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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Season Finale

Author's Note:

THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE STORY. Just the first story arc. I want to thanks all my supporters SunsetEvanF1293, Bladeblitz, Dr. Mysterious Shade, Pr1deMOrn1ngstar, and Cmdr Shadow. I also just want to thank everyone who has supported my story. A special thanks to Shimmeringsun, for putting up with my constant questions, and for writing "Aftermath of the Formal" which inspired this story. This story will continue...

Luna arrived home with Apple Cinnamon who insisted on seeing her in the door. After taking her coat, Luna turned to him and stared at him, then grabbed her coat back gently.

“I’ll hang it up myself.” Luna said. Chrys and Sunset were in the kitchen watching Luna and Apple Cinnamon. Luna turned around and hung her coat up in the closet. Then she turned to Apple Cinnamon. Then placed her hand on his face and he did the same and they shared a very passionate french kiss.

“Awkward.” Chrys said as she quickly covered Sunset’s eyes.

After Apple Cinnamon left Luna turned to both Sunset and Chrys. Her smile quickly faded and turned to a very serious look.

“What you and Apple Cinnamon just did there by the door was that even legal?” Asked Sunset.

Luna stared at both of them.

“So how was the date Luna?” Chrys asked.

“Both of you head to the living room and get comfortable, we have a long night ahead of us.” Luna said standing there with her arms crossed.

“That bad?” Asked Chrys.

“Don’t try to change the subject.” Luna said.

Chrys sat down on the loveseat, Sunset took the couch. Luna stood in front of them both. Sunset could tell Luna pissed standing there with her arms crossed giving them looks so cold you could skate on them.

“I get asked for a date for the first time in about 13 years. A guy showed interest in me. I go out on one date and this happens. All hell breaks loose. Now don’t lie, whose idea was this?” Luna said sternly standing there with her arms folded

“I asked Sunset if she wanted to come over to my place. Sunset was hesitant but then decided why don’t we just go around the block on my motorcycle. We did, I’m the one who suggested stopping for ice cream.” Chrys said.

Luna stared over at Sunset. Sunset couldn’t look up at her mom-to-be very soon.

“Sunset LOOK AT ME!” Luna yelled with her hands on her hips. Sunset’s glaze shot up, this was Vice Principal Luna now. This was the woman she faced off with in the office several times before.

“Is what Chrys says true?” Luna said.

“Yes exactly true.” Sunset admitted.

Luna then looked at both of them. Chrys could see with her lips pursed together and the defensive way she stood she was pissed. Then Chrys decided to try to talk Luna down.

“Now Luna listen this was my idea…”Chrys began when Luna put her hand up, as if to say stop.

Luna turned her attention to the teen on the couch. Sunset stared at her Luna, appearing to grow ten feet tall the way she looked down at her.

“Chrysalis isn’t Sunset’s mom, she doesn’t make the rules, so if Chrysalis says lets go to my place or out for ice cream, Sunset should say no and listen to mom Luna, or else she would suffer the consequences, which she is going too.” Luna said with an angry tone.

Luna looked at both Chrys and Sunset and then shook her head. “I swear it’s like having two kids. Chrysalis you know better.” Luna stated.

“Mom, I know it's okay, relax. I know the rules but I-” Sunset said.

“No but’s young lady.” Luna said.

“Mom…” Sunset began, before Luna gave her zip your lips motion.

“Now if you know the rules, then why in the hell did you leave the apartment?” Luna asked with an angry tone.

“Luna you need to chill.” Chrys said.

“Don’t tell me to chill.” Luna snapped back.

“But mommy, I just wanted to take Sunny out for a ride, then decided to stop for ice cream.” Chrys said in a mocking tone.

“I’m not your mom, don’t call me that.” Luna said.

Sunset was laughing at Chrys mocking Luna.

“Don’t you encourage her either Sunset.” Luna said.

* * *

“What are you going to do with me?” Asked Trixie.

“Use you as bait, for the real monster. Before I kill you.” Gilda said as the Diamond Dogs came in on either side of Trixie.

“Fealty with Love, Valor with Honor.” Gilda said motioning to the Diamond Dogs.

“Disloyalty with Vengeance.” Gilda said, staring at Trixie.

“HA HA HEH HEH HO HO. You think these “Dogs” here are really loyal to you, love and honor you. You're as mad as they come.” Trixie laughed.

Gilda gave Trixie a stone cold glare. Then quickly stood and then slowly walked over behind Trixie. Gilda then brandished a knife from her pocket and put it to Trixie’s throat.

“You know all I have to do to kill you is move this knife to the left. Considering you still serve a purpose to me. I’ll let you live as long as you call Sunset Shimmer and give her specific instructions of where to go.” Gilda told her.

“If I refuse?” Trixie said.

Gilda put her knife back to Trxie’s throat. “Answer your question? I could kill you now. Call Sunset Shimmer.” Gilda said.

“If you kill me, how are you going to contact Sunset Shimmer?” Trixie asked.

“I will walk over to her house, with a note that we have you, and if she surrenders I will release you.”Gilda said.

“Sunset nor Luna will ever open the door for you. Hey would probably have the cops arrest you in one second.” Trixie replied.

“I would leave it posted to the door and ring the doorbell and run away.” Gilds told her.

“Like a coward?” Trixie said.

“No you’re right that wouldn’t work. I have a better plan. Guard take Miss Lulamoon here and put her in storage. She can watch me become a hero, and rid this world of an alien menace.” Gilda said, sitting at her desk with her legs up on her desk and hands behind her head.

Then she looked over at Rover, Fido and Spot “Head over to this address, it’s an apartment complex. We are going hunting.” Gilda said.

* * *

That night after Luna laid down the law and came down on Sunset like a ton of bricks. Sunset went into her room as she was told. Chrys hugged Luna goodbye and left.

Luna went into her room, changed out of her tight jeans, and a vintage rock t-shirt, hung those up but not in the back of the closet. Luna then slipped out of her underwear and put on a t-shirt and some boxers.

After washing all of her make-up off, Luna quietly went and laid in bed. She thought all about her date tonight. Apple Cinnamon at first treated her like a porcelain doll, then after assurance from Luna he relaxed.

Holding her hand during dinner. Looking at her when she bent over taking a shot at the pool table. He also leaned over her showing her how to hold the pool stick (not that she needed to be taught). Her first make out session since she was eighteen.

It had been a great night and Luna had an awesome time. She had forgotten what a man’s touch had felt like. But it was not meant to be, she was not leaving her daily life, or pulling Sunset away from her support group. Luna shed several tears, because it had been a great night and now it was over. Probably never to happen again. A minute later Luna passed out.

Sunset came out of her room a few minutes later and decided to do something nice for Luna, and even though she was grounded, Sunset got her bedroom trash, and combined it with the trash can in the kitchen and the bathroom. Then quietly crept out the front door. Quickly coming down the steps Sunset walked over to the dumpster in her apartment complex.

After throwing the bag out. Sunset was grabbed from behind again. She struggled to get free but The Diamond Dogs were too strong for her. Rover landed a hard punch to her stomach. Sunset went down. After that they threw her into the back of a van, the one Diamond Dog that could drive (Fido) sped off and headed for the warehouse.

Sunset was bound and gagged in the back, then hoodwinked so she didn’t know where she was headed. Sunset’s mind was going a mile a minute, all she could really think about Luna.

Just before arriving at the warehouse the van narrowly missed a young girl walking down the road. She noticed that the van was driving fast and turned down a side street that not many people used. Intrigued, she looked down the street and the van pulled into an abandoned warehouse.

Carefully she crept down the street to see what was going on with this van. She saw the Diamond Dogs get out with a body that they took inside. Luckily this girl was hidden behind a dumpster, and was not seen. After they went inside she called the one person she knew could help.

“Canterlot City Police Department I need to speak to Sergeant Shining Armor please it’s an emergency.” She told them forcefully.

Upon arriving at the warehouse Sunset was dragged from the van into the warehouse and shoved into and tied to a chair. Then one of the Diamond Dogs took the bag off of her head. Sunset was now sitting face to face with Gilda.

“Welcome Sunset, thanks to Trixie, I now know where you live, I could’ve killed you in your apartment, I thought that this would be more interesting to do it personally.” Gilda said.

Sunset just looked around at the warehouse and then back at Gilda.

“I know I read the paper and heard the report on TV. A gas explosion at CHS. Now Sunset you and I both know, there are no gas lines running in front of CHS. I can’t believe a better cover story was not created. The media may have bought it, but we know that it was a she-demon and while Celestia and Luna told all the parents it was a gas line explosion, Trixie told me the truth. I got worried for her, and my Diamond Dogs, now I will be the hero of CHS.” Gilda proclaimed.

“What do you care about CHS, you don’t attend there?” Sunset asked.

“When I release the details to the public, about the she-demon of Canterlot High I will be the hero. It’s not about money or power, it’s about sending a message.” Gilda said. Then she got up and paced back and forth a few times and looked at Sunset.

“Sunset you look so miserable and you know what they say “Misery Loves Company.” Gilda said and then snapped her fingers. Trixie, who was still tied to her chair, was dragged out and put next to Sunset.

“Two girls who thought they were great and powerful, look at you now-helpless. I want to savor this moment.” Gilda said.

* * *

Luna was awoken by a pounding on her front door. Luna slowly got up and trudged to the front door as the person knocking had just pounded for the 6th time. Luna unlocked the door and Chrys burst in.

“Luna, Luna, Luna!! Where is Sunset? Please tell me that she’s here!” Chrys exclaimed out of breath.

“Yeah she’s in her room. Why what’s wrong?” Luna asked. Chrys didn’t say anything just burst past Luna almost knocking her over running down the hall into Sunset’s room.

“Luna, she's not here!! It was her!!” Chrys exclaimed standing in Sunset’s doorway. Luna came running down the hallway and stared at Sunset’s empty room in shock.


“For some reason she was outside and the Diamond Dogs we think and, can now almost confirm have her. I got a call from Sergeant Shining Armor that this girl saw the Diamond Dogs taking someone into a warehouse. There was a bag over her face, but it was definitely a teen girl. Cops are on their way and I got a few agents going too.” Chrys said.

“Well we better get going.” Luna said heading for the door. Chrys stopped Luna by standing in front of her.

“Am I gonna have to go through you?” Luna threatened Chrys.

“No but you’re gonna have to put your pants on.” Chrys said motioning to the fact that Luna was in a t-shirt and panties.

“Oh yeah.” Luna said looking at herself. Luna was dressed in a flash and ran out the door behind Chrys.

Chrys luckily rode her bike over and her and Luna hopped on Chrys’s Kawasaki Ninja and they sped off towards the warehouse.

* * *

“You wanted me Gilda. You got me here I am. So now what?” Sunset asked.

“Well first I wanted to see what you would do, and you didn’t disappoint, I have watched you, you tried to kill six students, and mind controlled the whole student body. Even to a girl like me that’s cold.

The students want you gone, so they can get back to the way things were. But I know the truth there is no going back. You’ve changed things forever.”

“Then why kill me?” Asked Sunset.

“I don’t want to kill you, you complete me.” Gilda said.

“You’re a kidnapper and a murderer, you’re nothing like me.” Sunset replied.

“You tried to kill six students, and kidnapped everyone of their own free will. Don’t talk like you’re one of them, you’re not!! Even if you’d like to be. To them you’re just a freak. Like me.

They are nice now, because Twilight told them to be, but when the real you reemerges, they’ll cast you out like a leper. You see the Rainbooms claim to have morals, and their morals their ‘code’ it's a bad joke dropped at the first sign of trouble. They are only as good as the world allows them to be. You’ll see when the chips are down, these ‘civilized people’ will eat each other. You see I’m not a monster, I’m just ahead of the curve.” Gilda had finished her rant.

“Oh as for killing you, I don’t want to but to save the world from an alien menace I will.” Gilda added.

Then all of a sudden a helicopter searchlight came in through the windows followed by a voice over a megaphone. “This is the Canterlot Police Department, come out with your hands up.”

“Now this really pisses me off to no end! Rover check outside. How many cars are here?” Gilda asked Rover.

“Looks like 4 out front and that crazy FBI Lady is here on her bike.” Rover reported looking out the window.

“Well they won’t get me without a fight.” Gilda said, taking out her pistol. The other Diamond Dogs grabbed their Colt 45’s and quickly put in a magazine.

Sunset and Trixie were both stunned. There was gonna be a firefight and they were gonna be in the middle of it.

“We need to get Sunset and Trixie alive, Gilda Griffon either way. Sergeant Shining Armor and the Canterlot swat team will come in from the front. My agents and I will take the back once they are distracted. Ok I need four agents to come with me.” Chrys directed.

Four FBI Agents raised their hands. Chrys looked over at them. “ Agents Reyes, Doggett, Mulder, Scully. You’re all with me, stay on my ass when we go in. Lets get around back c’mon." Chrys commanded. The agents headed around back with their guns drawn.

Shining Armor had his men in body armor and helmets. The first guy was carrying a Shield, behind him the officer carried an MP5, the third one carried a scoped rifle. Behind them was another officer who just got a shotgun out of her car. Another officer following he had his pistol drawn.

Chrys and her agents moved into position. Chrys grabbed a special handgun she had for this operation a .44 Magnum. She was determined to take Gilda alive or dead. She waved them to hold their position until the SWAT team went in. Every muscle in her body went stiff; this was the part of the job she hated-reminded her of being back in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Agent Doggett noticed the handgun Chrys had. “Agent Chrysalis if you have to use that thing make sure of which way it’s pointed.” He whispered. Chrys looked at him and nodded in return.

Out front one of the officers tried the wooden door and it was locked. He landed two hard kicks and the door didn’t budge. He went back over to Shining Armor.

“Sergeant, that door is not gonna budge, I’ll break my leg before the door goes.” He said.

“Bring in the battering ram.” Shining Armor said.

The one officer brought out the battering ram and hit the door twice. After the second hit the door gave way and the swat team entered the building.

“Canterlot Police on the ground!!” The lead officer yelled.

Gilda fired on them hitting the shield. Immediately the swat team took evasive action and fired back. Gilda and the Diamond Dogs took cover behind some crates.

Meanwhile Sunset and Trixie leaned all their weight to one side and got the chairs to fall over. Sunset tried sliding under the table with Trixie struggling to get the ropes off.

“Sunset move back to back. I can get your ropes off or vice versa.” Trixie told her. As the girls moved closer and closer the back door opened.

“Freeze FBI get on the ground.” Chrys yelled entering with the four agents all with their guns drawn.

The Dogs and Gilda realized they were outmanned and outgunned.

“Gilda, this is completely out of hand. We gotta get out of here.” Rover told Gilda.

“I agree.” Gilda said looking around for an escape route.

I think I got it Sunset, now untie me.” Trixie said.

Sunset crawled over to the chair Trixie was tied to and quickly untied Trixie. “Now stay low and we may make it out of here alive.” Sunset said.

Meanwhile Chrys and the FBI agents were pinned down behind some concrete barriers. Chrys saw a low wall nearby where they would have a perfect position considering that Gilda and the dogs were pinned down in the center.

“Ok Reyes, Scully, Doggett give us some covering fire, Mulder and I are gonna move up to that low wall there. On three. Three.” Chrys commanded. Doggett, Reyes, and Scully opened fire at once with their pistols causing Gilda and the dogs to duck for cover. Chrys and Mulder moved up quickly getting behind the low wall.

“You know Chrys my mother would be very angry if she saw you do that.” Mulder said.

“I thought you were my mother Mulder.” Chrys replied back, loading her pistol.

Mulder and Chrys opened fire this time allowing the other agents to be able to move up to the low wall.

Sunset laid under the table, right now she had her head down and just wanted her mom. All she wanted was Luna. Sunset lifted her head and saw Trixie had vanished.

“That damn coward.” Sunset thought. Then she saw Trixie by the east wall, and how she got there Sunset had no clue. Trixie picked up a bow and a quiver full of arrows that were sitting over there. Sunset figured those arrows were what Gilda was going to use to kill her slowly.

On the other side of the Entrance Shining Armor had made it into the warehouse with more officers. The Diamond Dogs knew it was over. It was now or never finally they started yelling “WE SURRENDER!!” Gilda looked at the Dogs in disgust.

“I’m not going down like a rat in a trap.” Gilda stood up and made a run for the East door of the warehouse but was stopped short by Trixie who had the bow pulled all the way back and an arrow pointed right at Gilda.

“Trixie…” Gilda began.

“Gilda Griffon, you have failed this city.” Trixie said sternly.

“Trixie stop!” Yelled Chrys.

That momentary lapse in concentration was enough for Gilda to spin kick the bow from Trixie’s hand. Chrys seeing the problem unfolding fired a shot that hit Gilda in the shoulder taking her down.

Chrys walked over to Gilda as she was reaching for her gun and pointed her gun at Gilda.

“I know what you’re thinking, did she fire six shots or was it only five. Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off. You got to ask yourself one question; do I feel lucky? Well do ya punk?” Chrys said.

Gilda moved her hand away from the gun and it was over. Chrys kicked her gun to the side.

“Hey I gotta know.” Gilda said.

Chrys pointed the gun right at her and pulled the hammer back and pulled the trigger. The gun clicked and Chrys chuckled as she walked away knowing full well she had been out of ammo.

Mulder and Doggett cuffed Gilda while the CPD was handcuffing the Diamond Dogs. “Hey watch the arm I’ve been shot.” Gilda yelled as the agents led her out here to the parking lot.

Chrys quickly looked around and noticed Sunset breathing heavy sitting on the floor by the table. Chrys rushed over to Sunset and took her hands and lifted her into a big hug. Sunset let the tears flow freely. She was holding Chrys and shaking violently.

Chrys just rubbed Sunset’s back and let her get some of this out. Sure she wasn’t the motherly type, but right now Sunset needed to just hang on to someone, anyone. Chrys knew that and needed to be Aunt Chrys for a minute.

“Hey Kiddo, there is someone outside, who is just waiting to meet you.” Chrys said, helping Sunset outside.

Upon coming out into the parking lot Luna made a beeline for Sunset. Sunset just sobbed and held Luna, still shaking. All Sunset wanted was to be held.

Chrys walked over to Luna and her daughter. Sunset turned to her and hugged her again. “Aunt Chrys thank you for saving me. I thought Trixie and I were gonners. But why was there a bow and a quiver of arrows in there?” Sunset asked.

“I think Gilda was gonna try and use those arrows and kill you slowly by missing all major organs. Let you slowly die. But you need not worry about it. She's going away for a long time.” Chrys assured her.

Luna put her arm around Sunset and said “Let’s go home honey.” With that Luna and Sunset turned away.

“How are we going to get home? Chrys brought her bike and you can’t drive it home, you don’t have clearance to drive a motorcycle.” Sunset said.

“Ladies I will take you home.” Shining Armor said opening the door to the police car. Sunset and Luna got in, thankfully this ordeal was over.

That night as Sunset was getting ready for bed she went over to Luna’s room it was about 2:30 am. Luna had not been able to sleep. Chrys was passed out on the couch as she didn’t want to go home tonight. Sunset came into the room seeing Luna’s light was on. Luna looked up from her phone.

“What’s wrong honey? Can’t sleep?” Luna asked.

Sunset just nodded. Luna slid over and patted the bed.

“Here just like your first night here, you can sleep next to me.” Luna said.

Sunset smiled and lay down next to Luna. Luna draped her arm over Sunset as she had the first night.

“After tonight I think your grounding is over.” Luna told Sunset.

“Can I go over to Chrys’s tomorrow?” Sunset asked.

“You’re going to be a girl gamer like her, but yeah I think it will be ok, we just need to ask Chrys.” Shortly afterwards both fell asleep the same way they had on Sunset’s first night there. Not as Vice-Principal and student, this time but now soon to be mother and daughter.


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Comment posted by darkman deleted Feb 7th, 2021

Very well done job for the season finale, I really liked the Dirty Harry reference along with the X-Files Easter egg of Mulder and Scully. :)

That was an exciting and sweet chapter. I loved the x-files and dirty harry references. Interesting that Gilda mentioned something that is going to happen if you decide to go with the anon-a-miss story line that's you mentioned in an earlier post. I'm look forward to the next part of the story.

change it to canterlot swat. cause CHS swat makes it sound like the school has its own police. lol

Actually it also refers to when the Dazzlings come in and put everyone under thier spell as well as Anon-a-miss.

Wow this was great, can't wait to see part two. And your very welcome for all the support and I will continue to do so in the future.

“Gilda Griffon, you have failed this city.” Trixie said sternly.


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It says Canterlot Swat Team.

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Yay! Its a pretty good ending for a first part I can't wait the read the next one🥳😂😍😍

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Comment posted by Hoping for death deleted Apr 2nd, 2021

“I know what you’re thinking, did she fire six shot or was it only five. Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off. You got to ask yourself one question; do I feel lucky? Well do ya punk?” Chrys said.

Really you just had to make a dirty Harry reference

Oh and that's not forget the arrow reference

Yes! Love that line. :trixieshiftright:

And thank you for not being cruel about it

Good chapter. Good ending to the first part. In the second part will Sunset be suffering from PTSD from being abducted and nearly killed?

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In answer to your question about Gilda. I modeled her after the Joker from the Dark Knight.

So that's why it was so familiar hmmmmm good job

“I know what you’re thinking, did she fire six shots or was it only five. Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off. You got to ask yourself one question; do I feel lucky? Well do ya punk?” Chrys said.

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So many refrences.
And Badass Chryssy is Badass.

Thank you!! Yes I made Chrys a badass. Kinda how I invisioned her.

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