• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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The morning after

Author's Note:

I'm gonna post this now. I don't know when I will post again. I live on the east coast of Florida and we have a hurricane that is gonna go up the coast, I may be out of power for a few days. I ask that you keep me in your thoughts and prayers and once the storm is over, if I have power I will post again, if not as soon as I get power back.

Sunset awoke to a huge boom and went to sit upright but she felt an arm over her. After a second she remembered she was in Luna’s apartment and Luna had promised to look after her.

Sunset the realized the thunderstorm was in full force. Trying to be careful not to wake Luna Sunset carefully reached for her phone on the night table. It read 3:37 am. She also saw she had a text message, but decided she would check it in the morning. She was soon sound asleep again.

Luna felt Sunset stir, but decided she would loosen her grip in case Sunset needed to go use the bathroom. Instead she noticed that Sunset looked at her phone and went back to bed. Luna laid there for a few minutes listening to the rain pounding on the roof.

“It’s really coming down.” Luna thought. She adjusted herself and went back to sleep.
* * *

Hours later Sunset awoke again, looked at her phone and it was 8:30. She noticed that she had another text message. She quickly removed Luna’s arm and headed for the bathroom. After finishing up in the bathroom. She walked into the bedroom and Luna was was sound asleep.

Sunset walked down the hall and into the living room. Looking out the window it was still raining but a lot lighter now.

Sunset looked at herself in the reflection of the glass.

“What a pitiful sight I am, what a pitiful person/pony I am. I don’t deserve any of this. Luna was too good to me. I don’t deserve friends or to have a vice-principal that gives a flying feather about me. If only I could go back to Equestria.” Sunset thought.

“No I can’t go back to Equestria either. There’s nothing there for me. Maybe Twilight would help me. But what would I do there.” Sunset thought while she mulled over if she could even return to Equestria, where would she go what she do.

“No one wants me in Equestria no one wants me here in this world.’ Sunset said sadly.

“I have nothing, no one cares about me I can’t stay here. I can’t go back to Equestria I guess this is what happens when you hit rock bottom.” Sunset lamented.


Sunset turned around to see Luna standing there. She looked very upset, like she would cry any minute. Sunset felt her own heart break.

“Sunset I heard what you said. Why do you think that no one wants you?” Luna asked sadly.

“Kinda obvious isn’t it.? No one here wants me no one in Equestria wants me. This must be what its like to hit rock bottom.” Sunset said.

“Well I want you Sunset.” Luna said, walking up and wrapping Sunset in a huge hug.

"I guess I’m going back huh? I mean after you do my laundry and we have breakfast.” Sunset said looking down.

“Back where? The school? I do have to assist Celestia in some paper work but that is a little later.” Luna stated.

“NO I mean back to the shelter.” Sunset said both angry and sad at the same time.

“In this weather? Are you crazy? I recommend you stay here for a few days.” Luna stated putting her hands on Sunset’s shoulders. And looking into her eyes.

“No way can I stay here. You only have one bed, plus this goes way beyond teacher-student relationship.” Sunset said annoyed.

“Fine you go back to the shelter if you want and when they kick you out tomorrow morning. You can wander the streets in a torn leather jacket and a skirt. Incase you don’t realize it little miss it’s fall, it’s starting to get cold at night. How are you gonna survive?” Luna reasoned with her.

“Sunset you said they serve breakfast there at the shelter. What do they serve?’ Luna asked.

“Well you can get cold cereal with a muffin. You can also get a mammoth muffin, or a bagel with butter. They also had juice, milk, or coffee. Unless it was a holiday, like the one you call it Christmas, we called Hearth Warming in Equestria. We got a nice meal of eggs, bacon, and toast. Now i am a vegetarian mostly but I was so hungry I would eat the bacon.” Sunset explained.

“When was the last time you ate anyway?” Asked Luna.

“Breakfast yesterday I had cereal and a muffin with some juice.” Sunset told her.

“You didn't even eat lunch?? Honey that’s not good! You can’t eat just once a day.” Luna replied very sadly.

“Well sometimes if I can get in the shelter they have soup at night.” Sunset told her.

“If I had known I would have made you something last night.” Said Luna both sad and upset.

“Luna, you don’t have to take care of me. I been on my own since I was 12 it’s ok.” Sunset replied rather annoyed.

“Sunset I can’t let one of my students put themselves in harm’s way. I forbid it.” Luna said.

“All I am is a student? You got plenty of better ones I’m sure.” Sunset said dejected.

“This girl really wants someone to love her. I don’t know how but I can tell it in my heart of hearts.” Luna thought.

“Sunset you are a student I feel real connection with. You’re a special student that’s what you are.” Luna said putting her forehead on Sunset’s forehead.

“You are also skinny you need to eat. If you stay here I can get you two meals a day guaranteed. If it comes to it I will pack you a lunch so you don’t go with out. One more thing Sunset you think no one cares about you? Here look at your phone.” Luna informed Sunset tossing her, her phone.

Sunset opened her phone and was shocked by what she saw.

Equestria, Ponyville train station:

Princess Twilight stepped off the train, with the rest of the main six.

“Any luck sugar cube?” Applejack asked.

“No not yet, the Crystal empire had a few books that mention the Elements of Harmony, but not a lot info just some basic stuff.” Twilight told her.

“All of you listen I’m gonna be traveling for a few days. I am gonna go get the book on the elements I have here at my library and then I am gonna go to the Canterlot library and possibly the hall of records in Manehatten.

"Fluttershy will you look after Owlowiscious while I’m gone?” Twilight asked.

“I’d be glad too.” Fluttershy told her in her soft voice.

“Good I need to find out what happened that night.” Twilight said.

“Twi, what’s the big deal.” Rainbow Dash asked.

“The big deal is my element shouldn’t react with any one but me. There is something unique about Sunset if she can cause my element to react, even if it is to have her turn into a demon.” Twilight told her.

“I’m gonna pick up my book from the library and then Spike and I are off for Canterlot.”