok, living in Homeless Shelters and trespassing on private property to sleep in a clubhouse.” Luna replied sarcastically.

"News flash Sunset, If one of the Apples caught you sleeping in the clubhouse they could trespass you. Meaning if you were caught on their land again, and if Granny Smith wanted you could end up in juvenile hall.” Luna explained.

“Wrapping this up who was gonna come stand up for you at your trial or bail you out of juvenile hall? The queen bitch of CHS. NO ONE Sunset.” Luna stated matter-of-factly.

Sunset looked down at the floor she knew Luna defeated her. Luna hated talking to Sunset like this but she had to lay down the law and use a little tough love on the defiant teen.

“Sunset fate has brought you here take the hint,. Luna said more calmly.

“See my trial has already begun.” Sobbed Sunset.

“I was a mean bitch, a raging she-demon, I mind controlled students, destroyed the front of the school, and tried to kill six students.” WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ANYONE WANT ME AROUND??!! Not one person in this world, either world for that matter has ever given a crap about me!! NOT ONE DAMN PERSON OR PONY HAS EVER CARED!!” Sunset cried.

Sunset sat on the couch huddled into a ball with her knees up to her chest and her arms around her knees and sobbed into her knees.

“Wow this girl never had anyone? She must feel like she is unlovable.” Luna thought. It was then and there the realization hit Luna harder than the Elements of Harmony. Sunset had never had a chance to release her feelings that explained her yelling in anger one second, then crying the next.

Luna walked over to Sunset kneeling on the floor she began to stroke her hair.

“Sunset, I care.” Luna said softly.

“You do?” Sunset said looking up into Luna’s light blue eyes.

“Yes honey I do.” Said Luna stroking Sunset's hair.

Sunset sat up and Luna sat next to her on the couch and extended her arms. Luna wrapped Sunset in a huge hug.

“Sunset I care about you.” Luna soothed putting Sunset on her lap, and just rocking her.

“Vice Principal Luna…” Sunset started to say.

“We’re not in school, outside of school it’s just Luna. Got it.” Luna said looking into her eyes.

“OK. Um Luna I need a pair of Pajamas for the night.” Sunset admitted meekly.

“It’s ok you just hop in the shower, I’ll get you an old pair of mine and tomorrow I’ll go down to the laundry room in the apartment complex and do some wash. Come it’s late and you need to clean up and get to bed.” Luna told her.

“OK, thanks.” Sunset got up headed down the hall and went into the bathroom.

Luna decided she would give up her bed to Sunset for the night and sleep on the couch. Luna went over and looked out the window and saw several flashes of lightning, and a few rumbles of thunder.

“How appropriate a thunderstorm for my first night with Sunset, it’s already been a stormy night in here.” Luna thought.

Sunset came down the hall to the living room in Luna’s Pajamas. Luna told Sunset the sleeping arrangements for the night.

“Luna this is awkward but can I sleep next to you tonight? I’m scared to be alone and I also don’t like thunderstorms that much.” Sunset asked quietly.

Luna smiled sweetly and said “OK for tonight that should be fine and I totally get it.” “Do you snore? ” Luna asked, putting her arm around Sunset.

“Never snored a day in my life.” Replied Sunset with a tiny smile.

It made Luna feel good to have seen Sunset smile.

“Ok then let's get to bed, but no stealing the covers.” Luna said and headed for bed.

The morning after

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Sunset awoke to a huge boom and went to sit upright but she felt an arm over her. After a second she remembered she was in Luna’s apartment and Luna had promised to look after her.

Sunset the realized the thunderstorm was in full force. Trying to be careful not to wake Luna Sunset carefully reached for her phone on the night table. It read 3:37 am. She also saw she had a text message, but decided she would check it in the morning. She was soon sound asleep again.

Luna felt Sunset stir, but decided she would loosen her grip in case Sunset needed to go use the bathroom. Instead she noticed that Sunset looked at her phone and went back to bed. Luna laid there for a few minutes listening to the rain pounding on the roof.

“It’s really coming down.” Luna thought. She adjusted herself and went back to sleep.
* * *

Hours later Sunset awoke again, looked at her phone and it was 8:30. She noticed that she had another text message. She quickly removed Luna’s arm and headed for the bathroom. After finishing up in the bathroom. She walked into the bedroom and Luna was was sound asleep.

Sunset walked down the hall and into the living room. Looking out the window it was still raining but a lot lighter now.

Sunset looked at herself in the reflection of the glass.

“What a pitiful sight I am, what a pitiful person/pony I am. I don’t deserve any of this. Luna was too good to me. I don’t deserve friends or to have a vice-principal that gives a flying feather about me. If only I could go back to Equestria.” Sunset thought.

“No I can’t go back to Equestria either. There’s nothing there for me. Maybe Twilight would help me. But what would I do there.” Sunset thought while she mulled over if she could even return to Equestria, where would she go what she do.

“No one wants me in Equestria no one wants me here in this world.’ Sunset said sadly.

“I have nothing, no one cares about me I can’t stay here. I can’t go back to Equestria I guess this is what happens when you hit rock bottom.” Sunset lamented.


Sunset turned around to see Luna standing there. She looked very upset, like she would cry any minute. Sunset felt her own heart break.

“Sunset I heard what you said. Why do you think that no one wants you?” Luna asked sadly.

“Kinda obvious isn’t it.? No one here wants me no one in Equestria wants me. This must be what its like to hit rock bottom.” Sunset said.

“Well I want you Sunset.” Luna said, walking up and wrapping Sunset in a huge hug.

"I guess I’m going back huh? I mean after you do my laundry and we have breakfast.” Sunset said looking down.

“Back where? The school? I do have to assist Celestia in some paper work but that is a little later.” Luna stated.

“NO I mean back to the shelter.” Sunset said both angry and sad at the same time.

“In this weather? Are you crazy? I recommend you stay here for a few days.” Luna stated putting her hands on Sunset’s shoulders. And looking into her eyes.

“No way can I stay here. You only have one bed, plus this goes way beyond teacher-student relationship.” Sunset said annoyed.

“Fine you go back to the shelter if you want and when they kick you out tomorrow morning. You can wander the streets in a torn leather jacket and a skirt. Incase you don’t realize it little miss it’s fall, it’s starting to get cold at night. How are you gonna survive?” Luna reasoned with her.

“Sunset you said they serve breakfast there at the shelter. What do they serve?’ Luna asked.

“Well you can get cold cereal with a muffin. You can also get a mammoth muffin, or a bagel with butter. They also had juice, milk, or coffee. Unless it was a holiday, like the one you call it Christmas, we called Hearth Warming in Equestria. We got a nice meal of eggs, bacon, and toast. Now i am a vegetarian mostly but I was so hungry I would eat the bacon.” Sunset explained.

“When was the last time you ate anyway?” Asked Luna.

“Breakfast yesterday I had cereal and a muffin with some juice.” Sunset told her.

“You didn't even eat lunch?? Honey that’s not good! You can’t eat just once a day.” Luna replied very sadly.

“Well sometimes if I can get in the shelter they have soup at night.” Sunset told her.

“If I had known I would have made you something last night.” Said Luna both sad and upset.

“Luna, you don’t have to take care of me. I been on my own since I was 12 it’s ok.” Sunset replied rather annoyed.

“Sunset I can’t let one of my students put themselves in harm’s way. I forbid it.” Luna said.

“All I am is a student? You got plenty of better ones I’m sure.” Sunset said dejected.

“This girl really wants someone to love her. I don’t know how but I can tell it in my heart of hearts.” Luna thought.

“Sunset you are a student I feel real connection with. You’re a special student that’s what you are.” Luna said putting her forehead on Sunset’s forehead.

“You are also skinny you need to eat. If you stay here I can get you two meals a day guaranteed. If it comes to it I will pack you a lunch so you don’t go with out. One more thing Sunset you think no one cares about you? Here look at your phone.” Luna informed Sunset tossing her, her phone.

Sunset opened her phone and was shocked by what she saw.

Equestria, Ponyville train station:

Princess Twilight stepped off the train, with the rest of the main six.

“Any luck sugar cube?” Applejack asked.

“No not yet, the Crystal empire had a few books that mention the Elements of Harmony, but not a lot info just some basic stuff.” Twilight told her.

“All of you listen I’m gonna be traveling for a few days. I am gonna go get the book on the elements I have here at my library and then I am gonna go to the Canterlot library and possibly the hall of records in Manehatten.

"Fluttershy will you look after Owlowiscious while I’m gone?” Twilight asked.

“I’d be glad too.” Fluttershy told her in her soft voice.

“Good I need to find out what happened that night.” Twilight said.

“Twi, what’s the big deal.” Rainbow Dash asked.

“The big deal is my element shouldn’t react with any one but me. There is something unique about Sunset if she can cause my element to react, even if it is to have her turn into a demon.” Twilight told her.

“I’m gonna pick up my book from the library and then Spike and I are off for Canterlot.”

Messages and arguments (reuploaded)

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Sunset opened her phone to see three text messages and two missed calls. All of them from the girls. She couldn’t believe it, someone cared about her. She hit the button for her first voicemail it was from Applejack:

“Hey Sugarcube it’s me Applejack, jes checkin to see how ya doin’ this mornin’ give me a call back. This rain has got me trapped inside. Later.”
Sunset the decided to listen to the other message. It was from Rarity:

“Morning Darling, I wanted to call and check up on you, and see how you are doing. I got work this morning, but maybe we can meet for lunch. Call me back dear.”
Then read the three text messages:
Fluttershy: Morning Sunset, I’m at the animal shelter this morning give me a call maybe we can do lunch.

Pinkie Pie: Morning Sunny, I hope you don’t mind that I call you that. I’m working this morning at Sugarcube Corner but why don’t you stop by this rain has made business slow.

Rainbow Dash: Hey Sunset give me a ring or text back. I’m so bored this rain cancelled soccer practice maybe we can meet for lunch. Check you later. RD.

Sunset closed her phone, closed her eyes bowed her head and took a deep breath. This was a lot to take in. People actually gave a damn about her.

“I did nothing but break up their friendship. I drove them apart. Hell I slammed Fluttershy against her locker, and called her pathetic and had her on the ground cowering in fear. Why would she want to be friends with me?” Sunset Thought.

“Well?” Prompted Luna, who was busy getting ready.

“People want me to be friends with them. Why?? Because Twilight told them too?” Sunset scoffed.

“Maybe because even more than that they really want to give you a chance.” Luna told her.

“Now if you get dressed, I will drop you off at one of these places if you would like me too.” Luna said putting her arms around Sunset from behind.

Sunset loved it when Luna hugged or her.

“This must be what it’s like to have a mother.” Sunset thought while Luna was hugging her.

“Luna drop me off at the Canterlot Animal Shelter.” Sunset replied as she rushed to get dressed.
Luna felt overjoyed that Sunset was gonna see the other girls but then remembered Sunset hadn’t eaten. She mentally kicked herself. She quickly ran in and toasted a few pieces of bread.

Sunset got dressed into a purple skirt, and an orange t-shirt with her cutie mark on it black boots that came to her ankles and her leather jacket in hand. Luna quickly handed her two pieces of toast.

“Sorry it’s not more, Sunset” Luna said.

“It’s ok you got a busy morning ahead and so do I.” Said Sunset confidently.

“Well eat on the way.” Luna said.

Sunset rushed down the outside stairway and over to Luna’s car. Luna followed her trying to get her to use the umbrella. Sunset quickly ate the toast as she was starving hungry.

Luna quickly unlocked the car and Sunset jumped in and Luna put down the umbrella and got in the car. She looked disapprovingly at Sunset.

“What?” Said Sunset.

“You want to catch a cold young lady?” Scolded Luna.

“I’m not made of sugar I won’t melt.” Sunset groaned, blowing a strand of hair out of her face.

“I was trying to get you under the Umbrella with me you're lucky you didn’t get totally soaked.” Luna scolded her.

“What are you, my mother?” Asked Sunset, rather annoyed.

“If I was your mother you would not be able to sit right now. So drop the bratty attitude. This is your final warning.” Luna said, gripping the steering wheel.

“You know what Luna, I’ll walk to the damn shelter.” Sunset groaned opening the car door.

“No you will not young lady!” Said Luna said sternly vice gripping Sunset’s arm.

“Let me go! If I want to walk I will walk, I’m not your daughter so stop trying to control me.”

“Sunset, listen to me very closely I want to help you. I’m trying to be here for you but then you go and fly off the handle. I know you’ve been traumatized, I know you have a bunch of feelings you don’t understand.” Luna explained to her.

“But in the eyes of the law your a child, and you need a legal guardian or your gonna end up lost in the shuffle of foster care. Under that tough exterior is a scared little girl that I desperately want to help. Now will you please get in the car and stop this?” Luna pleaded with her eyes and her voice.

“Fine.” said Sunshine half slamming the door. She buckled her seat belt, and crossed her arms. Sunset’s face wore a look that would have soured milk.

“Sunset are you ok?” Luna asked knowing full well it was a stupid question.

“Fine.” was all Sunset said still sitting there with that same look on her face. If Luna tried to engage Sunset in conversation all Sunset would say was “Fine.”

Pulling up to the animal shelter, Sunset grabbed her jacket and phone. Luna tried to talk to Sunset one more time as she was gathering her stuff.

“Sunset call me when you're ready, or if it’s not raining walk over to the school it’s a few blocks away.” Luna tried desperately getting Sunset to say something.

“Fine.” Scoffed Sunset.

“That’s seven fines since we left home. How about a different word?” Luna said, getting annoyed.

“Asshole, there’s a word!” Said Sunset loudly slamming the door and going into the animal shelter.
Luna sat there and pinched the bridge of her nose for a second after Sunset left.

“I think I liked fine better.” Said Luna as she started to get a headache and drove off over to the school.

Equestria, Train to Canterlot:

Twilight had been going over her book on the Elements of Harmony, but once again it wasn’t giving her the answer she was looking for. She finished her reading and closed the book. She was not any closer to finding the answer that she was looking for.

Twilight headed over to bed to get some sleep before they reached Canterlot. Spike woke up briefly while Twilight was getting ready for bed.

“Twilight is it AM or PM?” Spike asked, very tired.

“AM Spike, very AM.” Twilight said. Spike was fast asleep before Twilight even climbed into bed. She hoped that somewhere in Canterlot was the answer she was seeking.

A friendly lunch

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Sunset walked into the animal shelter and took a few deep breaths to relax.

“Can I help you?” Asked the lady at the counter.

“Yes I’m looking for Fluttershy.” Sunset said nervously, playing with her fingers.

“One second please.” The lady said pleasantly as she hit the buzzer.

Two seconds later Fluttershy came out from the back and saw Sunset nervously standing there. She went over and gave her a gentle hug. She was happy this time Sunset didn’t pull away.

“Sunset did you get my text message?” Asked Fluttershy softly.

“Yeah I did, that’s why I am here.” Sunset said.

“Do you have a minute to talk? I need to tell you something.” Asked Sunset nervously looking around.

“I got about two so what can I help you with sweetie?” Asked Fluttershy

Sunset led Fluttershy over to a corner and told her about last night, not the sleeping with Luna part but staying with her.

“Sounds like she really does care about you.” Fluttershy told Sunset.

“I’m not sure how to feel about that, you see we had a major fight today. Since you guys zapped me last night I have done nothing but yell and cry.” Sunset admitted sadly while looking away from Fluttershy.

“Sunset, you have had a lot of pent up emotions, it’s gonna take time to let them out. I think Luna is really serious about helping you out. She will also be a powerful ally when you return to school.” Fluttershy told her.

“Thanks, listen I want everyone to meet at Sugarcube Corners this afternoon for lunch. I need to talk to you all.” Sunset said, still looking away from Fluttershy.

“Count me in.” Said Fluttershy giving Sunset a hug from behind. Sunset grabbed Fluttershy’s forearms with her hands and smiled. It felt good to have friends. Sunset began texting all her new friends.
* * *

Luna was sitting on the side of the desk telling her sister what had happened last night and morning.

“Then she starts getting out of the car and says “Asshole, there’s a word!” Luna was talking to Celestia almost in tears.

“Luna she is a teenager, she’s been traumatized by last night, She has a lot of anger and sadness built up inside of her she has to let out. So I have to ask you think you can do this? Can I look after her?” Celestia asked.

“She needs an actual guardian. From what I have figured out from her, she never had anyone here, and don’t think she experienced a lot of love in that other world.” Luna said with her head in her hands.

Celestia reached over and rubbed Luna’s shoulder. She could tell Sunset’s last remark really hurt her sister.

“Luna when you get her home this afternoon, you need to wash her mouth out with a wire brush.” Celestia said.

“Tia I’m not shoving a bar of soap in Sunset’s mouth, that’s all she needs to experience.” Luna said looking at the school budget.

“Luna if you want to take her in and be her guardian, we can start that process right now, but once you go down this path there is no going back. Your life is now tied to hers. Plus don’t forget she is also a she-demon so you have to consider that too.” Celestia said not looking up from that paperwork she was signing off on.
Luna lifted her head from her hands in total shock. Her own sister just called Sunset a she-demon.

“What did you say?” Luna said, staring at Celestia.

“What do you mean?” Celestia asked innocently.

“You don’t ever, EVER call Sunset that!! YOU HEAR ME??!!” Luna practically shouted at Celestia.
Celestia’s eyes got as wide as saucers, and actually backed up in her chair a little bit.

“YOU DON’T CALL MY SUNSET A SHE-DEMON EVER!!” Luna yelled at Celestia standing over her sister, hands placed firmly on the desk.

“Luna you just proved to me you’re ready to be a guardian. Now you need to stand up to Sunset like that. Show her you’re in charge.”

“I will.” Luna said proudly.

“Now Luna, would you like a cup of coffee?” Celestia asked.

“Yes and aspirin if you have any.” Luna said.
Celestia tossed her a bottle of Tylenol and handed her a cup of Coffee. Luna quickly downed the Tylenol. Luna and Celestia then started on some paperwork.

* * *
Sugercube Corners

Fluttershy and Sunset had walked over from the animal shelter after Fluttershy completed her morning volunteering shift. The rain had finally stopped, and the sun had come out. They came in the door and Pinkie Pie greeted them in her normal way.

“Fluttershy, and Sunset Shimmer you came too yippie!!” Pinkie Pie said hugging Sunset so tight that Sunset was gasping for air.

“Pinkie Pie, let go of Sunset she can’t breathe!” Fluttershy said, trying to separate them. After separating the two Sunset took a deep breath.

“Damn Pinkie. I am happy to see you too, but I still need air.” Sunset catching her breath again.

“Of course you need air silly, If you didn’t you’d probably be a plant, or maybe a fish. Sunset you're not a fish…” Pinkie began to ramble.

“Pinkie, can you get a few minutes once everyone arrives I need to talk to all five of you?” Sunset asked.

“Of course I can silly , Mrs. Cake said I…” Pinkie started off again.

“Ok I’ll wave you over when it’s time.” Sunset informed her heading for the back table.

On the way back some students saw her pass, and there was a lot of whispering, most of it audible, but not all of it could Sunset make out. Someone even tried to trip Sunset on the way back but Fluttershy kept her calm.

“Look out she-demon might come out again.” said the person who tried to trip her then got a laugh with a few others at his table. Sunset recognized them as students from school.

About two minutes later Applejack and Rainbow Dash came in and Pinkie pointed out the back table. The two came over and sat down with Sunset Shimmer.

“So what is this about?” Applejack asked Sunset.

“As soon as Rarity arrives we will call Pinkie over and begin.” Sunset said.

As if on cue Rarity walked in the door and headed over to the table. Mrs. Cake nodded to Pinkie and she went back too.

“First of all I am so sorry for being a bitch to all of you. I split you up because I was jealous, I had no friends, never did but did try in my old world. I had walls up so I didn’t get hurt anymore in this world like I did in my old world.” Sunset said.

“Now I know none of this excuses my actions. I have to say though, girls don’t be friends with me because Princess Twilight told you to. Do it because you want to. Also I wish to make amends to you. By doing something to help you girls out. Anything I can do please tell me.” Sunset pleaded looking to five sets of eyes that showed they cared.

“Well sugarcube, why not come help out on the farm for a day, always plenty of chores to be done out thar.” Said Applejack

“The Canterlot Animal Shelter needs volunteers. Why don’t you volunteer one day to work there, like I do.” Fluttershy replied.

“You know Sunset the soccer team usually has a bunch of equipment to lug out and we practice several times a week. Why don’t you be the equipment manager a time or two.” Rainbow replied.

"Oooo Oooo I got it Sunset, on Saturday’s Mrs. Cake needs help during lunch in the back. It might be all glamorous and all, you may end up washing dishes, like I do sometimes but I put a good word in for you if you like.” Pinkie replied enthusiastically.

“Well darling I don't think you can help me out at my job, but you can help me out with my new fashion line. If you don’t mind being a model for some of my new dresses.” Rarity said.

“Ok girls I love this, I can do favors for each one of you. I was gonna ask you guys for something but I don’t feel right.” Sunset said.

“No go ahead ask.” Said Rainbow.

“Yeah we are all willin’ to help ya.” Applejack added.

“Well one my leather jacket got some rips in it from last night. Rarity you think you can fix it?” Sunset handing over her jacket.

Rarity took the jacket and looked it over and said “I don’t usually work with leather so this will be a challenge, I accept I will do my best.” Rarity replied looking over the jacket.

“As soon as I can get some money I will pay you back Rarity I promise.” Sunset said.

“Nonsense this is part of being a friend doing favors for each other, consider this one a favor.” Rarity replied.

“The other favor I ask is that you all forgive me. I don’t deserve...” Sunset said, hanging her head.

“Sugarcube I forgive you.” Applejack said.

“Me too.” Said Fluttershy in her soft voice.

“Count me in.” Rainbow Dash piped up.

“Of course I forgive you silly, in fact we should have new friends, forgive Sunset party. Ooooo I can’t wait to plan that, nah just use my party canon!!” Pinkie said.

Everyone looked at Rarity.

“What? Of course I forgive her, I’m doing her jacket free aren’t I?” Rarity asked, almost feeling insulted.
Sunset smiled and thought in her head “I don’t deserve anything like this, they should all hate me. About 16 hours ago I tried to kill them, and they forgive me?”

Sunset let a tear escape her eye.

“Why are you crying Sunset?” Asked Fluttershy very concerned.

“Because I don’t deserve your friendship, but am so glad I have it.”

“GROUP HUG!!” Yelled Pinkie

Sunset was surrounded by five girls that really cared about her. Sunset felt very loved and knew she had not hit rock bottom as long as she had good friends like these.


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Chapter 8

Sunset was sitting in the basement of Rarity’s house watching her work on her jacket.

“Wow Sunset these are some pretty good holes you put in here. How did you do it?” Rarity asked.

“It’s where the wings came out.” Sunset said shedding a tear. “Now everyone is scared of me or hates me.”

“Nonsense Darling, on the contrary I kinda like this new you.” Rarity said finishing up her sewing job.

“Nobody else does it seems. Your sister saw me down here with you and was ready to “save you” from me.” Sunset complained.

Rarity had told Sweetie Belle to put her fists down and not pester Sunset, and that she was in no danger, but was doing Sunset a favor. Sweetie Belle ran out of the room after that.

“Nonsense, I know of four others who disagree with you. Now darling here we go. Sunset your jacket is as good as new.” Rarity said tossing it to her Sunset who immediately put it on.

“Wow, Rarity you do good work.” Sunset said beaming at how her jacket felt again.

“Now Darling may I say something, and try not to get mad.” Rarity said cautiously.

“Is this about what I told you on the way over here?” Sunset asked, trying not to get annoyed

“Kinda, let me say I never saw Vice Principal Luna as a motherly figure, but you told me she took you in, gave you a place to sleep, a shower, did your wash, fed you was worried about you getting sick. Sunset, this woman cares about you.” Rarity recounted.

“She does, it’s all so new to me, I wish I knew how to handle it.” Sunset said looking down at the floor sadly.

“Well you don’t do it by calling her, I won’t even repeat the word.” Rarity said her hand on her forehead for dramatic effect.

“You don’t have to be a drama queen about it.” Sunset said slightly giggling.

“Sunset, it’s nice to see you laugh.” Complimented Rarity.

“Thanks Rarity and what should I do about Luna?” Asked Sunset.

“When you go home apologize and immediately do something nice for her.” Rarity said.

“Speaking of which it’s getting late I should head home. Rarity thanks so much for doing this.” Sunset said, giving Rarity a quick hug, then heading out the door.

Sunset was on her way home, when she ran into Trixie. Sunset tied to keep walking but Trixie blocked her path.

“Look Trixie I’m…” was all Sunset could say before Trixie stopped her.

“The great and powerful Trixie is not gonna step aside she-demon. Until you answer for what you have done.” Trixie said.

As soon as Trixie said that Sunset was grabbed from behind, two hands grabbed her arms and another one covered her mouth before Sunset could let out a yelp, all she got out was a muffled scream.
She was dragged against her will and into a back alley where she was thrown on the ground. She looked up to see The Diamond Dog gang with their de facto leader Gilda.

“What in the hell, Gilda?” Asked Sunset in fear trying to get up off the ground.

“I heard you went weak and think you have friends. You think you can be nice now HA!” Gilda said.

Sunset stood up and tried to run out of the alley but was caught by two Diamond

“Where do you think you're going?” said Gilda.

One of the Diamond Dogs punched Sunset in the stomach as the other two held
her arms. Rover of the Diamond Dogs landed three more punches to Sunset’s stomach. Then Gilda landed three punches to Susnet’s face and finished with a back hand to her face.

Both Diamond Dogs dropped Sunset who fell to the ground barely conscious.

“Get her up.” Gilda said.

Both Diamond Dogs picked Sunset up for Gilda to deliver another punch. That’s when Trixie stepped in.

“Stop! She's had enough! She can’t even stand up!!” Trixie creid at the Diamond Dog holding Sunset.

“That don’t mean squat!!” He said looking at Trixie with disdain.

Trixie walked over to Gilda. “Gilda she’s had enough, look at her she can’t even stand, she’s barely conscious!” Trixie cried.

“I’ll decide when she’s had enough! That girl thought she ruled the school, now she claims to be different. Well she has to pay for her sins. I’ll decide when she’s had enough!” Gilda said.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You're really sick, you know that!” Cried Trixie in desperation for Sunset's life.

“If you don’t like it Trixie you can leave anytime!” Said Gilda.

Just then a voice came from the beginning of the alley

“What the hell is going on??!!” Someone said.

The two Dogs dropped Sunset and walked over to the mysterious figure, who immediately dropped the two Dogs by punching each one in the stomach and then in the head at the same time.

The other Diamond Dog charged at the figure who swiftly dodged him. He swung his fist at the figure and the figure took his arm and landed a kick to his side and then a spin kick to his stomach taking him down.

“I don’t know who you are but you messed with the wrong bitch!" Gilda threatened.

Gilda went for a kick, the figure grabbed her leg, kicking Gilda in the lower stomach, then sweeping her leg. Gilda landed hard on the ground. The Figure delivered another kick on her stomach real hard.

Then the figure turned to Trixie.

“Oh, no no please.” Was all Trixie was able to say before she was grabbed, kneed in the stomach and thrown into the wall of the alley.

Then the figure checked on Sunset, she was unconscious, but alive. Knowing what to do she used all her strength to pick Sunset up and carry her to her apartment.
Luna is gonna freak out when she sees this.” Is all the figure thought as she quickly carried Sunset away.


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Sunset’s rescuer kept going as fast as they could carrying Sunset over their shoulder, constantly looking back over their other shoulder to make sure they were not being followed.

They had an idea where Luna lived. They knew it was an upstairs apartment, near the stairs. Finally reaching the apartment complex and making a quick sweep of the two story building, they saw two apartments at each end each one with a staircase. Not sure which apartment was Luna's

“Crap, just my luck, ok time to choose, but choose wisely.” They thought.

Thank God for her just at that moment Luna opened the door, and saw them Carrying Sunset.

“HOLY SHIT!! What Happened??” Luna screamed almost falling down the stairs, as she couldn’t get down them fast enough.

“She got attacked to the point where she was almost knocked totally cold. She is still 99% out of it as it is.” They explained.

“Here get her up to my apartment now, and thank you so much for saving her life Rainbow Dash.” Luna said frantically.

As they took Sunset inside, Luna was almost in tears, she was gonna talk to Sunset tonight about her mouth, also open up to her some, now that wasn’t possible.

Luna and Rainbow placed Sunset on the couch.

“Rainbow, bring me cold water, washcloth, pillow quickly.” Luna said, trying to remain calm. While Rainbow was gone Luna made a check of Sunset’s vital signs. Her breathing was shallow and her heartbeat was still high.
Rainbow returned with the requested items, Luna put the pillow under Sunset’s head and after soaking the washcloth, in the cold water placed it on Sunset;s forehead and called 911.

“Miss Dash I need to know what happened. You're gonna have to talk to the operator, you know better than me, what happened.” Luna said, handing her cell to Rainbow.

After Rainbow got the address, the operator said stay on the line as she was dispatching the paramedics.

In the living room Luna was on her knees next to an unconscious Sunset, her head on Sunset’s chest crying.

“Sunset you gotta make it through I can’t lose you. I just got you here, I wanted to give you a good life off the streets, food to eat, new clothes to wear and a warm place to sleep this winter. I wanted to help you Sunset, YOU GOTTA LIVE PLEASE!!” Luna cried out clutching Sunset.

Rainbow saw this and teared up seeing her vice principal lose it like this. She really cared about Sunset. About that time the ambulance arrived and Rainbow told the operator the paramedics were coming up the stairs and she hung up the phone.

Luna quickly got up and Rainbow told them what had happened.

The paramedics quickly checked Sunset over and even got to Sunset to open
her eyes briefly. Quickly she was transferred onto a stretcher and put in the ambulance. Luna went with her after she ushered Rainbow out of her place and locked up.

Rainbow saw them drive off, she quickly texted the girls about what happened then started off home, but quietly in the parking lot of the apartments, made a vow, Gilda and her cohorts would pay for this.

“I swear to you Sunset this is not over. They are all gonna pay.” Rainbow said pounding her fist into her hand. Rainbow then decided she better get home or her parents would make her pay with a lecture and a grounding.

* * *

Arriving at the hospital, Sunset was immediately wheeled into the ER, luckily on the ride over she was able to open her eyes and react a little bit. Luna rode the whole way with her in the ambulance, trying her best not to cry.

Once she was wheeled in, she was taken for X-Rays and a cat scan of her head where the bruises had formed. Luna was left in the waiting room. She tried to keep it together texting Celestia to tell her what happened.

She did call an old FBI contact as she was gonna need to see if she could press charges on Gilda, The Diamond Dogs, and Trixie.

“Luna this is an unexpected surprise, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?” Came a deep voice on the other end of the line.

“Chrysalis, I need your help.” Luna said her voice breaking

“Luna, You wouldn’t be calling me if you didn’t. Who do you need to disappear?”

“There minors we can’t do that. I want to know what legal action I can take against them. They assaulted another student, outside of school and she is in the hospital now. She’s very special to me. I took her in because she was homeless, and it’s complicated.” Luna said.

“You still have your apartment?” Chrysalis asked.

“Yes, I do.” Luna replied.

“I’ll see you around noon, and you can tell me everything, then we can go from there.” Chrysalis replied.

“O.K. Thanks I owe you one.” Luna said.

“I know I’m keeping count.” Chrysalis replied with her deep sultry voice.

“That woman, I swear sometimes freaks me out.” Luna said shutting her phone off.

At that point the doctor came out and he looked around the waiting room. Then motioning to Luna. Luna got up and almost ran to the doctor. She hoped for the best, but expected the worst.

“Doctor is she ok??!!” Luna pleaded breathing heavy.

“Her Iron is very low, no permanent head injury, just a swollen eye, and her jaw has a hairline fracture that should heal quickly. Her ribs are bruised and I think she might have a mild concussion. Other than that she is gonna be fine, but she needs time to heal.”

“Can I see her?!” Luna said pleading. Luna needed to see her girl, she needed to be at her side.

“Yes but you need to give the doctors and nurses room to work.” The doctor said.

Luna followed the doctor down the hall to see Sunset, her heart racing in preparation of what she would see. The doctor opened the door to the room letting Luna enter. Luna walked in expecting to see a full medical team working on Sunset, but all that was in there was a nurse writing stuff on a chart.

Luna took a chair and sat down at Sunset’s bedside. Sunset looked like she was asleep.

“Doctor is she sleeping?” Luna asked.

The Doctor who was going over something with the Nurse on her chart turned to Luna.

“She's been slightly sedated, she’ll be out for a few hours.” The doctor said.

“I’m waiting right here until she wakes up.” Luna said.

“What is your relation to her?” the doctor asked.

“I’m her Vice-Principal, and hopefully soon her guardian.” Luna said, squeezing Sunset’s hand. She swore she saw Sunset move slightly to Luna’s touch.

“O.K. well just let her rest.” The doctor said. Then he and the nurse left the room.

“Sunset, Luna is here for you.” Luna said, her voice breaking. Luna laid her head on Sunset’s tummy, crying softly.

“I’m gonna be here until you wake up. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.” Luna said sobbing softly.

Equestria, Canterlot Library.

Twilight had poured over a couple of ancient scrolls, and some more books more in depth about the Elements of Harmony. What she was finding out had her intrigued and scared at the same time.

“Any luck?” Spike said walking into the library.

“Back from Pony Joe’s already?” Twilight said.

“Twilight it’s been three hours, since you sent me to get something to eat” Spike told her.

“Sorry Spike but with what I found out here, it has me scared and excited at the same time.”

“How so Twilight, I didn’t think that was possible.” Spike replied.

“Spike we got one more trip to to take, the Hall of Records in Manehatten.” Twilight told him closing the book and turning to look at him.

“Why Twilight? I want to head back to Ponyville.” Spike whined. He was tired and wanted to go home.

“Spike, If what I have discovered is true. Sunset is either more special then we ever thought, or I left my friends on the other side of the mirror in grave danger.” Twilight said very grim. Hopefully the Hall of Records in Manehatten had the last piece of the puzzle.

"Let's go Spike, either way we are running out of time." Twilight said urgently.

Road to recovery

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Sunset opened her eyes, all she could see was white all around her, nothing else.

“Did I die, am I in heaven? Sunset asked looking around.

“Welcome Sunset, I have been awaiting you.” A voice said.

Sunset spun around and standing a few feet away was Sunset Satan.

“Miss me?” the demon asked.

“No! Princess Twilight defeated you!!” Sunset cried backing up in fear.

“HAHAHAHA!! All she did was put me in hibernation. You can’t be rid of me Shimmer. We are joined now.” The Demon said laughing.

“NO WE ARE NOT!!! I AM NOT YOU” Screamed Sunset, bringing her fists up.

“What makes you think you can stop me. You have nothing.” The Demon said right in Sunset’s face

“I have friends, I have Luna!” Sunset said with determination.

The Demon flew up several feet and laughed maniacally.

“Friends?? They bother with you, out of pity! They were commanded to be your friends, by “Princess Twilight.” The Demon said using her hands to put Princess Twilight in quotations.

“As for Luna, how long you think it will be before she gets tired of you. You will disappoint her soon enough, and sure enough just like your parents, and Princess Celestia, she will toss you out HAHAHAHA!!” The Demon said laughing maniacally.

“Luna said she cares about me, she has shown me kindness and compassion.” Sunset her heart and voice breaking.

“Oh please this is too good. You think she gives a damn about a girl who is blamed for destroying the front of the school, and leaving a huge crater in the ground.”

“I have destroyed your life Sunset, you will never have friends, or anyone to give a damn about you. Just remember you are unlovable and NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT YOU HAHAHAHAHA!!!

“No I have…”Sunset started again.

“You destroyed the front of the school, mind controlled the entire student body, tried to kill six people, caused a huge crater in the front lawn! Remember?” The Demon told her.

“NO I DIDN’T YOU DID!!!” Sunset shouted back with fury at the demon.

“HAHAHAHAHA!! I AM YOU SUNSET, WE ARE JOINED! !It would just take a nudge to make you fully embrace me, push you out of the light, you know it’s true. Farewell Shimmer for now! Just remember by day I will dog your steps, and by night haunt your dreams!!” The Demon taunted.

“I will defeat you, one way or another!” Sunset shouted, shaking her fist.

“Keep telling yourself that Shimmer.” The Demon said as she laughed maniacally.
Sunset covered her ears to drown out the laughter.

“No, No stop!!” She cried out in terror.
* * *

The morning sun showed through the window in Sunset’s room. She had slept all night long. Luna hadn’t left her side.
Sunset suddenly moved violently in the bed. Luna lifted her head and looked over at Sunset. Sunset face showed she was in anguish. Luna grabbed Sunset’s hand and rubbed her thumb over the back of her hand.

“Sunset it’s me Luna, I’m right here, Wake up Sunset, please wake up!!” Luna pleaded.

Sunset’s eyes fluttered open and she shot up in the bed looking around. It took a second for her eyes to come into focus. After she looked around her eyes came to rest on a very upset looking Luna.

“Luna!!” Sunset exclaimed reaching out to her Luna sat on the edge of the bed giving Sunset a light hug.

“Sorry it’s a weak hug, but you have bruised ribs honey, I need to be careful.” Luna explained

Sunset felt her face and winced a few times.

“Your eye is a little swollen and there is a hairline fracture in your jaw. They think you had a mild concussion.” Luna said rattling off everything.

“Wow, my head hurts.” Sunset said laying back down. The room had started spinning for her.

“Sunset sweetie take it easy, we are gonna make you better and make Gilda, Trixie, and the Diamond Dogs pay for what they did to you.” Luna promised.

“Luna why? What are you bothering with me? Out of Pity?” Sunset asked, thinking about what the demon told her.

Luna was shocked, dumbfounded that Sunset would suggest it was out of pity. Luna shed a few tears at Sunset’s question.

“Sunset I really feel a connection with you and I took you in for several reasons. I can’t let a 15 year old girl out on the streets, especially a student I know personally. Also Sunset having you in my apartment and life, has given me new purpose in my life.” Luna told her.

“Let me explain, you know that closet in the living room right? Asked Luna.

“With all the movies, and TV series?” Sunset weakly replied.

“Now do you know why I have all those DVDs Sunset?” Luna asked,

“I thought you were a movie fan, or someone who collects DVDs or something like that.” Sunset replied.

“Not exactly Sunset, I would come home and it would feel lonely because no one was there, I would watch the news while eating dinner, sometimes have some paperwork to do, but mainly I had nothing to do, so I started thinking about movies I liked growing up and bought the DVD of it. Or a TV series I liked and I would buy the DVD of it. Sunset it didn’t help. When the movie was over, or 3-4 episodes were done of whatever series I was watching well…”Luna stopped for a second remembering how let down she felt.

“The loneliness would return.” Sunset replied.

“Right, it was a major let down when the show ended.” Luna replied looking down at the floor remembering how it was.

“Sunset when I took you in, immediately I had something that I hadn’t had in a long time; companionship. Not like with a boyfriend or girlfriend but someone to talk to. I also think with the life you have had, you need someone who truly cares, I do. I want to give you a good life, because I gather your life has not been great for the first 15 years has it? If ponies age the same as humans.” Luna said.

“They pretty much do, but you're so willing to accept a girl who is technically an alien. I studied for a year in that library and students in general and quickly learned how to act, but I put walls up so no one would get close to me. I don’t know the first thing about being a friend.” Sunset replied feeling terrible.

“I’ll teach you Sunset, I have a surprise for you, I was saving it for a happier occasion but here goes. I have fast-tracked a petition to the court to be your guardian.” Luna said biting her lip not sure how Susnet would react.

“You don’t have to do that Luna, I am gonna be nothing but a financial burden to you. Plus I can get by on my own.” Sunset said.

“You are not gonna get by on your own, and you will not be a burden to me. I wouldn’t take you in if I couldn’t handle it. Please Sunset, you want to learn about love and friendship, then let me teach you.” Luna said.

“I don’t know what to say.” Sunset said.

“How about yes. That’s a good response.” Luna replied.

“Ok yes, I’ll give it a try.” Sunset said, smiling.

“Sunset it makes me feel good to see you smile.” Luna said.

“I think they will release you this afternoon, I will be back to get you then, but right now I need to meet with a friend from the FBI.” Luna told her.

“Why??” Asked Sunset, feeling very confused.

“To see what legal action we can take against your attackers dear.” Luna said standing up and crossing her arms matter-of-factly.

“WHAT!!” Sunset almost shouted.

Equestria, Manehatten Hall of records,

Twilight was looking over Sunset’s personal history and it was not presenting the last piece of the puzzle Twilight had been hoping for. But she was one step closer to finding out what she was looking for.

Spike walked into the small quiet room twilight had requested and sat down next to her.

“I’m guessing no luck and another trip.” Said Spike tiredly.

“Not for you, I’m gonna head back for Canterlot and Sunset’s school records, your heading home to Ponyville.” Twilight told Spike.

“Twilight I always come with you, why not now?” Spike pleaded with her.

“Spike it is the last trip, but you're tired and cranky, and don’t like being dragged around Equestria. This is something I should have done when I was there. This is on me.” Twilight told him

“This is on us Twilight. Where you go I go.” Spike said.

“Fine let's hit the hotel and then in the morning the train to Canterlot, then home. I think I am one step away from solving this mystery.” Twilight said.

Sunset's past

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“I said to see what legal action we can take against your attackers dear.” Luna repeated to Sunset. Sunset was stunned. Luna was gonna press charges.

“You can’t do that, they’ll come after me for sure. Gilda and her friends will get me for sure. I don’t know that anyone can protect me. Speaking of which, how did I get to the hospital after the attack?” Sunset asked.

“Rainbow Dash on her way home heard the commotion in the alley, looked in and saw you laying on the ground, being picked up so they could continue beating you.” Luna said as she started crying.

“Why are you crying Luna?” Sunset asked.

“Because I wasn’t there to protect my little girl.” She said sobbing laying her head on the bed.

“Your little girl?” Sunset asked.

“Sunset you are my charge or my ward legally, but I would like to think of you as a daughter, I know I’m rushing it, but you remind me of myself as a teenager. Lonely not many friends. Celestia and I didn’t have the most supportive mom and dad either, so I always said I would never be like them. I found someone who love, compassion and acceptance are foriegn concepts too. I want her to see how nice those three things are . Luna explained to her.

“Fine, you want to give me a good life and I understand and appreciate that, but if you go and get the law involved, that is not gonna go well for me. You can’t have bodyguards watching my back 24/7.” Sunset explained.

“When I come and pick you up this afternoon, we can discuss plans, but I got to meet Chrys right now.” Luna explained.

“It’s like you're blowing me off Luna.” Sunset said.

“Sunset your not getting released for another couple of hours, they are gonna want to make sure you don’t have a concussion or anything else.” Luna explained.

“So you’re blowing me off then, I must not be that special to even you.” Sunset looking down and feeling dejected.

“Why are you saying that?” Luna said, voice breaking a little bit.

“My parents blew me off and sent me to magic school. Oh look our daughter is a highly skilled student, even the Princess has taken a shine to her. Doing it for themselves.” Sunset began

“Then at first the princess was nice to me. We would have tea and play board games, we even had a sleepover once. Then she ordered me to make friends.” Sunset continued.

“Said I couldn’t go back into the library until I made friends, even tried what she told me, but I couldn’t seem to do it. I was happy when I did magic. I wanted to help raise the sun and the moon, she would blow me off and say you're not ready yet.”

“Whenever I asked for anything it was I wasn’t ready yet, after being in school for a year, she blew me off. I understand she had ruling duties to do, but all I wanted was her acceptance, her approval. Never got that from mom and dad, never got it from her either.”

“The demon was right when she said As for Luna, how long you think it will be before she gets tired of you. You will disappoint her soon enough, and sure enough just like your parents, and Princess Celestia, she will toss you out HAHAHAHA!!”

“What demon?” Asked Luna sitting back down by Sunset.

“The one I saw in my dreams, right before I woke up, the one who said I was her.” Sunset siad sitting up in her bed.

“You’re not that monster, and I’m not gonna toss you out. You don’t disappoint me. I may be disappointed in things you do and have done but I’m not disappointed in you.” Luna said.

“If your parents or this, what did you say the Princess name was?” Luna asked.

“Celestia.” Sunset immediately covered her mouth realizing what she just said.

“My sister is a pony princess that blew you off?” Luna asked.

“Yes.” Was all Sunset was able to reply.
Luna stood there in shock. Her sister was in that other world called Princess Celestia. Luna turned to Sunset and smiled.

“You know what Sunset, I’m not gonna blow you off.” Luna said.
Luna opened her cell phone and dialed Chrysalis number.

“Yeah Luna I didn’t forget about our meeting.” Chrysalis said as she was walking out the door.

“Change of plans come to the ER at the hospital. I want you to meet the girl I was telling you about. Her name is Sunset.” Luna said rubbing Sunset’s shoulder.

“Ok I am on my way.” Chrysalis said.

Chrysalis hopped on her motorbike, it was better for traveling, and as an FBI agent she did a lot of that. It took several minutes to arrive at the hospital.

“Now Sunset I’m not blowing you off, but I’m gonna go meet Chrys, I’ll be right back.” Luna said.
Luna walked down the hall and out of the hospital to meet Chrys and there in the parking lot. Chrysalis roared up on her Kawasaki Ninja. After getting off the bike Chrys removed her helmet.

Chrys was an athletic toned looking ebony colored woman. She had long blue hair and beautiful blue-green eyes. She was about as tall as Luna.

Luna and Chrys shared a quick hug.

“Alright Luna, who is Sunset Shimmer and what is going on here?” Asked Chrys.

“How long do you have?” Asked Luna.

“I have a feeling, this is gonna be another long ride.” Chrys said.

“Once you meet Sunset, you will understand part of it.” Luna informed her.

Upon entering the room. Sunset opened her eyes, sat up and looked at Luna and this new woman with her. Sunset had never seen anyone like her. Chrys walked over and smiled extending her hand.

“Hi I’m Chrysalis, but you can call me Chrys for short.” Chrysalis introduced herself.
Sunset just kinda looked at her and her extended hand.

“You can shake my hand. I don’t bite kid...unless you want me too.” Chrys said with a lil bit of a laugh.

“Sunset, Sunset Shimmer pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Sunset said, taking Chrys hand and shaking it.

“Well Luna, what is all this about?” Asked Chrys.

Luna gave her an account of the last 48 hours. When she was done, Chrys was sitting back and processing it all.

Just then the doctor came in and handed Luna the after care instructions.

“She needs to get more Iron in her diet. I’m guessing she is a vegetarian?”

“How could I be so stupid, Sunset you are gonna get a proper diet when i get you home, I promise.” Luna said, feeling really upset with herself.

“Hey don’t beat yourself up, Luna you didn’t know what I ate or when I ate.” Sunset consoled her.

“Well on the sheet is a list what a girl of her age should eat, considering she’s a vegetarian, you can get her iron supplements to help. What is your relationship to Sunset here?”

"Well I’m her guardian.” Luna felt confident saying that, like she was ready to take on the world.

“Ok, I have signed off on her papers. She is free to go, but have her take it easy for the next few days.” The doctor said. With that he left the room. Chrys and Luna stepped out as Susnet got dressed in real clothes.

“Chrys I don’t know if I can do this. Sunset grew up in a castle, was highly skilled in magic, had everything, and what can I offer her? Movies, a bowl of cereal in the morning. I didn’t even make sure she was getting the right vitamins or eating the right food. You know if it had been Tia she would have been all over that.” Luna said.

Chrys reached out and put her hand on Luna’s shoulder. “Luna you can offer her stability, you can offer her love and compassion, protection, stuff Sunset never got. She is a teenager, she’s gonna have mood swings, she has a lot of anger and sadness to work through and you Luna can be there for her. THAT is what you can do!” Chrysalis said poking Luna with her finger.

“You can be there for her.” Chrys said.

Celestia's Visit

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Luna walked out of the hospital with her arm around Sunset. Her girl was coming home. Chrys was standing over by her Kawasaki Ninja just waiting for the two to come out. After signing Sunset out she seemed very depressed.

“What’s wrong hun?” Asked Luna, noticing Sunset’s depressed mood.

“Well I have no idea how I’m gonna pay for this.” Sunset said.

“That’s not your concern, I’m gonna pay for it.” Luna told her.

“You? You can’t afford this, you’ll go bankrupt!!” Sunset cried.

Chyrs walked over to the pair and placed her hands on Susnet’s shoulders.

“I’m gonna help Luna in paying for your hospital stay as well.” Chrys added.

Sunset spun around and glared at both of them. This was not right she couldn’t let them do this. She was not gonna be a financial burden to them.

“This is not right, I don’t want to be a burden to you, financially speaking. Let me get a job and pay you back at least some of the money.”. Sunset pleaded, grabbing Luna’s arms.

“Sunset, I’m the adult, you're the child here, It is not a burden Chrys and I got more than enough money to take care of it. Besides we are going to explain the situation to billing and get the bill reduced.” Luna told her calmly.

Luna then brought Sunset in for a light hug as her ribs were still sore.

“Can we go home Sunset?” Luna asked while still holding her and stroking her hair.

“I’d like that.” Sunset said, finally starting to let her guard down.

They got into Luna’s car and headed home, Chrys followed on her motorcycle. After a few minutes Sunset really started to feel terrible. It was all her fault Luna had a big bill to pay. She was considering leaving tonight and find somewhere else to go. She was not going to be a burden to Luna anymore.

Arriving at the apartment, Luna helped Sunset up the stairs and Chrys brought up the rear. Once inside Luna had Sunset sit on the couch. take her boots off and put her feet up. Chrys sat on the loveseat and kicked off her boots and sat with the heels of her feet on the floor and the rest of her feet pointing up. Her arms draped over the back of the loveseat, her head tilted back, eyes closed.

Luna walked in and looked at Chrys in that odd position.

“Make yourself at home Chrys.” Luna said sarcastically,

“Don’t mind if I do.” Said Chrys not moving a muscle.

“Sunset can I get you anything, soda, water, another pillow?” Luna asked .

“A glass of water would be nice, thanks.” Said Sunset tiredly.

Luna put the glass down just as the doorbell rang. Chrys and Luna both got up to see who it was. Sunset just sat there drinking some of her water, when she froze it was a voice she would recognize anywhere. It was Principal Celestia.

“I heard Sunset was released, is she here?” Asked Celestia.

“No we haven’t taken her out of the trunk of the car yet.” Chrys replied in a sarcastic tone.

Celestia came in and saw Sunset sitting on the couch with her legs up against her chest and her arms around her legs.

“Hi Sunset, how are you feeling?” Asked Celestia.

Sunset was looking down at the floor. She never looked at Celestia; it reminded her too much of what happened in Equestria. She wasn’t ready to deal with Celestia just yet.

“Um...FIne thanks.” Sunset replied quietly.

Luna became concerned, Sunset was fine a few minutes ago and resting quietly, now she seemed scared and on edge. She figured it might have something to do with her sister and the princess in Equestria.

“Tia can we talk in the kitchen for a second?” Luna prodded.

“Sure.” Celestia said.

“Chrys.” Luna said.

“Yeah.” Chyrs replied.

“Keep an eye on her for a second.” Luna said under her breath.

* * *

Celestia and Luna entered into the kitchen. Celestia could tell that didn’t go so well.

“You know sister I get the feeling she doesn’t like me.” Celestia said.

“She’s a good kid, scared, confused, and angry. I think she needs people to be there for her. People willing to listen.” Luna said

“On another note Chrysalis says filing charges against Gilda and the Diamond Dogs is not gonna go well in court. They can say we are letting a raging demon walk around our halls.” Luna said, forcing out the words raging demon.

Luna got up to put some water in a kettle and set on the stove.

“Celestia, would you like some tea?” Luna asked

“That would be good, thanks.” Celestia said.

“Now Tia, I can tell you why Sunset seems cold towards you but you keep this on the down low for right now. Luna began to relate Sunset’s tale in Equestria and her experiences with Princess Celestia. She told her everything while they had their tea.

When she was done Celestia was stunned.

“Sunset hates me because she reminded her of the Princess that kicked her out of magic school, and the castle. Sunset was trying to get attention that she didn’t get from her parents, and at first she had it and was trying to gain acceptance, but never got that from the Princess.” Celestia thought.

“Luna, she just wanted someone to pay attention to her, someone to give her approval, she has never had that.” Celestia said.

“Your right, and that was part of the problem no one gave a damn about her in that world, she came here somehow and was too scared to get hurt put walls up and became as she refers to herself “a bitchbrat.” Luna told her.
Celestia was sipping her tea and it all made sense now, why Sunset was the way she was for so long, she was a scared little girl.

* * *

In the living room Chrys noticed how quiet and withdrawn Sunset had become when Celestia entered. Visibly she was very uncomfortable. She decided to try to get Sunset to open up to her.

“You don’t like that woman do you?” Asked Chrys.

“Could you tell.” Sunset deadpanned.

“Why?” Chrys asked.

“A long story, she reminds me of someone else who hurt me and I feel uncomfortable around her.” Sunset said staring off into space as she saw Princess Celestia in her memory.

“Well listen kiddo, she is not that person who hurt you, it’s not fair to take it out on her, you too need to open up to each other.”

“Easier said than done.” Sunset said.

Just then the door from the kitchen opened up and Luna and Celestia came out.

“Sunset, Chrys were gonna order pizza. What would you guys like?” Luna asked.

“Just cheese.” Said Sunset

“Anchovies.” Said Chrys.

“Gross.” Said Celestia.

“Don’t knock until you try Tia.” Said Chrys looking at her nails.

“So one whole pepperoni for Tia and I and one half cheese and half anchovies.” Luna recapped taking out her phone to order.

“Sunset, why do you pick out a movie to watch while we enjoy our pizza and drinks.”

So the four of them spent the rest of the day eating pizza and watching movies. Sunset sat snuggled up close to Luna’s side, Luna kept her arm around Sunset most of the night. Sunset laid her head on Luna’s shoulder. That made Chrys smile seeing them together like that. Sunset just didn’t want to be anywhere near Celestia.

Equestria, Canterlot throne room.

Princess Celestia had been looking over some paperwork when one of the royal guards entered the throne room.

“Your highness Princess Twilight Sparkle.” Announce one of the royal guards.

“Let her in.” Celstia said.

“Well hello Twilight I hear you and Spike been all over Equestria. Crystal Empire, Ponyville, Here, Manehatten and now back here. What is going on?” Celestia asked.

Twilight gave her a run down of what had been going on.

“Which leads me to a theory. Two actually. I want to take a look at Sunset’s school records, they may help me.” Twilight asked nervously.

“Fine you can look over them. But why not tell me what your theories are first.” Celestia said, kind of concerned.

“Well the first one is…” Twilight began.

A midnight snack

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That night Luna had decided to sleep on the couch, so Sunset could have her soft bed. Luna said they were gonna clear out the spare room and make it Sunset’s room she didn't tell Sunset yet. But Sunset felt bad that she cost them money.

After Luna crashed on the couch, Sunset packed her duffle bag full of clothes and was gonna leave. She snuck down the hall quietly, trying not to wake Luna up. Just as she was about to reach the door the light turned on and Luna stood in the archway into the living room.

“If you wait a couple of minutes, I’ll make you some sandwiches Sunset.” Luna said arms folded leaning against the archway. Sunset knew she had been caught. She put her bags down.

“Where are you going?” Asked Luna.

“I don't know.” Replied Sunset.

“How are you getting there?” Pressed Luna.

“I’ll take the bus.” Sunset said.

“I see, and when the bus gets to you don’t know where, what will you do then?”
Luna asked, trying to get Sunset to tell her what she was doing and why.

“I’ll get a job.” Sunset said, feeling proud of her answer.

“As what? Secretary of State?” Luna scoffed.

“I gotta go.” Sunset said, turning towards the door.

“So you're just gonna wimp out and run away, Why?”

“I’m not wimping out!!” Sunset replied back, her hands turning into fists.

“What do you call this?” Said Luna walking into the hallway standing between Sunset and the door.

“Why should I stay here, I got all this crappy stuff to deal with, no one likes me
and I just cost you and Chrys a fortune in medical bills because of me.” Sunset told Luna.

“Listen little miss, life is full of crappy stuff to deal with, it’s everywhere so you better get use to it. The President has crappy stuff to deal with.” Luna said firmly.

“Second I love you Sunset, Chrys likes you, Celestia if you give her half a chance, you would see she likes you. Also there are five girls out there who like you too, If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have had you come to the animal shelter, eat lunch with you, repair your jacket, and most of all SAVE YOUR LIFE.” Luna said still being firm but gentle with Sunset.

“Life sucks.” Sunset said turning away.

“Yes things are rough right now Sunset, but you have a choice.” Luna said gently lifting Sunset’s head so their gazes met.

“You can tough it out or let it beat you, but you’re here now with me and this doesn’t have to suck. If you stay and work at it, and let people help you, things are gonna look up.”

“As for medical bills we are gonna call the billing dept. and get the cost reduced and I want to go after Gilda and Trixie for what they did to you. Chrys says we probably can’t press charges. Not that anyone would believe you turned into a raging she demon, but a lot of kids might be called on to testify. If they all tell the same story it could be weird.
Then we have the FBI breathing down our necks you might even get taken away and end up in south Nevada or some underground lab. That’s why we are getting a birth certificate and social security card for you so it looks like you're a regular human.”

“Now let's get a midnight snack. I got something very exciting to tell you.” Luna said motioning towards the kitchen.

“What would you like? Milk and cookies?” Luna asked

Sunset gave her a puzzled look.

“Did she just offer me milk and cookies?” Sunset thought.

Luna looked away and started crying. Sunset rushed over to Luna and put an arm around her as she leaned against the counter. She hugged Sunset back.

“I’m sorry Sunset…”she began sobbing.”...but I’m not like those TV mothers that always say the right thing.” Luna said.

Sunset smiled and decided to make Luna feel better.

“You know what I could go for Luna? Some milk and cookies." Sunset said smiling ear to ear.

“Ok then.” Luna said, drying her tears. Luna poured two glasses of milk and took out a plate putting a few Oreos on it.

“Why were you crying, Luna?” Sunset asked.

“I’m trying to be a good guardian and trying to act like a mom. I’m not always sure of what to say.” Luna told her. "I realized how embarrassing, and how pathetic that sounded offering milk and cookies.” Luna said.

“It was not pathetic, after all you’re trying.” Sunset said, taking a bite of her Oreo.

“You lived in a castle, had everything, I don’t have much to offer. A little apartment, a bowl of cereal in the morning, a movie collection.” Luna said.

“I never had acceptance, I had parents that used me-oh look, our daughter is Celestia’s prized student, when they were sober. I had a Princess who for the first year took an interest in me because of my intelligence. But then she became distant too.”

“What I really want is someone who is there for me, not just ghost me after a while. Someone to listen to me and be there for me. Even if it is over milk and cookies.” Sunset said, taking Luna’s hand and caressing it slightly with her thumb.

“Now Luna what is the exciting news?” Sunset said.

“Chrys and I are gonna clean out the spare room, and make it your room.” We are gonna order a bed and frame, a TV, and a dresser.

Then we are taking you shopping, so you have more than 5 outfits and get you
new clothes, shoes, even down to your underwear. Even gonna get you an upgraded cell phone. If you run away what are you gonna have? Damn it I’m doing the best I can Sunset. I have come to think of you as my daughter, my little girl.”

“I know you are used to independence, so I will tell you what. If you want to leave I won’t stop you. You may leave if you wish.” Luna told her.

Luna waited for Sunset to leave and rush out the door. Sunset instead just sat there looking down.

“I’m guessing you are gonna stay then huh?” Luna said.

“As long as I’m not a burden to you. Apparently that’s all I have ever been to anyone else.” Sunset said dejectedly.

Luna got up and walked over to Sunset and took her hands and lifted her up. She looked Sunset in the eyes, took her hand and stroked Sunset’s hair.

“Your parents didn’t see what a special girl you were, The Princess didn't see it either. But I do Sunset!!” Luna said with her hand on Sunset’s cheek rubbing her thumb gently on her cheek.

Luna walked into the living room and Sunset started to follow her when Luna stopped her.

“Where do you think you're going?” said Luna arms crossed.

“Just wanted to see what you were doing.” Sunset said.

“I want you to see what my pillow in bed is doing. I want you asleep in five minutes young lady.” Luna said nicely but firmly at the same time.

Luna watched as Sunset picked up her duffle bag and headed back to her bedroom. The light went out about two minutes later as she figured Sunset probably changed into her Pajamas before going to bed. Luna returned to the couch for a restless night of sleep.

Equestria, Canterlot Throne room,

“Twilight neither of those theories make much sense to me. Sunset’s school records won’t help you much. I hope you have evidence to back these up.” Celestia said.

“Well Sunset said to me “do you know what happens when you bring an element of harmony into an alternate world?” I didn’t know. But we saw what happened, she turned into a gargoyle type of monster, a demon if you will, thanks to my crown.” Twilight said.

“Ok but your other theory we need to discuss.” Princess Celestia said.

“Princess those are my theories. One Sunset Shimmer’s true form was the demon creature and she is not from Equestria or the other world. Two she is the 7th element of Harmony. I would have to find a way back to that world.” Twilight said.

“You will have to wait another 30 moons, but maybe we can find a way for you to get back.” Celestia said.

"It will have to wait though, as we are gonna hold the Summer Sun Celebration here in Canterlot this year. As a princess we will need your help with it, because it is going to be here before you know it.” Celestia informed Twilight.

Back to life, back to reality

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That night as Sunset slept after Luna and her had a talk and a midnight snack, she had no idea of Twilight’s theories. It worried Twilight that Sunset might be from another dimension and that demon was her true form. It made her feel better if Sunset was the 7th element of harmony-but what would that element be.

The alarm went off at 5 am and Luna quickly turned it off and got up from the couch. She quickly got a shower and got dressed and closed her bedroom door where Sunset was sleeping (Luna hoped). Luna decided to look in on her real quick. Sunset was peacefully resting. Luna couldn’t help but smile. Sunset was staying home just for today, Luna would have to tell the construction foreman that she was on light duty.

Luna quickly got to her car, and texted Chyrs to come over and keep an eye on Sunset. After that she headed to school, it was a quiet day considering all that happened 72 hours earlier. Snips and Snails were given their punishment-a week's suspension to be served helping the construction crew as gophers. Sunset would join them tomorrow.

Other than 5 girls who came to Luna’s office asking for Sunset after she didn’t meet them at the horse statue in the front of the school it was an easy day. Luna told them she would be there tomorrow.

Chrys showed up around nine and Sunset finally woke up around 11 and trudged into the kitchen had cereal and juice.

After a little bit her and Chrys talked and watched some TV, Chrys even said she wanted to take Sunset for a day this weekend. Introduce her to video games and give her a ride on her Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

After Luna got home, Chrys went out and picked up pizza for them all. Which resulted in something Luna and Chrys had not seen, Sunset laugh.

All Chrys told Luna was she was gonna go get them dinner. When she came back, Luna was on her phone and Chrys walked in the kitchen

“I got dinner.” Was all she said.

“What did you get?” Luna asked looking up at the box and realizing right away it was pizza.

“A bucket of chicken. I hope you like it extra flat and crispy.” Chrys replied sarcastically.

Sunset burst out laughing only for about a minute. But Luna and Chrys were happy to see Sunset laugh. Chrys left after dinner, Sunset was doing her assignments in the kitchen, while Luna played on her phone.

It was a nice quiet easy day, Luna knew there would not be many more of these.

* * *

Tuesday rolled around too soon for Sunset. Monday night she had lay awake all night long. When she did doze off it ended with nightmares. At times the demon spoke to her in her nigihtmares. She knew this day would be hell.

Today her trial would truly begin. Students were gonna play: judge, jury, and executioner. Hell a few students already had tried to play executioner. She knew she would at least run into Trixie at school. The Diamond Dogs were gonna be there too. Gilda attended another school, but her friends in CHS kept her up to date on things going on there.

Sunset sat in Luna’s kitchen with a cup of coffee, and Luna sat there drinking coffee, eating a bagel, Sunset was too nervous and wound up to eat.

“Sunset, are you sure you are up to this?” Luna asked.

“I h-have to go back, I d-don’t want to, but if I don’t face them they will think of me as a coward.” Sunset told her almost shaking.

“Are you sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard, if you need more time off, Celestia will allow it…” Luna was rambling on.

Sunset walked over to Luna. “It’s ok besides I got to be a gopher for the construction crew for the week while they rebuild the wall.”

“You’re on light duty, don't over do it.” Luna told her.

Sunset chugged down the last two swallows of her coffee. Then rinsed the cup out and put it in the dishwasher, Luna followed suit, grabbing her purse and keys off the hook. Sunset grabbed her jacket and backpack, and walked to the door waiting for Luna.

“Are you ready?” Luna said, opening up the door.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Sunset replied.

Luna and Sunset walked down to the car after Luna locked the apartment door.
It didn’t take long to reach the school, Luna lived nearby. Sunset wondered why it didn’t take long to reach the apartment Friday night after the dance.

As they pulled into the faculty lot Luna noticed Celestia’s car was already there. Her sister always came in early to do paperwork. Luna would usually do that too.

Pulling into the parking lot Sunset’s nerves went through the roof, there were no students yet and she would only have to go help the crew after classes began, but still it was scary. She followed quickly behind Luna and walked into the school.

“Sunset would you like to sit in my office until classes begin, before heading out?” Luna asked. She could tell Sunset was nervous.

“Y-yeah that w-would be great.” Sunset replied looking around.

Luna and Sunset entered her office. After putting her keys in her pocket, and hanging her jacket and purse by the door, Luna told Sunset to have a seat and Luna went down the hall to see Celestia.

“Enter.” Celestia said when she heard the knocking.

Luna entered the room, and Celestia looked up and smiled.

“Hi Luna How are you doing this morning.” Celestia asked.

“I have Sunset with me this morning, and she is scared out of her wits.” Luna said slumping down in a chair in Celestia’s office.

“Well she knows to help the construction crew, and she is on light duty, right?” Celestia asked.

“Yes she is, I’m gonna keep her in my office until first period, then she can head out and join Snips and Snails.

* * *

All the girls got to school early on Tuesday, and after getting what they needed form their lockers (except Rainbow Dash, who had gym first period), they headed over to Luna’s office.

As they got there Luna was coming back from Celestia’s office and saw five girls standing outside her office.

“I’m guessing you guys are here at sunrise to see Sunset. Am I right?” asked Luna.

“Yeah we all got here early ta see her, she here?” Asked Applejack.

“Sure come on in.” Luna said as she opened the door.

Sunset jumped when Luna said that as she opened the door, then saw the five girls come in.

“Sunset Shimmer!!” Pinkie exclaimed and hugged Sunset tightly.

“OWWWWWWWWWWW!!” Exclaimed Sunset holding her sides.

Everyone except Rainbow Dash looked on in confusion. Rainbow quickly headed over to Sunset’s side.

“Are your ribs still a little bit sore?” Asked Rainbow with her hand on Sunset’s shoulder.

“A little bit.” Answered Sunset in some pain.

I’m so, so sorry Sunset, I didn't know you were hurt and all or I would be more gentle...WAIT A SECOND why are your ribs sore?” Asked Pinkie mid ramble, when the exchange between Rainbow and Sunset sunk in.

Sunset looked over at Luna and Luna nodded.

Sunset gave them a brief rundown about being beaten unconscious in the alley. Also about Rainbow saving her life. About being in the hospital at the end of her story her friends were mad.

“Why didn’t you tell us, you got beaten up?” Asked Applejack.

“Or that you were in the hospital?” Asked Fluttershy.

“Rainbow darling, why didn’t…”Rarity started asking when she and everyone else noticed Rainbow was not in the office anymore.

“Where’s Rainbow?” Asked Sunset.

“Duh! She’s gone down to the locker room to change, she has gym class first.” Pinkie said.

The other four stayed and talked to Sunset for a bit as it was early in the morning.

* * *

Rainbow walked into the gymnasium and met up with two other members of her soccer team Spitfire and Lightning Dust. After a high five to both she asked if anyone else was here.

“Yeah that braggart Trixie just walked in.” Spitfire motioned towards the locker room.

“Can you two do me favor?” Asked Rainbow Dash

“Sure what do you need?” Asked Lightning Dust.

“Watch the locker room door for me. Give me two knocks if someone is coming. I need to have a word in private with Trixie.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Dash be careful, don’t beat her up.” Spitfire said.

“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it. Just watch the door.” Rainbow said as she headed into the locker room.

In the locker room three-fourths of two walls were lockers, the other fourth was a shower usually used by the sports teams after a game. There were four benches in the locker room with no back big enough that four people could sit on them.

Trixie always arrived early as she didn’t like to change in front of people, or as few as possible. Rainbow Dash went in quietly, and quickly crept up behind Trixie. As soon as Trixie turned around Rainbow Dash was right there. She grabbed Trixie by the throat and pushed her up against the locker.

“Rainbow I can’t…” Was all Trixie could get out.

“If you touch Sunset again, in fact if you go anywhere near her. I will find you, rip off both of your arms and both of your legs, and I will knock that disgusting looking face right off your head. Understand?” Rainbow threatened.

“Please.” Trixie wheezed.

“Yes? So you will be this armless, legless faceless thing won’t you? Rolling down the street like a turd in the wind, do you feel me?” Rainbow said getting right in her face.

“Yes.” Trixie managed to get out.

Rainbow released Trixie and Trixie fell to the ground on her hands coughing and holding her throat.

“You’re lucky we are in school. By the way you might want to get that message to your friend Gilda too.” Rainbow said standing over her.

Then there was a knock at the door from one of her guards so Rainbow walked away from Trixie and headed over to the door gave two knocks and Spitfire and Lightning Dust came in and they headed to their lockers and got changed into their gym clothes. Rainbow gave a look to Trixie like don’t you talk, Trixie quickly turned away to get changed as students started to arrive. As gym class began Rainbow noticed Trixie was nowhere to be found.

As the first period began all over CHS Sunset was free to go out and help the construction until lunch. With her hard hat on Sunset began bringing tools to different workers and clearing the remaining debris with Snips and Snails.

Luna was with Celestia going over ideas of how to pay for all of the damage. When the office door swung open and Trixie came in.

“Well hello Trixie, what can we do for you?” Celestia asked.

Rainbow's Punishment

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Trixie came into Celestia’s office and told Celestia and Luna everything that happened in the gym locker room earlier that morning. Inside Luna felt great pride that Rainbow had done this but knew full well she couldn’t show it outwardly.

“Trixie thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will talk with Rainbow Dash next period.” Luna said, begrudgingly while still shooting daggers at Trixie with her eyes.

“The great and honest Trixie, must know are you gonna go easy on her Vice Principal Luna?” She asked.

“I’m not gonna go easy on her or you and your friends FOR BEATING SUNSET
UNCONSCIOUS!!” Luna yelled at her Trixie making her eyes become as wide as saucers.

“But I didn’t do anything, I was trying to stop Gilda and the Dogs, when I saw Sunset couldn’t stand, honestly I never threw a punch, a kick, anything, I SWEAR!!” Trixie pleaded Luna staring intently at her.

“Trixie…”Luna began but Celestia grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back.

“Trixie I will deal with Rainbow Dash, next period I promise you. You can head out for your next class.” Celestia informed Trixie. After that Trixie left the office and went to her locker to get her books for the next couple classes.

“Luna you are NOT going to handle this. You're too close to this case. I will not allow it.” Celestia said.

“NOT ALLOW IT??!! Sunset is MY responsibility and…”

“And I don’t think you will handle this the right way, I know you're gonna go after Trixie and Gilda, I am wholeheartedly behind that, but let me handle this.” Celestia said, trying to calm her sister down.


“LUNA STAND DOWN NOW. Remember one thing. I’m not just your big/older sister but I am also your immediate supervisor. Now go back to your office and cool off, or I will send you home for the day.” Celestia said standing up to Luna.

Luna didn’t budge.

“Luna you don’t want to do this.” Celestia said getting face to face with Luna.

“If I am sent home, what are you gonna do with Sunset out there?” Luna said
pointing to the front entrance of the school. “Do you think she's gonna feel comfortable eating her lunch with you? Who is gonna take her home huh?” Luna asked.

“I will take her home or you can send Chrys to get her.” Celestia said.

“Like she is gonna ride with you.” Luna scoffed

“Luna this is your last warning, go back to your office and cool off, I will handle
this.” Celestia said.

Regretfully Luna backed down and went back to her office but this was not over.

* * *

Outside the front of Canterlot High School.

Sunset just cleared the last of the debris and took her hard hat off to wipe her brow. Rebuilding this wall was hard work, she had only done a lil bit, Friday night but here it was Tuesday and the front of the High School was starting to come together.

“Ms Shimmer.” The Forman said walking over to her.

“Listen, the cement mixers are gonna pour part of the concrete that was destroyed. Tomorrow we have the dump trucks with dirt coming to take care of the major part of the grass.” He said, indicating the crater.

“Anyway there is not much to do for a few minutes so, why don’t you take a 10 minute water break and just chill for a few minutes.” He told her.

Sunset was happy to oblige, and went and sat on the steps of the school with a cup of water from the cooler. After guzzling it down, Sunset looked around at the font of the school, and what she had done. She knew people were scared of her now. Judging her.

She imagined the whole school was like a jury, except for Twilight’s friends everyone else had returned a verdict of guilty. Problem was she felt guilty, felt guilty about destroying the front of the school. She looked back at the front of the school, she had done that.

She also felt guilty for treating people like dirt. She used to bully people for their lunch money, because she needed to eat. Luna was taking care of that now, breakfast, dinner, giving her lunch money, or offering to pack her a lunch if she needed.

As she finished her second cup of water she was also thinking about what terrible person she was. She looked over at the crater, wishing again that had been her grave.

[i]“Why? Why did Twilight pull me out of there? Maybe I could jump in there before they pour the cement or dirt. Then I wouldn’t be a bother to people.” Sunset thought.

Sunset mulled over her choice, Luna really cared about her, or so it seemed, Chrys and her got along good too, She was making it up to Twilight’s friends. But she often felt numb, not knowing how to feel. That bothered her the most.

* * *

Rainbow Dash walked into Celestia’s Office. She figured Trixie squealed and she figured this was either detention or suspension. Even if she pleaded her case of why she did it.

Yet why wasn’t Vice Principal Luna handling this. She was the one if you were in trouble you went to see Luna, not Celestia.

“Rainbow Dash.” Celestia said breaking Rainbow out of her train of thought.

“Trixie came to me today saying you choked her and threatened to disembowel her.” Celestia said.

“I never threatened to disembowel her. But I like that idea.” Rainbow replied.

“Ms. Dash I understand, you're wanting to stand up for Sunset. I mean you beat up five people to save her life.” Celestia told her. Then she rolled her chair a little closer to her desk, placed her hands folded on the desk and looked sternly at Rainbow Dash.

“Slamming another student against a locker, choking them, threatening to do whatever you threatened them with, is not how you go about it. Not even Sunset ever went that far. Rainbow you have a week of detention, starting today.” Celestia said.

“You can’t do that!! We have a Soccer game Friday, we leave after school, I’m co-captain of the team!! I need to be there, we are leaving after school!! I can’t go Tuesday-Tuesday with a game on Friday afternoon!!”

“So you want to get out of detention on Friday huh?” Celestia asked leaning back in her chair.

“Yes.” Rainbow Dash insisted.

“Very well come with me then.” Celestia said getting up and leaving the office motioning to Rainbow to follow her. Rainbow followed Celestia through the school. It was quiet as most kids were in class.

“Where are we going?” Asked Rainbow wondering why they were walking towards the front of the school.

“Easy, you’re going to tell Sunset what you did this morning. I’m sure she will be thrilled to hear that.” Celestia said sarcastically.

“Whoa, whoa ,whoa wait a second. That is a punishment?” Asked Rainbow. “I know Sunset is gonna be happy with what I did.”

* * *

“Rainbow are you crazy, no I am not happy about that at all.” Sunset said to her privately as she got a short break to talk to Dash.

“Sunset that girl…” Rainbow began.

“Didn’t throw a punch. She’s the least involved.” Sunset said. “Look I know you are loyal to your friends, loyalty is your best trait, but you're being loyal to a fault. I don’t want you threatening everybody that looks at me sideways. I don’t need you to defend me on every little thing.” Sunset told her.

“I’m gonna need your help a lot more next week, when I have to walk those halls again. I’m gonna need Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and you Rainbow Dash. I need all of you.” Sunset said, taking Rainbow Dash’s hand.

Rainbow pulled her hand away and Sunset looked hurt. Rainbow immediately realized what she did.

“It’s ok Sunset but I don’t do sappy. I wasn’t pulling my hand away for a bad reason.” Rainbow explained.

“Well I need to get back to work, but what did Celestia say anyway?” Sunset asked.

“I got a week of detention Tuesday to Tuesday, but I get out of detention on Friday so I can play soccer, if I came and told you what I did.” Rainbow admitted meekly.

“Well I appreciate you standing up for me, but you don’t need to choke Trixie and threaten to literally tear her limb from limb.” Sunset said putting her hard hat on walking back over to the construction crew.

“Wow that girl has really turned herself around.” Thought Rainbow.

Rainbow then headed back to where Celestia was talking with the construction foreman over the crater being filled tomorrow. Upon seeing Rainbow Dash she waved her over.

“So was Sunset thrilled like you said she should be?” Celestia said knowing full well that she wasn’t.

“You were right, she said she appreciated me standing up for her, but not choking Trixie and threatening to rip her limb from limb.” Rainbow said looking down and admitting defeat in her own way.

“Ms. Dash, you have just served Friday’s detention. You can go back to class. I will see that they don’t get you in trouble for coming in late.” Celestia told Rainbow Dash.

Celestia stood for a minute watching Sunset work. “I wish I could connect with her. I gotta find a way if she is gonna be part of Luna’s life she’s gonna be part of mine. I don’t want it being so awkward.” Celestia thought.

* * *

“Sunset Shimmer.” The construction foreman called.

“Yes, sir.” She replied walking over to him.

“Lunch time you can take your break.” He replied.

Sunset removed her hard hat and headed inside, passing only a few students who shot her death glares and whispered about her. She didn’t care because she was headed to see Luna for lunch.

She opened the door and walked into Luna’s office. Luna looked up from the file she was going over and smiled.

“Hi honey, how is it going out there today?” Luna asked.

Sunset slumped into a chair and let her arms hang down on the sides. “I didn’t know building a wall was so hard, and I am only a gopher and doing menial tasks for them.” She said.

Before Luna could respond there was a knock at her office door.

“Enter.” She said.

Five girls walked in and Sunset breathed a sigh of relief realizing it was her friends.

“Hi Vice Principal Luna we wuz ah wunderin if Sunset wanted to join us for lunch.” Applejack asked.

“Thanks girls, you guys really mean it?” Sunset asked.

“Darling we wouldn’t ask you if we didn’t mean it.” Rarity replied.

“Well girls, this is Sunset’s decision to make.” Luna replied.

“I would love to but Luna already packed a lunch today so I won’t be with you in line. Is that ok?" Sunset asked.

“Sunset that’s fine and if you didn’t have money, the girls and I would all get you something in line so you didn’t go hungry.” Fluttershy said.

“Luna would you be offended if I tried this today?” Sunset asked.

“No go ahead, I need to talk to Principal Celestia anyway.” Luna said,

As Sunset left with the girls Luna felt lonely, she had looked forward to having lunch and talking with Sunset, but Sunset needed to forge new friendships and make friends her own age.

Luna hadn’t been lucky to have many good friends in school. So for her to see Sunset have friends it made her feel good.

The girls all got in line and Rainbow pointed out what table they all sat at, Sunset went over and sat down with her bag and noticed the lunch room got very quiet. A lot of people were looking at her. She wanted to run back to Luna’s office but knew she had to face this.

She started quietly eating her lunch and noticed after two minutes Pinkie Pie set her tray down and then shortly after Applejack, then slowly but surely all the other girls did too. Sunset felt better, actually safe with her friends being there.

Rainbow told them about getting detention. The girls were all confused as to why Principal Celestia and not Vice Principal Luna handled it.

“Yeah Sunset why didn’t Vice Principal Luna handle it?” Rainbow asked.

“I have no idea Rainbow, she doesn’t really discuss school business with me.” Sunset replied.

“Hey Sunny this Saturday what are you doing?” Pinkie asked.

“I don’t know why?” Sunset asked.

“Because I put a good word in with Mrs. Cake, and if you wanted to start paying your debt as you said “She said you can help out morning to afternoon shift at Sugarcube corners if you like. We would get to work together wouldn’t that be awesome? I think it would be awesome? You know…” Pinkie started.

“Pinkie what time do I show up?” Asked Sunset.

“We open at 6 but you and I don't need to get there until 7, we help out in the kitchen then for lunch I am taking orders you’ll be in the back, don’t wear anything to to nice as you might end up doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen after the lunch rush and then we are done. I even get to show you my place too.” Pinkie rambled on.

“I think it should be ok. Count me in.” Sunset replied.

A minute later as Sunset was finishing her lunch two members of the basketball team Hoops and Scores walked by

“Scores wait here is the garbage can.” Hoops said. Him and Scores dumped their mostly eaten food and garbage right onto Sunset.

Food Fight

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Applejack and Rainbow were up in a flash and Rainbow landed a kick to Hoops's groin. He doubled over in pain and Rainbow landed a chop to the back of his neck dropping Hoops to his knees.

Scores went to help his friend when Applejack stepped in his way.

“Move out of the way, girl!!” Scores yelled.

“Like hell, I will.” Applejack replied.

“You should have brought back up then.” Scores replied.

“I did.” She replied.

Before Scores could say anything else he heard behind him. “Eeyupp.” Scores turned around to see Applejack’s brother Big Macintosh standing there with him pounding his fist into his other hand.

Scores sloppily threw a punch at Big Macintosh, to which he missed. Big Macintosh grabbed his arm, put it behind his back, and pushed him against a wall. Easily ending the fight.

By this time a humiliated Sunset had stood up. So no one would see her cry, she ran out of the cafeteria amid several people laughing at her. She even heard someone say “Look She Demon isn’t so bad anymore.”

Do to all the commotion Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna had heard down the hall. The both of them came walking down the hall and into the cafeteria. Everything came to an abrupt halt. Big Macintosh let Scores go and Hoops stood up slowly.

Luna walked over to Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh and looked sternly at them.

“What is going on?” She asked.

“Hoops and Scores here thought it would be funny to dump their trash, some of it partly ate food onto Sunset Shimmer.” Rainbow said.

Luna felt her heart skip a beat. Then looked around and realized her girl was not there, this was not good, not good at all.

“Where is Sunset now?” Luna asked.

“Um, she ran out the door, when everyone started laughing at her.” said Fluttershy pointing towards the main doors of the cafeteria.

“Okay Hoops, Scores, Rainbow Dash, and Big Macintosh in my office. NOW!!” Celestia said knowing full well that Luna wanted to find Sunset in the worst way.

Celestia led the four out of the cafeteria with Luna bringing up the rear. After the four of them entered Celestia’s office Luna was off like a shot.

Luna checked the locker room and the showers yet Sunset wasn’t there. Luna was looking frantically around CHS for her girl.

Luna was up on the second floor and her mind was going a mile a minute looking for Sunset.

“I have got to find Sunset, I got to find her, I can’t lose her, I can’t lose her, I can’t…” Luna was thinking when she heard sniffling coming from the ladies bathroom.

Luna cautiously entered the bathroom. She followed the crying to the first stall, sitting there on the floor was Sunset, with food in her hair and clothes, knees pulled up to her chest, arms wrapped around her legs and head on knees sobbing.

Luna sat down next to Sunset. Sunset looked up at Luna with tears in her eyes. Luna opened her arms, and Sunset crawled up in Luna’s lap, and Luna just held Sunset.

Sunset had a hard time admitting it, but sitting on Luna’s lap wrapped up in her arms was her favorite place to be. She could stay here forever. She smelled the scent of Lavender and recognized it as Luna’s scent.

Luna held Sunset. That was all she could do was just let her sob it out, she was gonna take her to the gym locker room so she could shower before taking her home. They were definitely going back to the apartment after this event.

Luna kept stroking Sunsets back just holding her, it had only taken a few days but Luna was already attached to Sunset. It had taken 4 days 5 nights and some adjustments but Luna was feeling like a mother to this lost little girl she couldn’t believe it.

Sunset was now just sniffling slightly as she was calming down in Luna’s arms. Luna continued to rock Sunset as she knew Sunset was calmed down and didn’t seem to pull away. Finally she started to get up.

“I guess I should get back to work, huh?” Sunset said, catching her breath.

“WHAT??!! No I’m gonna take you home, after we get you to the locker room showers.” Luna said.

“NO, YOU CAN’T I GOT A JOB TO DO!!” Sunset said.

“Sunset your covered in food and garbage, I’m not letting you do this. I’m the adult here, and what I say goes.” Luna said sternly, sounding more like the vice-principal.

“Oh yes, real smart send Sunset to the showers, so she can get attacked again.” Sunset scoffed.

“I will post guards to keep an eye on you, and escort you down there personally. Maybe one of the girls got some gym clothes to lend you until we get home.” Luna said.

“Smelly gym clothes are just what I want to wear.” Sunset said sarcastically.

“Well I don’t have anyway to get you clean clothes until we get back to the apartment now come let’s get down to the locker room.” Luna said.

“I was absent yesterday and only worked half a day today, how is that gonna look to the crew, and to Snips and Snails!” Sunset shot back at Luna.


“Fine.” mumbled Sunset, knowing arguing with Luna was not gonna end any better.

“Thank you, now come on.” Luna said walking with Sunset down to the locker room.

Luna walked right next to Sunset all the way down to the locker room, she stopped at her office and had Sunset sit there while she called for a few students to watch over Sunset while she took her shower.

Luna and Sunset then headed over to the gym, and into the locker room, there stood her guards waiting. There were five girls waiting there to stand guard.

Applejack had some spare gym clothes waiting for Sunset. Rainbow had some shampoo, and body wash for Sunset. Rarity was holding towels and Pinkie Pie handed her a bag to put her dirty clothes in. Fluttershy was just there to give Sunset some moral support. Sunset smiled and even let a tear fall.

“I trust you girls can keep an eye on Sunset, for a few minutes?” Asked Luna.

“We will guard her with our meager lives.” Said Pinkie Pie saluting.

“Don’t worry Vice Principal Luna we got this.” Rainbow Dash said confidently.

“Rainbow what happened in Principal Celestia’s office, I thought you’d still be up there?” Asked Sunset, taking off her boots.

“Well I'll tell you about that after your shower.” Rainbow Dash told her.

* * *

After Sunset showered and got dressed in a white t-shirt and grey shorts, she was putting her boots back on. Then she looked up at Rainbow Dash as she was drying her hair.

“Well what did Principal Celestia say?” Asked Sunset again.

“Well the four of us were sitting in Celestia’s office and she came in and asked me what happened. I told her about what Hoops said about you being a trash can and about him Scores dumping their garbage and partially eaten food on you.

Then we told them about the fight, which landed me in more hot water but I cut a deal with Principal Celestia, actually she cut a deal with me. For all my fighting I have two weeks of detention or spend the next three days in ISS (In School Suspension) so I took the ISS.

So she asked about what Big Mac was doing and he didn’t say much." Rainbow continued on.

"That's my big brother." Interjected Applejack.

"I told her that he was defending his sister, not that she needed it. So Big Mac was let off with a warning this ONE time.

Hoops and Scores admitted to doing the prank, they still think it’s funny, but they are suspended for a week. I don’t know what that will do, but at least we don’t have to deal with them for a week." Rainbow Said.

Luna walked in as Rainbow was finishing her story. She was shocked and very upset.

“So Hoops and Scores still think it’s funny what they did to my little girl huh? I will not let people harm my girl and get away with it. I love Sunset too much to let that happen.” Luna thought.

“Hey Sunset are you ready to go? Why don’t we head back up to my office. I just got to do something before we go. You girls thank you for answering my call, you can all head back to class, I will inform your teachers why you are late and make sure you're not in trouble.” Luna told them.

The girls all said bye to Sunset and walked out single file. Luna walked with her arm around sunset as she grabbed her bag of clothes that Luna would take down to the laundry room when they got home.

They arrived in Luna’s office and Luna texted Chrys as to what happened. Chrys read the text and was outraged at Hoops and Scores did and that they thought it was funny, even after they got suspended.

Chrys texted back to Luna: Let me handle this, you got pics of the two little punks. Anyone who hurts either of you is gonna answer to me this time.

Luna knowing she was gonna regret this sent her pics of the two students. Chrys got them and headed out on her Kawasaki Ninja over to the school. She was lucky that being in the FBI she could get away with this.

Luna told Sunset to get her bag as they were leaving before the final bell rang. Luna walked out to the car with Sunset. After opening the car door and letting her girl in. Luna walked around to get in the car as Chrys pulled up on her motorcycle.

“No Student parking in the faculty lot.” Luna said joking.

“Special Agent Chrysalis FBI, I understand there are two little punks who need to be scared straight.” Chrys said.

“Yeah the final bell is about to ring, I’ll point them out to you.” Luna said.

After seeing several students coming out, Luna pointed two students to Chrys coming out the side entrance.

“Allow me.” Chrys said walking towards them.

“Luna, are you nuts she can’t do this.” Sunset protested.

“Relax let’s sit in the car so we can say we know nothing about this.” Luna said having Sunset get in the car. Luna quickly followed suit

In the meantime Chyrsalis caught up with Hoops and Scores as they walked away from the school, she quickly got in front of them and turned around blocking their path.

“What the hell lady?” said Scores.

“Hey if I want to hear you talk, I will shove my arm up your ass, and work your mouth like a puppet, hear me?” Chrys said to Scores. “Now get out of here!” Chrys yelled then turned attention to Hoops.

“Lady I don’t know who you think you are…” Hoops began.

“I’m an FBI agent.” Chrys said flashing her badge.

“Now you're eighteen and an adult, I could have you arrested for what you did.” Chrys told Hoops. She knew she probably couldn’t, but needed to instill fear in this punk.

“Listen…”Hoops began.

“NO YOU LISTEN, I could see to it you spend the next ten years in prison getting ass fucked, and if the case is thrown out because my arrest was too violent, I will personally hire men to ass fuck you for the next ten years. So if you ass fucking fan you go ahead and mouth off to me again.” Chrys told Hoops getting right up in his face.

Hoops swallowed hard. Not saying anything at all.

“Now leave Sunset Shimmer alone!” Do I make myself clear?” Chrys asked.

“Yes M-M-Ma’am.” Hoops stammered.

“Good, now disappear before I get angry.” Chrys said in a low threatening tone.

Hoops couldn’t move fast enough to get away from Chrys, almost tripping while running away.

“How did he make the basketball team with coordination like that, and as a senior too?” Chrys thought.

As she walked back to her motorcycle, a small smile was on her lips. Mission accomplished.


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Sunset entered the apartment ahead of Luna and Chrys and threw her bag down in the living room and turned around and stared Icily at both of them.

“I bet you both think that was funny, don’t you?” Sunset angrily asked. She stood there with her arms crossed looking at both Luna and Chrysalis.

Luna and Chrysalis exchanged glances. They both knew Sunset was about to blow a gasket. Luna put her hands up in a calming motion.

“Now Sunset…” Luna began.

“Don’t now Sunset me, Luna. I mean come on, at this rate between you two and Rainbow Dash, everyone is gonna be scared to talk to me or even come near me. I mean Rainbow told Trixie she was gonna rip her from limb to limb, Now Chrys here decides to tell Hoops, she is gonna have him in jail, and I won’t even repeat the rest.

C’mon I’m tired of you treating me like I’m gonna break and Twilight’s friends trying to ram “we are you friends” down my throat. I’m tired of it. I want to hang with the girls, I want you to be there with hugs and cuddles Luna. Chrys I want to hang with you too someday, you can take me out on your bike, over to your place, teach me video games, and all that.

But everybody needs to stand back and let me breathe too. I can’t expect you people to be here forever. Damn I wish I was dead, I wish I had died that night in the crater.” Sunset said, calming down after her tirade.

“Sunset Shimmer, will you stop with this crap, about wanting to die. That hurts me!!” Luna screamed at her. Every time Sunset started talking like that it was like a knife wound to the heart. Tears fell from Luna’s eyes, that upset Chrysalis. Who gave Luna a hug and looked at Sunset about to let loose. She started walking towards Sunset, who was gonna stand her ground.

“You listen to me little girl. I don’t want to hear that crap from you again. I will be damned, if you're gonna talk to Luna your GUARDIAN like that! Every time you talk to her like that, it kills her inside!” Chrys yelled at Sunset right in her face.

“Get out of my face.” Sunset growled asserting her independence.

Chrys turned around to Luna who was standing there still shaking.

“Luna please give me permission to teach little miss mouthy brat some manners.” Chrys said.

“I know where you're going with this. You’re not gonna hit Sunset, I forbid it Chrysalis.” Luna said walking over between Chrys and Sunset.

“I don’t who the hell you think you are Chrysalis, but you touch me that is the last mistake you'll ever make.” Sunset said.

Luna stood over Sunset. Her heart broken over Sunset talking about dying again. She had really come to care for Sunset and when Sunset talked like this it was like she reached into Luna’s chest, grabbed her heart and said you don’t need this anymore, then threw it in the garbage. Luna wanted to do nothing more than hold Sunset but her anger had taken over.

“Sunset you will stop this crap about dying right now or so help me I’m gonna…”Luna began through clenched teeth.

“You're gonna what?” Sunset challenged.

“I have had it with your attitude tonight, go to your room for the night until you calm down.” Luna told her trying to relax.

“Luna kiss my ass.” Sunset replied.

Next thing Sunset saw was an object fly by her face. But her cheek hurt and her ears were ringing, it dawned on her Luna had just slapped her.

Chrys jumped up between then and faced Luna.

“Luna what the hell??!!” Chrys yelled.

“I-I d-didn’t m-m-mean too.” Luna said, starting to have a panic attack.

Sunset stood there for a second, in shock. It was like being back with her parents in Equestria, when they would come home from the bar after too much liquor.

“No Matter where I go, people abuse, or neglect me.” Sunset thought.

Sunset then bolted out the door.

“NO SUNSET!!” Luna cried out seeing her bolt.

“I got her.” Said Chrys running out the door Chrys got out the door in time to see Sunset making a break for it across the parking lot. Chrys flew down the stairs but Sunset was long gone.

Chrys went back into the Apartment where Luna was on her hands and knees almost hyperventilating. Chrys rushed over to Luna.

“Luna breathe, breathe!!” Chrys commanded.

“Chrys, girl.” Luna wheezed out.

“I would call her cell, but I don’t have her number. Plus we need to get you stable.” Chrys said,

“Forget me...go after my girl...I need her.” Luna said trying to catch her breath,

“Not until you're stable.” Chrys said.

“My Tia.” Luna told Chrys.

Chrys got on the phone to Celestia and gave her a quick run down of the events of the afternoon. But it was getting dark. Luna was worried. She had no idea where Sunset was or where she was going.

* * *

Sunset ran and ran tears in her eyes, the woman she trusted had become just like her parents in Equestria. When her father would drink he would come home and beat Sunset and sometimes her mother. Her mother at times would be very nice to Sunset but a few drinks and she could be almost as bad.

Sunset practiced her magic day and night away from the house, to be good enough to get into magic school. She lived in Canterlot castle after her raw abilities caught the attention of the princess. Who for a year was like a mother to her, play board games, have tea parties, walks in the Canterlot gardens, sleepovers. Stayed up late with me to finish assignments, or if I was scared to go to sleep.

Eventually she was told she needed to make friends, but she couldn’t, even though she tried. Princess Celestia banned her from the library until she made friends. Sunset she was happy when she did magic. Finally breaking into the restricted section, she read about the mirror.

Celestia told her she wasn’t ready to know about the mirror it was for advanced students. Sunset had been caught in the library and Celestia told her she couldn’t be in there. She told the princess that she was a hypocrite because she didn’t have friends either. Celestia said the guards would escort her out, she could stay in Canterlot but wasn’t welcomed in the castle anymore.

Sunset’s recollection ended when she realized she had crossed town and was near Sweet Apple Acres. As she has done many times before she entered from the east side stepping between the slats of the wooden fence she quickly and quietly headed over to the clubhouse Apple Bloom loom and her friends had on the property.

She climbed inside slid down against the wall and cried. No matter where she was, she always screwed up everything. Her parents when they were sober-look at our daughter she is the Princess's prized student. If they were drunk, be somewhere else. Princess Celestia, didn’t want her either-or so it seemed. Now Luna was getting physical with her too.

Sunset reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a small razor blade she had gotten from a box cutter in the shop class. She put the blade to her skin drawing it across her arm she let the blood flow, just a little bit. In some odd way Sunset felt better doing that.

“I think I found my new therapy.” Sunset said, as she turned the blade to her other wrist.

* * *

Meanwhile the search for Sunset was in full force Chrys on her motorcycle and Luna in her car. Celestia joined the search too. Luna had tried calling Sunset but it would go straight to voicemail.

At one point Luna and Chrys even crossed paths. Luna pulled over to the side of the road and Chrys did the same.

“Did you find her?” Luna asked.

“Yes about a half an hour ago. But now I have hidden her again so you can find her.” Said Chrys sarcastically, giving Luna a look like are you serious.

“Ok I have her friends looking for her too. WE HAVE GOT TO FIND HER!!” Luna said almost frantic

“Luna get out of the car a second.” Chrys said.

Luna shut the engine off and got out of the car. Chrys wrapped Luna in a big hug and just held her. Luna needed to focus, but she also needed to be consoled for a second, for someone to tell her it would be ok. Chrys hoped hoped it would be.

At Sweet Apple Acres Applejack was walking the east fields of the orchard near the clubhouse it ran pretty close to the road and she was going to use that as an access point onto the road. When she noticed the clubhouse door was open.

“Ok that thar is strange. Apple Bloom and her friends were not ou’ here today.” Thought Applejack.

Applejack walked towards the clubhouse to close the door, when she heard crying inside the clubhouse. Deciding to investigate, Applejack walked cautiously up the stairs into the clubhouse and found Sunset curled up against the wall with her knees up against her chest, and her head on her knees crying.

“Sunset is that you?” Applejack asked.

“Applejack?” Sunset said looking up.

“Luna’s got half the city looking for you. What in tarnation are ya doin’ here?” Applejack asked.

“Luna is no different than anyone else. Everybody hates me eventually.” Sunset said between sobs.

“What are ya talkin’ about, I don’t hate ya. I don’t like the way ya acted at times, but I don’t hate ya.” Applejack told her.

Then reaching an arm out to Sunset. “Why don’t we head up to the farm house, and call Vice Principal…” Applejack began when Sunset cut her off.

“NO!! I DON’T WANT TO SEE HER.” Sunset screamed.

“What? But why? Sunset what in the name of all that is good and holy happened tonight?” Applejack asked sitting down next to Sunset.

“Nothing." Sunset said realizing that didn’t even sound convincing to her.

“Sunset I do care about you. So talk to me please and don’t lie.” Applejack prodded.

Knowing full well she couldn’t lie to Applejack it just wasn’t possible, she always knew when someone was lying. Sunset gave her a rundown of the afternoons events and even all the memories she was going over while running. When she was done Applejack was speechless. After a few minutes of digesting the information Applejack spoke up.

“Wow Sunset. I will tell you this. Your parents couldn’t handle their liquor and shouldn’t have got drunk and beat you over it. You never had parental love, you reached out and thought the princess would be a mother figure and she wasn't. Honey I think Luna really does care about you, you just pushed her buttons. Sometimes parents hit their kids. I’m not sayin’ it’s right or wrong but it happens. Believe me Sunset I got my hide tanned a few times, and some of the branches on these apple trees, well they make a nasty switch.” Applejack said remembering.

“Even though my parents are gone Sunset, I don’t hate them for the couple times I got it. Sunset I feel like Luna really cares about you like a daughter, it would be terrible for you to throw that away. I think you two should apologize to each other.”

“What are you a psychiatrist now?” Sunset asked.

“No I’m an Apple, and there’s nothin’ that an Apple knows better than family, except maybe apples he he.” Applejack finished off with a laugh at her little joke.

Sunset just sat there for a second. It was her turn to take in all Applejack had told her. Applejack was right, Sunset had gone too far, but so had Luna. She just wanted to sit on Luna’s lap and be rocked with Luna’s arms around her. Smell the scent of lavender which probably came from lavender scented body wash, and shampoo that Luna used.

“Alright let’s go.” Sunset said getting to her feet. As she did that the razor blade fell out of her pocket onto the clubhouse floor, before she could react Applejack grabbed it, saw the fresh blood on it and looked at Sunset.

“I’m so busted.” Sunset thought.

“Sunset, let me see your arms.” Applejack said. Sunset didn’t move. “Sunset that wasn’t a request, show me your arms, NOW!” Applejack said again, she was concerned that her friend was cutting.

Sunset refused to move. Applejack quickly grabbed her arm and saw the cut on her upper wrist area. Applejack stood there in shock, as Sunset yanked her arm away, as tears began to form in her eyes.

“Sugarcube, come up to the house with me and let me put something on that please.” Applejack begged Sunset

“You’re gonna call Luna, aren’t you?” Sunset asked Applejack.

“No I promise you I won’t call her.” Applejack promised. Sunset felt better about that as when Applejack promised something you could take it to the bank.

Applejack led Sunset through the orchard and up to the family farmhouse. Right next door to a barn at the end of the driveway. They walked up the steps onto the porch and into the house.

Sunset looked around the house. It was simple and yet spacious, a lot of wood paneling, several pictures hung on the walls, of former inhabitants, a few younger ones of Granny Smith. Sunset smiled at all this; it was like the most welcoming place on Earth.

Applebloom walked down the stairs and saw Sunset standing there next to her sister. She knew she had to act fast. “Sis get out of the way! The she demon is right next to you! Move, I'll distract her!!” Apple b
Bloom yelled running towards Sunset.

Applejack stopped Applebloom mid charge, shook her head and crossed her arms, then looked at Apple Bloom in disgust. “Apple Bloom!! I oughta tan your hide for that remark, you were raised better than that. Now apologize to Sunset, you know how to treat visitors.” Applejack reprimanded her.

“What is all the commotion about out here?” Said Granny Smith walking in from the kitchen. When she saw Sunset standing by the door she understood. Then looked at Applejack.

“She’s hurt. I want to bandage her up.” Applejack told Granny Smith.

Granny Smith walked over to Sunset. “Where are you hurt child?” She asked.

Sunset took off her jacket and held her arms out to Granny Smith. "Come on in the kitchen and have a seat. Applejack get me the first aid kit, we will get you bandaged up in no time.” Granny said.

After sitting in the kitchen Granny was getting some rubbing alcohol for Sunset’s arms. After a few minutes Granny asked “Child how did your arms get cut like this?”

Before Sunset could say anything, Applejack tossed the blade down on the table.

“With that.” Applejack said. Granny Smith took the blade. She was at a loss for words. Granny Smith went back to work on Sunset’s wounds.

Applejack asked Sunset to see her phone. Sunset passed it over to Applejack.

“You gonna call Luna?” Scoffed Sunset.

“Sugarcube I promised you I wouldn’t call Luna. I just wanted to check the time my phone is acting weird.” Applejack told her.

Applejack kept her promise and didn’t call Luna, she never said anything about texting her. Which is what she did.

* * *

Luna had been going crazy looking for Sunset, Chrys had been there for Luna through it all. After two emotional breakdowns and a lot of crying and being held by Chrysalis Luna was exhausted.

Luna had dozed off and Chrys was sitting in the car with her. Then Luna’s phone buzzed and she jumped up and looked at the phone. A text from Sunset’s number. She opened the text message.

Vice Principal Luna,

This is Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres. Sunset is here Granny Smith is tending to her arms. I found Sunset in Appleboom’s clubhouse. She had been cutting with a razor blade.


Luna dropped the phone. Chrys picked it up and looked at Luna who was in tears. She read the text. She tossed Luna her phone and told her to get out of the driver’s seat as she was driving.

“Chrys she was cutting. Just like I did years ago, how could I not see it?” Luna asked crying.

“Hey you can’t blame yourself. Luna.” Chrys said rubbing her shoulder.

Luna got out of the car, and immediately got sick. Chrys turned away seeing someone throw up, turned her stomach.
“Luna you are in no condition to drive. I will do the driving.” Chrys said taking
Luna’s keys from her. Chrys put her hands on the wheel as soon as Luna was in the car. Chrys sped off towards Sweet Apple Acres and to reunite Luna with her little girl.

Luna's Past

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“Chrys can you drive any slower?” Luna asked.

“Will you calm down, I’m going as fast as I can on these city streets.” Chrys replied.

“We have to get to Sunset!!” Luna exclaimed.

“And we will, just relax Luna. Take a breath. Inhale.” Chrys snapped back.

For Luna the car moved slower than a snail. She felt like it was taking forever to get to Sweet Apple Acres and to her girl.

* * *
Sweet Apple Acres

Applejack stood on the porch with Sunset. Sunset was looking out towards the street when she saw Luna and Chrys pull up in the driveway.

“Applejack you said you wouldn’t call Luna!!” Sunset yelled.

“I didn’t call her. I never said I wouldn’t text her.” Applejack replied confidently, arms crossed leaning up against the wall.

“You little…” Sunset replied.

“I didn’t lie, my phone is actin’ a might bit crazy. I gotta get a new one after school tomorrow, so I used yours to text Vice Principal Luna. After all, sugarcube I don’t have her cell number.” Applejack explained.

“You said you were checking the time.” Sunset pointed out.

“I did look at the time on your phone when you handed it to me.” Applejack told her.

“Applejack you got me on a loophole.” Sunset said, smiling. She realized Applejack had outsmarted her this time. Granny Smith walked out onto the porch. “Now sorry youngin’ but I got to be given this to your parent.” Granny Smith told Sunset. Sunset hung her head knowing that she was doomed once Luna got that blade.

Luna got out of the car and ran to Sunset. Sunset came down the porch and met Luna a few steps away from it. Luna wrapped Sunset in the biggest hug she had ever given, Just holding her for a long time. Applejack just headed inside and shooed Apple Bloom from the door.

“Nothing to see here Apple Bloom.” Applejack said, corralling Apple Bloom into the house.

“Vice Principal Luna, your girl cut her arms with this.” Granny Smith said handing Luna the blade. With that Granny Smith then turned and headed towards the house.

Sunset just looked at the ground. She knew that Luna was gonna rip her a new one when they got home. Sunset felt very disappointed in herself. She knew Luna was mad and sad at the same time.

Applejack had told her that Luna really cared about her and Sunset knew she needed Luna. She couldn’t go back to living in homeless shelters and Apple Bloom’s clubhouse. She just was afraid of what was gonna happen now but it was another trial she had to face.

Might as well get this over with. Luna is gonna really let me have it. I hope she doesn’t kick me out. ” Sunset thought.

Luna stopped Sunset in front of the car and got down to be face to face with her.

“Don’t ever do that again ok? We can always work it out, just talk to me calmly.” Luna told her.

“I’m so sorry.” Sunset said for the second time in a week. “Are you mad, are you gonna kick me out now? Luna I just don’t get it, I’m angry, then I’m sad, and all you have been nice to me and take me in, an alien in your world. Luna I don’t deserve any of this.” Sunset was sobbing by this point knowing she screwed up again.

“Shh shh Sunset, let’s go home.” Luna soothed as she held Sunset tightly.

Luna put her arm around Sunset and led her to the car. Luna opened the backseat of the car and Sunset got in and buckled her seat belt. She noticed the way Chrysalis was glaring at her. She put her head down. Luna got in the car right away and they pulled out of Sweet Apple Acres.

“You know girl, I don’t appreciate having to drive all over town all afternoon and early evening looking for you.” Chrys started.

“Chrys let’s just go home.” Said Luna putting her seat belt on. Chrys put the car in reverse and pulled down the driveway and headed back towards the apartment.

The ride back to the apartment was quiet. Sunset sat in the back hanging her head in shame. Luna was just grateful to have her little girl back. Chrys was really upset with Sunset for pulling this stunt.

They got back to the apartment and Luna unlocked the door letting them all in. Sunset had work in the morning. But knew Luna and Chrys were gonna yell at her good. Sunset sat on the couch and readied herself for the assault.


“I may have used bad judgement…”Sunset began.

“OH YOU ACTUALLY USED JUDGEMENT?” Chrys scoffed at her.

Luna stepped between the two of them. Put her arms out to separate Chrys and Sunset.

“Sunset honey, go get a shower and get your Pajamas on. You need to get ready for bed.” Luna said, trying to defuse the situation

Sunset immediately scampered off trying to avoid Chrys, she got her pajamas and went into the bathroom and put her ear to the door.

“Luna you are too soft on Sunset, you need to come down on her like a ton of bricks.” Chrys told her.

“I know.” Luna said.

“You know but you don’t do anything Luna. This girl walks all over you. Tonight after her shower, you lay down the law to that little brat.” Chrys told her.

Luna looked down at the floor and walked over and looked out over the apartment complex.

“You’re gonna fold like a tent...again.” Chrys said with disgust.

“Chrys I can’t do this, I can’t raise a teenager. Maybe it’s good I never had a kid.” Luna said sadly.

“We are not gonna go over this again, are we?” Chrys asked.

“Well look at it Chrys, I can’t even handle Sunset, I’m a failure as a guardian. I was gonna adopt Sunset but I can’t be a mother. Chrys would you take Sunset, I am a terrible guardian.”

“Whoa I thought I was gonna be like Aunt Chrys, not her mom. I am not a mother.” Chrys said.

“Well....sometimes you can be a real mother.” Luna said laughing.

“Not funny.” Chrys deadpanned.

“I thought it was.” Luna said amused.

“Luna, none of her friends can take her in, Celestia couldn’t handle her. You handle discipline at school everyday, this girl is one of those students. You can deal with them day in and day out. She’s no different.

You are all she has. If you get rid of her she will end up homeless, again. Do you know what she will do for money, probably stealing, or even worse prostitution. You want to see Sunset behind bars, or standing on a street corner?” Chrys asked seriously.

“NO!!” Luna almost shouted.

“Then you better put your foot down and up her ass if she needs it. You need to do what’s best for her, not what’s easiest for you.” Chrys said.

At that point they heard the shower turn off. Chrys decided it was time for her to go.

“Luna be strong and be brave, I’m gonna go.” Chrys said.

Luna grabbed Chrys arm “No stay here I need you for this.” Luna pleaded.

Sunset came out to the bathroom in her pajamas, and headed for her bedroom, was gonna watch TV or play on her phone or something. Luna heard her and with a nod form Chrys called her out to the living room.

“Sunset, come out here NOW!!” Luna said switching to her Vice Principal persona.

Sunset came out to the living room. And Looked at both Luna who stood there with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face and Chrys who stood diagonally behind Luna with a similar look on her face.

“Yes?” She asked, kind of scared.

“Sit down young lady we are gonna talk. Actually I’m gonna talk and you're gonna listen. Get it?” Luna asked in an authoritative voice.

“Ok sure.” Said Sunset sitting down.

“First off, tonight’s stunt was not needed, you didn’t need to air our dirty laundry with Applejack.” Luna scolded her.

“Second Sunset you made Luna have an emotional breakdown tonight. She loves you like a daughter.” Chrys interjected.

“Sunset I do love you like a daughter, I’m doing my best, but you need an attitude adjustment, because we are not gonna play this game again.” Luna said.

“You are grounded for your next three lifetimes.” Luna said.

Chrys walked up and put her hand on Luna’s shoulder and looked at her and mouthed the words “next three lifetimes?”

“Your right Chrys. Sunset you are grounded for a week. Means you stay in the apartment, and you will be expected to do some chores here. Make the beds, wash the dishes, scour the pots, clean the bathroom, fold the laundry, take out the garbage.” Luna informed her.

“I know you wanted to go with me on Saturday, and also wanted to start your city wide tour helping your friends for a day, but I agree with Luna. You need to be punished for this stunt tonight,” Chrys added.

Sunset hung her head in shame she knew she deserved this. In the pit of her stomach she knew she had really screwed up. Then came the question that she dreaded.

“How Long Sunset?” Luna asked, holding the razor blade.

Sunset just looked at Luna, fear and sadness in her eyes. She felt sick to her stomach. She couldn’t talk about this.

“Sunset, Luna asked you a question. HOW LONG. You better answer little miss.” Chrys said, getting louder.

“...I did it once or twice since Twilight got here, I did it after the formal a time or two, just didn’t tell you two.” Sunset answered almost as quietly as Fluttershy. Sunset couldn’t look up, she knew she had disappointed Luna.

“Sunset why didn’t you come to me?” Luna asked.

“Because I didn’t want to disappoint you, Like I have. I AM JUST A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT AND A WASTE OF SPACE!!” Sunset replied, tears running down her face.

“Sunset stop that!!” Luna cried. She could feel her heartbreak every time Sunset talked like that. It ate her up inside. Sunset was doing the same stuff Luna did as a teen. Luna had to tell her about her past and tell her little girl all about it.

“Sunset sit down, Chrys grab a seat. Sunset I need to tell you something. So relax.” Luna told her.

Luna took a deep breath and began her story.

“Sunset growing up Celestia and I didn’t have the greatest parents. I don’t mean they were abusive, but if we had pulled this stunt even at your age we wouldn’t be sitting too well.

Celestia coped with it by getting involved in a few high school clubs. She was a cheerleader, a member of SADD, and even student council, eventually becoming president of her graduating class.

I on the other hand was not so lucky, I was shy, an introvert I think they call it. I was a nerd, computers, comic books, Sci-Fi, stuff like that. I finally got a few friends and while Celestia was cheering at the football game we were sitting in the basement, (sometimes had the football game on the radio in the background) sometimes we played D&D, some times watched TV, more than once smoked weed and got high. I even snorted coke one night.

Everyone expected me to be Celestia 2.0. I wasn’t. I was Luna and I was kind of an outcast among many students. I acted like I didn’t care but in reality, I did. I used to cut my arms and legs, because I was so mad, but didn’t want to hurt anyone, so I hurt myself.

My parents weren’t the kind of parents I could talk too about it. So I tried to talk to Celestia about my depression. She listened the first time, after that she didn’t want to deal with me. Or couldn’t deal with it, I don’t know.

Then one day at a basement session with my friends one of them brought along a girlfriend of hers named Chrysalis.” Luna stopped and saw Chrys beam at her name. She looked over and Sunset was dialed in, taking all this in.

“Chrys and I immediately hit it off. We talked on the phone and texted, she listened to me. Then right as high school was ending for me and Celestia was in college. I met this guy and Chrys didn’t like him.” Luna recalled.

“Why didn’t you like him Chrys?” Sunset asked, interrupting Luna. This really piqued her interest.

“It’s like this kiddo, I was jealous. I wanted Luna but it wasn’t gonna happen. Luna was straight and I’m bi.” Chrys revealed to Sunset.

“Wow!” Sunset exclaimed after that bomb was dropped. ”Luna what happened with that guy?’

“He wanted one thing, after he got in my pants, he left me alone and pregnant. Mom and dad were pissed at me. Chrys, was the only support I really had. Then the unthinkable happened, Sunset I miscarried.” Luna said almost in tears sitting down next to Chrys.

Chrys wrapped her arm around Luna and let her relax. She knew this was hard for her to tell. After taking some deep breaths she felt Sunset rubbing her arm. Sunset looked very sad like the dam was gonna burst and Sunset was gonna let go.

“Don’t cry honey I’m ok now. But I went into a deep depression after that and Celestia couldn’t help too much being at college, she did call and check up on me or tried too, and came home some weekends to try to help me. Chrys here was leaving soon for basic training in the army. It depressed me. After my miscarriage I started cutting again Sunset.

Finally I decided to clean my life up and wasn’t gonna let anything stop me. I enrolled in college, and after 4 years doing odd jobs to support myself. I graduated in the top percentile, not valedictorian but…”Luna trailed off.

“Luna tell her the last little bit about one of the odd jobs you did and about college.” Chrys prodded her.

“Sunset, one of the jobs I did in college to support myself was stripping. I danced on stage, sometimes in a cage stripping down to g-string 4-5 nights a week, then going back to my dorm, to finish writing my term paper and studying for a midterm.

I became a teacher to work with kids, but I never let anyone get close to me, I lost a guy, a child, my best friend. Sunset I have been depressed for quite a while because I have been lonely. I figured I was unlovable, not suited to have kids, my best friend was in Iraq, or Afghanistan or Lord knows where.

Then you came into my life, Sunset I love you like a daughter. You gave me a purpose in life. I didn’t know in a little under a week's time, you would go through all this.

So I got angry and sad all at the same time, I was angry at people leaving me, I was sad because I was alone, but angry about it too. I had a decent job, a nice apartment, but I also have more than DVD’s to keep me company. I got you Sunset.

I have tried to be a mother to you, but I have failed. You're not happy with me or your life. I have tried to be there for you, and look what happened. I ended up hitting you. I am a mother alright. But believe me I know how it is to be angry one minute and sad the next.

Sunset then and there realized she hadn’t stopped being (as she called it) a “bitchbrat”. She was screaming, yelling, and fighting with people who wanted to help her. It sliced through her like a hot knife through butter. She saw what Luna had been trying to do since the first night. Trying to be a mother, one thing Sunset really wanted, that she never got from her birth mother, or Princess Celestia.

Sunset got up and walked over to Luna and rubbed her back as Luna had started crying. Luna turned around to face Sunset. She could see worry on the face on Sunset

“Sunset if you want to leave you can, I’m not gonna try to stop you anymore.” Luna said between sniffs. She figured Sunset would be happy that way, of course Luna knew this would be devastating, as she had really come to care for Sunset.

Sunset launched herself into Luna hugging her tightly. Crying after everything she heard Luna go through. Luna just held her little worry bug. Sunset knew she had a long way to go but tonight she was happy. As Luna continued to hold Sunset tightly, Sunset said something Luna had longed to hear.

“I love”

The Invitation

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That night after Chrys left, Sunset had something done that she hadn’t experienced in a long, long time.

Luna walked with Sunset to her bedroom and pulled the covers back and let Sunset slide in bed. Once she lay down in bed, Luna pulled the covers up and kissed Sunset on her forehead goodnight. Luna told her goodnight and that she loved her. Sunset realized something right then and there; Luna had just tucked her into bed.

Sunset lay there reflecting on what had just happened. She grabbed her phone (knowing full well Luna was gonna confiscate it during her grounding) and texted Applejack she was ok. Applejack replied she was glad and told her goodnight.

The other news of her being adopted could wait for another time. All she had done was cling to Luna and call her mom. Luna said she loved Sunset like a daughter. Does that mean Luna and her could be a family? Does that mean Chrys would be like an aunt to her. It also meant she would be related to Principal Celestia. Not a thought she relished.

The next morning Luna was on her phone while having her coffee and Sunset was eating her cereal and toast.

“I don’t believe it. Is this gonna happen every Friday night?” Luna asked no one in particular looking at her phone.

“Is what gonna happen every Friday Night?” Asked Sunset, remembering last Friday they had a strong thunderstorm.

“We have a cold front coming through tomorrow night, so there is a line of strong storms coming through with it. But it’s gonna be a quick line coming through about 11:15 p.m.” Luna said.

Luna looked at Sunset who was looking worried and fearful. Luna went over to comfort her little worry bug. Luna hugged her from the side and Sunset turned to face Luna. Luna grabbed her hands and pulled Sunset to her feet and wrapped her in a big hug.

“Sunset what is it about thunderstorms that scares you so bad?” Luna asked her voice full of concern.

“Try going through them in a rickety club-treehouse in an apple orchard including a severe thunderstorm or two. You get scared of them. I felt better in the shelter. It was a concrete structure and sturdier.” Sunset said her eyes welling up slightly.

Luna just held her little worry bug. All she wanted to do was protect her little girl. She knew she couldn’t always be there. She however wanted to be there when she could.

Luna looked at the clock. “Sunset we are gonna be late, we both got to work today.”

Luna told her, grabbing her purse. Sunset grabbed her backpack, and followed Luna out the door.

Luna got to the faculty lot and parked the car. Sunset hopped out and grabbed her bag. Luna shut the car off and grabbed her purse, and headed towards what was starting to look like the front of Canterlot High School again.

“Sunset you've been helping make this a reality.” Luna indicated with a sweep of her arm towards the entrance of CHS. Sunset could feel some pride build up inside of her at that comment.

“SUNSET SHIMMER!!” Pinkie Pie yelled seeing Sunset and Luna arrive.

Noticing the look on Sunset’s face Luna put her hand on Sunset’s shoulder “It’s ok go play with your friends. But be in my office soon.” Luna told her. Sunset ran over to meet her friends at the statue.

When she arrived at the statue Pinkie was almost bouncing up and down as Sunset arrived.

“Sunset I have some stupendously awesome news, my parents are gonna be out of town next weekend and Friday Night I can have a sleepover with all my friends. We want you to come too.” Pinkie said with her big smile.

“I have no idea what to do, or how these things work, well not in this world anyway. I never had friends until Friday night. I’ll admit I’m kinda scared here.” Sunset told them with her eyes welling up.

“Darling, why are you scared?” Rarity asked,

‘What do I do for a sleepover, what do I bring, what do I wear, do you actually sleep?” Sunset rattled off question after question.

“Relax. Sunset.” Fluttershy said quietly. ‘I’ll help you out with what to pack or bring and what we do. OK?”

Sunset let a tear fall down her cheek. The other girls stopped and looked at her in shock and confusion. Why was Sunset crying?

“Sunset darling why are you crying?” Rarity asked.

“Sugarcube what’s eatin ya?” Applejack also chimed in.

“It’s so nice that you are all including me. For a long time I wanted to be included, but I was bitch and kept walls up, so no one saw me cry, and acted like stuff like this was lame.” Sunset rambled on.

“When in reality you wanted to be included in normal teenage girl stuff like this all along.” Said Fluttershy putting her arm on Sunset’s shoulder. Sunset just nodded her head and looked at her phone.

“Oh man, students are starting to arrive Luna wants me in her office before the students arrive.” Sunset said looking around nervously.

“Not a problem for us, the five of us are gonna walk you to Luna’s office.” Said Rainbow confidently. The five girls did just that. They all formed a protective shield around Sunset and walked her into the school and straight to Luna’s office.

Sunset opened the door and Luna was sitting there, texting quickly put her phone down, when she saw Sunset’s friends come in with her. She was a little annoyed that they were with her but that quickly faded when she heard why.

“Sunset I was about to go looking for you! You know I try to keep you out of the students' sight.” Luna said.

“Don’t sweat it, we formed a shield around her, when she realized how late it was getting, and got her here safely.” Rainbow Dash said.

“I still can’t believe we pulled that off.” Fluttershy remarked.

“I can, because we're awesome!” Rainbow Dash said pumping her fist in the air.

“Well girls thank you for getting her here safely, now head to class before you’re late and Rainbow Dash to the ISS room.” Luna told them all.

“Luna I have some great friends, don’t you think?” Sunset beamed.

“Yes you do honey, so what did they want to talk to you about this morning?” Asked Luna.

“Next Friday Pinkie Pie is having a slumber party, for all the girls and wants me to come. Please can I go Luna?” Sunset said pleading with her hands folded.

“On one condition. Will you start calling me mom? I can start the adoption process anytime you want, and be more than just your guardian.” Luna said, waiting for Sunset’s response.

“You really do care about me don’t you Luna?” Sunset asked.

“It’s pretty obvious don’t you think?” Luna asked.

“Ok well I have to get to work, I’ll see you for lunch, love you mom.” Sunset said walking out the door.

Luna beamed at the comment.

* * *

The front of the school was coming along and the foreman liked Sunset as she was a hard worker. One of the younger construction workers remarked to the foreman about how cute she was. The foreman told him she was a student and 15, and that ended his crush quickly. Other than that the day went great.

Rainbow Dash did her school work, quietly in the ISS room. It wasn’t a great day for her. Rainbow was energetic and sitting quietly in a room was driving her stir crazy. She did some doodling on the back page of her notebook for a while

“Just think Friday you're done, then next Friday it’s Pinkie Pie’s slumber party. You just need to get through this first.” Rainbow thought.

Every hour a different teacher would watch the ISS room. The last teacher was Ms. Cheerilee. She could tell Rainbow was having a hard time dealing with ISS.

“Ms. Dash calm down. The day is almost over.” Ms Cheerilee told her. After the bell rang Ms Cheerilee told Rainbow Dash as she was leaving the room “If you finish your school work tomorrow, you better bring something to entertain yourself with.”

Thursday and Friday went off rather smoothly for everyone. Luna did paperwork with very few discipline incidents to handle. Sunset finished working on the wall with no problems outside, she knew next week that was going to change in school. Rainbow found entertainment in ISS with a copy of Daring Do. All in all it was a quiet two days.
Luna, Rainbow and most of all Sunset knew that was not gonna continue come Monday.

Thursday night as Sunset was sitting in her room after school doing her homework Luna came in to ask Sunset why she was doing her homework in there.

“Well I’m grounded which means don’t leave my room right?” Sunset asked.

“No it means don’t leave the apartment, you can come out of your room and spread out in the kitchen, if you need help let me know.” Luna told her.

Friday night Sunset was doing her homework in the kitchen for an hour before dinner. Luna was busy cooking dinner

“Sunset, clean up your homework and set the table, you are gonna like what I have planned for tonight.”

Sunset did as she was told but found she was happy to do it. She felt content to actually work hard and especially for Luna. She wondered if this is how it was supposed to be when you have a mother. Sunset beamed and a huge smile appeared on her face.

Luna noticed it too “What are you so happy about?”

“I don’t know, I just feel happy and content to help out and do what you say.” Sunset replied.

“You're starting to trust me, I think that is part of it.” Luna told her.

Sunset set the table as Luna checked the oven. She was hoping this worked.

“OK Please don’t let me have burned this.” Luna thought.

She opened the oven and pulled the dish out, It smelled wonderful. Her surprise had come out great. Luna brought the dish over the table.

“Sunset feast your eyes on this. Vegetable Lasagna!!” Luna exclaimed.

“Awesome! I can’t wait to dig in.” Sunset exclaimed as she put a pitcher of juice on the table.

Sunset had three helpings of the lasagna, after Luna and her were done dinner Sunset started cleaning up.

“You must have been hungry hun.” Luna said after seeing how much Sunset could put away.

“Famished, and I haven’t had a dish like this in a long time.” Sunset said.

After the kitchen was cleaned Luna and Sunset retired to the living room. Luna sat down on the couch and opened her arms and motioned Sunset to come sit on her lap. Which Sunset did as it was her favorite place. In Luna’s arms on her lap was the one place Sunset felt safe and loved. Sunset could have stayed there all night, but Sunset decided to give Luna a treat. Climbing off her lap she pointed to the closet.

“Luna tell me about your movie collection.” Sunset asked.

“Wow no one ever asked me about it.” Luna said, kind of shocked.

“Well you said you wanted to talk about it, but afraid you would bore me, well go ahead tell me about it.” Sunset said, she appeared to be interested so Luna was gonna oblige.

“I’m not sure where to begin.” Luna said.

“At the beginning.” Sunset replied.

For the next two hours Luna talked about movies telling Sunset about different genres of movies. She would talk about different movies and tell Sunset about them and they ended up watching two movies that night.

When the front did come through Sunset sat in Luna’s lap her favorite place to be, wrapped in Luna’s arms. Luna smelled of Lavender, a very calming scent and to Sunset. This was much better than a week ago at the Fall Formal.

The storm only lasted 15 minutes and Sunset sat with Luna with her head on Luna’s shoulder. Luna kept her arms around Sunset. She wanted to reassure her little worrybug. For Sunset it was a perfect Friday Night.

The weekend was very lazy as they both slept in both days and even got Doordash on Sunday night.

Sunday night Sunset cried out in her sleep. Luna came in and sat next to Sunset who was drenched in sweat. She put Sunset on her lap and rocked her as usual.

“Luna, the Demon, she says no one wants me, no one loves me.” Sunset cried out just clinging to Luna.

“Sunset I want you, I love you, you are my little girl.” Luna soothed, stroking her hair.

“Sunset, do you want to take a few days off? I can clear it with Celestia.” Luna asked.

“No tomorrow I got to go to school. I have to. ”Sunset said.

“Just gotta make through to Friday. Just gotta make it through.” Sunset thought.

First Day

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Sunset got up and showered and dressed early as sleep after about 4:30 was impossible. With the way her nightmares had been she dreaded closing her eyes some nights. She wasn’t gonna tell Luna about the near accident the one night, luckily Sunset made it to the bathroom, but the nightmare was that intense.

She sat in the living room chanting to herself what had become her mantra. “Just gotta make it through to Friday, just gotta make it through.”

Friday afternoon after School Fluttershy was coming home with her to help her pack for the sleepover, as this was Sunset’s first. Then Luna would drop them both off at Pinkie’s house.

“Just gotta make it through until Friday, Just gotta make it through.” Sunset thought.

Luna came out to see why Sunset was up so early. Sunset was so busy chanting her mantra to herself she didn’t even hear Luna come out to the living room. Luna touched Sunset’s shoulder. Sunset almost jumped out of her skin.

“For crying out loud Luna, are you trying to give me a heart attack?” Sunset almost yelled.

“Shhh calm down. I can see your nervous as hell. I don’t think you're in any condition to go to school today.” Luna said

“I can’t never go back, I have to graduate, I can’t even drop out as I’m not even 16 even though I will be soon.” Sunset told her.

“I could homeschool you if you like Sunset.” Luna offered.

“You work all day then have to come home and teach me. I don’t think that is a good idea.” Sunset said, feeling guilty.

“Sunset is there something more to it than that?” Luna asked.

“I wouldn’t get to see my friends as much, plus it’s less motivation to do my work on a timely matter.” Sunset replied.

“I think it’s your friends that is the main reason you don’t want to be homeschooled.” Luna replied knowingly. “

Sunset smiled slightly and just nodded her head yes.

“Now you want some breakfast?” Luna asked.

“In a minute.” Sunset said.

Sunset climbed onto Luna's lap and put her arms around Luna’s neck. Luna knowing what her little girl wanted wrapped her arms around Sunset. Sunset loved this; it was the one place in the entire world she felt safe. When she was on Luna’s lap in her arms nothing, nothing could hurt her. Add that combined with the calming scent of lavender that Luna smelled like, Sunset would never want this to end.

After their morning cuddle session, Luna and Sunset headed into the kitchen. Having extra time today Luna made some eggs and toast, and made some coffee. Sunset figured she should eat a bigger breakfast this morning. Then her mind wandered to her friends. What did they do for breakfast? Which got her thinking about Friday Night.

“Luna how do you feel about Friday?” Sunset said.

“It’s the best day of the week honey, why?” Asked Luna.

“Don’t play with me, you know what I mean are you ok with Friday night?” Prodded Sunset.

“Sunset I am ok with it. As long as you girls are responsible, but with Pinkie’s Parents out of town you need an adult there.” Luna said sternly.

“Well Maud is there and you know how responsible she is.” Sunset told her.

“I would feel better if it was Limestone, or Marble, but I guess I can allow it.” Luna relented.

“Just one thing. What do you do at a sleepover?” Sunset asked.

“We will discuss it after school sweetie.” Luna said.

“Why after school?” Sunset asked.

“Because we are gonna be late if we don’t move, brush your teeth and I have your backpack near the front door.” Luna told her.

Sunset brushed her teeth and they were out the door. The ride to school was short. Sunset just kept saying to herself “Just gotta make it through until Friday, Just gotta make it through.”

“Sunset?” Luna said, touching her shoulder.

“Just gotta make through until Friday.” Sunset said absentmindedly.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Luna asked.

“I can’t hide forever, let’s just get this over with.” Sunset said.

Luna and Sunset walked into the school and Sunset was looking right and left, noticing only a student or two. The one student looked at her, shook his head and walked on. Sunset hoped that’s the worst it was going to be today.

After getting to Luna’s office Sunset sat down and Luna went to see Celestia.

“Good morning sister.” Luna said, entering.

“Hello Luna how are you this morning?” Celestia asked.

“Sunset is a bundle of nerves.” Luna said sitting down.

“How are you though?” Celestia asked.

“A bundle of nerves.” Luna replied

“Are you sure you two are not rushing into this?” Celestia asked.

“I offered to home school her, but she’s not sure about that.” Luna said.

“Well go spend some time with her before school starts, she’ll need it.” Celestia said, trying to reassure Luna.

Luna walked back to her office to find the girls standing around the door. Sighing as she wanted them to leave her and Sunset alone for a few minutes, she decided to let them in. She was not prepared for what happened next.

“Hi Vice Principal Luna!!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Hi girls. I guess you want to see Sunset?” Said Luna, not enthused.

“Actually we got a lil something for Sunset and you if you got 5 mins.” Applejack said.

“Really?” Asked Luna.

“Yeah if you and Sunset want to come to the music room.” Rainbow added.

“Ok let me grab Sunset and let’s go.” Luna said, her curiosity peaked.

Luna walked into the office where Sunset was sitting there dozed off in the chair.

“Sunset.” Luna said gently.

“Oh crap!!” She said waking up then realizing where she was.“Sorry Luna , what’s up?” Sunset asked.

“The girls have something for you and I in the music room and they want us to come there and see what it is.” Luna told her.

Sunset shook her head, not wanting to be bothered. Luna sensed that too and realized Sunset was exhausted too. She decided Sunset might like this whatever it was.

Luna extended her hand, which Sunset took. They walked out of the office past some kids, who gave Sunset nasty looks and were whispering about her. Following the rainbooms to the music room.

“Have a seat over there you two.” Applejack said. The girls took up their instruments and Rainbow Dash walked up to the mic.

“Sunset Shimmer, this song is for you, we figured this might give you some confidence on your first day back.” Rainbow said.

“Well, I won't back down

No, I won't back down

You can stand me up at the gates of hell

But I won't back down

I'm gonna stand my ground

Won't be turned around

And I'll keep this world from dragging me down

Gonna stand my ground

And I won't back down

Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out

Hey, I will stand my ground

And I won't back down

Well, I know what's right

And I got just one life

In a world that keeps on pushing me around

But I'll stand my ground

And I won't back down

Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out

Hey, I will stand my ground

And I won't back down

Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out

Hey, I won't back down

Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out

Hey, I will stand my ground

And I won't back down
No, I won't back down

When the girls finished, both Luna and Sunset were shocked, they did a song for Sunset to give her confidence her first day back. It was gonna be a long day and this was gonna make it a great start.

Luna and Sunset applauded the miniconcert and then headed back to Luna’s office. Sunset had a smile on her face as she got her books ready for the first half of the day. She also had confidence.

“Ok have a good day sweetie, you know where you can find me, if you need anything.” Luna told Sunset.

“I hope to hell, she’s gonna be ok.” Luna thought.

* * *

Sunset walked into first period with Applejack and tried to ignore the stairs, and whispers of her classmates.

“Sunset welcome back.” Ms Cheerliee greeted her.

“Thanks Ms. Cheerilee.” Sunset said as she passed by on her way to her seat.

Immediately problems began. The students sat two to a table in the science classroom, the student who always sat there wanted to move right away.

“Ms Cheerilee I want to move my seat.” He said.

“Why?” Ms. Cheerilee asked.

“I’m too scared to sit next to a she-demon.” He said.

“Well too bad, that is your assigned seat. So sit down. We have to work in pairs today.” Ms Cheeilee told him.

“Fine.” He said getting up, but I’m not working in a pair with her!!” He said pointing at Sunset.

“Oh for crying out loud!!” Applejack said loudly. She gathered her books and headed over to the table shoving the other student out of the way. She took the seat next to Sunset.

“I’ll sit next to her, I’m not scared of her. ”Applejack said glaring daggers at the student.

“ENOUGH ALL OF YOU!!” Ms. Cheerilee shouted. “Applejack stay there today.” You! over to Applejack’s seat and enough out of all of you.”

The rest of class went without problems.

The next class was ok too even though none of her friends were in it. Berry Pinch didn’t seem to be scared of Sunset.

It was after second period Sunset stopped at her locker. After opening her locker to put her books away she felt a hard shove as she was pushed into her locker and the locker was locked on the outside before the three students ran away leaving Sunset trapped in her locker.

Sunset started banging on the door before she started to sob silently while still banging on her locker. The students had locked the locker with her combination lock.

“Please someone, anyone let me out...please!!” Sunset screamed and started to sob as she banged on the door. She couldn’t help but think this was karma, and she deserved this. Sunset just cried thinking someone has got to find her. It was getting hot in there, someone had to find her soon.

After about ten minutes she heard someone come walking down the hall and Sunset pounded on the locker door.

“Please let me out!!’ Sunset screamed.

“Sunset Shimmer?” The voice said.

“Yes let me out please!” She cried.

“Hold on.” The voice said.

After a minute she heard noise on the outside of the locker.

“All you have to do is unlock the door. I’ll give you the combo to my lock.” Sunset said.

“Ok done!! HAHAHA!!” The voice said.

Sunset pushed but the locker door didn’t budge.

“What the hell??!!” Sunset yelled.

“See you she demon.” They said and walked away.

“Please!! Let me out!!” Sunset cried.

Sunset just lost it and cried and cried. She knew no one was gonna help her. She leaned against the door and sobbed. She was starting to hyperventilate. It couldn’t end like this.

“Hello?” Came another voice.

“” Sunset said between sobs.

“Not to fear the great and powerful Trixie is here!!” Trixie proclaimed.

“I’m doomed.” Sunset thought.

“What is the combo On your lock?” Trixie asked.

“29...36...5.” Sunset said panting.

“Got it!” Trixie proclaimed opening the door.

Sunset almost fell out of the locker but luckily Trixie caught her. Sunset was sobbing, Trixie just put her arms around Sunset and rubbed her back.

“The sweet and compassionate Trixie has got you out.” Trixie told her.

“L-L-Luna.” Sunset sobbed.

“I’ll take you to Luna. C’mon.” Trixie said.

Trixie put her arms around Sunset and slowly walked the almost hysterical girl to Luna’s office. Once there she knocked on the door,

“Enter.” Luna said from the inside. Trixie slowly opened the door with her arm around Sunset who was still sniffling. Luna shot up and ran over to Sunset.

“What happened?” Luna asked Sunset. Sunset launched herself into Luna and sobbed and her whole body was shaking.

Luna glared over at Trixie and snarled “What did you do?”

“If I did something you think I would bring her to you?” Trixie replied.

“It wasn’t her honest, she saved me.” Sunset said, calming down some.

“Sunset I touched you is Rainbow Dash gonna rip me limb from limb now??” Trixie asked nervously.

“No, I'll talk to her.” Sunset said walking over to Trixie and gave her a quick hug to which Trixie returned.

“Trixie thank you for what you did. I appreciate it as does Sunset. You can head back to class. I’ll make sure you don’t get in any trouble.” Luna said.

“Sunset come here.” Luna said arms wide open. Sunset fell into Luna’s arms and just cried and shook. Luna’s heart ached, every student was gunning for Sunset it seemed.

What really worried her was Trixie, was this trick or did Sunset gain an unlikely ally?

All Luna wanted was to be there for Sunset, hold her, protect her from everything, start the adoption process. For right now she had to deal with this by taking Sunset home. They would get her assignments, stop by her locker and get her books and go home.

Luna put her arm around her little girl and walked out of her office with an emotionally drained Sunset over towards her locker. Upon arriving at her locker Luna gasped at the sight.

There spray painted in red on Sunset’s locker was the words: She Demon’s Lair

Plans for the night

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Sunset sat in Luna’s office as she talked to the custodial staff. They told her they would have the graffiti taken on the locker care of pronto.

Luna collected Sunset’s assignments for the day. Luna told Sunset they would wait a few minutes as the bell for third period was about to ring so they would not walk out until everyone was in class. It gave Sunset a few minutes to stew on what happened. She looked over at Luna with her red tear stained eyes.

“Where were you? I needed you. You said you’d be here for me.” Sunset whined.

“Sunset I didn’t know, If I had, I would have ripped the door off the damn locker to get you out.!” Luna exclaimed. She couldn’t believe this Sunset was probably traumatized again.

“You weren’t there for me, I was so scared, no one could help me. I was....trapped.” Sunset sobbed. After that Sunset lost it. She cried again, this was hell for her. Luna walked over and just hugged Sunset rubbing her hand in circles on Sunset’s back trying to calm her down.

“No one, not you, Chrys, the girls no one saved me.” Sunset managed to say.

“Trixie saved you and yes, that has me worried too.” Luna replied.

“WHY??!! WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS TO ME?” Sunset asked, starting to sob again. I just want everyone to leave me alone, except you, Chrys, and the girls. Just go away everyone, the only peace I’ll find is DEATH.” Sunset cried.

Luna felt like her soul had been shattered to a million pieces, it killed her inside when she talked like this. Luna had to stop this right away, it scared her when Sunset would talk about dying. She wrapped Sunset in a big hug and just held her.

“Please stop saying stuff like that, it kills me inside, I can’t lose you, please Sunset I can’t lose you, I can’t live without you I love you like a daughter.”

“Luna, how can you say that, you have known me for what ten days? How can you possibly say you see me as a daughter so fast?” Sunset asked.

“The first night in the apartment you meekly asked for pajamas, asked to sleep next to me in bed, admitting you were scared I saw the real Sunset Shimmer there. It was right then and there I knew you were a scared little girl who needed someone, that’s when I knew you needed a mom. I’m trying to be that, too you, I wish you would call me mom.” Luna told her

“You did it once because I asked, the other time you were scared. Scared and needed to hang onto something.” Luna continued on.

“Sunset I will bottom line it. I want to adopt you, give you a life here. But you can’t fight me every step of the way.” Luna concluded.

“Luna I can’t call you mom, I tried that twice before, calling a female mom. First my birth mother and then Princess Celestia. I never actually called Princess Celestia mom, but that was how I thought of her. Both times I got burned.” Sunset told her.

“I’m sorry if my traumatized, complicated life is an inconvenience to you and your perfect existence, but If I call you mom then you’re just gonna abandon me too!!” Sunset cried.

“I’m not gonna abandon you Sunset I LOVE YOU!!” Luna said, getting louder.

“I have been told that story before, oh Sunset I love you. Oh look our daughter is a personal student of the Princess, we shipped her off to magic school so we don’t have to deal with her.

Oh don’t worry Sunset I am gonna take good care of you here at the castle, but I don’t have time for you, go make some friends and stay out of the library, I don’t have time for you anymore.” Sunset cried.

“So excuse me if someone says they are gonna be my mom, that I don’t get all mushy, and…”Sunset began.


“You don’t get it do you, you want me to call you mom, but that is a hard thing for me to say, even the two times I did say it. You say you’re not gonna abandon me, but how do I know that, other “moms” did. You can’t just demand I call you mom because you want too. Either way eventually you will get tired of me and kick me out, everyone always does.” Sunset said getting as quiet as Fluttershy when she said everyone always does.

“Maybe I’m being too forward Sunset, I would love for you to call me mom, I get that it's hard for you to do that as well.” Luna said, realizing she was trying to force Sunset to be her girl.

“But??” Sunset asked expecting more.

“But I’m NOT going to leave you like the others, even if you don’t call me mom. Is that what you are really mad about?” Asked Luna.

“I’m embarrassed about being stuffed in my locker and that Trixie of all people got me out.” Sunset meekly admitted.

“Well I will go over the security footage in the morning with Celestia we are gonna find out who did it.’ Luna assured Sunset, rubbing her shoulders.

“Who are you gonna sick on them? Rainbow Dash, or Chrysalis?” Asked Sunset jokingly.

“Me.” Said Luna. “Now let's head home. I got something for you there that I think you will like.”

Luna and Sunset headed out to her car and let Sunset get in and then Luna got in and grabbed her keys and after putting her hands on the wheel she pulled out and made the short drive home. Arriving home Luna and Sunset climbed the stairs to the apartment. After putting her purse down in the kitchen and hanging up her keys, Luna walked into the living room with Sunset.

“Now Sunset I know what you need, come here.” Luna said sitting on her couch opening her arms.

Sunset immediately got in Luna’s lap and Luna wrapped her arms around Sunset and Sunset did the same as Luna rocked her. Luna sang Rock-A-Bye Baby to Sunset (she had never heard it). Sunset sat there and started to fall asleep.

As far as Luna was concerned Sunset was her baby, but not an actual baby. This is what she wanted, someone to come home to and someone with her. Someone who would help her but at the same time she could help. She wanted a child and now she had one. One she truly loved.

“Now Sunset wake up, you go ahead and do your assignments I’m gonna help you out best I can. Remember what the Rainbooms sang this morning “I won’t back down" and you Sunset will not back down. I will be there to keep pushing you.”

* * *

The rest of the week was hell for Sunset, but no one shoved her in a locker again. Security footage was analyzed and Tuesday the Diamond Dogs were brought into Luna’s office and were all suspended for two weeks.

Finally Friday came along and Sunset hardly slept the night before she was excited about her first sleepover, well in this world anyway. Luna did have trouble getting her up Friday as she did some mornings.

“Sunset let's go!!” Luna yelled. Luna got a pillow flung at her.

“C’mon we're gonna be late let’s go!” Luna said loudly. Sunset didn’t budge so Luna walked over to the far side of the bed. She was gonna try what Chrysalis said they did to recruits in the army who didn’t get up fast enough. Luna reached down, grabbed the mattress and with a mighty grunt flipped the mattress. It was a little mean Luna thought but she needed Sunset up.

“What the fuck Luna!!” Sunset screamed and she emerged from a mess of blankets and from under the mattress.

“We got 15 mins so get dressed and grab something quick to eat. Fix your mattress too.” Luna said and left to finish getting ready. Sunset flipped her mattress back over and threw her sheets on the bed. Fluttershy would have to deal with seeing an unmade bed.

Sunset didn’t care what people said as all she could think about was that night. Sunset could feel the butterflies in her stomach, as she didn’t know what to expect. In first period Applejack reassured Sunset “Don’t worry sugarcube, Ah promise ya, all we do is hang out.”

“Fluttershy is coming home with me. She’s gonna help me pack for tonight. So I will be ok.” Sunset told her.

“I got a lil surprise tonight too. So just relax Sunset.” Applejack reassured her as class began. For Sunset it seemed to drag. Second Period dragged too, Third and Fourth periods did too. Then finally it was lunch. Sunset told Luna she wanted to eat with her friends.

“Guys I am scared about tonight, I never did this before.” Sunset said again.

“Relax Sunny, all we do is hang out, maybe play some video games, watch some movies, have some snacks and I must tell you guys the best part. I’m gonna make some jello shooters.” Pinkie Pie said with a sly grin.

“What are those?” Asked Sunset.

“Easy you put some Jello and some vodka into a little plastic shot cup and then after it’s been chilled you down the little mixture in one gulp.” Pinkie said.

“Guys if there is gonna be alcohol there I don’t know.” Sunset said, feeling uneasy.

“Relax Sugarcube I’m bringing cider from the farm in a plastic bottle made to look like soda.” Applejack said.

“Check this out.” Rainbow said, opening her jacket. “With these pockets on the inside I can get a bottle of beer in each one and sneak some out of the house.”

“Well darlings I know my mom and dad got some fine wines. I was gonna get a bottle and bring it tonight.” Rarity said.

“I’m not gonna bring anything alcoholic. But i can bring some snacks if you like?” Asked Fluttershy.

“Sure Fluttershy that would be awesome!” Said Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah I was gonna bring some apple treats from the farm too.” Applejack said.

“Well relax you two because I was gonna order pizza too, sillies.” Pinkie Pie said.

Sunset got lost in thought she liked having friends, but the idea of alcohol scared her. She remembered what her mom and dad were like they drank. It made her very uneasy. Sunset was broken out of her trance by Rainbow Dash snapping her fingers in her face.

“Earth to Sunset come in please.” Said Rainbow into her hand trying to make it sound like she was on the radio.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” Sunset asked.

“I said, is there anything special you want to bring tonight?” Rainbow asked.

“I don’t know what I should bring?” Sunset asked kind of unsure how to ask.

“Rainbow it’s her first sleepover, give her a chance to attend one.” Rarity said.

“OK, just bring yourself this time Sunset, Fluttershy will help you with the packing.” Rainbow said.
The rest of the day went by faster as Sunset was now worried, was she gonna be required to drink tonight. She had never had liquor, not even cider back in Equestria.

Eventually the school bell rang and Sunset told Fluttershy to meet her at her locker as she usually goes to sit with Luna until most of the school clears out. Fluttershy headed to her locker and grabbed her overnight bag. Luna however saw Fluttershy and asked if she would like to join Sunset in her office as they could hang out until Luna was ready to go.

Luna was over the moon, not because she was losing Sunset for the night but that Sunset was going to a normal teenage thing in this world and go to a slumber party. Luna would smile everytime she thought about it. Then of course Chrys was gonna pick her up tomorrow on her motorcycle. She knew Sunset would be overjoyed.

About an hour after school was over Luna came into the office where Fluttershy and Sunset were talking about the slumber party.

“Well you two you ready to go?” Luna asked.

“Sure thing.” Said Sunset, glad the week was over.

“Um OK.” Fluttershy said quietly.

“Fluttershy you don’t need to be scared around Luna. She’s really not that bad. She's been very good and extremely nice to me, even when I am a bitchbrat.” Sunset told her.

“What is that?” Fluttershy asked timidly as they grabbed their bags and followed Luna.

“A term I made up for myself, it’s a cross between a bitch and a brat which I am.” Sunset said sadly.

“Sunset you should be more positive about yourself.” Fluttershy said.

“I’m an alien, from a world full of ponies, who turned into a raging she-demon, that destroyed the front of the school, and mind controlled the student body, and tried to kill you and your friends. I just can’t get over that right away.” Sunset admitted.

“Well hopefully tonight we can help you, believe me if we didn’t like you, and forgiven you we wouldn’t invite you to a slumber party.” Fluttershy told her.

Luna was smiling really big hearing Fluttershy say stuff like that. Luna led them to where she was parked in the faculty lot. Fluttershy looked around at the school from this angle, she very rarely ever saw it from this lot.

“I’ve hardly ever been over here.” Fluttershy said.

“I see it every day.” Sunset told her.

They hopped in the car Sunset in the front and Fluttershy in the back and took the short ride home to Luna’s apartment. Something dawned on Sunset as they rode home and she turned to her friend in the back seat.

“Fluttershy you’re gonna be the first one of my friends to see my place.” Sunset said.

“Really? That’s nice.” Fluttershy said.

They arrived at the apartment Fluttershy grabbed both her bags and followed Luna and Sunset up to the apartment Luna told Fluttershy to leave her

bags by the door as she would be taking them to Pinkie Pie’s. Sunset gave Fluttershy a quick tour of the apartment including the movie closet, then they headed to Sunset’s room to pack.

* * *

Elsewhere in Canterlot that evening....

Trixie was walking down a street in the rundown section of town. When she got to a little side street, looking around to make sure that no one was watching she headed down the street. She turned and headed down another street. At the end of the street was a wooden door, Trixie knocked on the door and a slot opened and a pair of eyes appeared.

“Got the password?” A voice asked on the other side.

“Walt sent me.” Trixie replied.

A minute later Trixie heard two locks unlock and the door open. One of the Diamond Dogs that stood guard let her in. It was like an abandoned warehouse but it was where Gilda was usually found until mid evening. Trixie entered the back room and Gilda looked up from her homework and looked at Trixie.

“What are you doing here?” Gilda asked.

“The great and honest Trixie is here Gilda, to tell you that I’m out, I’m done. If you want to go after Sunset you do it without me.” Trixie said.

“I heard you let her out of the locker. What the hell were you thinking??!!” Yelled Gilda standing up.

“The Diamond Dogs even had the time to paint “She Demon’s Lair” on her locker. That was gonna be humiliation galore and you screwed the entire thing up. Now you come here and tell me we are through?” Gilda asked standing there.

“Yes I am. I saw how hysterical Sunset was being let out of that locker. I’m not gonna put anyone else through that.” Trixie replied.

“Yes I am all broken up over it. Now are you really through?” Asked Gilda.

“Yes I am.” Said Trixie and with that she turned to walk away when Gilda started laughing. Trixie turned to see Gilda reach into the desk she was sitting at.

“Well we’re not just gonna let you walk out of here.”

“Who’s we?” Trixie asked looking around.

Gilda pulled a gun out of the desk drawer. “Smith, Wesson and Me.”

Gilda then pulled the hammer back.

From sleepover to hangover

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“Okay so you got your Jeans, your t-shirt, your bra and panties and socks for tomorrow. For tonight we got your toothbrush and toothpaste. Why do you have Shampoo and Body Wash?” You're gonna shower at Pinkie’s?” Fluttershy asked.

“No, at Chrysalis’s house tomorrow. Oh I better text and ask Chrys if that’s ok. “ Sunset said, grabbing her phone. She quickly texted Chrys about showering there tomorrow.

Why they waited for Chrys to respond, Sunset was finishing her packing by putting her Pajamas in the overnight bag. They got a sleeping bag out that Luna happened to have, and Sunset grabbed her pillow.

“Ok you got your clothes for tomorrow and your Pajamas for tonight and your toiletries for the night and tomorrow. That’s all you really need so did Chrys text back?” Fluttershy asked.

“She did and yes it’s ok.” Sunset said, picking up her backpack.

“Wait let me text Pinkie and make sure she’s ready for us, you don’t want to show up before the hostess is ready.” Fluttershy told her. Fluttershy texted Pinkie and got a response back to be there a little bit after six, she said the Jello should be ready by then.” Fluttershy said.

Sunset peaked out in the hall, Luna was in the living room. She closed the door to her bedroom.

“Fluttershy, I am kinda worried, do you guys always do this at a sleepover-you know, drink?” Sunset asked.

“No but we can handle some Jello Shots, some cider, wine and beer. I am sure we're gonna be fine.” Fluttershy reassured her.

“Ok but what do we do in the meantime, until six?” Sure we need to factor in how long it will take Luna to drive us over there what do we do?” Asked Sunset

“Well you got a nice set-up in your room, why don’t we sit here on your bed and watch some tv.” Fluttershy suggested.

“Yeah you want something to drink while we chill?” Asked Sunset.

“Ok what do you have?” Asked Fluttershy in reply.

“Well let’s head to the fridge and see what we got.” Sunset told her. The girls headed over to the fridge and Sunset opened it up.

“Ok we got some Soda, OJ, Purple Stuff, Sunny D…” Sunset began rattling off what they had.

“Sunny D would be great Sunset, let’s have a glass of that and watch some TV and relax.” Fluttershy said.

“You know Fluttershy, I always wanted to be able to do this, just hang out with someone my own age and just chill.” Sunset said, smiling.

“If you had been nice to us from the beginning you could have done that already.” Fluttershy told her.

Sunset’s smile immediately faded and she just looked down, Fluttershy then realized what she just said and how it sounded.

“I’m sorry Sunset I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.” Fluttershy said.

“It’s ok I know but now everyone hates me and I see why. I’m a monster, one minute I want to cry, the next I want to scream. I’m so mad at myself, that I end up taking it out on Luna, when in reality I really care about her. I should be thanking her.” Sunset said looking down while walking into her room.

“Sunset, why don’t you go right now while we have time and thank Luna for everything, I’ll give you some time to tell her.” Fluttershy said.

“Um ok, what would you like to watch?” Asked Sunset.

“My favorite channels are Animal Planet and/or Nat Geo Wild.” Fluttershy said blushing slightly.

Sunset turned on the TV and then the satellite, “Channel 184, or Channel 197 take your pick Fluttershy, I’ll be back in a few.” Sunset told her.

Sunset went and found Luna sitting in the living room watching the news. Sunset went and climbed up in her lap and hugged her. Luna hugged her.

“Are you sure you want to do this when you have a guest here?” Luna whispered.

“Fluttershy is giving me a few minutes and she was right.” Sunset said laying her head on Luna’s shoulder.

“Right about what honey?” Asked Luna.

Sunset just sat there and a second and then spoke up. “Luna, thank you for taking me in, giving me a place to sleep, food to eat, and just taking care of me in general. Thank you so, so much.” Sunset said holding Luna tightly.

Luna smiled and even beamed at Sunset’s comment. For right then and there everything else vanished and Luna almost cried in happiness and then after an extended hug, Luna let Sunset up.

“O.K. You and Fluttershy get ready I’ll take you over to Pinkie Pie’s.” Luna said.

Sunset and Fluttershy gulped down their drinks, turned off the TV, and got their bags this was going to be a good night. At least that’s what Sunset hoped.

* * *

Luna and the girls arrived at Pinkie Pie’s house and Fluttershy and Sunset hopped out of the car.

“Sunset.” Luna called her over to the car.

“What I gotta go?” Sunset insisted.

“Two things, behave yourself and I love you, have a great night.” Luna told Sunset and with a wave goodbye. Sunset returned the wave with a smile. Luna drove off with tears in her eyes. Sunset ran over to catch up with Fluttershy as she rang the doorbell.

“Sunset you made it. I am so so glad. You see when you said you never been to a sleepover, or had friends, that made me very sad, so I was like I got to have a slumber party for Sunset because it must be lonely and now..” Pinkie started rambling.

“Ok Pinkie I get it you did this for me, and yes thank you.” Sunset replied covering PInkie’s mouth.

“Well you two are the first to arrive so let's head to my room and set up for the night. The Jello shots are almost ready. You know it only takes 5 mins and that is really quick, but an hour and half or more to set and that’s really long and boring.” Pinkie rambled. Just then the doorbell rang.

“More guests!!” Pinkie exclaimed and ran off.

“Fluttershy I really like you guys, but does she have an off switch?” Sunset asked innocently.

“Sunset that’s just Pinkie you guess used to her after a while.” Fluttershy said.

“Howdy thar Pinkie.” Came a voice from the front door.

“Sounds like Applejack is here.” Sunset said.

A few seconds later Applejack came in the room with Pinkie right behind her.

“Howdy Sunset, glad to see you could make it, sugarcube.” Applejack said as she unrolled her sleeping bag at the foot of the bed.

“Oh we can set up now?” Sunset asked, kind of confused as to how they did sleepovers.

“Of course you can, silly.” Pinkie said.

Sunset unrolled her sleeping bag off to the side a lil bit and laid down her pillow following what Applejack did. Then Pinkie brought in the tray of Jello shots.

“Now we are gonna wait until our last two guests arrive…”Pinkie began when the doorbell rang again Pinkie was gone in a blur.

“Fluttershy you don’t have a sleeping bag.” Sunset noticed.

“No PInkie usually either gives me her bed or I can take the couch cushions, like I’m gonna do tonight.” Fluttershy explained.

Pinkie came in right after with Rarity.

“Hello Darlings, ah Sunset good to see you made it.” Rarity said giving Sunset a hug.

“Guys while we wait for Rainbow Dash, did everyone bring their stash?” Pinkie asked quietly, closing the door.

“I brought in two bottles of Cider.” Applejack said, taking the plastic bottles out of her bag. “Granny Smith thought I was bringing root beer.

“Well I got a bottle of wine my parents stash, Sweetie Belle almost caught me, but it will be worth it, when we get this open. ”Rarity said, unrolling her sleeping bag.

Just then the doorbell rang and Pinkie disappeared in a blur. She came back a second later with Rainbow Dash, who saw all the alcohol containers on the floor.

“Hey don’t get started without me!” Rainbow said, opening her jacket and taking out four bottles of beer.

“Don’t worry guys it’s cold, I had to wait until my ‘rents wasn't looking. But I got several, enough my dad won’t notice.” Rainbow continued.

“Well let's get this party started!!” Exclaimed Pinkie Pie.

Rarity went to open the wine when Pinkie stopped her.

“Jello shots first as they are freshly chilled, then we can hit the other stuff”.

Pinkie passed the tray around and everyone grabbed a shot, even Sunset after some hesitation. All the girls down the shots, even Sunset (again after some hesitation.) After three rounds of shots the tray was empty PInkie took it to the kitchen. She rushed back to see Rainbow and Applejack about to begin their usual video game competition that Pinkie always enjoyed.

Rarity went and did her nails and offered to do the same with Fluttershy which she accepted as she liked how Rarity always did the designs on her nails.

Sunset went to watch the video game competition, Chrys was gonna teach her tomorrow how to play, but wanted to watch tonight.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack began as always in some fighting game, Rainbow Dash seemed to start off strong, but Applejack came back. Rainbow Dash stretched out her legs but Applejack was wise to her tricks.

“Rainbow don’t you dare unplug my controller wit’ your foot thar.” Applejack said.

“What? That was an accident.” Rainbow protested.

“Three times, ah you're sure about that.” Applejack replied.

“Pinkie took her laptop out. OK guys PIZZA TIME!!” Who wants what?” Pinkie exclaimed.
Answers flew from around the room.” Pepperoni, Sausage, Extra cheese, Plain.”

“Okie Dokie Lokie!!” Pinkie exclaimed and quickly ordered a bunch of pizzas.
After Rainbow Dash lost on the video game. She cracked open a beer and
asked if any one else wanted any. She passed it around and Rarity said she was gonna stay with the wine Sunset, took a swig and recoiled.

“Yeah Sunset beer is an acquired taste, you kinda got to get used to it.” Rainbow told her.

“Here, try the wine. It's much better.” Rarity offered Sunset after having some herself.

“Thanks Rare that does taste better.” Sunset said.

“It’s Italian Swiss Colony, it’s imported.” Rarity told her.

“Guys I got some Twinkies. Does anyone want one?” Fluttershy asked.

“Twinkies and wine that’s real class Fluttershy.” Said Pinkie taking a swig of wine herself.

Fluttershy grabbed the bottle of wine and pointed at the label “It says right here it is a dessert wine.”

“Whatever you two. Wait until you try this stuff.” Applejack putting the cider in the middle of the girls..

“It’s an Apple family recipe.” Applejack handed it to Sunset.

Sunset opened it and sniffed it, then took a swig “Whoa, that stuff isn't for the young.” Sunset said.

“Apple family recipe.” Applejack said.

“Pinkie the pizza you ordered is here, and dripping grease on my shoes.” Said Pinkie’s older sister Maude in a flat tone holding several pizza boxes.

“Thanks Maude.” Said Pinkie grabbing the pizza boxes. The girls got up and followed Pinkie into the kitchen except Sunset.

“Sunset you coming?” Asked Fluttershy.

“I’m not feeling too well.” Sunset replied

“Sunset you're not used to the alcohol, I’m a little buzzed too, but the Pizza will help soak up alcohol. Come on I’ll help you out.” Fluttershy said, helping Sunset to the kitchen.

As the night went on a lot of Pizza was consumed and more wine, beer, and even some cider (most girls agreed it was strong) was consumed.

At one point Pinkie went to get the couch cushions for Fluttershy and tossed them on the bed, then went to lay on them

“Pinkie those are for me Ha, Ha, Hehe.” Fluttershy said feeling the effects of the alcohol. All the girls got hysterical after that. Pinkie tossed the cushions on the floor.

The girls all passed out around midnight. Sunset had her phone right by her ear so when Chrys called in the morning she would hear it.

* * *

A little before 9 A.M. the next morning Sunset’s phone went off. The other girls didn’t move. Sunset silenced the phone and crept out of the bedroom. Once in Pinkie’s bathroom, she answered the phone.

“Hello” Sunset said groggily.

“Morning Sunshine, why don’t you go ahead and get ready gonna pick you up soon on my motorcycle, we can head out and get breakfast.” Chrys said cheerfully.

The idea of food turned Sunset's stomach.

“O.K. Chrys I’ll get dressed. Can I clean up at your place?” Sunset feeling like death warmed over.

“Um sure I said you could yesterday. Sunset are you ok?” Chrys said feeling something was off.

Sunset felt like she was gonna get sick any moment, and her head was pounding and she was tired as hell. Still tried as fast as she could to get her jeans on and her t-shirt and boots.

She tried to wake up Pinkie Pie to say goodbye, but Pinkie just rolled over and went back to sleep. Sunset noticed everyone else was asleep. So she grabbed her bag and sleeping bag and slipped out as quietly as she could.

She was trying to tie up her bag outside on the front steps when Chrys roared up on her Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle. To Sunset it was like a damn train going right by her.

“HEY KIDDO!!” Chrys said kinda loud.

She noticed that Sunset cringed and held her head as she was still trying to tie up her sleeping bag.

“Hold on kid, look at me.” Chyrs said.

She studied Sunset's features. Bloodshot eyes, Sunst also seemed lethargic, and seemed like she had a bad headache, she was also sweating, and Chrys asked her about breakfast and Sunset almost turned green. She could also smell alcohol on her breath. Chrys knew it right away.

“Welcome to the best part of getting drunk, Sunset. The hangover. What happened last night?” Chrys asked her.

“I had beer, wine, Jello shots, and some cider. Sunset said.

“I was gonna take you out for breakfast, but I think it’s better I go home and get the car.” Chrys said.

“Am I gonna get punished?” Sunset asked.

“Not by me, as for Luna, I will make sure she doesn't go overboard on you on you.” Chrys said.

“Let’s just get on the motorcycle.” Sunset said.

“Sunset you’re in no condition to ride with me. Stay here . I will go home and get the car.” Chrys said.

Sunset sat on the front steps and Chrys rode off, getting home was easy, getting the car out on the road was fine, but the streets were the problem as they were jam packed on this Saturday. Eventually Chrys got back to Sunset who was sitting on the front steps with a hungover Applejack.

“MORNING YOU TWO!!” Chrys said loudly,
“Arrghh” Applejack moaned holding her head and then her stomach.
“Welcome to the best part of drinking Applejack, the hangover.” Chrys said.
“Come on Sunset in the back, Applejack do you need a ride?” Chrys asked.
“No Big Mac is on his way to get me, Granny Smith is gonna kill me.” Applejack said.
“If you are sure.” Chrys said. Applejack gave her an ok sign. Sunset got in the back and passed out in the back seat. Chrys went and buckled her in. With that Chrys started up the car and headed towards her home.

The whole way home Chrys kept looking at the sleeping teen in the back seat. She felt so bad for Sunset. But this was a lesson only nature could teach, once you were hung over, it was something you never forgot.

After arriving at the house, Chrys went to the back seat and helped Sunset out of the car. Sunset was looking like she was gonna get sick any minute. Just as they got out of the car Sunset noticed Chrys’s Kawasaki Ninja parked next to her car there in the driveway.

“Yeah Sunset I didn’t have time to put it in the garage. Thank God it’s still here. I’ll move it inside after I get you settled.” Chrys told her.

Sunset took a few steps and took hold of the motorcycle. That was as far as she was gonna make it. Sunset’s stomach let loose and Sunset threw up all over Chrys's Kawasaki Ninja. When Sunset was done she was panting. Chrys was in shock.


“Get the hose out, I'll bring you a bucket of soapy water.” Chrys said a little more calm.

* * *
12 Hours earlier in an abandoned warehouse in the rundown section of Canterlot…

“Put the gun down, Gilda, we can at least act like civilized people.” Trixie said.

“I’m losing my second in command, who is gonna go running to Luna’s little FBI friend, now I can’t let that happen.” Gilda explained.

“I don’t know what your plan is…”Trixie began.

“Ha, Ha, Ha,” Gilda said sitting back down and leaning back in her chair. “Do I look like a girl with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do if I caught one, you know, I just do things.” Gilda went on.

Trixie looked confused. Gilda rolled her eyes and went on.

“Luna has plans, The Rainbooms have plans, Sunset’s got plans. They’re schemers trying to control their little worlds. I’m not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are.” Gilda told her.

“You know what I noticed?” Gilda said motioning towards herself. “Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying. Like if I said a criminal was gonna get shot well no one panics because it’s all part of the plan. But when I say a she-demon will get killed to save the students of CHS, well everyone loses their minds!!”

“I think you have lost your mind Gilda, if you kill Sunset, people will not see you as a white knight like you think you are.” Trixie told her.

“I want to introduce a little anarchy and upset the established order and then everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos: It’s fair.” Gilda finished.

Trixie stood there perplexed, Gilda was losing her grip on reality. Now she did fear for Sunset, but how to get out of here was the problem.

“The great and powerful Trixie gets it Gilda.” Trixie proclaimed, when in reality she had no idea where Gilda just went with her rant.

“Still want to leave Trixie?” Gilda asked, letting hammer up on the gun.

“No. I mean for the night yes, but not the operation no.” Trixie lied to her.

“Good, you’re dismissed.” Gilda said putting the gun away.

“Good Night Gilda.” Trixie said. She hurried out of that area and went to quickly try to find Sunset and Luna.

The Aftermath

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Sunset’s head pounded like a freight train; she hadn’t felt this bed since the night of the Fall Formal about two weeks ago. She was sloppily washing Chrysalis’s Kawaski Ninja, when she saw Chrys walking out to her on the driveway. She already gave her the bucket with soapy water now what did she want?

"Probably want me to wax the bike when I'm done." Sunset thought, still feeling terrible, though her hangover had let up just a little bit.

“Sunset honey there is a robe in the bathroom, go take a shower and put the robe on, I’ll put the clothes in the wash when I’m done washing the bike.” Chrys said gently.

“But I thought you wanted me to wash your bike?” Sunset asked.

“I was wrong to yell at you like that. I was mad and I calmed down and see you're having trouble with this. I’ll finish, you go shower put the robe on and lay on my couch, or my bed and sleep ok? Here I’ll walk you to the door c’mon hun.” Chrys said putting her arm around Sunset and walking her to the door and into the house.

Sunset walked over to the bathroom, and then turned and looked at Chrys.

“I’m a little dizzy. I just want to lay down.” Sunset said.

“One second hun.” Chrys said disappearing down the hall. She came back a minute later with the robe and tossed it to Sunset.

“Here get changed, let me pull my bike in the garage.” Chrys said running out the door.

Sunset took off her clothes, even her bra and panties and threw everything on the floor and put Chrys’s robe on. After that she lay down on the couch, a second later Chrys came back in, the house.

“Sunset I will let you rest for a little bit but, you need to drink something.” Chrys told her kneeling by Sunset on the couch.

“Chrys drinking something got me in this mess.” Sunset replied.

“Here let me get you some water, one sec honey.” Chrys said, walking over to the kitchen. She filled a glass with water and came back where Sunset was laying on the couch, passed out. Chrys just put the water on the coffee table for Sunset and let her sleep.

Chrys went and finished washing her bike, then put Sunset’s clothes (minus her jacket, and boots) into the wash, closing the door leading into the laundry room, not to disturb Sunset.

Chrys’s phone went off and while Sunset stirred she didn’t wake up. Chrys quickly silenced it and looked at who was calling it was Luna.

Chrys looked to the heavens and under her breath said “Give me strength.”

“Luna, how is it going?” Chrys said walking down the hall to her bedroom, she quickly closed the door.

“You know how it’s going, where is my charge, or should I ask for the little drunk? I have heard from parents this morning there are six hungover teenage girls this morning, I know five of them that are in deep shit.

I’m missing one that is also in deep shit, Chrys let me talk to that missing piece, I think her name is Sunset Shimmer, and I know she is there. I’d like to have a word with her please.” Luna said, sounding all sweet and innocent.

“Luna, she passed out on my couch, I brought her home in my car as I knew she couldn’t handle the bike. Now you need to calm down.” Chrys told her.

“Chrys I am gonna whip her when she gets home, just like my father did to me when I came home high as a kite one night. Well it was the next morning.” Luna said.

“Absolutely NOT. I will not allow that!!” Chrys said, getting a little louder.

“She’s my charge, and when I screwed up this majorly I was bent over the arm of the couch and whipped with a belt, in front of my mom and Celestia. Sunset won’t have an audience, unless you want to watch.” Luna said.

“Luna, you want to do that fine, but do one thing before that. Call Celestia and tell her what you just told me.” Chrys said. Chrys hung up the phone after that.

Chrys knew Celestia was going to set her straight. She then walked out to check on Sunset. She found Sunset's eyes all scrunched up and grabbing her hair in her sleep. This must be one of the nightmares that Luna had been talking about her having. Chrys’s mind was racing a mile a minute.

“Ok what would Luna do, she would be patient and wake Sunset gently.” Chrys thought. Just then Sunset cried out.

“NOOO!!! YOUR WRONG!!” She screamed. She then woke up in a cold sweat and started crying. Chrys was right there by her side, now she saw why Luna’s heart ached for Sunset.

“Sunset it’s ok, I’m right here. Shhhh, shhh it’s ok.” Chrys said, trying to sooth the upset teen. Chrys wrapped Sunset in a big hug and rubbed her back while she sobbed. She could feel a connection with Sunset, and was starting to really see why Luna loved the girl. Sunset’s was heaving, trying to catch her breath.

“Sunset what was it? it was the dream, wasn't it?” Chrys asked.

“It was the demon again Sunset Satan as I call her, she shows up many times, and says that no one loves me Luna is gonna kick me out now. My friends don’t care about me, in fact no one does.” Sunset sobbed.

“Sunset that’s not true, Luna loves you and you know what, I do too.” Chrys said looking into Sunset’s eyes.

“You must think I’m a big baby, crying like this.” Sunset said, her cheeks flaming in embarrassment.

“Sunset, don't ever think that.” Chrys said cupping Sunset’s face in her hands. “I have seen many people cry, including Luna, I seen you bring her to tears a time or two.” Chrys continued then realized what she just said. Regret filled her immediately.

“Sunset I didn’t mean it like that…”Chrys started to say.

“I think I am ready to go home now.” Sunset said.

“Sunset, please!! Don’t be like this, at least get dressed and get a shower...” Chrys rambled while standing up. She was to stop Sunset and apologize.

“I can shower at home, I'll get dressed and you can take me home, or I’ll walk it.” Sunset said going over to her bag to grab her clothes and after throwing Chry’s robe off like it had a disease, she quickly slipped on her panties and her bra, slipped on her jeans and t-shirt, then put her boots on and grabbed her bag.

“At least let me get your other clothes out of the dryer, miss attitude.” Chrys said walking to her laundry room. She grabbed Sunset’s clothes and came out and threw them at her.

“Here take your clothes, and head home, but let me tell you what is waiting for you when you get home.” Chrys said.

* * *

“YOU’RE GONNA WHAT??!!” Celestia roared over the phone.

“What, now you're on Chrys' side?” Luna said.

“Well here let me come over, I want to talk to you.” Celestia said.

“I know what you’re doing, and if I say no you are going to come over here anyway.” Luna said leaning back on the couch.

“Damn it Luna listen to me, I’m older and I’m wiser.” Celestia said.

“Yeah well you are half right.” Luna said giggling.

“Stay there, I’m coming over there, I won’t allow you to do this to Sunset, I forbid you as your older sister, and as your boss at work.” Celestia said.

“Whatever.” Luna replied.

“I mean it. Stay there!” Said Celestia already out the door on her way over to the apartment

“Celestia where am I gonna go?” Luna replied.

“Just stay there.” Celestia said as she started her car.

“OK, I’m not going anywhere.” Luna said hanging up.

Luna leaned back on the couch, her arms crossed, and then crossed her legs. She blew her hair out of her face, Luna wore an expression that could have soured milk. She was mad at her sister and Chrys. Then she decided I’m not mad at them, I’m mad at Sunset, damn it that girl knew better.

Luna pinched the bridge of her nose, she felt a headache coming on. Luna got up and went into her bathroom and got some aspirin. This was gonna be a long day. After gulping down 4 aspirin, she went back into the living room to await the arrival of her sister.

* * *

“So Luna is gonna whip me?!” Sunset cried fear welling up inside of her.

“Still ready to go home?” Asked Chrys.

“No, but can I stay here with you?” Sunset pleaded, grabbing Chrys’s shirt.

“Relax Celestia, and I am gonna protect you. So you want to chill here and learn how to play some video games?” Asked Chrys.

“Yeah that sounds good. But first I want to do this” Sunset said putting her bag down at the doorway. She took her shampoo and body wash out and headed down to the bathroom.

After the shower was done Sunset came back down the hall to the living room. Chrys was sitting there watching TV. She noticed Sunset arriving in the room, her hair still a little damp, but other than that she looked great. She definitely looked refreshed.

“Feel human again?” Chrys asked.

“As close as I can get.” Sunset replied.

“Honey, I think you're human. No other creature would make that big a fool of itself.” Chrys joked with Sunset.

“You know what Chrys, your right.” Sunset admitted.

“So, are you ready to learn Video games now?” Asked Chrys.

“Sure, let’s play.” Sunset said.

“Ok I’m gonna teach you with basic games and then we're going to move on to more advanced ones.” Chrys told her.

“Ok cool, what is the basic game that we are going to start with?” Sunset said shifting on the couch, trying to get comfortable.

Chrys hooked an old console up to her old TV. Sunset didn’t understand why they were using that TV and not the big one, or what Chrys was hooking up.

“Sorry Sunset but these old consoles only work with older TV sets. Now we hit the power button and wallah.” Chrys said.

“It looks like a bunch of lines with a white dot. What kinda game is this?” Sunset asked confused.

“The basics of learning video games. Sunset welcome to Pong. I’m gonna press start and you use the dial there to move your paddle and hit the ball, and we see how long we can keep it going.” Chrys explained.

Soon the two of them were involved in Pong. Sunset found it basic and kind of primitive compared to what she saw at Pinkie’s last night. But Chrys was amazed by how quickly Sunset took to this. She knew it was time to step it up a notch.

“Sunset you did well, now we will play on my big screen TV with this massive behemoth of a video game console.” Chris said bringing out a video game console that was around the size of an old VCR and had four slots in the top

“Meet the Super Genintari and as you may be able to guess from the name this behemoth of a console brings the Atari 2600, NES, SNES and Genesis together. You game?” Chrys asked.

“Bring it on.” Said Sunset confidently.

“Ok well we will start with Atari 2600 most of these are one player games so we will go through the several games I have, I’ll teach you how to play, if you do good at this we will go on to Nintendo and Genesis and Super Nintendo.” Chrys told her.

After some explanation and a demo, Chrys let Sunset play some basic Atari games, soon she was playing Pac-Man, River Raid, Kaboom, and she was playing Space Invaders when Chrys’s phone rang. Sunset looked over at Chrys when her phone went off.

“Keep playing Kiddo.” Chrys told her. Chrys wasn’t about to tell her it was Luna on the phone. Chrys walked down to the hall to her bedroom before answering.

“Have you calmed down now?” Chrys asked.

“Well Celestia is holding the belt right now and won’t let me have it. What are you two doing?” Luna asked.

“I started to introduce Sunset to Video Games, first we played Pong, now she’s playing Atari 2600, she’s played River Raid, Pac-Man, and Kaboom. When I left she was playing Space Invaders, I had to explain a thing or two but she seems to almost go into a trance when she plays. She’s a girl gamer.” Chrys told her.

“Great Chrys you have created a monster, why don’t you bring her home, we can have dinner, and the Sunset is gonna get a thorough scolding.” Luna told her.

“As long as you are not gonna hit her, fine we will come home when Sunset is done this round.” Chrys told Luna.

Chrys walked back into the living room as Sunset raised her fist in the air, as she had just won another round of Space Invaders. Chrys was amazed by this girl she was gonna be a hardcore gamer. She would eventually have to buy Sunset a Xbox 1 or Playstation 5 maybe for Christmas. Chrys knew Luna would kill her if she did that and smiled evilly thinking about it. But business before pleasure.

“Sunset Luna said I got to bring you back home now.” Chrys said.

“Chrys can’ t I stay here, like for the next couple of years.” Sunset said, her eyes welling up with tears.

Chrys could see the wave of fear that had washed over Sunset sitting there on the couch. She put the controller down and her hands began to shake. Chrys had told her what Luna planned to do. Sunset was scared to go home, for the first time ever.

Chrys got down on her knees and took Sunset’s hands in hers and looked her in the eyes. She then rubbed her face and actually wiped away a tear.

“I’m going to be there, so is Celestia we are NOT going to let Luna hit you I promise that Sunset.” Chrys said soothingly. “Luna does want to have a big family dinner though. I promise you Sunset, you’ll be ok.”

“Promise?” Sunset asked voice shaking. Sunset's mind reeled back to when her parents would get drunk and beat her.

“I swear to you, Now grab your bag, I got a surprise for you.” Chrys told her.

Sunset grabbed her bag and followed Chrys out to the garage where Chrys walked her bike out of the garage. Sunset’s bag with her clothes and few personal items was strapped to the back of the bike. Chrys turned her bike around and tossed Sunset her spare helmet.

“Safety first, then hold on tight for a kick ass ride.” Chrys said.

With that Sunset put on the helmet and Chrys kicked her Kawasaki Ninja on and sped off for Luna’s apartment, not as fast as she usually rode, and not as reckless due to the precious cargo she was carrying on the back of her bike. As far as Chrys could tell Sunset was enjoying herself. They arrived at Luna’s apartment in a few minutes.

Sunset and Chrys hopped off the bike when Sunset and Chrys heard a tired huff behind them. They turned around to see a tired Trixie panting in the parking lot.

“Sunset, thank God the great and powerful Trixie has finally found you .”

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“What do you mean, thank God you finally found her?” Chrys asked, pushing Sunset behind her for protection.

Sunset trusted Trixie and knew she didn’t have to fear her. She stepped out from behind Chrys. Chrys grabbed Sunset’s arm to pull her back again when Sunset raised her hand to Chrys.

“It’s ok Chrys she’s cool. What’s wrong Trixie?” Sunset asked, taking a few steps closer to Trixie.

“Is Luna here ?” Trixie asked.

“Yeah, why what’s going on?” Sunset replied still a little bit leery of where this conversation was going.

Trixie recounted everything that had happened last night with Gilda to Chrys and Sunset. When she finished telling her tale, Chrys was deep in thought. Sunset noticed this.

“Penny for your thoughts Chrys. I’d offer more but I’m short on change.” Sunset said.

“Trixie, Luna and Celestia are up in Luna’s apartment. Come with us and tell them what’s going on. But wait outside with Sunset, until I tell them about you, because Luna is liable to tear you a new one if she sees you come in.” Chrys told her.

The three of them climbed the stairs up to the apartment. “Now wait here both of you.’ Chrys told them. Chrys opened the door and went inside.

Luna got up off the couch and walked to the door and seeing only Chrys she was confused as was Celestia who was standing in the living room too. After a second of silence Luna spoke up. “Where is Sunset?”

“She’s outside with Trixie…” Chrys began.


“Relax I think she is reformed, and I think you both should listen to what Trixie has to say, it is most important.” Chrys replied, waving her hand in a calming motion.

“Fine let her in, we will hear what she has to say.” Said Celestia motioning to Luna to relax and sit down.

“Ok you two come in.” Chrys called. Trixie came in followed by Sunset. Luna felt rage looking at Trixie and then glared at Sunset who cringed.

“Sunset we will discuss your situation later, but Trixie let’s hear what you got to say.” Luna said.

Trixie recounted her tale with Gilda the night before. When she was done everyone sat in silence. Trixe was completely unsure how to read the situation. Finally Luna spoke up “Trixie this isn't a trick is it?”

“No Vice Principal Luna I swear to you I think Gilda Griffon has lost her mind and she wants to kill Sunset.” Trixie said.

Luna could see how upset this made Sunset and motioned to have Sunset come sit by her on the couch. Which Sunset tentatively did.

Celestia remained silent but went and sat on the couch, on the other side of Luna. For a long time everyone remained silent as if lost in thought then finally Luna spoke up.

“This is crossing a line, but why Sunset, why come after my little girl?” Luna asked.

“I’m not sure it’s Sunset personally, I think Gilda is looking to start the chaos that she was talking about. Some people aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some people just want to watch the world burn.” Chrys said.

“Well whatever she wants, she’s not getting my Sunset, this has to end, Chrys do we have enough to arrest her on?” Luna asked.

“Trixie if we protect you, will you testify?” Chrys asked,

“Yes but the Diamond Dogs are still out there, they will be sent after me.” Trixie replied.

“Listen I don’t want Trixe’s life put in danger because of me. I’m not worth that.” Sunset piped up.

“Trixie thinks it is, I’m awesome after all, but I can’t take out her four goons. I mean not like Rainbow Dash did.” Trixie replied.

“Rainbow is an athlete and knows self defense taking Karate, Taekwondo, or whatever it is that she takes. Applejack can fight too. I wish I knew how to, maybe I could have defended myself in that alleyway.” Sunset said.

“We can debate all day who can fight, and who can’t, who wants to watch the world burn, and everything else but we need to go after Gilda. She thinks she is CHS savior and she attends Crystal Prep, it makes no sense.” Celestia spoke up.

“Celestia, it doesn't make sense, and that in Gilda’s mind is all that matters. She said: I would introduce a little anarchy and upset the established order and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos: It’s fair.” Chrys said recounting Gilda’s words.

“Without more evidence we can’t go after Gilda. Trixie’s testimony here is good, but we need more. Something concrete, or catch her in the act. I am going to have to work on this.” Chrys said.

“In the meantime Miss Lulamoon I want to thank you for bringing this to our attention.” Luna said.

“I will admit the brave and strong Trixie is scared to go home now. The Dogs will be sent after me.” Trixie said.

“You’re scared??!! I’m the one she wants to kill, thinking I’m a threat to humanity, Which I probably am but…” Sunset started to say when Luna sharply cut her off.

“Why do you say the crap all the time, you’re not a threat to humanity. You’re not a monster.” Luna said. She couldn’t handle it when Sunset would cut herself down like that, it would tear her up inside. Sunset was her little girl, and Luna had fallen in love with her that first night, when Sunset meekly asked for a pair of Pajamas and asked Luna to sleep next to her. When she cut herself down it really hurt Luna.

Luna got up and left the room almost in tears. After that awkward moment Trixie who usually loved drama decided it was time to leave. Celestia offered her a lift home.

Chrys stood there for a second glaring at Sunset. She couldn’t believe Sunset would be so down on herself and how that tore Luna apart inside. She loved Sunset like a daughter, how could Sunset alienate Luna like that.

“You know what little girl, I'm sick and tired of you treating Luna like that. She loves you like a daughter, and when you talk so bad about yourself, it hurts her. Luna brought you in off the streets, clothed you, fed you, kept a roof over your head and in case you forgot, protected you through two thunderstorms.” Chrys ripped into her.

“Like you really care about Luna. She miscarries a baby, loses a guy she thought she liked, went into a deep depression, and where the hell were you?” Sunset asked in heated anger.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you, little miss, I had to go to basic training. That’s where the hell I was.” Chrys replied, getting angry herself.

“You could have delayed your entry, helped Luna out, You don’t care about her, probably didn’t care about anybody, even the people you served with and died overseas!” Sunset jumping up and yelling at Chrys.

Chrys looked at Sunset with disdain and anger, this was the button you didn’t push with Chrys.

“You really believe that nonsense you're saying?” Chrys asked Sunset.

Sunset dropped her eyes and bowed her head at that remark.

LOOK AT ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU.” Chrys yelled like a drill sergeant. Sunset immediately raised her head and her eyes to face Chrys.

“Let me clue in on something right now. Between the army and the FBI I have given this country fifteen years of my life. Fifteen damn, back breaking years. I saw young boys and girls blown out of the air, cut to ribbons on the battlefield. I saw their guts sprawled all over the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq. Everytime someone dies for this country believe me girl I GIVE A SHIT!!” Chrys yelled at Sunset right in her face.

“GOD DAMNIT, Nobody talks to me like this and I am not gonna start now.” Chrys laid into Sunset like she had never laid into anyone before.

“As for Luna, my leaving to go into the army was the best thing that happened to her. She had to hit rock bottom and climb her way back up. I helped her a little bit, but then I had to go live my life too. I cried leaving Luna behind, but she was depressed, and still hitting weed.” Chrys explained to Sunset.

“Luna became a vice principal to work with kids, because she figured she was never going to have any, and lo behold along comes Sunset Shimmer. She wants to adopt you Sunset, be a mother to you. I would be Aunt Chrysalis. But no Sunset is too good for that.” Chrys continued on.

“I never said that!!” Sunset yelled back.

“You showed it, many times. Now I suggest you march your ass in there and tell Luna you love her and want to be her daughter.” Chrys told her.

“Before you go though let me tell you a little story.” Chrys said walking over the far side of the room and picking up the belt Celstia had left on the floor and held it in Sunset’s face.

“This is how Luna’s father dealt with Luna coming home high as a kite one night. The next morning after Luna came down from being high, her father bent her over the arm of the couch and whipped her butt, in front of her mom and Celestia. She was about your age. I was trying to save you from Luna doing the same thing that was done to her.” Chrys explained.

“Wow!!” Sunset said.

“Now you march your happy little butt in there and talk to Luna, and consider the adoption. Luna’s trying to give you a life here. Stop talking down about yourself, it hurts Luna. Because then she thinks you’re not happy here. Lord knows she is trying to make you happy little miss.” Chrys told her.

Sunset turned on her heels and walked to Luna’s bedroom where she could hear sniffling coming from the other side of the door. It really kicked her in the stomach to hear that. She went to knock on the door, and looked back at Chrys who simply nodded.

Sunset lightly knocked on the door and no answer from the other side.

“Luna it’s me Sunset, can I come in?” She asked.

Luna opened the door a minute later, and went back to sitting on the floor next to a box of tissues. Sunset walked in and sat down next to her. Sunset drew knees against her chest and wrapped her arms around her knees

“Why do you get so upset when I cut myself down?” Asked Sunset meekly.

“Oh I don’t know, it hurts me that I try to make you happy, and then you say something like that. Makes me think I failed, I have been thinking Sunset, I made you afraid to come home, because I was going to beat you, just like my dad did to me. You get here with Trixie, who I’m not sure who’s side she’s on, then you say you're a threat to humanity, like it’s a joke.” Luna said.

“I think you're making a mountain out of a molehill Luna.” Sunset said.

“Am I?” Luna asked.

“So what I cut myself down, I was a raging she-demon that tried to kill six students, mind controlled a whole school, and ripped the front of the school off. No wonder everyone thinks I’m a menace to society. I agree with them on that.” Sunset said.

“That bothers me that you think that way, you’re not a menace, a she -demon or a monster. Your Sunset Shimmer, a 15 year old who I love, and think of as my daughter. A bright and pretty girl, who has all the potential in the world.” Luna said.

“If I made you scared to come home today, then I have failed as a guardian, if you aren’t happy here I have failed as a guardian. If I have failed as a guardian, I could never be a mother. Not yours, not my own baby if I had carried it to term.” Luna continued.

“Sunset in the morning I will call child services and have you taken into foster care and have myself declared an unfit guardian. All your paperwork will go with you, just please don’t say you're a pony from a magical land, you’ll end up in the psych ward.” Luna told her.

Hearing this Chrys stormed down the hallway right into Luna’s room.

“Luna wake up and listen to yourself!! I don’t think you get it either of you. Luna, you have to be patient with Sunset. I think she has PTSD. but abandon her? That’s why she is here in our world to begin with.” Chrys laid into her.

“One more thing, I agree, home should be where Sunset feels safe,the one place she can hide from the rest of the world. She needs her Luna then. I know you Luna, you're going to go through the rest of your life wondering and worrying about Sunset if you get rid of her.” Chrys said.

“Finally, if you abandon her you are no better, then her birth mother or that princess back in her old land.” Chrys said kneeling down and started rubbing Sunset’s shoulder.

“This girl has been abandoned so many times, that i think she has separation anxiety too, as well as PTSD. It’s gonna take time, a whole lot of precious time, it gonna take patience and time.” Chrys said to Luna letting it sink in.

“You two both need to work on it, this relationship needs to grow over time. After all Sunset has a tour of duty helping her friends for the next couple weeks, we have two birthdays coming up, and Christmas. Also Luna you are not sitting in this apartment alone on New Year’s Eve again.” Chrys told her sternly.

“True and after the first of the year we have the Canterlot Musical Showcase, and in the spring we have to take on Crystal Prep in the dreaded Friendship Games.” Luna groaned.

“Let’s focus on Luna’s Birthday and we will have to throw Sunset a Sweet 16 party.” Chrys squeed knowing it would embarrass Sunset. As if on cue Sunset turned red and buried her head in her knees. After a minute she raised her head.

“Ok a birthday party, but not a Sweet 16 party please.” Sunset said, smiling.

Chrys extended a hand to both Luna and Sunset. “Well come on we got some work to do then.” Said Chrys helping both of them to their feet.


Punishments and plans.

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After Chrys helped both girls up. She looked at both of them and said “This petty nonsense with you two needs to stop NOW!! OK?” Both Sunset and Luna nodded their heads.

“Good. Now I gotta go. Can I trust you two to behave, plus I got to buy Luna a gift for her birthday. “ Chrys said with a grin.

“Buy me something I can open in front of Sunset here.” Luna said.

“Well there goes my first idea for a gift.” Chrys said laughing as she walked out the door.

“Something tells me I don’t want to know what she was thinking.” Sunset said as she watched

“Chrys’s mind can be a dark place. Sometimes it’s better you don’t know.” Luna replied as she came up behind Sunset and placed her hands on Sunset’s shoulders.

Sunset turned around and faced Luna. “ I am sorry if I upset you.”

“It’s ok Sunset, come here.” Luna said sitting down on the couch, and extending her arms. Sunset smiled and her heart leaped. Sunset ran over and climbed in Luna’s lap. This was the one place she felt totally safe with Luna’s arms around her, and the calming scent of lavender.

Luna held Sunset for a while just rocking her slightly, this is what Luna loved about her and Sunset’s alone time. Right now everything vanished and Sunset was her little girl, and she was Sunset’s protector.

This is what Sunset liked to do after a rough day of school. Come home to the arms of her protector. Then and there and it dawned on Sunset what she could give Luna as a gift for her birthday. She would need Chrys’s help to get it, but she knew exactly what to get.

Luna then tapped Sunset “Hop up honey, and come into the kitchen.” Luna said as Sunset got up off of Luna’s lap. “We still need to deal with your underage drinking young lady.”

Luna walked into the kitchen followed by Sunset who hung her head in shame. Luna sat down and pointed at the other chair where Sunset sat with her head in her hands.

“Sunset you can quit the dramatics, and look at me.” Luna said.

“I’m not being dramatic, I do feel this bad about last night.” Sunset replied.

“Well you’re still going to be punished.” Luna told her.

“What are you gonna do?” Sunset asked, not sure she wanted to hear the answer.

“First clean your room, next you're grounded for two weeks. Finally I want to talk to all six of you in my office Monday morning. Now go to your room and take out your dirty dishes, put your clothes in the laundry basket and make your bed and then vacuum the rug. After that you are to stay in your room, for the rest of the night, you can stay up as late as you want. I also want your phone in my hand too.” Luna said, laying down the law.

“Luna I need to do one thing, with your permission.” Sunset said.

“What is that?” Luna asked.

“I know what to get you for your birthday, but I want it to be a surprise, and I need Chrys’s help to get it, at least let me call or text her before you take my phone.” Sunset pleaded.

“Ok, but make it quick Sunset.” Luna said.

“Can I do it in private?” Sunset asked.

“I’m not leaving the room, so why don’t you go ahead text her? We are not through here.” Luna stated.

Sunset took out her phone and texted Chrys about her plans and said she would need to talk to her, but having her phone taken away she would need to come to the apartment.

While waiting for Chrys to text back, Luna decided to talk to Sunset about last night.

“I guess the main question is why. Why Sunset, why did you think drinking was a good idea? Indulge me.” Luna said sitting there with her arms crossed.

“I may have used bad judgement…” Sunset began.

“Um hold it right there, I have to echo what Chrys said once “You mean you actually used judgement?” Luna asked.

“We wanted to be like the seniors we heard about. Supposedly some guys went out drinking one weekend. So Pinkie decided to do some Jello Shooters, Rainbow Dash, lifted some beer, Applejack got the cider, and Rarity brought wine. We wanted to try to do it too. It was great until the next morning.”

“Yes, the hangover, the best part of drinking, don't you agree there Sunset?” Luna asked.

“No it was the worst part, I feel so bad that I threw up on Chrys’s bike, that she accidently left in her driveway. I feel worse that I hurt you.” Sunset admitted meekly.

“Now I have something else to discuss with you.” Luna stated when Sunset’s phone buzzed.

“That must be Chrys.” Sunset said, picking up her phone.


Do I need to rush back over? What is it that you need to talk about so desperately? Let me know.


Sunset texted Chrys to drop by tomorrow early afternoon and she would explain everything then.

After the exchange of texts were over Luna extended her hand she didn’t even need to say it to Sunset. Her magenta eyes and sad expression said it all. Sunset dutifully handed over her cell phone.

“Now what else did you want to talk about?” Asked Sunset.

“Am I being a good guardian to you?” Luna asked back.

“Why would you even ask that question. Is this about earlier?” Sunset replied.

“Well I just feel like I’m failing you as a guardian. Especially if you’re scared to come home.” Luna said.

“One time, and yeah I was scared if you were gonna whip me. But I think your choice of punishment was better, more age appropriate. I wish your dad thought that way. Are you and Celestia’s parents still around?” Sunset asked.

“No, unfortunately, they died in a car accident a few years ago.” Luna said looking down sadly.

Sunset came over and started rubbing her arm. Luna drew Sunset in for a big hug and both of them one standing and one sitting just held on to each other. Neither one wanted to let go. Sunset doing her best to comfort Luna. Luna doing her best to be strong for her girl.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity the two broke apart and after making sure Luna was gonna be ok, Sunset went and sat back down.

“Luna, you have been a great guardian to me. You took me when I was homeless, let me get a shower, fed me, bought me clothes, most importantly you protected me through a violent thunderstorm, that would have scared me out of my wits, if I had been in a clubhouse.” Sunset stated.

“You held me through two thunderstorms, gave me my own room, my own bed, dresser, desk, and TV.” Sunset continued.

“Which also comes out of your room, while you're grounded.” Luna said when Sunset mentioned TV.

“How could you even think you’re not a good guardian? I am scared and I’m afraid that I’m going to wake up and I have been dreaming. Yet it’s real you took me in. You put up with me screaming, and crying and my mood swings. You take me in every morning until just before classes start, and at the end of the day you let me sit in your office until everyone leaves.” Sunset said, her voice breaking a little bit.

“So what do you want Sunset?” Luna asked.

“I got a home and friends and stuff, I just don’t want to be abandoned, like I always was. Anything good in my life never stays very long, I just want someone who isn’t going to get rid of me. Someone who is going to love me. I always thought and even started to believe I was unlovable.” Sunset said looking down.

“This girl, this whole time has wanted love. Plain and simple.” Luna thought.

“Luna many nights, only when I stayed in the clubhouse I would hold my duffle bag and cry myself to sleep. I would pretend I was being held by my mom-not my birth mom but…” Sunset said as she tried in vain to blink back tears.

“Just a mom in general.” Luna said.

“Yes and that makes me scared to let anyone in.” Sunset said sadly.

“Honey, go clean up your room and then come on out here to the living room, we will watch a movie and snuggle up together, also if you want you can sleep with me tonight, I’ll hold you.” Luna said.

Luna got up and walked over to Sunset. She knelt down and stroked her cheek with her thumb doing most of the stroking.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I’m not going to leave you, you can let your guard down with me. Come to me with any problem. I’ll be here to my dying day. One day you’ll get married and move out, I’ll still be there for you.” Luna said.

“What are you talking about, I’m gonna live with you forever.” Sunset said jokingly.

“Don’t you threaten me like that.” Luna joked back.

Both shared a good laugh, followed by a big hug.

“Tell you what Sunset, clean up your room, and we can watch a movie tonight, anything you want.” Luna said.

“Ok I’ll go clean it up. Can we snuggle while watching it?” Sunset asked.

“Of course we can, don’t worry, my little worry bug.” Luna said soothingly.

Sunset’s heart leaped for joy as she ran off to do the first of many things while grounded and trying to earn Luna’s trust back. Sunset cleaned her room up without complaint removing any dirty dishes *(just the two glasses from the night before when her and Fluttershy had Sunny Delight. She put all her clothes in the laundry, made her bed then brought the vacuum in and vacuumed the rugs.

Luna appeared in the doorway a minute later and walked in the room and looked around. She smiled, and was amazed at how well Sunset listened and did as she was told.

She originally told Sunset she had to stay in her room for the night. But decided she could be out but just for the movie. Then she was to be in here after that. After surveying the room she reached her decision.

“Sunset you’re allowed out for a movie tonight, then it’s back to your room, if you wish to be held tonight. Then I will come in and do that, but I think we should sleep separately tonight.” Luna told her.

“Okay, but thanks for letting me out for the movie at least.” Sunset replied.

That night Sunset decided to pick an action movie, but didn’t know what a good one was. Luna made a few suggestions and in the end they picked Tomorrow Never Dies. Sunset snuggled next to Luna. It was great, and she did enjoy the movie. Afterwards she gave Luna a quick kiss goodnight and dutifully went to her room. She fell asleep soon after.

Sunset awoke an hour later and realized Luna was sleeping next to her with her arm laying over her, just like Sunset’s first night there.

Next morning Chrys arrived around 9. Sunset slid out of Luna’s arm and went to answer the door. She answered the door and her hair was a mess and she was still in her pajamas as she just got up.

“I wasn’t expecting you for about three hours.” Sunset said.

“It’s early afternoon. In London.” Chrys said.

She invited Chrys into the kitchen. After that they sat down and worked on the plans for Luna’s birthday.

First they decided to have a small party at the apartment. Second they decided who to invite besides themselves. In the end they decided to invite Celestia, Cranky Doodle, and another old friend Dean Cadence from Crystal Prep.

Next Chrys decided to ask Sunset the big question.

“Now what is the urgent matter we need to discuss?” Chrys asked sitting there with her arms crossed.

Sunset peeked out in the hallway to make sure Luna was not in earshot.

“It’s my birthday gift for Luna, I need you to get something for me.” Sunset said.

“OK do you need money to buy her something?” Chrys asked.

“No, I need you to get me an application.” Sunset told her.

“How is applying for a job, gonna make Luna happy?” Chrys asked confused.

“Not a job application silly. An application for adoption.” Sunset replied back.

Sunday to Monday

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“Adoption??!!” Chrys exclaimed.

“Will you be quiet, you’ll wake Luna up.” Sunset replied, shushing Chrys.

“Sunset you realize, once you start down this path there is no going back.” Chrys said.

“Chrys, Luna has shown me she does care about me, I should have done this a while back.” Sunset said, looking sad and down.

“Why are you so sad Sunset?” Chrys asked.

“I have been nothing but horrible to everyone, hell even made Luna slap me at one point. Then the girls and I decided let’s be like those senior guys we heard about and drink this weekend.” Sunset said, feeling terrible.

“Well the hangover is the worst part of drinking Sunset. You learned that lesson.” Chrys said.

At this point Luna’s bedroom door swung open and Luna came out in her bathrobe. Sunset’s face showed fear and Chrys gave her a “relax Sunset” motion with her right hand. Luna didn’t look too thrilled.

“Sunset, what the hell are you doing out of your room young lady?” Luna scolded, then realized Chrys was in the room.

“Well you didn’t exactly answer the door.” Chrys said.

“What are you doing here?” Luna asked, turning her attention to Chrys.

“Discussing your birthday gift. Boy someone is in a bitchy mood this morning.” Chrys remarked.

“She hasn’t had her coffee yet, Chrys.” Sunset said.

“Need coffee now.” Luna said putting the coffee in the automatic coffee maker and hitting brew, after making sure the pot was there.

“So what is this mega important gift, that you two are constantly talking about?” Luna asked, still half-asleep.

“Do you like surprises?” Asked Sunset.

“Yes of course.” Luna replied.

“That’s why I’m not gonna tell you.” Teased Sunset. Chrys even laughed at that remark.

“Brat.” Luna said looking at Sunset. Then she looked over at Chrys. “Don't’ you encourage her either.” She said looking at Chrys.

Sunset was not hurt by Luna calling her a brat. She knew it was her pre-coffee grumpiness. Luna needed her two cups of coffee in the morning and Sunset knew that.

“So who is up for breakfast?” Chrys asked.

“Sunset is grounded.” Luna deadpanned.

“You want me to Doordash something?” Chrys said, pulling her phone out.

“Yeah, but Sunset, go take a shower get dressed, then go to your room. I’ll bring you, your breakfast when it arrives.” Luna told the teen.

“Well wait let me get Sunset’s order first.” Chrys said.

“Where are you ordering from?” Sunset asked.

“I’m thinking something fast. Maybe McDonald’s.” Chrys replied.

“Just hotcakes then and orange juice.” Sunset said and went off to shower.

“Chrys, also get her an Egg McMuffin, but just the egg and cheese no meat.” Luna added after Sunset went in the shower. Chrys put her order in and Luna’s too. Then paid and tipped and they sat there in the kitchen.

“So what is Sunset getting me?” Asked Luna now more awake.

“I’m not telling, but you will like it. I have to leave after breakfast. I have to admit I admire you being more strict with Sunset.” Chrys said.

While Chrys and Luna ate breakfast in the kitchen, Sunset sat in her room eating. Then during breakfast Luna’s phone went off in the bedroom, Luna made a mad dash to pick it up. Picking up the phone she saw it was Celestia.

“What does Tia want now?” Luna asked,

“Hello Tia.” Luna answered.

“Morning Luna, so how are you handling the fall out of the Friday night sleepover?” Celestia asked.

“Sunset is grounded for two weeks.” Luna replied.

“Luna, your birthday is Friday, I was gonna get you cake and come over to the apartment.” Celestia replied.
“Chrys, is gonna be there, so is my old friend Cadence. They even want to invite
Cranky Doodle too.” Luna replied.

“Well that’s good, now by grounded, do you mean…”Celestia began.

“It means I’m taking her TV today and she sits in her room.” Luna replied.

“But your party is Friday.” Celestia said.

“I’ll spring her for the party.” Luna said.

“Oh I almost forgot, Granny Smith had called me this morning. Her two nephews Braeburn and Apple Cinnamon are going to come to the school tomorrow to see where she works and deliver some equipment to the kitchen. I don’t know why, but I said it would be ok.” Celestia informed her.

“Fine, just have them see me when they arrive with a piece of photo ID and I will issue them a visitor badge.” Luna replied.

Luna then went and got a shower and got dressed and had another cup of coffee. Then without a word out of Sunset took the TV out of her room. Then Luna went down the laundry room in the apartment complex. And then cleaned up the kitchen and lounged for a while on her couch.

Sunset did her homework and then sat in her room and just doodled on a few pieces of paper. Sunset was bored without Luna, she missed her. Luna was also bored without her little girl, she missed her as well. Both of them were only feet apart but lonely.

Luna felt like she did before Sunset came to the apartment. Alone and always wishing there was someone there. Not a boyfriend per say, but if her baby had lived and she had not miscarried she would have a son/daughter who would have been about 12 a little bit younger than Sunset.

Luna used to feel fate had cursed her, or maybe some other force had cursed her. It was hard not to go back to cutting again, or wanting to go get high. Her job and sister was all she had. On the other hand Celestia had her life to live too. She felt alone again.

Sunset sat in her room on her bed with her knees up against her chest and felt like she was back in Canterlot castle. This was what it was like when Princess Celestia became too busy for Sunset. Princess Celestia told her at this time to make friends, and stay away from the library.

Sunset started to brood, Celestia said she would be happy if she made friends. Sunset was happy when she did magic. She tried what Princess Celestia told her, she never made friends. Sunset had friends, but right now she wanted her mom, who was out in the living room.

Luna couldn’t take it so she went and knocked on Sunset’s door. Sunset got up and opened the door and saw Luna standing there; she looked very depressed. Her eyes were red like she had been crying. Luna did shed a few tears but wasn’t going to admit it to Sunset, although Sunset could guess that she had been crying.

Sunset stood there in confusion. Why did Luna knock on her door? Was she taking something else away? Did she need to talk? Was she gonna lecture more? Sunset stood there and felt scared and waited for Luna to do whatever but the suspense was killing her.

“Sunset I can’t do this, I don’t like being alone. I miss my little girl, this is like punishment for me too.” Luna told her.

“Luna I felt like I was back in the castle, You know when the princess did not have time for me. It was making me have dark thoughts.” Sunset walking away from the door.

“What kind of dark thoughts sweetie?” Luna asked her heart racing, hoping Sunset wasn’t talking about suicide.

“It brought back to that time, in the castle when no one wanted to be my friend, not even the princess.” Sunset said and she started sobbing.

Luna rushed over and wrapped Sunset in a huge hug. She rubbed Sunset’s back and let her sob and let her get it all out of her system. She could tell in her heart of hearts that Sunset was not crying crocodile tears. She can only imagine what it was like with no one around her entire life.

“Well you're not in the castle anymore, and you have friends, and people like me and Chrys who care about you. I wish you’d let me adopt you.” Luna said.

Sunset had to try hard not to smile at that remark, luckily Luna didn’t see her try not to smile. Sunset was so glad she could grant Luna’s wish soon. In the meantime she wanted to be held by Luna.

“Sunset you might want to get changed and go to bed, we have to get up early tomorrow and I have to dig out some visitor badges when we get to school.” Luna said.

“Who’s coming to visit?” Asked Sunset.

“Granny Smith’s two nephews Braeburn and Apple Cinnamon are coming for a visit.” Luna informed her.

“Why?” Asked Sunset.

“We are having kitchen equipment delivered, and the Apple family has a partial ownership of the company that made the equipment, so Braeburn and Apple Cinnamon came to see their cousins and great aunt. As far as I understand it anyway.”Luna told her.

“Does that mean, they are gonna actually cook the food in the cafeteria now?” Sunset asked giggling.

Luna was used to comments from the students about how bad the food was. She had heard it for about eight or nine years and just brushed it off. Sunset wasn't the first to make some comment about school lunches.

The only comment Luna ever took seriously was when Sunset had requested more vegetarian options on the menu, which a few more were added. Now she knew why Sunset pushed for those options to be added, Fluttershy seemed pretty happy about it too.

“Enough about the food, Granny Smith tries hard you know, give her a break, plus it’s not like we can cook gourmet food with the money the school has.” Luna said
privately cursing the school budget.

“Now I think we had better get some sleep. Tomorrow is a long day plus it’s Monday.” Luna said breaking the hug her and Sunset had been wrapped up in.

“It is murder, being locked up in my room, especially being kept away from you.” Sunset said.

“I missed you a lot tonight as well. You're still grounded, but you only have to stay in the apartment. But no phone or TV in your room. Understand?” Luna told her.

“That’s much better, can you do me a favor after I get changed?” Sunset asked.

“Anything sweetie.” Luna replied.

“Can you tuck me into bed?” Sunset asked.

“Sure thing.” Luna replied.

After Sunset was changed into her Pajamas she came back into the bedroom, and hopped in bed. Luna pulled the covers up to Sunset’s neck and kissed her forehead and told her “Night night sweetie.”

Getting Sunset to go to bed was easy, getting her up in the morning was another story. This Monday was no different. The usual battle was waged.

“Sunset, time to get up!!” Luna said coming into her room and turning the lights on. Sunset just pulled the covers over her head. Luna was in no mood to play around this morning as she had a lot to do with Apple Family visiting.

Sunset was laying on her side and Luna went into the bathroom where the paper cup dispenser was, took a cup and filled it with water and walked back into the room. Sunset was still sleeping or at least pretending to be.

Luna pulled the covers down again and dumped the water on Sunset’s face. She quickly sat up and was sputtering and wiping the water off herself. Then she gave Luna a nasty look.

“What the hell Luna?” Sunset asked shooting daggers at her.

“I have two meetings this morning, one with granny Smith’s grand nephews, the other with you and your friends. Now up at ‘em.” Luna said.
Sunset got up begrudgingly and after a quick shower and quick bowl of cereal
she was ready to go. The drive to school was quiet as Sunset was worried over the meeting and what Luna would say.

Upon arriving at school Luna told Sunset “Let's head to my office, I got to get those visitor badges.”

Sunset and Luna came up to the school and by the horse statue was a group of five girls. Sunset looked at Luna with her best puppy dog eyes. Luna sighed knowing this was a battle she wasn’t gonna win, she let Sunset go over to see the girls.

“Luna is gonna have a meeting with us this morning.” Sunset said walking up to meet the girls. All the girls just hung their heads.

“Great as if I wasn’t reamed out enough by my own parents.” Rainbow Dash said.

“How did you guys make out?” Sunset inquired.

“My mom and dad said they have the right to search my room now, since I broke their trust.” Fluttershy said.

“My ears are still ringing from my mom and dad yelling at me.” Rainbow said.

“Granny Smith has got me doin’ chores from now until the cows come home. Says if I was a lil younger she’d cut a switch.” Applejack said.

“Being told you're a disappointment by your parents in front of your younger sister is simply the worst possible thing.” Said Rarity in dramatic fashion.

“Rarity I was told that I was gonna be watched like a hawk now, and my parents are humans not hawks but still kinda creepy.” Pinkie said with her hair deflated.

“Well why don’t we head in, Luna is gonna call for us during first period.” Sunset said.

At that comment the six girls headed inside to grab their books from their lockers and head to class.

* * *

“This meeting with Sunset and her friends is going to be a nightmare, I’m not looking forward to this. But I need to know all the details about Friday Night.” Luna thought as she sipped her morning coffee.

Just then came a knock at the door. Luna reached behind her on the filing cabinet and grabbed the visitor badges.

“Enter.” Luna said.

The door opened and Granny Smith entered with her two grand nephews Braeburn and Apple Cinnamon. Luna quickly stood up.

“Vice Principal Luna I want you to meet my grand nephews, who are bringing in the equipment today. First this is Braeburn.

“Vice Principal Luna. Pleasure to meet you.” Braeburn said, showing
his Driver’s License. Luna handed him his badge and shook hands with him.

“Nice to meet you Braeburn.” Luna said.

“This is Apple Cinnamon.” Granny said.

“Wow you’re pretty...I mean nice to meet you.” Apple Cinnamon said fumbling for his wallet to show his ID.

Luna blushed slightly. “Well that is very nice of you to say. It’s nice to meet you too.” She replied. After checking his ID she handed him a visitor badge. As the two Apple Family members left Luna sat back down, shook her head and leaned back in her chair.

“Great now one of the Apples has a crush on me.” Luna thought. After thinking about it for a second and smiling for several seconds.

“First things, first.” Luna said. She walked over to Celestia’s office. Raven Inkwell the secretary looked up to see Luna standing there.

“You can go in, your sister’s not busy.” Raven said motioning towards Celestia’s Office.

“Actually I need your help. I need you to find the following six girls and have them sent to my office at the beginning of first period.” Luna said.

“Ok I will take care of it.” Raven Inkwell said.

With that Luna went back to her office to wait for the girls to arrive.

Love is in bloom

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Applejack and Sunset were the last two to arrive in Luna’s office. Six chairs had been placed in front of Luna’s desk. Luna sat on the other side of her desk glaring at the six teens.

Applejack and Sunset sat down and Luna stood up and began pacing back and forth. Then finally stopped and glared at them.

“Well, well, well, are you girls sitting comfortably? Good. Now ladies a strange thing happened on Saturday morning, I got calls from four sets of parents, and one grandmother.” Luna began.

“Apparently there had been a slumber party on Friday Night. Apparently six Canterlot High School students were there. Apparently there was also alcohol there. Let's look at the list shall we?” Luna said, picking up a paper.

“Jello shooters made with vodka, Italian Swiss Colony wine, beer, and cider form the Apple farm, strong stuff from what I have been told. I don’t drink that stuff, but I do know the law says you can’t buy alcohol until you're 21. I believe you girls are 15 and 16 so I know it couldn’t have been you girls.” Luna said.

“I also know it couldn’t be you girls because of what great students you are. Let's take a look around the room, shall we.” She continued

“Applejack is a member of Future Farmers of America, a member of a prominent family and one of the most honest girls around so I know she didn’t lie, take cider and get drunk.” Luna said. Applejack just looked at her boots and shuffled them nervously.

“Pinkie Pie is president of the baking club, also a rap club she’s trying to form, and is one of the best cooks around and has had three older sisters go or have gone here (Maud is still here). But she wouldn’t know how to make Jello shooters with vodka, so I know it wasn’t her.” Luna continued. Pinkie just looked down at the ground.

“Rarity, a member of our science club and first of the girls that has started working at a clothing store at the mall, making her have responsibilities. I know she didn’t take wine from her parents and get drunk.” Luna went on. Rarity nervously fiddled with her necklace.

“Fluttershy is a member of the knitting club and volunteers at the Canterlot Animal Shelter every Saturday morning when most teens are still sleeping. The biggest animal lover I ever met. I know she sure didn’t get drunk.” Luna said leaning back in her chair. Fluttershy looked to the side avoiding Luna’s glare.

“Rainbow Dash, captain of the CHS soccer team, a member of the volleyball team. A Gifted athlete and knows that drinking would hurt her playing abilities, so I know she didn’t grab 4 bottles of beer and get drunk.” Luna continued. Rainbow dash just nervously tapped her fingers on her leg.

“Then there is Sunset ShImmer, reformed bully and a model student in class. A nice young woman, who wants to join the fencing club too. I know someone like her wouldn’t be out getting drunk so who would it be?” Luna asked, staring at the six girls.

“Fine it was my idea I roped them in on it. It was all me, just leave them alone!!” Sunset protested standing up.

“Miss Shimmer sit down now!” Luna almost shouted. The other five girls were surprised at how Luna yelled at her own charge. She was in Vice Principal mode right now.

“Now I would like the guilty party or parties to confess.” Luna said leaning forward in her chair with her arms resting on the desk.

“It was a non-school function after school hours, not even on school grounds. So what is the point of this meeting, we can’t get detention or be suspended.” Rainbow Dash said bringing up a point.

Luna glared at Rainbow Dash “If you do Illegal activities, like drinking alcohol or being at a party where underage drinking is condoned or take illegal drugs you very well could; Forfeit your leadership roles on sports teams or clubs. Be suspended from playing your sport for an extensive period of time. Possibly be suspended from school or have to serve detention. Have all of that entered into your permanent high school record, with the provision if you don’t do it again and reform, then the records will be expunged. It is part of growing up.

You are either ready to do that, or merely ready to spend a lot of time in juvenile offender facilities or later in prison. I’m trying to prevent that.” Luna explained.

Rainbow right then and there realized she could be stripped as being captain of the soccer team, or lose her right to play at all on the soccer or volleyball teams.

It slowly sunk in for all the girls the severity of their actions from Friday night. It was supposed to be a few hours of drinking, it turned out to be a mess. Hangovers, pissed off parents and now possible school trouble.

“By your silence I see you girls realize what can happen. Now there are nine people in this school who know about Friday night. Seven are sitting in this room right now. One is in the cafeteria with her grand nephews installing new equipment in the cafeteria. The other is still sitting in class.” Luna told them.

“Now I’m willing to keep this to us, not even tell my sister. If the true culprits come forward. Who’s idea was it to get drunk and who brought what? Now don’t let Sunset take the fall for you, considering I know she didn't plan it.” Luna said.

“It was my idea, Rainbow Dash and I.” Pinkie spoke up.

“We thought we could be like some senior guys we heard about, who went on a camping trip and had some beer that night. We thought we could do it too.” Rainbow Dash explained.

“Miss Dash, I know about that, the thing is they were out in the woods, and they only got drunk on Friday Night and didn’t come home until Sunday around noon. They had all day Saturday to sleep it off.” Luna told her.

“How did you know that, are you psychic? I thought Twilight was psychic, but our vice principal is too!!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“I have my sources too Miss Pie. I guarantee you I’m not psychic, now I will make you a deal and Pinkie this extends to your sister Maud too. I want on my desk by Friday a 500 word essay on “WHY DRINKING ESPECIALLY UNDERAGE IS BAD. It must be hand written and legible, any questions?” Luna informed them.

None of the girls made a sound, just sat there and mulled over the essay. One was already forming in Sunset’s mind, others were no doubt trying to come up with one as well.

“At the end of the essay, I want a word count of how many words you have written, I would work on it throughout the week if I were you don’t leave it for Thursday night. You have until the end of the day Friday. If you have no questions you are all dismissed.” Luna told them.

The girls got up and left and each one wondered what they were going to write to get to 500 words.

* * *

The rest of the day was uneventful and went without much incident for Luna until the end of the day.

After the final bell Sunset went into Luna’s office as usual. It was a safe haven and it was how Sunset had been serving detention that Luna had given her for the whole marking period. At the start of winter break she will have served her detention.

Suddenly there became a knock at the door. Luna looked up and said “Enter”. She figured it was one of Sunset’s friends wanting to say hi and hang for a little bit. Luna usually allowed them to visit with Sunset before or after school.

Surprisingly it was Apple Cinnamon who opened the door and walked in. Luna and Sunset were both surprised.

“Hi Luna can I talk to you for a second?” He asked.

“Sure what’s up?” Luna replied.
Just then Apple Cinnamon looked over and noticed Sunset sitting off to the side
of Luna’s desk.

“Oh hello, is this a bad time?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

“No just me and my girl, she’s waiting for me to finish my paperwork so we can head home.” Luna replied.

“I didn’t know you had kids.” Apple Cinnamon said, a little surprised.

“I’m her guardian.” Luna replied.

“I was homeless, Luna took me in.” Sunset told him, not liking where this conversation was going.

“Anyway Apple Cinnamon, what did you want?” Luna inquired.

“Oh I don’t know how to do this.” Apple Cinnamon said.

“What is it?” Luna pushed.

“I was gonna say I’m in town all week would you go on a date with me?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

“Wow um…”Luna stammered completely shocked.

“No she wouldn’t!!” Sunset objected quickly, rising to her feet.

“SUNSET SHIMMER!!” Luna yelled at her. Sunset quickly sat back down.

“I know we can’t go out on a school night but...what about Friday night?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

“Sorry but Friday night is my birthday party.” Luna said apologetically.

“Ok well what about Saturday night?” Apple Cinnamon asked hopefully.

Luna put her head in her hands and shook her head, completely taken off guard by this whole situation.

“Luna you can’t be serious!” Sunset cried.

“Sunset wait out in the hallway please.” Luna said.

Sunset stood up and walked out of the office and as she walked by Apple Cinnamon she said just loud enough for him to hear. “Home wrecker.” After that she half-slammed the door.

“You’ll have to excuse Sunset, she suffers from a condition that at times makes her completely annoying.” Luna said after Sunset left the room.

“I get the feeling she doesn’t like me.” Apple Cinnamon said observing how coldly Sunset acted towards him.

“Your damn right!” Sunset said outside the door.

“Sunset move away from the door.” Luna said. Sunset took her ear away from the door and sat in one of the seats outside Luna’s office. She didn’t like this guy putting the moves on Luna.

“You know what Apple Cinnamon, I’ll go out with you on Saturday night. But no funny business. Got it?” Luna told him.

“Ok, it’s a date I’ll pick you up at 7:30 for dinner and a movie, how about that?” Asked Apple Cinnamon nervously.

“Why are you so nervous? Just relax, we will have a good time.” Luna said
though she was not sure she believed what she was saying.

“O.K. what is your number, where do you live?” Apple Cinnamon.

Luna smiled and took out a piece of paper and wrote her name and phone number down along with the apartment complex and apartment number.

“Cool see you Saturday night and let me be the first to also say Happy Birthday Luna.” Apple Cinnamon.

“Thank you, see you this week while you put new equipment in and on Saturday night.” Luna told him, smiling.

After he left Sunset walked back in the office, closed the door and stood there with her arms crossed, glaring at Luna.

Sunset wore an expression that could have soured milk. She did not like this guy or the whole idea.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you. You were also an extremely rude young lady. I thought I’d taught you manners, and you picked up a few from your friends. You are so damn lucky I don’t take Chrys’s advice.”

“What’s that?” Sunset asked icily.

“She said I need to take you over my knee and beat some manners into you. You are lucky that I’m trying to be less and less like my mother and father. They were super strict and big of physical punishment.” Luna told her.

“Yet it was Chrys who said that?” Sunset replied being smart.

“Chrys grew up in a house, where one rude word to her parents and the roof would hit her. It’s what she learned.” Luna replied back sharply, not in the mood for Sunset’s smart mouth.

“Now grab your stuff we are heading home and we are gonna have a talk about manners young lady.” Luna said sharply, grabbing her purse and taking her keys out.

The drive home was quiet Sunset sulking, Luna embarrassed about how Sunset reacted. Luna’s mind was on Saturday night and her first date in 12 years, she couldn’t wait to tell Celestia. First things first, she had to deal with Sunset. Walking into the apartment Luna put her stuff away in her bedroom and then went over to Sunset’s room.

Luna opened the door and Sunset was setting up to finish her school work, Luna sat down on the bed and she took a deep breath. This was not going to be easy but she had to address this or Sunset was going to think she could talk like this when she wanted.

“Sunset.” Luna said.

Sunset swiveled and turned and faced Luna.

“I’m guessing you are either jealous, or scared about Apple Cinnamon. Maybe it’s both, but the way you acted there in the office is UNACCEPTABLE!!” Luna said yelling the last word.

“Oh Miss I don’t need a man to live a fulfilled life. Miss I don’t have to go on dates to be happy. What happened to that person?” Sunset asked angrily.

“She’s still here, but wants to try it once.” Luna explained.

“Fine then I demand you take a chaperone-me!” Sunset exclaimed back.

“Sunset is jealous, Sunset is jealous,” Luna teased.

Sunset jumped up from her desk enraged. “I am not jealous!!” She screamed.

Then Luna noticed something and seemed concerned. “Sunset what is wrong with your eyes?” Luna asked.

“They are fine, why what do you mean?” Sunset asked.

“Oh they are turning green, ok never mind just a symptom of jealousy. Nothing to worry about.” Luna teased as she stood up and walked out.

“NOT FUNNY!!” Sunset yelled.

“Sunset finish your essay. It's due Friday, at the end of the school day. Also stay in your room the rest of the day, for how you acted this afternoon.” Luna told her.

Sunset sat in her room and finished her school work. Also got 132 words of her 500 word essay done, when there came a knock at the door. Sunset thought Luna was going to let her out of her room. It was Luna but with a TV tray and some food on it.

“Here you go! A grilled cheese sandwich, an apple, some green beans and as a treat hot chocolate with marshmallows.” Luna said, handing her the tray.

“Now you want me to tell me what’s really going on?” Luna Asked.

“Well now you have a boyfriend, kind of like Rarity and I know where it goes from here. You get married, I get a little brother or sister, and we don’t want to deal with a traumatized Sunset, let’s send her to boarding school across the country. Then he’ll try to lay the law down to me and say something like ‘I’m your father, you better listen to me.’ I know where it goes from here.” Sunset sadly admitted.

“Sunset he’s not like that. More importantly, you’re number one in my life, you come first always, and I would never send you away, you’re the main focus in my life, I could never let you go off to a boarding school. Once you're in college and stuff that’s different. One thing is when you start college I want you to stay here for the first year, if you’re doing good and can handle it then you can leave.” Luna said.

“I‘m never leaving, I’m going to live with you forever.” Sunset said jokingly.

“Don’t you threaten me like that.” Luna joked back.

Both girls shared a good laugh, shortly after Luna left shortly after. Sunset ate her dinner and worked a little bit more, on the essay getting up to about 201 words and then was out of ideas.

Luna came in after Sunset got changed for bed and tucked her in and then asked one question.

“Sunset you said Rarity has a boyfriend. I didn’t know that. May I ask who she’s dating?” Luna asked.

“Some guy in ROTC I think his name is Thunderlane why?” Asked Sunset back.

“I was just curious.” Luna asked.

The next day the girls compared notes and ideas at lunch and for Sunset it helped out a lot at least with the essay. As for Luna’s party and date that was another story.

It's all about Luna

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The week went by fast for Sunset but for Luna it was moving at a snail’s pace she was looking forward to her birthday and her date. Sunset was not looking forward to Saturday night. She also knew that she hurt and embarrassed Luna over it too.

Tuesday after school Luna was finishing up her paperwork Sunset realized what she had to do.

“Luna can I tell you something?” Sunset asked looking up from her essay.

“Sure you can tell me anything.” Luna said putting her pen down and giving Sunset her full attention.

Sunset got up and walked around the desk to where Luna was sitting and gave her a big hug from the side. Luna stood up and completely wrapped Sunset in the hug.
“What is this for?” Luna asked.
“I feel terrible about yesterday. I am just very scared right now, that Apple
Cinnamon is gonna come between us.” Sunset said sadly.

“Oh my little worry bug, he’s not going to become between us. Because you are the most important thing in my life. I don’t want you to ever forget that. I am going to tell him that straight out.” Luna told her.

“Tell you what, how about I have Chrys come stay with you that night. How about that?” Luna asked.
“I am 15, almost 16. I don’t think I need a babysitter.” Sunset said. Then Sunset
remembered she wanted to talk to Chrys about something, preferably without Luna around.

“You know what call Chrys, maybe she can take me to her place to do some more video games.” Sunset thought.

“You’re still grounded, but I can invite her over to keep you company if you want.” Luna said again.

“OK, see if Chrys will come over.” Sunset said and then went back around the desk to work on her essay.

Wednesday morning Sunset asked the Rainbooms for a little favor for Luna on Friday morning. They agreed and Sunset had put plans in order to give Luna a great birthday.

Pinkie Pie wanted to throw a huge bash but Sunset told her to hold off on that for her, they were having a small little get together at the apartment.

“But small parties aren’t much fun, you need to throw a big one!!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Pinkie hold off and throw a big one for me after Christmas, after all I doubt many people are going to show up.” Sunset admitted glumly.

“Well I know five girls in this room that are gonna show up, I guarantee it.” Pinkie said putting her arm around Sunset.

Sunset smiled weakly. “Thanks I think eight people will be at my Sweet 16 party.”

“SWEET SIXTEEN!!” Rarity exclaimed. “Darling you have to let me design you a dress, something with sequins and then to find you matching shoes too. Then there is the makeup...Oh so much to plan.’ Rarity went on.

“Rare it’s ok, you don’t need to make a big deal. about it.” Sunset said sadly.

“Sunset is this your first birthday party?” Rarity asked.

“Well first in this world, in Equestria my parents didn’t do much. The princess gave me a lil cake the first year after that she was too busy. So, it’s just another day.”

The five girls stood in shock to how indifferent Sunset was about her birthday. For them it was always a big day. Sure it was celebrated differently for each one but still a big day. Here was their friend seeming not to care.

“Sunset you don’t care?” Asked Pinkie her hair deflating.

“Pinkie it’s ok...just don’t worry about it. I’m okay, I got a cool guardian/mom and five great friends who really care about me.” Sunset said feeling good inside saying that.

“Sunset do you consider Trixie a friend?” Asked Rainbow Dash. It was then and there something strange downed on Sunset. She decided to ask the girls about it.

“Guys I haven’t seen Trixie the last two days, have any of you?” Sunset asked.

“You know come to think of it, she hasn’t been in gym class the last two days either.” Said Rainbow Dash.

“I haven't seen her in trigonometry class either.” Fluttershy added.

“Mebbe she’s just sick y’all. No need to read into anymore then that right now.” Applejack interjected.

“Speaking of classes, I guess we should hit our lockers and get our stuff for classes.” Sunset mentioned. With that the girls parted ways except for Applejack and Sunset who both headed to chemistry class.

* * *

Finally Friday rolled around which to Sunset and Luna ment two things. Luna’s birthday party tonight and date tomorrow night. Of course there was still a day of work to tend to first.

Sunset was up early and crept down to the kitchen and made some toast, and coffee and making sure Luna was still asleep quickly scrambled some eggs. Then putting the eggs on the toast and with the coffee, she put them on the tray and brought them in to Luna.

Luna was shocked as it was usually a struggle to get Sunset up at sunrise or anytime real early, but here was Sunset bringing Luna and egg sandwich and coffee. It wasn’t much but for Luna, who hadn't had breakfast in bed in years it was awesome.

The breakfast was spent with some chatting and laughing then both getting up and getting ready for the day. Luna wished the morning would never end as it was these moments with Sunset that she loved and all seemed right in the world.

Sunset put the plate and cup in the dishwasher as she looked at the kitchen, and in several hours, Luna would be here with a cake in front of her. Celestia, Chrys, Crankee Doodle, and Candance are all gonna be there with Sunset. Sunset hoped Chrys had her present to Luna ready. It had been hard to contain her excitement.

On the way to school Sunset put the second part of her plan into action.

“Luna when we get to school there is a birthday surprise for you in the music room and we should see it right away.” Sunset told Luna.

“Ok Sunset but, let me take my jacket off and put my purse down in my office first.” Luna said wondering what other surprises Sunset had planned. After hanging up her jacket and putting her purse down, Sunset led her to the music room.

As soon as they opened the doors, the Rainbooms began to play an up tempo version of Happy Birthday for Luna. Luna blushed happily, it was embarrassing but in a good way. After the rendition Rainbow Dash handed her a card.

“Here this is from us Rainbooms to you.” Rainbow Dash said.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” All the Rainbooms cheered.

“Thank you girls, I can tell you’re going to do well at the CHS Musical Showcase next week.” Luna said.

“Sunset did you want to stay in my office or hang with your friend?” Luna asked.

“I’m gonna hang with the girls, if that’s ok?” Sunset replied.

“Ok see you later.” Luna said.

“Sunset I think she liked your little surprise, I’m glad you asked us to help ya.” Applejack said.

“Darling she was thrilled.” Rarity added.

“You should have let me throw her a birthday party!!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Guys tonight is a little get together at the apartment.” Sunset reiterated.

“What about your party Sunset?” Pinkie asked.

“Eight people are coming. I told you that.” Sunset deadpanned.

“Nine if you invite Trixie.” Fluttershy added.

“Hey come to think of it, have any of you seen her this week?” Sunset asked.

“You know she wasn’t in gym class this week.” Rainbow said remembering she hadn’t seen her.

“She hasn't been in trigonometry class all week either.” Fluttershy said.

“I’ll ask Luna later if she’s seen her.” Sunset said. After that the girls split up to go to their classes, although each one privately wondered where Trixie was.

Friday seemed to be going so slow or so it seemed to Luna. She wanted to get home. The door opened around lunch time and Luna looked up expecting to see her little girl. It was Crankee Doodle.

“Mr. Doodle, what can I do for you?” Luna said looking up.

“Miss Luna, I regret I can’t make the party this evening as my wife Matilda is making steaks, she needs my help. But I did want to give you this card.” He said handing Luna her card.

Luna opened it and a gift certificate fell out. Luna looked at it. It was a gift certificate for a free makeover at the spa in town.

“Crankee, thanks for the gift certificate, I can use this tomorrow. Thank you very much.” Luna said.

“Are you going to take your girl with you?” Crankee asked.

“I might have Sunset come with me, maybe Celestia, she might want to come, we’ll see. Thank You.” Luna said.

With that Crankee left the office, the rest of the day went well for Luna, until the last period of the day.

Sunset was walking with Rainbow Dash to the last class of the day. When two students thought it would be funny to trip Sunset. As they walked by the one tripped Sunset, and she went down hard and her books scattered everywhere. Both guys got a good laugh until they saw Rainbow come after them. They took off running. Rainbow chased after them a little bit.

“YEAH YOU BETTER RUN YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” Rainbow yelled after them. Being outside the office when she yelled that, Celestia came out of the office and surveyed the scene. Sunset slowly picking herself up off the ground and Rainbow looked like she could spit nails panting in the hallway. A few other students were watching the scene.

“Get to class NOW!! ALL of you!!” She yelled. The students started to move to their classes. Roused by the commotion Luna had come out of her office By this time Sunset was picking herself off the ground.

Luna’s heart skipped a beat seeing Sunset like that and she rushed over to her. Rainbow and Luna helped Sunset up. Luna immediately wrapped Sunset in a hug and took her in the office. Rainbow started picking up Sunset’s books and went to knock on Luna’s door. Celestia just stopped her from knocking and just opened the door.

Rainbow went in and set down her books on the desk. Luna was holding a sniffling Sunset. Rainbow also set down her report and went to leave.

“Thank you Rainbow.” Sunset said sniffling. Rainbow went over and even though she “didn’t do sappy” did give Sunset a hug. Celestia then stopped Rainbow.

“Tell me who it was and what happened.” Celestia said.

“I don’t remember who the one guy was, but the one who tripped her was Scores.” Rainbow said.

Celestia looked over to Luna, who’s face went red with rage.

“Now Luna…”Celestia began.

“His ass is grass, and I’m the lawnmower.” Luna said letting go of Sunset.

“Rainbow you can head back to class, I’ll see you don’t get in trouble for being late.” Celestia told her.

Rainbow left and went off to her last class of the day, which luckily was study hall, which she could spend in the library.

“Luna I can’t let you handle this.” Celestia said.

“I will handle it Monday morning. In the meantime I am going to get ready to go.” Luna said.

“We will discuss this later.” Celestia told her and left.

Then there was a knock at the door. Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Applejack all came to hand in their reports. They all noticed Sunset was upset. Fluttershy was the first to speak up.

“Sunset, what happened?” Fluttershy asked timidly.

“It was Scores and his buddy, not Hoops, I didn’t get a real good look at him.” Sunset admitted meekly.

All four of the girls gasped and then before any of them could swear revenge Luna settled them down.

“Girls I have this well in hand, Scores is going to hear from me Monday trust me, this isn’t going unpunished.” Luna told them.

“Sorry this had to happen on your birthday Vice Principal Luna.” Applejack said.

“I’ll be ok, thanks for the reports, Sunset and I are going to head home now.” Luna said.

When Sunset stood up all the girls gave her a big group hug. She smiled really huge.

“Thanks guys, it’s great to have friends like you in my life.” Sunset told them.
After the girls left, Luna with her arm around Sunset also departed. School had
been trying. As they were leaving they ran into Apple Cinnamon.

“Hi, Luna.” He said, then noticed Sunset was upset. “You O.K. kid?”

“Fine.’ Sunset mumbled looking down.

“She had problems this afternoon, can’t really elaborate more than that. But we are going to celebrate my birthday and have a spa day tomorrow, so I can be knocked out pretty for you.” Luna said.
“You’re already a knockout.” Apple Cinnamon replied.
Luna blushed furiously, and smiled really big. She was not use to having
compliments or, guys even interested in her. This was also new and foreign and Luna liked the way it felt.

* * *

After Luna and Sunset arrived home, both of the girls got changed. Luna went out to sit on the couch to unwind. Sunset came out after getting changed and looked at Luna with puppy dog eyes. Luna knew what she needed. Luna opened her arms and Sunset got up on her lap and Luna wrapped her arms around Sunset.

This was Sunset's refuge, and protection. It was here in Luna’s arms and Luna’s lap that Sunset felt at peace. The scent of lavender always put Sunset at ease. Sunset didn’t know how long she had sat in Luna’s lap. But soon Luna was lightly shaking her to wake up.

“Come on sweetie, let's set the table, the girls will be here soon.” Luna said, trying to move Sunset. Sunset just tried to dig in deeper to her Luna pillow.

“Sunset I can’t spend all night being your personal pillow honey c’mon get up!” Luna said, starting to stand up.

Sunset got up and let Luna get up and both walked to the kitchen. Sunset was setting out paper plates for the guests. Luna got otu plastic silverware. It was going to be a party and on Luna’s birthday she didn’t feel like doing dishes afterwards. Although she knew Sunset and the girls would have offered to do them for her.

Luna quickly straightened up the apartment, and just as she got done, and sat down on the couch the doorbell rang. Sunset ran to get the door, upon opening it. Celestia and Chrys were both there. Celestia was carrying the cake. Chrys had a manila envelope in her one hand

“Gals come in.” Sunset said, waving her arm.

“Where would you like this?” Celestia asked, indicating the cake she was carrying.

“Just put it in the kitchen with Chrys’s and your gifts.” Sunset told them. As Chrys walked in she quickly flipped the envelope to Sunset who scampered down to her room and put the envelope on her bed, before Luna saw it.

A minute later the doorbell rang again this time Luna got it this time, it was Cadence this time and she had her gift too.

“Cadence I’m so glad you made it.” Luna said, exchanging a quick hug with her. “Just put your gift in the kitchen with everyone else’s. We are about to start.” Luna told her.

When Cadence and Luna walked into the kitchen Chrys and Sunset put two candles on the cake one was a number 3 and the one was the number 1. So on the cake the candles read: 31.

“Did you have to put my age on there guys?” Luna sighed.

“I was gonna have them put on the cake “Older than dirt” when I picked it up at the bakery.” Celestia joked.

“You’re two years older, so what does that make you then?” Lune retorted back.

“HA Ha Celestia you just got burned.” Chrys teased.

“Here let’s light the candles on the cake and sing Happy Birthday already.” Sunset said.

Soon the candles were lit and Luna sat down in front of the cake. All four girls then sang Happy Birthday to a blushing Luna. After that Luna made a wish and blew the candles out.

After that Chrys and Candance gave Luna her gifts, as Sunset wanted to give her gift last. Celestia then handed Luna a little box and Luna opened it and pulled out the sterling silver charm, perfect for a necklace. It read “Special Sister”.

Luna was almost in tears.

“Tia this is so sweet, thank you very much.” Luna said, wiping a tear out of her eye. Luna got up and hugged Celestia tightly. While she was hugging Celestia, Sunset walked down to her room and picked up the envelope and came back in the kitchen and placed the envelope in front of Luna.

“Happy Birthday.” Sunset said with a huge grin.

Luna opened the envelope and pulled out the packet, then looked at the front page and her eyes got as wide as saucers. This is what she had actually wished for when she blew the candles out.

“Are you serious?” Luna asked.

“Yeah are you?” Sunset replied.

Luna actually cried and Sunset went over and put her arm around Luna. Both Celestia and Cadence were confused as to why Luna was crying until Celestia picked up the papers and read the title: APPLICATION FOR ADOPTION.

After the party Sunset was on the couch talking to Chrys, shortly after Cadence had left.

“Boy Chrys, I can’t thank you enough for getting me that application, she’s in the kitchen reading it over with Celestia still.” Sunset said.

“I think she’s still in shock.” Chrys said.

“You want to hang out tomorrow night here, while Luna is on her date?” Sunset asked.

“LUNA HAS A DATE??!!” Chrys exclaimed standing up and walking into the kitchen.


“I’m staying out of this one.” Celestia got up and left.

“Because I knew you would this way. Face it Chrysalis we are never getting together, I don’t like girls ok. I don’t want to fight on my birthday ok please.” Luna said, her voice breaking.

Sunset stood up to walk into the kitchen when Celestia stopped her. “Discretion is the better part of valor.” Celestia said with her hand on Sunset’s shoulder.

“I don’t want Chrys storming out of here, I don’t want them to end their friendship.” Sunset said pushing past Celestia.

“STOP IT NOW!!!” Sunset screamed coming into the kitchen. “I don’t want you to fight, I don’t want to see this friendship end. I need Aunt Chrys in my life, like I need you mom. I don’t want you breaking up over a date or sexual preferences or whatever. Ok so just stop please!!” Sunset pleaded with tears in her eyes.

“You NEED me in your life?” Chrys asked shocked.

“Yes, you accept me as a pony from another world. I cross through the realm, I magically change to a human, as well as a she-demon. I have a grand total of eight people who are not scared of me. I don’t...I can’t lose any of them!!” Sunset cried.

Sunset ran to her room crying and slammed the door shut. Chrys and Luna buth sat there for a second and then Luna got up to go down to Sunset’s room. Luna knew it was time to be a mother.

“Well I better get going.” Celestia said, picking up her purse and feeling uneasy.

“You’re not going to condemn me too?” Said Chrys.

“No, I’m not. I will say two things. One move on romantically speaking. Two there is a fifteen year old ketchup and mustard haired girl, down the hall crying, who loves you like family don’t abandon her.” Celestia said. She wanted to say goodnight to Luna, but knew Luna had more pressing matters.

Chrys sat in the kitchen torn. Part of her wanted to get up and leave, part of her wanted to go down and help comfort Sunset. She did realize she had been pining for someone who didn’t love her romantically and never would.

She got up and decided it was best to leave and never come back. As she grabbed her stuff Luna walked down the hall and out into the living room. She leaned up against the archway with her arms folded and watched Chrys. Chrys turned around and came face to face with Luna.

“Leaving so soon?” Luna asked.

“Yeah, I am.” She replied defeated.

“I was going to have you be Sunset’s Godmother, Aunt Chrysalis. This way if anything should ever happen to me, you would be there for Sunset. Instead you are going to abandon her.” Luna replied.

“It’s not her, I have pined for a girl I never had a shot with and couldn’t see it. I see no reason to hang around anymore.” Chrys said dejectedly.

“NO REASON??!! In the bedroom down the hall is a good reason. Right here is a good reason .” Said Luna motioning towards herself.

“You need me. Ha! For what?”

“I’m about to become a mother, this is a whole new level, I will need help.” Luna told her.

“Why don’t you ask your date tomorrow?” Chrys retorted.

“Will you guys stop fighting please?!” Pleaded Sunset.

“Have at it Chrys.” Said Luna walking away.

“Of course you’re gonna leave, like everypony else did in Equestria. Now it starts here in this world. Hey why shouldn’t it, nothing good ever stays long. This is why I question again, if you care about anyone other than yourself. Chrys make your decision. If you walk out on me. Then you are dead to me, until time makes you so.” Sunset said and left the room.

Sunset’s words had cut deep like a knife. They were truthful and Chrys knew that. Sunset and Luna were all she had outside of her job. It was only a few steps to walk out the door. But did she want to lose the only family she had, not blood but close enough.

Luna walked out into the living room to make sure everything was locked up for the night. When she saw Chrys standing in the living room, she stopped as she could see Chrys wanted to leave and yet didn’t.

“Chrys, you ok?” Luna asked.

Chrys launched herself into Luna and just held her. Luna was kind of surprised by this, but just held Chrys. Luna then smiled realising Chrys was gonna stay around.

“If I don’t have you and Sunset, I have no family.” Chrys wailed.

“It’s ok listen Chrys, I am not going to be romantically involved with you. Maybe we can see if Apple Cinnamon has a guy or girl you can hook up with. Hmmm what do you say?” Luna asked hopefully.

“That would be nice. Luna can I stay here tonight, on the couch. I don’t want to go to my empty house tonight” Chrys asked meekly.

“I’ll get you some pillows and blankets.” Luna replied.

* * *

Luna’s alarm went off at 7 a.m. she got up and dressed, she was excited to hit the spa. She thought Sunset would want to go, she ran across the hall into Sunset’s room and yanked the covers off a sleeping Sunset.

Sunset sat up in bed and looked at Luna through half drooping lids. Trying to clear the cobwebs out of her head.

“Luna it’s just after 7 what the hell…”Sunset said, still half asleep.

“The spa opens at 8, you want to go with me, facial, massage, mani, pedi, mud pack, get your hair done you want to come??” Luna said excitedly, almost bouncing up and down.

“Someone’s excited for their date tonight. You know what though this could be our first good mother daughter bonding activity. Give me a second to get dressed. Sunset quickly got out of her Pajamas and put on her underwear and then a pair of jeans and a white shirt. Then Sunset put her leather jacket on.

Luna and Sunset quietly crept out of the apartment, as to not wake Chrys who was still sleeping on the couch.

Luna and Sunset got to the spa right after it opened. Thanks to the buy one get another one half price special Luna got her session for free and only had to pay half price for Sunset.

Sunset looked around the spa. It was beautiful. Actually reminded her of Canterlot castle. The lady at the counter asked if she could help them.

Luna handed them a gift certificate and after finding out what all was included she and Sunset enjoyed the day.

Both getting their hair washed and blow dried and having all the split ends cut. After that they got facials as well as a foot wash, pedicures, manicures, and a deep tissue massage. Luna was in heaven.

At one point during her massage Luna actually purred some. Sunset looked over at her from the other table where she was getting massaged. Listening to Luna purr.
“Do you want me to leave you two alone?” She asked.
“It’s ok ma’am many women purr and I can tell your mom here has a lot of
Tension.” The Masseuse replied.

“Relax Sunset, this has been a long time coming.” Luna replied back.

After their massages Luna and Sunset got dressed again. Luna went to pay. The two masseuses were cleaning the room up and the one masseuse remarked to the other.

“The older one is Luna; she is vice principal of Canterlot High School. I didn’t know she had kids. But her daughter over here had some weird scars on her back.”

“You suspect abuse?” The first masseuse asked.

“I don’t know you might want to call DCF if you think that girl is being abused. I think the name Luna used was Sunset. ”The second Masseuse

Luna felt relaxed and Sunset actually quite content.

“Sunset, I am going to need you to help me pick out a wardrobe for my date, what do you think?”

“Black leather is hot. A tube top, mini skirt, thong, fishnet stocking and boots that come to the middle of your calves, all black.” Sunset said confidently.

“I’m going on a date, not standing on the street corner try again, and that was not funny.” Luna said.

“You want to wow this guy or not?” Sunset replied.

“I also want to present myself looking appropriately. I am the Vice Principal of CHS and off people see me out, I don’t want them thinking I am a tramp out of school.” Luna replied.

“OK Seriously a nice pair of jeans, kinda tight and like a nice sweater considering it’s gonna be cold tonight. A nice girly color like pink. Then your sneakers, maybe a necklace or bracelet.

You have to remember Luna when I dated Flash, it wasn’t for love, it was for popularity. If he wasn’t so scared of me I would apologize.” Sunset said forlorn.

“How do you know he’s scared of you?” Luna asked.

“Well everyone else is. Except Twilight’s friends.” Sunset replied glumly.

“You know they are your friends too, I really think they are.” Luna said smiling.

“I was worried, in the beginning, I was a charity case, but they really do care about me.” Sunset replied feeling good.

Arriving back at the apartment Luna and Sunset headed back upstairs to the apartment and Luna immediately went into her room and started looking through her underwear and clothes trying to find something casual to wear.

She was stressing out, when Sunset walked in.

“Sunset we should have gone clothes shopping, I got nothing to wear!!” Luna cried.

“Luna I mean mom, you need to relax, wear this.” Sunset said, handing her a dress.

“No, I want to go casual Sunset.” Luna said.

“Mom, Apple Cinnamon is not gonna care.” Sunset said.

“Still I want to look good. For him.” Luna said.

“Mom do you want me to call Rarity over to help?” Sunset asked.

“No she’s probably still grounded.” Luna replied looking at a t-shirt.

Sunset made sure Luna wasn’t looking, she grabbed her phone off the dresser, stepped out of the room and texted Chrys about the fashion emergency. Chrys replied she’d be right over.

Sunset stepped back into the and Luna had finally settled on what underwear she was going to wear. Now she was fretting over shirts, pants, maybe a dress.

“Here Call Apple Cinnamon find out what you’re doing, and you’ll know how to dress then.” Sunset suggested.

“He’s taking me out for dinner, he suggested a movie, but I said we should do something else. Maybe bowling, shooting pool, who knows.” Luna replied.

“Then call and make plans so we can get an outfit picked.” Sunset said.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Sunset opened it. Chrys had arrived. Sunset motioned towards Luna's bedroom. Chrys just nodded and headed into the bedroom. After a remark was made about how sexy Luna looked in her black underwear the choosing began. Sunset sat out in the living room while Chrys helped Luna with her outfit finally choosing something decided upon.

Luna came out rocking a pair of tight jeans and a vintage rock band t-shirt with sneakers and the Special Sister charm from Celestia on a silver chain.

“Now you’re rocking that look mom.” Sunset said, it still felt weird calling her mom, but unlike in the past when she forced herself to say it, it didn’t feel so wrong now.

The three of them spent the next few hours talking. Luna was telling Chrys about what Scores did, Chrys got mad at that. Then Luna told them the other news

“There is going to be a Canterlot Musical Showcase, everybody is going to make posters for it at school. It should be a fun activity, get everyone together in the gym and have them make their posters.

Also there are three new girls arriving at school I found out. They’ll need someone to show them around.” Luna told them.

“Mom let me do it, I’ll show them around.” Sunset said.

“You really want to?” Luna asked.

“Yeah I ‘ll do it. It would be good if they to know the new me, before they hear all the stuff about the old me.” Sunset said.

“Let her go for it, it can’t be seen as favoritism no one at school knows you’re going to adopt her.” Chrys said.

“OK Sunset the job is yours.” Luna said.

Then the doorbell rang. Luna stood up, took a deep breath and answered the door. There stood Apple Cinnamon with a single rose.

“Oh thank you, I think a single flower is better than several. Come in a sec I’ll put this in water.” Luna said.

“OK”. Apple cinnamon said as he walked in. He had jeans and a collared shirt with a suit coat on.

Luna quickly put the flower in the vase. And went to grab her coat but Apple Cinnamon already had it and was holding it for her. Luna walked and Apple Cinnamon helped her into her coat.

“Such a gentleman.” Luna remarked.

“Ok, you two don’t wait up.” She remarked,
“Have a good time.” Chrys said.
“Have her home by curfew.” Sunset joked.
Sunset watched from the window as Apple Cinnamon opened the door of his
pickup truck and Helped Luna up into the truck. After that Sunset walked back into the living room and sat down. She had wanted to talk to Chrys about moving on in her life romantically. After last night’s knockdown, drag out fight she thought the subject had been discussed already.

Then she noticed Chrys smiling.

“What?” Sunset asked,

“I know you're grounded, but you want to come to my place?” Chrys asked.

“Luna would kick my butt. I got a better idea, how about a quick ride on your motorcycle.” Sunset said.


“Yep. I feel the need…”Sunset began.

“...the need for speed.” Chrys and Sunset both said.

“Let’s go quickly then.”Chrys said as she and Sunset headed down to ride the bike.

* * *

“Ok Luna, I’ll be honest here, I’m a little rusty on what to do on a date, I don’t have a lot of experience.” Apple Cinnamon said.

“It’s been 12-13 years for me. “ Luna said.

“Why so long?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

Luna told him about her last boyfriend, only wanting one thing, getting pregnant and having a miscarriage.

“How did you handle it?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

“I went to college, paid my way through with student loans and odd jobs.” Luna said not wanting to bring up the fact that she had to strip for money.

After arriving at the restaurant, Apple Cinnamon opened the door of the truck and helped Luna down. Also opened the door of the restaurant, and pulled Luna’s chair out for her, after taking her coat. Luna was not used to being treated like a queen.

At dinner Luna talked about herself at first then asked Apple Cinnamon about himself.

“Not much to tell, after high school my cousin Braeburn got me into his business, we build kitchen equipment. Not like your stove and refrigerator in your apartment, no commercial stuff. When Granny Smith told us she had convinced Celestia and the school board to hire us well, we were glad to get a big account.” Apple Cinnamon told her.

“Go on.” Luna said.

“That’s it. We did the job, got visitor passes, met an extremely attractive vice principal.” Apple Cinnamon said.

Luna pinched the bridge of her nose not hard, smiled and blushed. This was such new territory for her.

“What’s wrong?” Apple Cinnamon asked Luna.

“I’m not used to any of this, the compliments, being treated like a queen. It’s also new and foreign to me.” Luna replied.

“I’m sorry I was trying to be a gentleman.” Apple Cinnamon replied feeling kinda down.

“NO, no no! I like it. It’s just guys usually don’t like me, or feel comfortable even asking me out. I always thought that something was wrong with me. I was going to end up some old cat lady.” Luna said dejectedly.

Apple Cinnamon put his hand on Luna’s and looked into her eyes. “How a guy can not see what a beautiful, intelligent, and caring woman you are is beyond me.”

“Every time you say stuff like that, I want to look behind me to see who you are talking to.” Luna said.

Shortly after that the meal came and both of them ate, and shared a bowl of ice cream for dessert. After Apple Cinnamon paid the bill they went out and he asked Luna.

“If you’re not up for a movie, what did you want to do? You said about going bowling, or shooting pool. Did you want to do one of those things?” Apple Cinnamon asked.

“Well, both would be a good thing for you.” Luna said.

“Why?” Asked Apple Cinnamon.

“Well I will have to bend over a lot doing both of those.” Luna said with a coy smile.

“Luna!” Apple Cinnamon said shocked.

“What? I have a naughty side too.” Luna said, trying not to laugh.

“Know any place that isn’t a bar, that we can shoot pool?” Apple Cinnamon.

“Actually I do. I’ll direct you.” Luna said.

Once they got to the place Luna directed them too. Luna and Apple Cinnamon shot a few rounds of pool. Apple Cinnamon checking out Luna the entire time. After three rounds they called it quits on playing pool.

As they were leaving the pool hall Apple Cinnamon put his arm around Luna’s waist and slipped his hand into the back pocket of her jeans. Luna put her arm around Apple Cinnamon and laid her head on his shoulder. The night was perfect.

* * *

Chrys and Sunset stopped at a little ice cream place to grab a quick ice cream cone and then get Sunset back to her apartment.

“If Luna finds out about this I’m dead meat.” Sunset said looking around. There were two other customers at the counter.

“Relax I’ll take the heat.” Chrys said.

“Chrys, you want to know something weird? I haven’t seen Trixie all week at school.” Sunset said.

“Hmmmmm” Chrys said leaning forward folding her hands.

“Do you know something?” Sunset asked.

“Trixie is…”Chrys began.

Suddenly the door opened and in walked Gilda. Ironically she had a guitar case with her.

The guy at the counter said “Sit wherever you want ma’am.”

Gilda sat at a table across the shop stared at Sunset and Chrys, and opened the guitar case. Sunset could see Chrys’s, hand reach behind her back to where Chrys had a pistol with her.

“Get ready to duck Sunset.” Chrys said quietly to Sunset. Sunset nodded.

Gilda actually did pull out a guitar. Chrys relaxed her grip on the pistol in the back of her belt.

Gilda started strumming the guitar and was staring straight at Sunset. Then she sang:

I can hear what you’re thinking

All your doubts and fears,

And if you look in my eyes in time you’ll find

The reason that I’m here

And in time all things shall pass away

In time, you may come back someday

To live once more, or die once more

But in time, your time will be no more.

Gilda packed up her guitar and walked over to Sunset and Chrys. Chrys again, moved her hand to her pistol. Gilda looked at both Sunset and Chrys.

“You like that song Sunset? I wrote it for you. I’m gonna sing it at your funeral She-Demon.” Gilda said and then turned and calmly walked out of the shop. The shopkeeper and two other customers were in complete shock.

“We’ll have to tell Luna about this.” Chrys said.

“I’m so dead.” Sunset said fearing what her mom was going to say.

“That’s what we are going to have to prevent. Let’s get you home.” Chrys said fearing what Gilda had just said.

* * *

Luna and Apple Cinnamon had been sitting and laying in the back of Apple Cinnamon’s pick up truck down by this small lake. There were a few other people out and around there but for the most part it was pretty private. They had been making out and talking and then making out again. They were in the middle of a passionate french kiss when her phone went off. Luna reached over and hit silence.

“You may want to answer that, it could be important.” Apple Cinnamon said.

Luna recognized Chrys had called her and returned the phone call. A few minutes later Chrys had filled Luna in on the events of the evening. First Luna was mad at Chrys for taking Sunset out while grounded and on the motorcycle. Then she was horrified what happened at the ice cream shop.

“O.K. I’ll be home soon.” Luna said, hanging up her phone. Luna started crying and this deeply upset Apple Cinnamon.

“What’s wrong hun?” Apple Cinnamon asked, putting his arm around her.

“We need to head home, I’ll explain on the way.” Lunas said, hopping off the tailgate. Apple Cinnamon quickly followed suit and got in the truck and started it up. Apple Cinnamon drove fast, but to Luna it seemed like they were moving at a snail’s pace. She had to get home to her girl.

Earlier that night, in the abandoned warehouse…

Gilda sat at her desk as two Diamond Dogs brought in a person tied to a chair with a sack over their head. They set the chair down in front of Gilda and took off the hood and there sat Trixie.

“Gilda what the hell, how did you....?” Trixie start

“Trixie, you played right into my hands. You fell for it hook line and sinker.

I told you about plans. People who have plans are schemers. You had plans and you were a schemer and look where that has landed you. I just did what I do best. I took your little plan and turned it on itself.

I knew you would run right to Luna’s FBI friend. I had someone watch you, and you didn’t disappoint me. You did another thing that I hoped you would do. You went to her home, the apartment she lives in. You have given me Sunset’s address. Thank you Trixie. By betraying me, you did more than you did as my ally. HA HA HA HA HA.” Gilda explained. Her laugh chilled Trixie to the bone.

Season Finale

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Luna arrived home with Apple Cinnamon who insisted on seeing her in the door. After taking her coat, Luna turned to him and stared at him, then grabbed her coat back gently.

“I’ll hang it up myself.” Luna said. Chrys and Sunset were in the kitchen watching Luna and Apple Cinnamon. Luna turned around and hung her coat up in the closet. Then she turned to Apple Cinnamon. Then placed her hand on his face and he did the same and they shared a very passionate french kiss.

“Awkward.” Chrys said as she quickly covered Sunset’s eyes.

After Apple Cinnamon left Luna turned to both Sunset and Chrys. Her smile quickly faded and turned to a very serious look.

“What you and Apple Cinnamon just did there by the door was that even legal?” Asked Sunset.

Luna stared at both of them.

“So how was the date Luna?” Chrys asked.

“Both of you head to the living room and get comfortable, we have a long night ahead of us.” Luna said standing there with her arms crossed.

“That bad?” Asked Chrys.

“Don’t try to change the subject.” Luna said.

Chrys sat down on the loveseat, Sunset took the couch. Luna stood in front of them both. Sunset could tell Luna pissed standing there with her arms crossed giving them looks so cold you could skate on them.

“I get asked for a date for the first time in about 13 years. A guy showed interest in me. I go out on one date and this happens. All hell breaks loose. Now don’t lie, whose idea was this?” Luna said sternly standing there with her arms folded

“I asked Sunset if she wanted to come over to my place. Sunset was hesitant but then decided why don’t we just go around the block on my motorcycle. We did, I’m the one who suggested stopping for ice cream.” Chrys said.

Luna stared over at Sunset. Sunset couldn’t look up at her mom-to-be very soon.

“Sunset LOOK AT ME!” Luna yelled with her hands on her hips. Sunset’s glaze shot up, this was Vice Principal Luna now. This was the woman she faced off with in the office several times before.

“Is what Chrys says true?” Luna said.

“Yes exactly true.” Sunset admitted.

Luna then looked at both of them. Chrys could see with her lips pursed together and the defensive way she stood she was pissed. Then Chrys decided to try to talk Luna down.

“Now Luna listen this was my idea…”Chrys began when Luna put her hand up, as if to say stop.

Luna turned her attention to the teen on the couch. Sunset stared at her Luna, appearing to grow ten feet tall the way she looked down at her.

“Chrysalis isn’t Sunset’s mom, she doesn’t make the rules, so if Chrysalis says lets go to my place or out for ice cream, Sunset should say no and listen to mom Luna, or else she would suffer the consequences, which she is going too.” Luna said with an angry tone.

Luna looked at both Chrys and Sunset and then shook her head. “I swear it’s like having two kids. Chrysalis you know better.” Luna stated.

“Mom, I know it's okay, relax. I know the rules but I-” Sunset said.

“No but’s young lady.” Luna said.

“Mom…” Sunset began, before Luna gave her zip your lips motion.

“Now if you know the rules, then why in the hell did you leave the apartment?” Luna asked with an angry tone.

“Luna you need to chill.” Chrys said.

“Don’t tell me to chill.” Luna snapped back.

“But mommy, I just wanted to take Sunny out for a ride, then decided to stop for ice cream.” Chrys said in a mocking tone.

“I’m not your mom, don’t call me that.” Luna said.

Sunset was laughing at Chrys mocking Luna.

“Don’t you encourage her either Sunset.” Luna said.

* * *

“What are you going to do with me?” Asked Trixie.

“Use you as bait, for the real monster. Before I kill you.” Gilda said as the Diamond Dogs came in on either side of Sunset.

“Fealty with Love, Valor with Honor.” Gilda said motioning to the Diamond Dogs.

“Disloyalty with Vengeance.” Gilda said, staring at Trixie.

“HA HA HEH HEH HO HO. You think these “Dogs” here are really loyal to you, love and honor you. You're as mad as they come.” Trixie laughed.

Gilda gave Trixie a stone cold glare. Then quickly stood and then slowly walked over behind Trixie. Gilda then brandished a knife from her pocket and put it to Trixie’s throat.

“You know all I have to do to kill you is move this knife to the left. Considering you still serve a purpose to me. I’ll let you live as long as you call Sunset Shimmer and give her specific instructions of where to go.” Gilda told her.

“If I refuse?” Trixie said.

Gilda put her knife back to Trxie’s throat. “Answer your question? I could kill you now. Call Sunset Shimmer.” Gilda said.

“If you kill me, how are you going to contact Sunset Shimmer?” Trixie asked.

“I will walk over to her house, with a note that we have you, and if she surrenders I will release you.”Gilda said.

“Sunset nor Luna will ever open the door for you. Hey would probably have the cops arrest you in one second.” Trixie

“I would leave it posted to the door and ring the doorbell and run away.” Gilds told her.

“Like a coward?” Trixie said.

“No you’re right that wouldn’t work. I have a better plan. Guard take Miss Lulamoon here and put her in storage. She can watch me become a hero, and rid this world of an alien menace.” Gilda said, sitting at her desk with her legs up on her desk and hands behind her head.

Then she looked over at Rover, Fido and Spot “Head over to this address, it’s an apartment complex. We are going hunting.” Gilda said.

* * *

That night after Luna laid down the law and came down on Sunset like a ton of bricks. Sunset went into her room as she was told. Chrys hugged Luna goodbye and left.

Luna went into her room, changed out of her tight jeans, and a vintage rock t-shirt, hung those up but not in the back of the closet. Luna then slipped out of her underwear and put on a t-shirt and some boxers.

After washing all of her make-up off, Luna quietly went and laid in bed. She thought all about her date tonight. Apple Cinnamon at first treated her like a porcelain doll, then after assurance from Luna he relaxed.

Holding her hand during dinner. Looking at her when she bent over taking a shot at the pool table. He also leaned over her showing her how to hold the pool stick (not that she needed to be taught). Her first make out session since she was eighteen.

It had been a great night and Luna had an awesome time. She had forgotten what a man’s touch had felt like. But it was not meant to be, she was not leaving her daily life, or pulling Sunset away from her support group. Luna shed several tears, because it had been a great night and now it was over. Probably never to happen again. A minute later Luna passed out.

Sunset came out of her room a few minutes later and decided to do something nice for Luna, and even though she was grounded, Sunset got her bedroom trash, and combined it with the trash can in the kitchen and the bathroom. Then quietly crept out the front door. Quickly coming down the steps Sunset walked over to the dumpster in her apartment complex.

After throwing the bag out. Sunset was grabbed from behind again. She struggled to get free but The Diamond Dogs were too strong for her. Rover landed a hard punch to her stomach. Sunset went down. After that they threw her into the back of a van, the one Diamond Dog that could drive (Fido) sped off and headed for the warehouse.

Sunset was bound and gagged in the back, then hoodwinked so she didn’t know where she was headed. Sunset’s mind was going a mile a minute, all she could really think about Luna.

Just before arriving at the warehouse the van narrowly missed a young girl walking down the road. She noticed that the van was driving fast and turned down a side street that not many people used. Intrigued, she looked down the street and the van pulled into an abandoned warehouse.

Carefully she crept down the street to see what was going on with this van. She saw the Diamond Dogs get out with a body that they took inside. Luckily this girl was hidden behind a dumpster, and was not seen. After they went inside she called the one person she knew could help.

“Canterlot City Police Department I need to speak to Sergeant Shining Armor please it’s an emergency.” She told them forcefully.

Upon arriving at the warehouse Sunset was dragged from the van into the warehouse and shoved into and tied to a chair. Then one of the diamond dogs took the bag off of her head. Sunset was now sitting face to face with Gilda.

“Welcome Sunset, thanks to Trixie, I now know where you live, I could’ve killed you in your apartment, I thought that this would be more interesting to do it personally.” Gilda said.

Sunset just looked around at the warehouse and then back at Gilda.

“I know I read the paper and heard the report on TV. A gas explosion at CHS. Now Sunset you and I both know, there are no gas lines running in front of CHS. I can’t believe a better cover story was not created. The media may have bought it, but we know that it was a she-demon and while Celestia and Luna told all the parents it was a gas line explosion, Trixie told me the truth. I got worried for her, and my Diamond Dogs, now I will be the hero of CHS.” Gilda proclaimed.

“What do you care about CHS, you don’t attend there?” Sunset asked.

“When I release the details to the public, about the she-demon of Canterlot High I will be the hero. It’s not about money or power, it’s about sending a message.” Gilda said. Then she got up and paced back and forth a few times and looked at Sunset.

“Sunset you look so miserable and you know what they say “Misery Loves Company.” Gilda said and then snapped her fingers. Trixie, who was still tied to her chair, was dragged out and put next to Sunset.

“Two girls who thought they were great and powerful, look at you now-helpless. I want to savor this moment.” Gilda said.

* * *

Luna was awoken by a pounding on her front door. Luna slowly got up and trudged to the front door as the person knocking had just pounded for the 6th time. Luna unlocked the door and Chrys burst in.

“Luna, Luna, Luna!! Where is Sunset? Please tell me that she’s here!” Chrys exclaimed out of breath.

“Yeah she’s in her room. Why what’s wrong?” Luna asked. Chrys didn’t say anything just burst past Luna almost knocking her over running down the hall into Sunset’s room.

“Luna, she's not here!! It was her!!” Chrys exclaimed standing in Sunset’s doorway. Luna came running down the hallway and stared at Sunset’s empty room in shock.


“For some reason she was outside and the Diamond Dogs we think and, can now almost confirm have her. I got a call from Sergeant Shining Armor that this girl saw the Diamond Dogs taking someone into a warehouse. There was a bag over her face, but it was definitely a teen girl. Cops are on their way and I got a few agents going too.” Chrys said.

“Well we better get going.” Luna said heading for the door. Chrys stopped Luna by standing in front of her.

“Am I gonna have to go through you?” Luna threatened Chrys.

“No but you’re gonna have to put your pants on.” Chrys said motioning to the fact that Luna was in a t-shirt and panties.

“Oh yeah.” Luna said looking at herself. Luna was dressed in a flash and ran out the door behind Chrys.

Chrys luckily rode her bike over and her and Luna hopped on Chrys’s Kawasaki Ninja and they sped off towards the warehouse.

* * *

“You wanted me Gilda. You got me here I am. So now what?” Sunset asked.

“Well first I wanted to see what you would do, and you didn’t disappoint, I have watched you, you tried to kill six students, and mind controlled the whole student body. Even to a girl like me that’s cold.

The students want you gone, so they can get back to the way things were. But I know the truth there is no going back. You’ve changed things forever.”

“Then why kill me?” Asked Sunset.

“I don’t want to kill you, you complete me.” Gilda said.

“You’re a kidnapper and a murderer, you’re nothing like me.” Sunset replied.

“You tried to kill six students, and kidnapped everyone of their own free will. Don’t talk like you’re one of them, you’re not!! Even if you’d like to be. To them you’re just a freak. Like me.

They are nice now, because Twilight told them to be, but when the real you reemerges, they’ll cast you out like a leper. You see the Rainbooms claim to have morals, and their morals their ‘code’ it's a bad joke dropped at the first sign of trouble. They are only as good as the world allows them to be. You’ll see when the chips are down, these ‘civilized people’ will eat each other. You see I’m not a monster, I’m just ahead of the curve.” Gilda had finished her rant.

“Oh as for killing you, I don’t want to but to save the world from an alien menace I will.” Gilda added.

Then all of a sudden a helicopter searchlight came in through the windows followed by a voice over a megaphone. “This is the Canterlot Police Department, come out with your hands up.”

“Now this really pisses me off to no end! Rover check outside. How many cars are here?” Gilda asked Rover.

“Looks like 4 out front and that crazy FBI Lady is here on her bike.” Rover reported looking out the window.

“Well they won’t get me without a fight.” Gilda said, taking out her pistol. The other Diamond Dogs grabbed their Colt 45’s and quickly put in a magazine.

Sunset and Trixie were both stunned. There was gonna be a firefight and they were gonna be in the middle of it.

“We need to get Sunset and Trixie alive, Gilda Griffon either way. Sergeant Shining Armor and the Canterlot swat team will come in from the front. My agents and I will take the back once they are distracted. Ok I need four agents to come with me.” Chrys directed.

Four FBI Agents raised their hands. Chrys looked over at them. “ Agents Reyes, Doggett, Mulder, Scully. You’re all with me, stay on my ass when we go in. Lets get around back c’mon." Chrys commanded. The agents headed around back with their guns drawn.

Shining Armor had his men in body armor and helmets. The first guy was carrying a Shield, behind him the officer carried an MP5, the third one carried a scoped rifle. Behind them was another officer who just got a shotgun out of her car. Another officer following he had his pistol drawn.

Chrys and her agents moved into position. Chrys grabbed a special handgun she had for this operation a .44 Magnum. She was determined to take Gilda alive or dead. She waved them to hold their position until the SWAT team went in. Every muscle in her body went stiff; this was the part of the job she hated-reminded her of being back in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Agent Doggett noticed the handgun Chrys had. “Agent Chrysalis if you have to use that thing make sure of which way it’s pointed.” He whispered. Chrys looked at him and nodded in return.

Out front one of the officers tried the wooden door and it was locked. He landed two hard kicks and the door didn’t budge. He went back over to Shining Armor.

“Sergeant, that door is not gonna budge, I’ll break my leg before the door goes.” He said.

“Bring in the battering ram.” Shining Armor said.

The one officer brought out the battering ram and hit the door twice. After the second hit the door gave way and the swat team entered the building.

“Canterlot Police on the ground!!” The lead officer yelled.

Gilda fired on them hitting the shield. Immediately the swat team took evasive action and fired back. Gilda and the Diamond Dogs took cover behind some crates.

Meanwhile Sunset and Trixie leaned all their weight to one side and got the chairs to fall over. Sunset tried sliding under the table with Trixie struggling to get the ropes off.

“Sunset move back to back. I can get your ropes off or vice versa.” Trixie told her. As the girls moved closer and closer the back door opened.

“Freeze FBI get on the ground.” Chrys yelled entering with the four agents all with their guns drawn.

The Dogs and Gilda realized they were outmanned and outgunned.

“Gilda, this is completely out of hand. We gotta get out of here.” Rover told Gilda.

“I agree.” Gilda said looking around for an escape route.

I think I got it Sunset, now untie me.” Trixie said.

Sunset crawled over to the chair Trixie was tied to and quickly untied Trixie. “Now stay low and we may make it out of here alive.” Sunset said.

Meanwhile Chrys and the FBI agents were pinned down behind some concrete barriers. Chrys saw a low wall nearby where they would have a perfect position considering that Gilda and the dogs were pinned down in the center.

“Ok Reyes, Scully, Doggett give us some covering fire, Mulder and I are gonna move up to that low wall there. On three. Three.” Chrys commanded. Doggett, Reyes, and Scully opened fire at once with their pistols causing Gilda and the dogs to duck for cover. Chrys and Mulder moved up quickly getting behind the low wall.

“You know Chrys my mother would be very angry if she saw you do that.” Mulder said.

“I thought you were my mother Mulder.” Chrys replied back, loading her pistol.

Mulder and Chrys opened fire this time allowing the other agents to be able to move up to the low wall.

Sunset laid under the table, right now she had her head down and just wanted her mom. All she wanted was Luna. Sunset lifted her head and saw Trixie had vanished.

“That damn coward.” Sunset thought. Then she saw Trixie by the east wall, and how she got there Sunset had no clue. Trixie picked up a bow and a quiver full of arrows that were sitting over there. Sunset figured those arrows were what Gilda was going to use to kill her slowly.

On the other side of the Entrance Shining Armor had made it into the warehouse with more officers. The Diamond Dogs knew it was over. It was now or never finally they started yelling “WE SURRENDER!!” Gilda looked at the Dogs in disgust.

“I’m not going down like a rat in a trap.” Gilda stood up and made a run for the East door of the warehouse but was stopped short by Trixie who had the bow pulled all the way back and an arrow pointed right at Gilda.

“Trixie…” Gilda began.

“Gilda Griffon, you have failed this city.” Trixie said sternly.

“Trixie stop!” Yelled Chrys.

That momentary lapse in concentration was enough for Gilda to spin kick the bow from Trixie’s hand. Chrys seeing the problem unfolding fired a shot that hit Gilda in the shoulder taking her down.

Chrys walked over to Gilda as she was reaching for her gun and pointed her gun at Gilda.

“I know what you’re thinking, did she fire six shots or was it only five. Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off. You got to ask yourself one question; do I feel lucky? Well do ya punk?” Chrys said.

Gilda moved her hand away from the gun and it was over. Chrys kicked her gun to the side.

“Hey I gotta know.” Gilda said.

Chrys pointed the gun right at her and pulled the hammer back and pulled the trigger. The gun clicked and Chrys chuckled as she walked away knowing full well she had been out of ammo.

Mulder and Doggett cuffed Gilda while the CPD was handcuffing the Diamond Dogs. “Hey watch the arm I’ve been shot.” Gilda yelled as the agents led her out here to the parking lot.

Chrys quickly looked around and noticed Sunset breathing heavy sitting on the floor by the table. Chrys rushed over to Sunset and took her hands and lifted her into a big hug. Sunset let the tears flow freely. She was holding Chrys and shaking violently.

Chrys just rubbed Sunset’s back and let her get some of this out. Sure she wasn’t the motherly type, but right now Sunset needed to just hang on to someone, anyone. Chrys knew that and needed to be Aunt Chrys for a minute.

“Hey Kiddo, there is someone outside, who is just waiting to meet you.” Chrys said, helping Sunset outside.

Upon coming out into the parking lot Luna made a beeline for Sunset. Meeting Sunset just sobbed and held Luna, still shaking all Sunset wanted was to be held.

Chrys walked over to Luna and her daughter. Sunset turned to her and hugged her again. “Aunt Chrys thank you for saving me. I thought Trixie and I were gonners. But why was there a bow and a quiver of arrows in there?” Sunset asked.

“I think Gilda was gonna try and use those arrows and kill you slowly by missing all major organs. Let you slowly die. But you need not worry about it. She's going away for a long time.” Chrys assured her.

Luna put her arm around Sunset and said “Let’s go home honey.” With that Luna and Sunset turned away.

“How are we going to get home? Chrys brought her bike and you can’t drive it home, you don’t have clearance to drive a motorcycle.” Sunset said.

“Ladies I will take you home.” Shining Armor said opening the door to the police car. Sunset and Luna got in, thankfully this ordeal was over.

That night as Sunset was getting ready for bed she went over to Luna’s room it was about 2:30 am. Luna had not been able to sleep. Chrys was passed out on the couch as she didn’t want to go home tonight. Sunset came into the room seeing Luna’s light was on. Luna looked up from her phone.

“What’s wrong honey? Can’t sleep?” Luna asked.

Sunset just nodded. Luna slid over and patted the bed.

“Here just like your first night here, you can sleep next to me.” Luna said.

Sunset smiled and lay down next to Luna. Luna draped her arm over Sunset as she had the first night.

“After tonight I think your grounding is over.” Luna told Sunset.

“Can I go over to Chrys’s tomorrow?” Sunset asked.

“You’re going to be a girl gamer like her, but yeah I think it will be ok, we just need to ask Chrys.” Shortly afterwards both fell asleep the same way they had on Sunset’s first night there. Not as Vice-Principal and student, this time but now soon to be mother and daughter.