• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Plans for the night

Author's Note:

I was gonna make this one big chapter but decided to split it up. You know I don't condone the ending.

Sunset sat in Luna’s office as she talked to the custodial staff. They told her they would have the graffiti taken on the locker care of pronto.

Luna collected Sunset’s assignments for the day. Luna told Sunset they would wait a few minutes as the bell for third period was about to ring so they would not walk out until everyone was in class. It gave Sunset a few minutes to stew on what happened. She looked over at Luna with her red tear stained eyes.

“Where were you? I needed you. You said you’d be here for me.” Sunset whined.

“Sunset I didn’t know, If I had, I would have ripped the door off the damn locker to get you out.!” Luna exclaimed. She couldn’t believe this Sunset was probably traumatized again.

“You weren’t there for me, I was so scared, no one could help me. I was....trapped.” Sunset sobbed. After that Sunset lost it. She cried again, this was hell for her. Luna walked over and just hugged Sunset rubbing her hand in circles on Sunset’s back trying to calm her down.

“No one, not you, Chrys, the girls no one saved me.” Sunset managed to say.

“Trixie saved you and yes, that has me worried too.” Luna replied.

“WHY??!! WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS TO ME?” Sunset asked, starting to sob again. I just want everyone to leave me alone, except you, Chrys, and the girls. Just go away everyone, the only peace I’ll find is DEATH.” Sunset cried.

Luna felt like her soul had been shattered to a million pieces, it killed her inside when she talked like this. Luna had to stop this right away, it scared her when Sunset would talk about dying. She wrapped Sunset in a big hug and just held her.

“Please stop saying stuff like that, it kills me inside, I can’t lose you, please Sunset I can’t lose you, I can’t live without you I love you like a daughter.”

“Luna, how can you say that, you have known me for what ten days? How can you possibly say you see me as a daughter so fast?” Sunset asked.

“The first night in the apartment you meekly asked for pajamas, asked to sleep next to me in bed, admitting you were scared I saw the real Sunset Shimmer there. It was right then and there I knew you were a scared little girl who needed someone, that’s when I knew you needed a mom. I’m trying to be that, too you, I wish you would call me mom.” Luna told her

“You did it once because I asked, the other time you were scared. Scared and needed to hang onto something.” Luna continued on.

“Sunset I will bottom line it. I want to adopt you, give you a life here. But you can’t fight me every step of the way.” Luna concluded.

“Luna I can’t call you mom, I tried that twice before, calling a female mom. First my birth mother and then Princess Celestia. I never actually called Princess Celestia mom, but that was how I thought of her. Both times I got burned.” Sunset told her.

“I’m sorry if my traumatized, complicated life is an inconvenience to you and your perfect existence, but If I call you mom then you’re just gonna abandon me too!!” Sunset cried.

“I’m not gonna abandon you Sunset I LOVE YOU!!” Luna said, getting louder.

“I have been told that story before, oh Sunset I love you. Oh look our daughter is a personal student of the Princess, we shipped her off to magic school so we don’t have to deal with her.

Oh don’t worry Sunset I am gonna take good care of you here at the castle, but I don’t have time for you, go make some friends and stay out of the library, I don’t have time for you anymore.” Sunset cried.

“So excuse me if someone says they are gonna be my mom, that I don’t get all mushy, and…”Sunset began.


“You don’t get it do you, you want me to call you mom, but that is a hard thing for me to say, even the two times I did say it. You say you’re not gonna abandon me, but how do I know that, other “moms” did. You can’t just demand I call you mom because you want too. Either way eventually you will get tired of me and kick me out, everyone always does.” Sunset said getting as quiet as Fluttershy when she said everyone always does.

“Maybe I’m being too forward Sunset, I would love for you to call me mom, I get that it's hard for you to do that as well.” Luna said, realizing she was trying to force Sunset to be her girl.

“But??” Sunset asked expecting more.

“But I’m NOT going to leave you like the others, even if you don’t call me mom. Is that what you are really mad about?” Asked Luna.

“I’m embarrassed about being stuffed in my locker and that Trixie of all people got me out.” Sunset meekly admitted.

“Well I will go over the security footage in the morning with Celestia we are gonna find out who did it.’ Luna assured Sunset, rubbing her shoulders.

“Who are you gonna sick on them? Rainbow Dash, or Chrysalis?” Asked Sunset jokingly.

“Me.” Said Luna. “Now let's head home. I got something for you there that I think you will like.”

Luna and Sunset headed out to her car and let Sunset get in and then Luna got in and grabbed her keys and after putting her hands on the wheel she pulled out and made the short drive home. Arriving home Luna and Sunset climbed the stairs to the apartment. After putting her purse down in the kitchen and hanging up her keys, Luna walked into the living room with Sunset.

“Now Sunset I know what you need, come here.” Luna said sitting on her couch opening her arms.

Sunset immediately got in Luna’s lap and Luna wrapped her arms around Sunset and Sunset did the same as Luna rocked her. Luna sang Rock-A-Bye Baby to Sunset (she had never heard it). Sunset sat there and started to fall asleep.

As far as Luna was concerned Sunset was her baby, but not an actual baby. This is what she wanted, someone to come home to and someone with her. Someone who would help her but at the same time she could help. She wanted a child and now she had one. One she truly loved.

“Now Sunset wake up, you go ahead and do your assignments I’m gonna help you out best I can. Remember what the Rainbooms sang this morning “I won’t back down" and you Sunset will not back down. I will be there to keep pushing you.”

* * *

The rest of the week was hell for Sunset, but no one shoved her in a locker again. Security footage was analyzed and Tuesday the Diamond Dogs were brought into Luna’s office and were all suspended for two weeks.

Finally Friday came along and Sunset hardly slept the night before she was excited about her first sleepover, well in this world anyway. Luna did have trouble getting her up Friday as she did some mornings.

“Sunset let's go!!” Luna yelled. Luna got a pillow flung at her.

“C’mon we're gonna be late let’s go!” Luna said loudly. Sunset didn’t budge so Luna walked over to the far side of the bed. She was gonna try what Chrysalis said they did to recruits in the army who didn’t get up fast enough. Luna reached down, grabbed the mattress and with a mighty grunt flipped the mattress. It was a little mean Luna thought but she needed Sunset up.

“What the fuck Luna!!” Sunset screamed and she emerged from a mess of blankets and from under the mattress.

“We got 15 mins so get dressed and grab something quick to eat. Fix your mattress too.” Luna said and left to finish getting ready. Sunset flipped her mattress back over and threw her sheets on the bed. Fluttershy would have to deal with seeing an unmade bed.

Sunset didn’t care what people said as all she could think about was that night. Sunset could feel the butterflies in her stomach, as she didn’t know what to expect. In first period Applejack reassured Sunset “Don’t worry sugarcube, Ah promise ya, all we do is hang out.”

“Fluttershy is coming home with me. She’s gonna help me pack for tonight. So I will be ok.” Sunset told her.

“I got a lil surprise tonight too. So just relax Sunset.” Applejack reassured her as class began. For Sunset it seemed to drag. Second Period dragged too, Third and Fourth periods did too. Then finally it was lunch. Sunset told Luna she wanted to eat with her friends.

“Guys I am scared about tonight, I never did this before.” Sunset said again.

“Relax Sunny, all we do is hang out, maybe play some video games, watch some movies, have some snacks and I must tell you guys the best part. I’m gonna make some jello shooters.” Pinkie Pie said with a sly grin.

“What are those?” Asked Sunset.

“Easy you put some Jello and some vodka into a little plastic shot cup and then after it’s been chilled you down the little mixture in one gulp.” Pinkie said.

“Guys if there is gonna be alcohol there I don’t know.” Sunset said, feeling uneasy.

“Relax Sugarcube I’m bringing cider from the farm in a plastic bottle made to look like soda.” Applejack said.

“Check this out.” Rainbow said, opening her jacket. “With these pockets on the inside I can get a bottle of beer in each one and sneak some out of the house.”

“Well darlings I know my mom and dad got some fine wines. I was gonna get a bottle and bring it tonight.” Rarity said.

“I’m not gonna bring anything alcoholic. But i can bring some snacks if you like?” Asked Fluttershy.

“Sure Fluttershy that would be awesome!” Said Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah I was gonna bring some apple treats from the farm too.” Applejack said.

“Well relax you two because I was gonna order pizza too, sillies.” Pinkie Pie said.

Sunset got lost in thought she liked having friends, but the idea of alcohol scared her. She remembered what her mom and dad were like they drank. It made her very uneasy. Sunset was broken out of her trance by Rainbow Dash snapping her fingers in her face.

“Earth to Sunset come in please.” Said Rainbow into her hand trying to make it sound like she was on the radio.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” Sunset asked.

“I said, is there anything special you want to bring tonight?” Rainbow asked.

“I don’t know what I should bring?” Sunset asked kind of unsure how to ask.

“Rainbow it’s her first sleepover, give her a chance to attend one.” Rarity said.

“OK, just bring yourself this time Sunset, Fluttershy will help you with the packing.” Rainbow said.
The rest of the day went by faster as Sunset was now worried, was she gonna be required to drink tonight. She had never had liquor, not even cider back in Equestria.

Eventually the school bell rang and Sunset told Fluttershy to meet her at her locker as she usually goes to sit with Luna until most of the school clears out. Fluttershy headed to her locker and grabbed her overnight bag. Luna however saw Fluttershy and asked if she would like to join Sunset in her office as they could hang out until Luna was ready to go.

Luna was over the moon, not because she was losing Sunset for the night but that Sunset was going to a normal teenage thing in this world and go to a slumber party. Luna would smile everytime she thought about it. Then of course Chrys was gonna pick her up tomorrow on her motorcycle. She knew Sunset would be overjoyed.

About an hour after school was over Luna came into the office where Fluttershy and Sunset were talking about the slumber party.

“Well you two you ready to go?” Luna asked.

“Sure thing.” Said Sunset, glad the week was over.

“Um OK.” Fluttershy said quietly.

“Fluttershy you don’t need to be scared around Luna. She’s really not that bad. She's been very good and extremely nice to me, even when I am a bitchbrat.” Sunset told her.

“What is that?” Fluttershy asked timidly as they grabbed their bags and followed Luna.

“A term I made up for myself, it’s a cross between a bitch and a brat which I am.” Sunset said sadly.

“Sunset you should be more positive about yourself.” Fluttershy said.

“I’m an alien, from a world full of ponies, who turned into a raging she-demon, that destroyed the front of the school, and mind controlled the student body, and tried to kill you and your friends. I just can’t get over that right away.” Sunset admitted.

“Well hopefully tonight we can help you, believe me if we didn’t like you, and forgiven you we wouldn’t invite you to a slumber party.” Fluttershy told her.

Luna was smiling really big hearing Fluttershy say stuff like that. Luna led them to where she was parked in the faculty lot. Fluttershy looked around at the school from this angle, she very rarely ever saw it from this lot.

“I’ve hardly ever been over here.” Fluttershy said.

“I see it every day.” Sunset told her.

They hopped in the car Sunset in the front and Fluttershy in the back and took the short ride home to Luna’s apartment. Something dawned on Sunset as they rode home and she turned to her friend in the back seat.

“Fluttershy you’re gonna be the first one of my friends to see my place.” Sunset said.

“Really? That’s nice.” Fluttershy said.

They arrived at the apartment Fluttershy grabbed both her bags and followed Luna and Sunset up to the apartment Luna told Fluttershy to leave her

bags by the door as she would be taking them to Pinkie Pie’s. Sunset gave Fluttershy a quick tour of the apartment including the movie closet, then they headed to Sunset’s room to pack.

* * *

Elsewhere in Canterlot that evening....

Trixie was walking down a street in the rundown section of town. When she got to a little side street, looking around to make sure that no one was watching she headed down the street. She turned and headed down another street. At the end of the street was a wooden door, Trixie knocked on the door and a slot opened and a pair of eyes appeared.

“Got the password?” A voice asked on the other side.

“Walt sent me.” Trixie replied.

A minute later Trixie heard two locks unlock and the door open. One of the Diamond Dogs that stood guard let her in. It was like an abandoned warehouse but it was where Gilda was usually found until mid evening. Trixie entered the back room and Gilda looked up from her homework and looked at Trixie.

“What are you doing here?” Gilda asked.

“The great and honest Trixie is here Gilda, to tell you that I’m out, I’m done. If you want to go after Sunset you do it without me.” Trixie said.

“I heard you let her out of the locker. What the hell were you thinking??!!” Yelled Gilda standing up.

“The Diamond Dogs even had the time to paint “She Demon’s Lair” on her locker. That was gonna be humiliation galore and you screwed the entire thing up. Now you come here and tell me we are through?” Gilda asked standing there.

“Yes I am. I saw how hysterical Sunset was being let out of that locker. I’m not gonna put anyone else through that.” Trixie replied.

“Yes I am all broken up over it. Now are you really through?” Asked Gilda.

“Yes I am.” Said Trixie and with that she turned to walk away when Gilda started laughing. Trixie turned to see Gilda reach into the desk she was sitting at.

“Well we’re not just gonna let you walk out of here.”

“Who’s we?” Trixie asked looking around.

Gilda pulled a gun out of the desk drawer. “Smith, Wesson and Me.”

Gilda then pulled the hammer back.