• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Author's Note:

I had wanted to make this all one chapter. But there was too much that I wanted to put in, so I pushed myself to finish this chapter as fast as possible. I already have the next chapter planned.

Sunset entered the apartment ahead of Luna and Chrys and threw her bag down in the living room and turned around and stared Icily at both of them.

“I bet you both think that was funny, don’t you?” Sunset angrily asked. She stood there with her arms crossed looking at both Luna and Chrysalis.

Luna and Chrysalis exchanged glances. They both knew Sunset was about to blow a gasket. Luna put her hands up in a calming motion.

“Now Sunset…” Luna began.

“Don’t now Sunset me, Luna. I mean come on, at this rate between you two and Rainbow Dash, everyone is gonna be scared to talk to me or even come near me. I mean Rainbow told Trixie she was gonna rip her from limb to limb, Now Chrys here decides to tell Hoops, she is gonna have him in jail, and I won’t even repeat the rest.

C’mon I’m tired of you treating me like I’m gonna break and Twilight’s friends trying to ram “we are you friends” down my throat. I’m tired of it. I want to hang with the girls, I want you to be there with hugs and cuddles Luna. Chrys I want to hang with you too someday, you can take me out on your bike, over to your place, teach me video games, and all that.

But everybody needs to stand back and let me breathe too. I can’t expect you people to be here forever. Damn I wish I was dead, I wish I had died that night in the crater.” Sunset said, calming down after her tirade.

“Sunset Shimmer, will you stop with this crap, about wanting to die. That hurts me!!” Luna screamed at her. Every time Sunset started talking like that it was like a knife wound to the heart. Tears fell from Luna’s eyes, that upset Chrysalis who gave Luna a hug and looked at Sunset about to let loose. She started walking towards Sunset, who was gonna stand her ground.

“You listen to me little girl. I don’t want to hear that crap from you again. I will be damned, if you're gonna talk to Luna your GUARDIAN like that! Every time you talk to her like that, it kills her inside!” Chrys yelled at Sunset right in her face.

“Get out of my face.” Sunset growled asserting her independence.

Chrys turned around to Luna who was standing there still shaking.

“Luna please give me permission to teach little miss mouthy brat some manners.” Chrys said.

“I know where you're going with this. You’re not gonna hit Sunset, I forbid it Chrysalis.” Luna said walking over between Chrys and Sunset.

“I don’t who the hell you think you are Chrysalis, but you touch me that is the last mistake you'll ever make.” Sunset said.

Luna stood over Sunset. Her heart broken over Sunset talking about dying again. She had really come to care for Sunset and when Sunset talked like this it was like she reached into Luna’s chest, grabbed her heart and said you don’t need this anymore, then threw it in the garbage. Luna wanted to do nothing more than hold Sunset but her anger had taken over.

“Sunset you will stop this crap about dying right now or so help me I’m gonna…”Luna began through clenched teeth.

“You're gonna what?” Sunset challenged.

“I have had it with your attitude tonight, go to your room for the night until you calm down.” Luna told her trying to relax.

“Luna kiss my ass.” Sunset replied.

Next thing Sunset saw was an object fly by her face. But her cheek hurt and her ears were ringing, it dawned on her Luna had just slapped her.

Chrys jumped up between then and faced Luna.

“Luna what the hell??!!” Chrys yelled.

“I-I d-didn’t m-m-mean too.” Luna said, starting to have a panic attack.

Sunset stood there for a second, in shock. It was like being back with her parents in Equestria, when they would come home from the bar after too much liquor.

“No Matter where I go, people abuse, or neglect me.” Sunset thought.

Sunset then bolted out the door.

“NO SUNSET!!” Luna cried out seeing her bolt.

“I got her.” Said Chrys running out the door Chrys got out the door in time to see Sunset making a break for it across the parking lot. Chrys flew down the stairs but Sunset was long gone.

Chrys went back into the Apartment where Luna was on her hands and knees almost hyperventilating. Chrys rushed over to Luna.

“Luna breathe, breathe!!” Chrys commanded.

“Chrys, we...got...to...get...my girl.” Luna wheezed out.

“I would call her cell, but I don’t have her number. Plus we need to get you stable.” Chrys said,

“Forget me...go after my girl...I need her.” Luna said trying to catch her breath,

“Not until you're stable.” Chrys said.

“My phone...call Tia.” Luna told Chrys.

Chrys got on the phone to Celestia and gave her a quick run down of the events of the afternoon. But it was getting dark. Luna was worried. She had no idea where Sunset was or where she was going.

* * *

Sunset ran and ran tears in her eyes, the woman she trusted had become just like her parents in Equestria. When her father would drink he would come home and beat Sunset and sometimes her mother. Her mother at times would be very nice to Sunset but a few drinks and she could be almost as bad.

Sunset practiced her magic day and night away from the house, to be good enough to get into magic school. She lived in Canterlot castle after her raw abilities caught the attention of the princess. Who for a year was like a mother to her, play board games, have tea parties, walks in the Canterlot gardens, sleepovers. Stayed up late with me to finish assignments, or if I was scared to go to sleep.

Eventually she was told she needed to make friends, but she couldn’t, even though she tried. Princess Celestia banned her from the library until she made friends. Sunset she was happy when she did magic. Finally breaking into the restricted section, she read about the mirror.

Celestia told her she wasn’t ready to know about the mirror it was for advanced students. Sunset had been caught in the library and Celestia told her she couldn’t be in there. She told the princess that she was a hypocrite because she didn’t have friends either. Celestia said the guards would escort her out, she could stay in Canterlot but wasn’t welcomed in the castle anymore.

Sunset’s recollection ended when she realized she had crossed town and was near Sweet Apple Acres. As she has done many times before she entered from the east side stepping between the slats of the wooden fence she quickly and quietly headed over to the clubhouse Apple Bloom loom and her friends had on the property.

She climbed inside slid down against the wall and cried. No matter where she was, she always screwed up everything. Her parents when they were sober-look at our daughter she is the Princess's prized student. If they were drunk, be somewhere else. Princess Celestia, didn’t want her either-or so it seemed. Now Luna was getting physical with her too.

Sunset reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a small razor blade she had gotten from a box cutter in the shop class. She put the blade to her skin drawing it across her arm she let the blood flow, just a little bit. In some odd way Sunset felt better doing that.

“I think I found my new therapy.” Sunset said, as she turned the blade to her other wrist.

* * *

Meanwhile the search for Sunset was in full force Chrys on her motorcycle and Luna in her car. Celestia joined the search too. Luna had tried calling Sunset but it would go straight to voicemail.

At one point Luna and Chrys even crossed paths. Luna pulled over to the side of the road and Chrys did the same.

“Did you find her?” Luna asked.

“Yes about a half an hour ago. But now I have hidden her again so you can find her.” Said Chrys sarcastically, giving Luna a look like are you serious.

“Ok I have her friends looking for her too. WE HAVE GOT TO FIND HER!!” Luna said almost frantic

“Luna get out of the car a second.” Chrys said.

Luna shut the engine off and got out of the car. Chrys wrapped Luna in a big hug and just held her. Luna needed to focus, but she also needed to be consoled for a second, for someone to tell her it would be ok. Chrys hoped hoped it would be.

At Sweet Apple Acres Applejack was walking the east fields of the orchard near the clubhouse it ran pretty close to the road and she was going to use that as an access point onto the road. When she noticed the clubhouse door was open.

“Ok that thar is strange. Apple Bloom and her friends were not ou’ here today.” Thought Applejack.

Applejack walked towards the clubhouse to close the door, when she heard crying inside the clubhouse. Deciding to investigate, Applejack walked cautiously up the stairs into the clubhouse and found Sunset curled up against the wall with her knees up against her chest, and her head on her knees crying.

“Sunset is that you?” Applejack asked.

“Applejack?” Sunset said looking up.

“Luna’s got half the city looking for you. What in tarnation are ya doin’ here?” Applejack asked.

“Luna is no different than anyone else. Everybody hates me eventually.” Sunset said between sobs.

“What are ya talkin’ about, I don’t hate ya. I don’t like the way ya acted at times, but I don’t hate ya.” Applejack told her.

Then reaching an arm out to Sunset. “Why don’t we head up to the farm house, and call Vice Principal…” Applejack began when Sunset cut her off.

“NO!! I DON’T WANT TO SEE HER.” Sunset screamed.

“What? But why? Sunset what in the name of all that is good and holy happened tonight?” Applejack asked sitting down next to Sunset.

“Nothing." Sunset said realizing that didn’t even sound convincing to her.

“Sunset I do care about you. So talk to me please and don’t lie.” Applejack prodded.

Knowing full well she couldn’t lie to Applejack it just wasn’t possible, she always knew when someone was lying. Sunset gave her a rundown of the afternoons events and even all the memories she was going over while running. When she was done Applejack was speechless. After a few minutes of digesting the information Applejack spoke up.

“Wow Sunset. I will tell you this. Your parents couldn’t handle their liquor and shouldn’t have got drunk and beat you over it. You never had parental love, you reached out and thought the princess would be a mother figure and she wasn't. Honey I think Luna really does care about you, you just pushed her buttons. Sometimes parents hit their kids. I’m not sayin’ it’s right or wrong but it happens. Believe me Sunset I got my hide tanned a few times, and some of the branches on these apple trees, well they make a nasty switch.” Applejack said remembering.

“Even though my parents are gone Sunset, I don’t hate them for the couple times I got it. Sunset I feel like Luna really cares about you like a daughter, it would be terrible for you to throw that away. I think you two should apologize to each other.”

“What are you a psychiatrist now?” Sunset asked.

“No I’m an Apple, and there’s nothin’ that an Apple knows better than family, except maybe apples he he.” Applejack finished off with a laugh at her little joke.

Sunset just sat there for a second. It was her turn to take in all Applejack had told her. Applejack was right, Sunset had gone too far, but so had Luna. She just wanted to sit on Luna’s lap and be rocked with Luna’s arms around her. Smell the scent of lavender which probably came from lavender scented body wash, and shampoo that Luna used.

“Alright let’s go.” Sunset said getting to her feet. As she did that the razor blade fell out of her pocket onto the clubhouse floor, before she could react Applejack grabbed it, saw the fresh blood on it and looked at Sunset.

“I’m so busted.” Sunset thought.

“Sunset, let me see your arms.” Applejack said. Sunset didn’t move. “Sunset that wasn’t a request, show me your arms, NOW!” Applejack said again, she was concerned that her friend was cutting.

Sunset refused to move. Applejack quickly grabbed her arm and saw the cut on her upper wrist area. Applejack stood there in shock, as Sunset yanked her arm away, as tears began to form in her eyes.

“Sugarcube, come up to the house with me and let me put something on that please.” Applejack begged Sunset

“You’re gonna call Luna, aren’t you?” Sunset asked Applejack.

“No I promise you I won’t call her.” Applejack promised. Sunset felt better about that as when Applejack promised something you could take it to the bank.

Applejack led Sunset through the orchard and up to the family farmhouse. Right next door to a barn at the end of the driveway. They walked up the steps onto the porch and into the house.

Sunset looked around the house. It was simple and yet spacious, a lot of wood paneling, several pictures hung on the walls, of former inhabitants, a few younger ones of Granny Smith. Sunset smiled at all this; it was like the most welcoming place on Earth.

Apple Bloom walked down the stairs and saw Sunset standing there next to her sister. She knew she had to act fast. “Sis get out of the way! The she demon is right next to you! Move, I'll distract her!!” Apple Bloom yelled running towards Sunset.

Applejack stopped Apple Bloom mid charge, shook her head and crossed her arms, then looked at Apple Bloom in disgust. “Apple Bloom!! I oughta tan your hide for that remark, you were raised better than that. Now apologize to Sunset, you know how to treat visitors.” Applejack reprimanded her.

“What is all the commotion about out here?” Said Granny Smith walking in from the kitchen. When she saw Sunset standing by the door she understood. Then looked at Applejack.

“She’s hurt. I want to bandage her up.” Applejack told Granny Smith.

Granny Smith walked over to Sunset. “Where are you hurt child?” She asked.

Sunset took off her jacket and held her arms out to Granny Smith. "Come on in the kitchen and have a seat. Applejack get me the first aid kit, we will get you bandaged up in no time.” Granny said.

After sitting in the kitchen Granny was getting some rubbing alcohol for Sunset’s arms. After a few minutes Granny asked “Child how did your arms get cut like this?”

Before Sunset could say anything, Applejack tossed the blade down on the table.

“With that.” Applejack said. Granny Smith took the blade. She was at a loss for words. Granny Smith went back to work on Sunset’s wounds.

Applejack asked Sunset to see her phone. Sunset passed it over to Applejack.

“You gonna call Luna?” Scoffed Sunset.

“Sugarcube I promised you I wouldn’t call Luna. I just wanted to check the time my phone is acting weird.” Applejack told her.

Applejack kept her promise and didn’t call Luna, she never said anything about texting her. Which is what she did.

* * *

Luna had been going crazy looking for Sunset, Chrys had been there for Luna through it all. After two emotional breakdowns and a lot of crying and being held by Chrysalis Luna was exhausted.

Luna had dozed off and Chrys was sitting in the car with her. Then Luna’s phone buzzed and she jumped up and looked at the phone. A text from Sunset’s number. She opened the text message.

Vice Principal Luna,

This is Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres. Sunset is here Granny Smith is tending to her arms. I found Sunset in Appleboom’s clubhouse. She had been cutting with a razor blade.


Luna dropped the phone. Chrys picked it up and looked at Luna who was in tears. She read the text. She tossed Luna her phone and told her to get out of the driver’s seat as she was driving.

“Chrys she was cutting. Just like I did years ago, how could I not see it?” Luna asked crying.

“Hey you can’t blame yourself. Luna.” Chrys said rubbing her shoulder.

Luna got out of the car, and immediately got sick. Chrys turned away seeing someone throw up, turned her stomach.
“Luna you are in no condition to drive. I will do the driving.” Chrys said taking
Luna’s keys from her. Chrys put her hands on the wheel as soon as Luna was in the car. Chrys sped off towards Sweet Apple Acres and to reunite Luna with her little girl.